“Strong in the arms…”

There seems to be a kind of continuity in this latest mainstream media (MSM) “Sgt Schultz” plea over the Barnaby Joyce whole kit ‘n’ caboodle when they say in a plaintive squeal; “I know nuffink!” … which, considering social media’s eye-rolling acceptance of THAT reality, they suddenly now seem to be all over the situation like a nasty little beetroot rash on some-ones sweet little gash … with the Murdoch press as usual right in there tight as a “Vaseline’d” suppository! THEY know their place.

But this is not the first time we have seen this sudden mad “dash down the home straight” by the MSM to apply damage control on an out of THEIR control story that has been chased up, investigated by and followed through on social media. This latest grim scrimmage was first investigated (in my attention) by “Independent Australia” before the New England by-election, with an “on-site” attempt to discover who was the person driving Barnaby’s election ute around yelling out the grissly details of Barnaby’s indiscretions. Evidently also the social media group “True Crimes Weekly” can claim first dibs on the breaking of the story … and there it goes.

I am interested in just how long this situation by the MSM to deliberately avoid covering stories that could be embarrassing to the LNP has been going on. How deep does this MSM “stroll into Aphasia” go? Sure, there are places in the news areas where it is neither decent nor to the national interests to go, but then we have that moment (to name ONE!) back in 2016 when the ex Tech’ reporter for the ABC, Nick Ross, came out on Reddit with some revealing details of political interference by the LNP government to block what could be damaging reporting on the NBN. (See here on Google: The Nick Ross Tapes on Reddit?).

But we can go further back than that to when the board of the ABC was being stacked with Murdoch and LNP people … when Turnbull was communications minister under Tony Abbott, there was deliberate intention to undermine the ABC’s independence by infiltrating right-wing sympathisers into the heart of the National Broadcaster. (See Malcolm Turnbull distances himself from decision to appoint Janet Albrechtsen and Neil Brown to roles overseeing ABC and SBS board posts).

Back when Mark Scott was manager of the ABC, I recall that there was much discussion on the old “Café Whispers” blog about the outrage of anti/Labor bias that was being displayed on the ABC at the time … particularly by the news programs. We remember when Chris Uhlmann took over the political reporting on the 7.30 report .. From Wikipedia:

“In 2008, Uhlmann switched to television, and was political editor for The 7.30 Report, ABC News and ABC News 24. In December 2010, he was appointed as co-host of the ABC Television current affairs program, “7.30”. In 2012, the show was revamped again, with Uhlmann returning to the political editor role, and Leigh Sales hosting the program.

In 2013, Uhlmann stepped down as 7.30’s political editor. He announced that he would be working on a documentary about the Rudd and Gillard Governments for the ABC.”

And we all remember how THAT went … where Julia Gillard herself decided it was safer to go on the program to at least try to make the story as close to the truth as possible. THAT is how bad the reputation of the political reporting at the ABC had become and I still am doubtful as to why the relatively unknown and untested Uhlmann got the gig of news “anchor-man” over the much more experienced Michael Brissenden after Kerry O’Brien retired … until NOW!

With this latest mea culpa by the MSM that it didn’t want to delve into politicians private affairs (read: “Jeesus effing Keerist! How will we get out of reporting THIS LNP balls-up?) even when that politician was running for re-election after fumbling his citizenship status that only came out after an inquiry to the NZ Labor Party by an Australian Labor person … and then the whole series of collusion, obfuscation, cover-ups and distractions and even some accusations of fraudulent activities I mean tell us something we have NOT been covering for more than a year on social media and we have every right to ask:


It is now as obvious as a pimple on the point of a nose that the MSM in ALL sectors, in ALL cases involving the LNP, in ALL dimensions, has been operation as both protector and propagator of the conservative political parties in Australia.

We expected no better from the gormless commercial sector, where men in tu-tus macarena-dancing and Kochie and co are the highest level of serious reporting. But we do expect better from OUR ABC. And one is inclined to ask: With the employment crossover from the commercial media groups like Fairfax and Murdoch and co. to secure employment at the ABC, are we to also get the “contact infection” inherent like any virus from so many frivolous staff? Is the National Broadcaster now to be inundated with the idle-chatter connections between these “once-was” and their still in-situ brain-farts at the commercial media platforms?

We can see with the “Gormless Guthrie” syndrome that absolute chaos reigns where once was reliable quality and her brag of The ABC now only costing 4cents per day is accepted less as “frugal housekeeping” than as proof of a “miserly, penny-pinching, starvation budget of cutting out the heart of a once magnificent enterprise” !


And this is the universal fault with the Right-wing side of politics … all they know is; force of arms, force of opinion, force of policy, pressure and force, nothing more … no conversation, no conciliation, no admission of fault or guilt … just force of strength … hence the title at the start of this piece from a book of short stories by Eric Knight: “Sam Small Flies Again” … “Strong in the arms”.

“A Yorkshireman born
And a Yorkshireman bred,
Strong in the arms
And weak in the yead!”

But where that above ditty has: Yorkshireman, Read: Right-wing F#ck-wit!


A new year’s resolve..

