“…and the painted ponies go up and down.”

I suspect many of us who post on left-wing blog-sites have run up against the shrill, irate “voice” of the RWNJ who demands to be heard and if criticised, or as I like to do ..teased to distraction, become petulantly offended and will lash out at “you leftie haters…” etc. If there is one simple identification that brands them all, it is that tinny voice of the child they once were railing at the very core of what most offends their individualistic sensibility..

“It’s not fair!”

This pathetic wail has to be the most puerile complaint ever levelled at the vicissitudes of life’s tribulations and can be claimed as the “catch-cry” of almost ALL Right-wing protest. Protest against “unfair taxation”, “the nanny state”, “too much government”, “leftie hate” and any more trivial irritations they can, like the pouting-mouth child, spit out.

So it comes as no surprise when the right-wing media roll out youths to write up commentary for them…the likes of the 17 yr. old; Caleb Bond and another who frequents the #saparli twitter stream to plead for the Liberal Party while in what looks like a school uniform. Then again we see the likes of Rowan Dean spiel out his boring rants on that tragic rag : “The Spectator”, once the playground of the now silly- giggler ABC personality; Tom Switzer. For the philosophy of The Right can easily be interpreted by the inexperienced mind of youth. Nothing is easier ,(if I can remember back that far to my young years)to the undeveloped mind than to find reason or excuse most unadorned with mature understanding for every problem that besets the childish mind…such are the politics of the right-wing.

If we look to the Howard years and his too keen attitude to join that other child-like right-wing ruler Geo.Dubbya in a crazy war of revenge on the wrong enemy..simple ; bomb, bomb, bomb…and the mad monk with his IPA wish-list of juvenile solutions that would drive even the kingdom of heaven into a spiral descent of anarchy and depression…and I will not torment the reader with the Turnbull logic of “Better , Faster , Cheaper”….”say no more” .

Even their “High Priest” celebrity commentator ; Andrew Bolt cannot seem to remove that whining “it’s SO unfair” echo from his collective dialogues against ethnicity, creed and the ABC. I won’t even go into those shock-jock screechers, venting their spleen like an ISIS crazy, spraying ammo in every direction as long as it’s toward the “lefties”..The spittle flecked lips of a babe-in-arms bawling for breast-milk would be a satisfactory analogy!

What is missing from their understanding of the social contracts that knit communities together and supply the needs and principles required of a stable, civilised society, is the mature comprehension that there are complexities inherent in every society, in every person , in every age of humanity that make governance and administration a more intricate proposition that demands greater attention to details than what can be delivered with a three or four word slogan.

Again and again on this blog and any other you could mention, there appears sooner or later in a discussion on ; refugees, the unemployed, religion, housing or whatever, a poster that claims solution to the conundrum with the simplest and simple-mindedness of a slogan or a pitch equal to the entertainment of a patent-medicine showman….usually borrowed form one of the above right-wing blubberers and paraphrased to fit the situation.

It’s tragic..and I have to say..: It’s partly our fault..us left-wing debaters and bloggers..for in the tireless seeking of patient understanding and giving voice to the less erudite and vocal of the community, we have let into the tent, along with the most deserving of the oppressed , shy and quiet-voiced people who have legitimate claims upon the dais of fair and free speech, those mean of spirit, harsh of temperament, long on slogan and short of sympathy for the very people who share their voice of “the silent majority”. We have lowered the drawbridge to let in a “Trojan Horse” of right-wing viral infection that has diseased the conversation of logic and infected the politics of reason with fear and loathing.

I could press the button of the adoption by the intellectual Left of that cursed theory (I wouldn’t legitimise such rubbish by calling it a “philosophy”!) ; “postmodernism” that led us down a dead-end lane to political and social confusion. To a builder such as myself, living and working in a life ruled by the pragmatic even concrete laws of weights and measures forever fighting the harsh reality of gravity..it always seemed to me to be utter bullshit! Thankfully, it has died a mean death only apparently to be now resurrected by the Right-wing..: “fake news”..”alt- right”, and their twisted variation of “freedom of speech”…good luck to them on that!

What can be done?…Well, the first thing is to identify those who come to these boards with less answers than they have questions…less solutions than they have problems. It is of little merit to us to play the patronising pedant to the gormless fool when the only result is a shift of ground by the “guilty party” to an alternative petulant accusation. The best that can be claimed is to have complete faith in our convictions, tighten our arguments and secure the barricades!..`because once the culprits are ejected from the “body politic” argument of the day, they will loiter around and “throw rocks through the windows” like the most sneering of delinquents.

Until there is a change of government along with a change of public direction toward patient policies of reform and funding of the many lapsed programs that allow the many who are willing and able to assist and join in with a “community attitude” that embraces the multi-cultural society that is the reality of our country, and holds the reckless and rude in abeyance, until the greater good is demonstrated toward the wary, the suspicious and the insecure in our company, we will continue to be held in a state of suspended chaos by the foolish and incompetent right-wing of politics and business. There will need to be a long period of healing convalescence to recover from this “illness”..there will need to be a long period of left-leaning policies to bring job security and social security back to the level needed to return the calm disposition once so familiar to our culture.


6 thoughts on ““…and the painted ponies go up and down.”

  1. I would like to know why they think calling us ‘lefties’ is an insult, here is what they are actually saying ‘you pathetic people, why do you have high morals, integrity, caring, kind attitudes’, ‘you should be like us morally bankrupt self centered, narcissistic, nasty, social vacuums’ I take the term leftie as a badge of honor & integrity! not an insult.


    1. So correct..I think it is a part of a child-like parody of what constitutes and insult..much like a child will spit out what they have heard an adult say without quite knowing what it means.


  2. Well said! The right and their spruikers are just peddling a Ponzi scheme. The Bolts of this world don’t give a shit about the people they claim to champion because they are a means to an end.
    These commentators don’t live with their audience or mix with them and wouldn’t have any idea how the live week to week how can you when you’re on 6 figures?
    They sell fear and hatred of all things because it’s easier than telling their audience the truth.

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