As we venture into this new year, we enter the next phase of the LNP. Government’s plan to reverse the social order of our nation. We make no mistake to see the intention of right-wing ideology is not to appease, but to conquer and control economic, social and political policy direction of our country by the use of extreme measures that it has been carefully putting in place for the last year. Not for fear of terrorism were such centralized powers for search , monitor and police legislated … after all, how many acts of terrorism have we ever suffered in this country to justify such complete control over our actions? And even if there were, would we not rise above such an situation with the stoicism and courage that many nations do when confronted with any such act? .. after all, Australia is not so puny as a corporation born from one family’s twisted fortune. No, the right-wing has but one great fear .. : that it will lose control of the mechanisms that gain it both power and profit … after all, it was only for profit that Murdoch moved to put the LNP. in power in the first place..that much is obvious.

The first six months of this year will be an “attack period”. Attacks on our social welfare system, attacks on social media criticism, attacks on the environment and political discourse. Perhaps too..attacks on even our persons. The appointment of Peter Dutton to lead these attacks has been premeditated by “warming him up “ with his unrelenting, cold-hearted cruelty on asylum seekers. The gross hypocrisy of his claim of being cruel to be kind, by saving thousands from a watery grave, is exposed by the treatment AFTER ARRIVAL of those refugees he claims to have “saved from drowning” .. as if they must now be taught a lesson for NOT drowning! No, the lessons of “Precise targeting” learned from “experimenting” with asylum seekers, ie; identifying and denouncing the “economic refugees” , the “no longer in danger” peoples and or “ how far to persecute and prosecute before strategic retreat from absolute cruelty” tactics, will stand in good stead the master of the fates of any or all on some sort of welfare … after all, according to IPA. Philosophy .. ; ”They’re nearly ALL malingerers of some sort .. even those on an old-age pension .. who, if they had any gumption at all, would have in their working life put away enough to fund their own retirement … just like Gina or Rupert or Twiggy!” Rest assured, Dutto’ has plans .. oh yes! .. he has plans … for us.

Now WE must plan … we, in social media, must work on implementing a broad foundation platform of how to attack and render harmless the right-wing media which, as sure as sunrise , is going to try set the tempo for this second year of the govt’ agenda.

Murdoch knows he must either control or destroy the free democracy of social media .. It is starting to confidently over-ride the MSM. In both news delivery and in satire of the MSM., right-wing politicians and it’s reporters and big-shot players … Not only that, but it can now also lead in attack and parry and defence of ideals that appeal to a vast majority. Murdoch knows this ground, he has traversed it many times … the advantage we hold (at this moment) is technological advantage .. and the capability to use it. The old MSM. is hamstrung by an unwieldy “hard-copy” media machine and with it an anachronistic “see, hear, report, edit, print” timetable … social media has no such delays .. it happens, it is visualized on mobile devices or tweeted as it happens .. instant news!

THIS, is our weapon against the Murdoch juggernaut! Murdoch has only ONE power base .. ; his employees .. his journos’ .. Murdoch , himself has no capacity to report or deliver .. he has to rely solely on his employee journos’ .. take them out of the picture and he is lost .. it is the old story of the “for the want of a horse-shoe nail” .. it IS that simple.

I believe we have to invent a brand new mechanism of political involvement via social media . We cannot do this alone or in individual blogs .. we must try and involve the ALP/left-wing groups. To build a broad information volunteer base and access to a wide readership. It would perhaps be to the Labor Party’s advantage to have instant rapport with its support and to reach out to those lurking and seeking persuasion to come over from the dark side! The ALP. already has a presence on Twitter … although a sort of loose familiarity .. but it does twitter so much better than the LNP … after all social media communication is more suited to those who sympathise with social equality and those who like to reach out and “touch” each other.

We have to build chat “tag- teams”, where we have attack teams coming and going all the time to develop and push important topics along the conversation threads .. to keep certain important policies in the public eye and discussion .. not faking it, but delivering real issues to the front and centre of discussion AND having them discussed .. not letting important news or policy be blown about by too much idle chatter then getting lost in the hubbub of gossip or advertising. We need organized “tag-teams” to liaison between the parties and the boards, to attack individual MSM. Journos’ who propagandise for the LNP/ IPA./Murdoshians …. After all, we are beyond the point of “beginning”, but rather seeking to “complete” the construction of a new generation of political discourse with social media at the centre.

This year will be an attack year for the LNP. They will have to neutralise Labor’s social policies and put in place their market based options .. It will be a slash and burn year for them … Murdoch will have his creatures going flat-out in support .. His corporate future depends upon control of the media. They will probably use the Turnbull / Abbott duo in a “good cop / bad cop” set-up … However they do it, they have to have their policy in place by the end of the year so as to “butter” the voters up for the next election.

They have a plan, a strategy, we too must plan a counter attack and defence .. it must be loud, wide ranging and relentless … Like Guerilla combat, we must be able to melt back into the shadows and be ready to emerge with as much concentrated opinion that we can muster in as short a time as possible if we are to win this battle and we must be able to take it , via twitter, directly to the Floor of The House! .. : Instant outrage! … For it is a battle .. of ideology .. ; to lose is to see a century’s worth of social infrastructure and a lifetime’s achievement of environmental restructuring be wasted and destroyed. For these people know no life save the barbaric solution of rapine and looting what is not and has never been theirs to loot!

Can we do it? ………… ”Yes we can”.

An Affectation of Intellectualism.

You know, it had to come to this … this point in our conversations over the past year or so. We had to work our way here like trekkers toward the once avoidable peak .. knowing at some point there had to be a confrontation between the “tribal” and the “sophisticate” as to which of us would scale the last obstacle to gain that peak.

Well, here it is : The scholarly educated intellectual versus the life educated practical. Who is more fitted for leadership of the requirements of modern national governance?

And I have to thank Roswell for the inspiration .. :
“Where at first I picked that you were stirring people, I now, however, detect a bit of angst .”

A guild of self-assessing intellectuals that hold the monopoly on learned knowledge, but is more like an Emperor with no clothes. A class that leans on its qualifications for a kind of group-think legitimacy of what to believe.

Today (6th Feb’) is my birthday…Today I reach the enviable age of 67 years. Enviable because, unlike so many of the deceased we have recently read about in the news reports, I am (touch wood) still here on this earth, in reasonable good health and my keenness for good food and wine, plus some regular sexual activity is still “hangin’ in there! .. there is nothing else in life that matters.

Right, so much for the too much information section of this piece .. let us get down to business.

Now, I could come at those I am directing this accusation at by playing hard or soft … I could give a blunt assessment or I could try to persuade .. instead I will by-pass those I accuse and pitch my case to the broader audience who will peruse this missive out of curiosity .. To them I offer this thesis.

Example: Last winter, in between spells of rain, one could observe, as many of you would have observed, those little cones of ant-activity that raised bulwarks of granule’d mullock around their individual holes to protect them from flooding .. a sort of dike embankment … dozens of them all dotted about a small meterage, exactly the same. Except .. except two holes near the perimeter of these multitude of exacting cones, where an elongated dike of approx.’ 2 inches long had been constructed around both ant-holes as protection, leaving a clear walk-way connection between for ease of communication.

Let us digress now to consider what line of “thought” must have inspired such a divergence from what must be considered “the norm” for those two ant nests to strike such a different approach. At some point, there must have been a spark of observation within the collective that concluded that an expanded wall would be more efficient than the singular cone .. At some moment the practicality of such a construct became obvious .. and the rest, as they say, is recorded on my digital camera .. but in the world of the ant, surely such a singular action must have been a momentous event … to break with tradition to engineer a completely different structure and approach to flood protection would have to be equal to Archimedes’ “Eureka!” moment .. the application of a learned practicality overruling multi-millennia of habit and dogma .. and let us not presume there was any “intellectual” debate on the subject .. ants are known for their pragmatic approach to business at hand.

But in our human universe this is not unusual. Many, many times we change procedure, habit and mind after consideration of the practicality of a thing .. We move that pot-plant from too much sun or shade to a more favourable place .. we change from driving to the city to catching public transport .. we see that a vote for one particular party has benefit over the longer term than another .. we budget, plan and execute action based on the practicalities of experience, of life .. it’s not rocket science .. ”all ideas come from without, not from within”.
Closer to our own world of experience, I was having a discussion recently about gene theory and certain lines of defect that can be seen in livestock … horses in particular.

It is recorded in the family archives that one such horse era farmer thought he would branch out into Clydesdale breeding for the local farming industry and purchased a stallion for the then princely sum of 200 guineas .. I’m talking 1930’s .. a lot of money then …Well it is also recorded in the footnotes of that same archive that the stallion was “a failure” .. and it ends there in mystery. What it “failed “at must be presumed .. and it was this which generated the conversation about genes in livestock.

“The word may have got about that it was from a defective blood-line.” I suggested.
“Probably had a recessive gene defect.” My ‘friend’ concluded.

“Yes .. probably” I agreed “..and someone .. a farmer maybe, had spotted the fault in the structure of the animal”.

“Well .. they wouldn’t know THAT … they wouldn’t have even known about recessive gene theory around these parts in those days.”

“Yes, well, maybe they didn’t know about gene theory, but by jingo, they could pick a defective blood-line of breeding stock when they saw it … those old farmers.”

“But they wouldn’t know what was causing it and it doesn’t work in a consistent manner for them to have enough experience to pick out any recessive gene problem! … ” and so on and on we went .. me in defence of ‘on the ground’ stock husbandry experience over herd-testing and proving of gene integrity science.
In the end, we had to agree to disagree on certain conclusions as THEY were not prepared to allow that long experience of animal sale-yard observation was not conclusive of a capacity to pick a recurring genetic fault in a line of stock … while I was adamant that the human eye, unscholarly as it may be in the learned knowledge of gene theory science, nether the less is very, VERY astute in picking out defects in stance, muscular build, beauty of appearance and surety of walk .. and any male of a long line of testosterone driven observation can assure you of THAT accuracy!

So without dragging too many examples of the practical applications of learned experience into the argument, I would rest my case on the fact that if we apply the old maxim of which came first ; the chicken or the egg .. we can solve the riddle by using our knowledge of the exoteric experience against the esoteric belief … :

“ Exoteric refers to knowledge that is outside, and independent from, a person’s experience and can be ascertained by anyone (related to common sense). … It is distinguished from internal esoteric knowledge. “Exoteric” relates to external reality as opposed to a person’s thoughts or feelings “ (Wikipedia)
… and conclude that to get the fertilised egg in the first place, at least two chooks have to have a root!

So to conclude, while it may take a hundred essays on horse handling to change one scholars mind, such a challenge could be achieved quite quickly in the field with the application of one kick up the arse!

Now .. if you want to know how the Pyramids were built or how they raised those gigantic obelisks back in ancient Egypt, send me your email address and I’ll oblige with the details .. “You’re bluffing” I hear you say .. and I tell you I learned the first from the constructing and fitting of those old “box-frame” windows and the latter from watching a cabinet-maker handle from the rack those huge sheets of MDF board … after all .. It’s not rocket science!

Australia, Religion, Politics…A Discordant Blend.

My first connection with the amalgam of religion and politics started at an early age..1956..Grade one at St. Theresa’s Catholic School. It was late summer, I know because I remember seeing the sharp black shadow of the corner of the tuck-shop building angled across the verandah just outside the class-room door…also I suffered from an incurable blight of my birthday being on the very day school returned after the summer holidays. I have to surmise from my now advanced age and experience that the door was open to let in a cross-breeze as the heat and odour from fifty odd ( that’s ‘odd’ as in generic, not psychotic…we weren’t protestants you know ! ) kiddies would be too much for even the most hardened teacher to bear.

She was a small young nun, was our teacher..Sister Mary Francis..I remember that too, because I loved her as I grew older..well, her face at least..for it was still the days of the habit…but hang on a sec…back to topic!
Late -Summer, just before noon (the shadow ; remember?), when the Principle ; ‘Mother’ Mary Margaret came into the room and said “Good morning, children”…”Good Morning–‘Mother’—Marr-grit”…(automatic chorus)….and we were soon exhorted to say a Hail-Mary to the Virgin Mary so that communism wouldn’t take over the world…we all had to scramble to kneel in the aisle between desks.

It seems to have worked.
But it never cured my hives, you know….God = mysterious ways. Though I have to wonder..; If greed and envy, those two driving forces of rampant capitalism and prime suspects in the list of the seven deadly sins, get no mention in “prayers to stop taking over the world”…and communism, a doctrine in it’s purest intent (just like religion) being a plan for equality of communities on earth , yet gets canned as being “ungodly”…What gives?

This idea that there is a whole population waiting with baited breath for some god-like revelation that will fix the economy, solve climate change, steer the nation to a more moral and ethical path (That’s the end of religion then!) and make the Liberal Party look like a reincarnation of the “Church of The Sacred Heart Chapel Choir” all singing in tune…well..: It just ain’t gonna happen, so put away the banners, the prayer-books and the excuses, there never has been and there never will be divine intervention in Australian things……ask the indigenous people!……..except in your own mind and in your private dreams…… best wishes and good luck to you on that!

But now we have these “fanaticised” young men sacrificing their sweet youth and future potential to the dubious reward of a heavenly after-life…Yes, the Mormon Church has a lot to answer for..as, of course do the other Abrahamic religions. I am forced to recall the dangers these impetuous youths place themselves in with the tale from one of my mates in days gone by, when he was having a face to face brawl with his wife in their housing-unit….a screaming, plate-thrower of a brawl!…He, typical male, was strategically stationed by the most convenient escape route, she ‘cunning woman’, by the ‘ammunition’, when the door-bell rang…being just there he FLUNG the door open just as the last dulcet tones of ; “Avon Calling!” faded away, to see two wide-eyed, smartly dressed young men (one with finger still attached to bell-button) standing there…you know them…: sharp-pressed white shirt, slim tie, black suit trousers, patent leather shoes so polished you could see your soul or women’s underwear..perhaps both, in the reflection!…and high summer….one studied look up, then down and to the satchel was enough…

“GE-HET FUCKED!!” was the most insalubrious greeting for these men of god. The door slammed and the young men turned away, but not before being heard to mutter in that distinctive American drawl..:”Well…mahey the lawwd have mershee on HIS soul!”..dangerous work = the work of god.

However, it is an American thing, surely, this religious-ising of politics in the West…; the vacant ecclesiastical stare, the glib reference to god….it’s certainly un-Australian..for all those childhood years of catholic indoctrination has taught me only two things ; a) to never take religion seriously, b) to always leave the Melbourne Cup sweep kitty in the hands of a nun!..

Not to say religion hasn’t penetrated ( is that the right word?) into the political life here, it’s just that in Australia, I like to believe it has followed the well-intentioned path of European Christianity via plain, run of the mill bribery and corruption..sort of like Fagan and his child army..god bless ’em…just simple down-to-earth deceit! Why, even when I was an altar boy under old Father Collins (be nice), I could see there was a degree of honest intent in the religious soul. Once, I snuck a look around the door from the altar boys’ into the priest’s vestry and there he was, with a small glass of the altar wine in hand and he gazing deeply into it, presumably looking for IT”S soul (I’ve seen the same look since, with other men, before tackling a “hair of the dog” on a Sunday morn’ at the local ), then softly consecrated it with ; “Saint Benedict , bless my soul ! ” and quaffed it in one gulp, kissed the cross on the surplice and ascended into the fray!….it was Pentecost…he must have needed it!

Tho’ surely, I can’t help but feel that if these radicalised young people were given a glimpse, a vision splendid, through the window of sage old age..they might be inclined to pass off all those incandescent actions and violence as nothing more than what seemed ; “a good idea at the time” and go a different course. Such is the impetuousness of youth, foolishness and impropriety are at their beck and call, and it can only be luck and chance that get some through the passage of youthful intensity, for there must be some truth in the “Boomer’s” cant that fitted the age like a dick-in-a-sock and served a whole generation so well…: “Make love, Not war”.

On that note I remember sitting in the Darwin Hotel one balmy ‘ 70’s afternoon with my old-time mining and travelling mate ; Bernie Bandler and talking of one childhood associate..: Louie Lewroune, a keen, gangling always opened-mouthed, toothy, spikey-haired lad with coke-bottle glasses.

“I remember us two kids, the day after Guy Fawkes night…” Bernie recounted “…we had found at the park, a sky-rocket that hadn’t been used and we fired it off and kept an eye on where it landed so we could get it back.”…a sip of beer.. “It landed behind the Caltex garage there on South Road and we ran like hell to get it…but we couldn’t find it…there was this old canvas hooded car there..a Whippet or Model ‘T’ or something with the big petrol tank behind the open back seat…it had no petrol cap and I said to Louie.. ‘ Mabey it went in the tank?’..”.. sip of beer…” I gave him a box of matches I had (all boys had matches..good scouts!) and he lit one and held it to the opening to look in…” .. The following result I will leave your knowledge to fill in, save the fact that luckily, the tank had been without cap and empty for such a long time that there was no volatile explosion but a whooshing-rush of heat and flame out of the opening that left Louie, when he looked up at Bernie in shock and surprise with his glasses falling down off his face “…he.. he looked like Al Jolson in one of those minstrel shows”…..Bernie laughed at the memory…Till I asked him what in heaven’s name made him think of doing such a stupid thing….he sipped his beer and commenced to formulate a ‘rollie’…..” Dunno…seemed like a good idea at the time.”

The loneliness of the long distance runner.

That short story from 1959 by Alan Sillitoe, which gained fame through a film of the same name in the early sixties is still one of my favourite stories…The awakening of consciousness of class, the rebellious nature of the “anti-hero” and then that ending of the long distance race where Smith, the working class lad who throws the race in the last few yards as a deliberate and brutal mockery and snub to the upwardly aware middle-class warden of the borstal where Smith was doing his time for petty crime, a most exquisite and obstinate passive resistance to that warden who wanted to “commodify” the running skills of the working class youth as a badge of honour for his own aspiration with his own peers..and indeed to that whole class of degenerate opportunists…a most beautiful and fitting cut to the core of the middle class commodifying of everything we deem most personal..from our social surroundings to our bodies to our very heart beat and soul..

“ Sillitoe uses running in his story as a means of isolation. Running is a solitary action and therefore allows Smith to begin to understand and become aware of the class divisions in Britain. Smith, the narrator of the story, is also a writer and he is an allegoric version of Sillitoe and the isolation that all authors suffer from. Smith is a solitary runner who gets political clarity through running and isolation, just as an author writes alone and thinks alone. The long distance runner and the writer are both individualistic and isolated so that they are able to produce their commodities. The metaphor used to compare both the author and the runner is similar to the author losing his purity when he publishes a work just as Smith loses his purity when he enters the race. “ (Wikipedia)

The hunger for possession that drives the psyche of the most rapacious of that class of humanity, has wrought fearful dispossession and destruction through their desire to both control and commodify without personal work or physical input of all that is necessity and valued by humanity.

From the time of the Oligarchs of ancient Greece to the Equestrian order speculators and capitalist traders of ancient Rome to the Captains of industrial revolution England and in our own day, the so called “masters of the universe” traders in the stock exchanges of the world who constructed through ponzi-scheme creation a false boom-cycle that led to the most destructive collapse of the economies of many nations since the Great Depression of the 1930s…costing so many lives..all this damage and destruction while pleading an innocence of criminal intent..It can be deduced that the entrepreneurial / speculative middle class is a most dangerous provocateur and saboteur of civilisation that culminates in their pièce de résistance of social control : Fascism!

There is also another short story that I treasure, and which I see as a fine, if somewhat more subtle condemnation of class distinction…: “Ivy Day in the Committee Room” by James Joyce, where the young chap ; a Mr. O’Connor, down on his luck sits waiting in contemplation for some desperate pay to come from his employer, a scheming aspirant middle class political wannabe…There is another player in the story who, I believe, represents the traitor to his class that can be found everywhere; the sycophantic : Mr. Henchy, who seeks to both appease those of his own class by siding with and slighting their employer and then beguiling his companions in an oleaginous way to embrace the coming to Ireland of the King of England..thereby betraying the revered memory of their late hero leader : Charles Stewart Parnell…betrayed, like the Irish people, by the priests and the Catholic political class.

It has always been known that a traitor among one’s own class is the easiest of people for an opportunist to find..It is no more difficult to find the Judas here in our nation than in any other place. We are living in a time when our democracy has been sold to international corporations by one of our major political parties for no more than the legendary thirty pieces of silver. We see the nation being “governed” by a criminal gang with little more ethics than a collective Fagan, taking the wealth of the people and then denying them the services and opportunities for a decent and respectful life..the lot of a working person becoming nothing more than a beggar’s banquet of stingy wages and exhorbitant costs of living. The essential utilities; energy and water, the valuable raw materials sold-on at bargain basement prices to fellow corporate shareholders and the booty stashed, again Fagan like, in various tax havens while the citizens are made to go without because of a lack of fair-share tax collection from these high-profit, low-responsibility multi-nationals. “Just as rivers glisten in various colours, does a sewer look the same all over the world”.

What can we do?

Again, we can look to the past, since such avaricious behaviour is more a habit of a greedy mind than a genetic disposition, and we see the plebeians of ancient Rome walking away from the city in disgust at the lack of representation in a aristocratic government and threaten to start a new city over the other side of the Tiber River..We today cannot just up stakes and move to another location, so let us bring that location to us here…let us bring the mountain to Mohammed! Let us create a new society amongst the ruins of this capitalist disaster. Let us re-construct “Community” without the anal-retentive oversight of the money hungry middle-class. From small collectives, Let us grow the food, make the products and educate the ones for our own needs, not for a “just in time” commodifying corporate body. We, in the working / producing body of citizens have all the skills required to re-make a society..Perhaps such a society removed from the waste of “profit motive production” can turn around the oncoming climate disaster that it seems this current collection of governing criothans has neither the capacity nor the inclination to do. Let them go to f#cking Mars, we are quite content with this paradise ; Earth.

Certainly it will be an embracing of hard times..but has it ever been otherwise for the vast majority of us..Let there be a joining of the many multicultural peoples, the indigenous peoples, the unions and those of the middle class who would join the “exodus” ..let us place the first words on the page for a new story, Let US write : “In the beginning . . . “ for new hope, new life..and we could , perhaps, indeed demand that with the rejection of all that a degenerate profiteering class stands for, we hereby proclaim ourselves with a collective of the many we become a union of ONE… ONE voice, ONE mind, ONE body , ONE goal..; to proclaim independence from the non-producing, worthless bigots, racists and thieves..to proclaim that we are standing together against any storm that is thrown against us.. for ours and our children’s future with not one…not two ..but THRICE cry of united defiance :


The Gender Contract.

Did you watch that you tube vid’ ?…no? well go back and watch it.. you have to so as to understand this post.. Says about it all when it comes to gender relations and without a word. Where have we gone wrong?.. What should be an equal distribution of respect of give and take has turned into an mostly male violent, free-for-all. Has it always been this way, that the alpha male has dominated the female in a no-choice oppression system of patriarchal rule?..

“Semba (masemba in plural) is a traditional music genre and dance genre from Angola that became popular in the 50’s. It is the product of an evolution as it was influenced by different ethno linguistic groups from Angola as well as several different African rythms. In the context of dancing, the word Semba means “the body of the man that comes in contact with the body of the woman at the level of the belly button”.

In one of the national Angolan languages called Kimbundu, Semba can also have the meaning of “Umbigada”. Umbigada describes also a dance movement when the contact between the two bodies is provoked by the man who suddenly takes the woman on the hip and brings her towards his belly button. The Umbigada movement is exactly what is still done today in the traditional dance from Angola called Rebita and other African dances.
Before the arrival of the Portuguese the semba dance was part of traditional religion. Dancing accompanied the worship of the godess Kianda, in honour of whom food, clothing and other gifts were thrown into the sea.” (Quotes from various sources of general information on the internet).

I have to confess here and now, this gender topic is a very difficult theme for me to write upon..as a matter of fact, from a male point of view, it could be seen as one best avoided as it could bring the wrath of all things anti-male upon one…..But fuck it!…I’ve not backed out of a good scrap yet and I’m not about to now!..But there is also another reason why I find it rather traumatic..and the one is connected to the other..so to tackle one, I have to tackle the other because both are interconnected by what is now a national moral and ethical dilemma..

As an amateur writer of mostly emotive genre (if I can say it like that), I need to feel an emotional connect to both the story-line and the characters of which I write..and then, perhaps more importantly, I have to want to deliver those stories to my fellow country folk equal with my cultural sympathies..but lately, in perhaps the last few years, I have felt less and less connected to either of those two identities..ie; neither with characters now relevant in my community, nor with my fellow country people to whom I would wish to relate a story.

In the first instance, an attempted financial swindle perpetrated on me by a close kin relative shook my faith in that kinship connection..The attempt was made not out of disguised trickery, but up-front and with the open claim that it was quite legal to do so..never mind the moral or ethical OR cultural betrayal of principle, just the fact that it was an available legal option was enough excuse to “try it on” seemed to legitimise it in their mind.

In the same vein, we saw a political example of this action with the by-election of New England, where the voters returned the late incumbent with an increased majority..overlooking the fact and indeed EXCUSING THE FACT that he had predator’d and impregnated a younger staff member of his team, thereby betraying the trust of his spouse and family, his position of trust in his subordinate staff, betraying in turn that community trust of moral and ethical obligation expected in a government representative member of that constituency and claiming and expecting that “a person’s private life should be kept out of it” exemption..here again we have the apparent legal “termination of evidence” as it is not against the law to have an affair or deceive kin and community.

This crossing of legal, moral, ethical and with the increased awareness of sexual harassment of women in the workplace; social laws, we are come to a place where it is imperative that the lines between what is “right” as in law, and what is “decent” as in morals and ethics must be separated and adjudicated upon, lest we go too far down a road that has historically brought many societies totally undone.

And so we have to ask ; Just where did all this need to dominate the female of the species go so wrong? Was it back in those days of tribal structures? If we look, as an example, to Tacitus’s records of behaviour of early Germanic peoples, which must have in some way reflected many tribal groups in Europe of those times..:


But the sharpest spur to their valour ( of the warriors ) is that each
separate squadron or column is not a mere casual aggre-
gation of chance-comers, but is composed of men of one
family and one kin ; and their households go with them
to the field, and the shrieks of their women and the
wailings of their children ring in their ears. Each

man feels bound to play the hero before such witnesses
and to earn their most coveted praise. To his mother and
to his wife he brings his wounds ; and they do not shrink
from counting them, nor from searching them, while they
carry food to the fighters and give them encouragement

VIII. Their traditions tell that more than once, when
a German line was wavering on the point of giving
way, the women rallied it, urgently entreating the
men to fight on, baring their breasts and crying out
that their captivity was at hand. Captivity for their
women is a thing the men abhor far more than for
themselves ; so that, as a matter of fact, we always obtain
the firmest hold over those states which are compelled
to include amongst the hostages they send us some
maidens of noble birth. Nay, the Germans even ascribe
to women a certain inspiration and power of prophecy ;
they do not either despise the advice they give or
neglect their forecasts. Most of their tribes long gave
divine honours to Veleda, whom we saw as a prisoner
here in the days of the Emperor Vespasian, of blessed
memory ; but there was also an Aurinia * in earlier
times, and many others likewise, whom they venerated
sincerely enough, though not with any idea of making
goddesses of them.” (The Germania of Tacitus).

Yet, when we look to Roman law of the times, we find the law of “Patria Potestas” enshrines dominance via a legal authority over a male’s family, property and kin. Is this the result of a “civilising” of The State, the inevitable result of the militarising of society so that those remnants of the tribal “warrior class” use a force of arms to seize not only political power, but also gender domination? :

” The Roman household was conceived of as an economic and juridical unit or estate: familia originally meant the group of the famuli (the servi or serfs and the slaves of a rural estate) living under the same roof. That meaning later expanded to indicate the familia as the basic Roman social unit, which might include the domus (house or home) but was legally distinct from it: a familia might own one or several homes. All members and properties of a familia were subject to the authority of a pater familias: his legal, social and religious position defined familia as a microcosm of the Roman state. In Roman law, the postestas of the pater familias was official but distinct from that of magistrates.

Only a Roman citizen held the status of pater familias, and there could be only one holder of that office within a household. He was responsible for its well-being, reputation and legal and moral propriety. The entire familia was expected to adhere to the core principles and laws of the Twelve Tables, which the pater familias had a duty to exemplify, enjoin and, if necessary, enforce, so within the familia Republican law and tradition (mos maiorum) allowed him powers of life and death (vitae necisque potestas)”. (Wikipedia)

We are a society that has come the full circle to a very dark place…We are at the crossroads of “which way do we proceed?”. We cannot oppress any one minority section of our multicultural society without elevating one ruling ethnicity to suppress them all..likewise, we cannot allow the male oppression of women without the condemning of us all to oblivion.

We cannot allow the overlooking of moral and ethical responsibilities to each other without brutalising each other..and in that at least, we do have a simple understanding of what social responsibility of the adult is : “Room to move, room to grow, a right to decide.”

Now, if we can return to that dance ..: We see the complimentary movements of man and woman intertwined sylph like as two creatures of nature locked in ritual courtship. The woman enticing and alluring, the male encroaching and attempting to entrap and encompass…the woman then slipping from his grasp and out of his control, only to once again spin and twirl in voluptuous attraction to the man’s more brutish hunger…and if she decides to give herself to the male, it must be done on her own terms in her own good time……mesmerising!

Such should be the natural ebb and flow of man to woman relationships..indeed, I recall my own fragile youth when attempting to court young women, fraught with fumbling difficulty of trying to look and sound “cool”..just one wrong word or phrase..one “bad-hair” moment in style or dress could send a youth to “Coventry” for what seemed forever!

From Authority to Power.

From privilege to command to expectation to demand.

How many of us ever obtain an edge of authority?…Of course, as a citizen in a perceived democracy, we each of us have a certain amount of “authority” to demand our rights as a citizen..but in no way do we have authority to command. Yet there are those among us who through one set of circumstances or another see themselves as having that expectation to demand certain beliefs , rules, actions and cultural principles from those around us.

Once, Christian religion would claim it had “Authority from God” to proselytise, but that was when it didn’t want to be seen competing with vain Emperors for divine power. Once it was adopted (after much political lobbying) as THE State religion supplanting Paganism, it suddenly claimed that it now had the “Power of God” to demand certain behaviours from the brethren…and anyone else that could be forced or coerced to “believe” or suffer the pain of death upon refusal.

Likewise in our democracy, we; the people have seen those we have voted to Parliament morph’ from being “humbled beyond measure” to be granted the authority to serve “this great country” and everybody in “this great country” for the good of all..”… and after all..isn’t that what democracy is all about?”…To using false data, false flag events, contrived terrorism scares to now “demand” by the POWER of the State “ invested in me…”…and so on and so forth..to inflict the most restrictive and oppressive burdens on the most vulnerable. We have gone from Authority to Power without any sort of oversight or sunset clause..From a granted privilege to command to a perceived RIGHT to demand!

How does authority segue from rule of law provisions to dictatorship by decree?…Where does this self-proclaimed tyranny arise from?..Not surely from a doting parent’s spoiling of the child, for that would only go so far in any company…Not from one’s workmates in the field, for that would only meet with derision and ultimately a kick up the arse. So it must come from another source that can educate into a child’s mind all the nuances of expectation of a certain class of society..and that would have to be where many of those receiving similar indoctrination would not feel out of place believing and indeed, practicing a form of “rule by tyranny” on those beneath both their contempt or seniority.

The Private / Elite school education system…Where the wealthy and the wannabe hopefuls send their children to obtain instruction in the gentle arts of bastardry…: Supercilious authority, sneering condescension, vainglorious belief in self, total respect for the rule of capital over the rule of law. And entrance into a vast network of like-minded, small-minded middle-class wankers unfit for most useful though complex activities like the boiling of water and best slotted into positions of authority where such concentrated psychosis is put to the worst use…perhaps to even become a LNP Prime Minister…Like Malcolm Fraser (traitor to our democracy) The wannabe; Alexander Downer (career wanker) John Howard ( crimes against humanity) Tony Abbott (serial pants-dropper) and finally now the crème-della-crème of shit for brains – jelly for backbone Malcolm Turnbull ( ……………….what!?) . And remember, these are the finest representatives of such concentrated psychosis…the worst has been spared this nation (so far) and inflicted upon America!

These “Great Colleges” have been spewing out the most gormless (by percentage) “consciousness of kind” arseholes for more years than there are excuses for their incompetent behaviour..These “Great Colleges” have been taking public moneys of more billions than the tax-breaks for the parents of the kids who attend their privileged halls. But what have they really given the nation in return?…if we were to go by the above list of LNP Prime Ministers..and THAT is the usual channel that those hungry for power row their canoe down..then we can claim to have been seriously dudded. If we look to the majority of LNP ministers currently in the House of Rep’s , then we have been taken for absolute fools! If we look to the “leaders of industry”, then you need look no further than the list of court proceedings and current and future goal inmates.

Time to be rid of this pestilence…I call on a future Labor government to seriously restrict Private School funding to no more than “pencils and ink” support…and direct public moneys into public education. I call on a future Labor government to stop giving tax exemption to the religions and to investigate the networks that fast-track “old school tie” graduates into positions of authority. I call on us citizens to isolate those graduates from such elite institutions we meet in our lives that demand the rest of us follow their every diction and “informed” direction in both our opinions and lifestyle.

I have noticed that this segue from a position of authority to a attitude of power has even infiltrated onto social media…where we are slowly being restricted to blogs, commentary and views of the educated elite..their “in-house opinions” gaining ascendancy over the more “aggressive radical ”, the more “difficult” and the more “ intuitive” of those from working-class environs. One can pick the “set pieces” that allow a “safe” letting off of steam but never go too far to demand total radicalism or far-left change.. One can often find the “tch tch” of the waving finger of self-proclaimed authority reprimanding those running too close to stepping over the imaginary boundary of middle-class cultural decencies.. To the ultimate castigation that casts one into the wilderness of “not-amused” silence..That supreme weapon of dis-approval inflicted almost as a unanimous and instant mutual agreeance “murmuration” that has been educated into those minds by their tutors as “not deserving of comment” by a “better class citizen such as yourself ”….well suck eggs!…social media now has a reach open to every individual with many free blogs where one can voice one’s opinions and a twitterverse where one can promote one’s blogs with a freedom of speech never more available to everyperson..If one “cannot stand the heat, best stay out of the kitchen”, because with elections coming up this year, it is going to boil over very soon!..I am ready for it..ARE YOU?

I call for a revolution against upper middle-class tyranny!

I call for political governance by the educated working classes!

“Away with all pests!”