Is there a “market” for working-class art?

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There are any number of artistic tomes of literature, any number of operatic, musical or plays of, about but rarely FOR the benefit of working-class cultural advancement..for it is sadly mostly the middle-class that takes opportunity to utilise the situations dramatic, comical or banal inherent in the lives of the working-class to draw audiences and profit from such situations…and again, sadly, it has to be admitted that rarely do working-class people indulge their artistic senses within the pages of writers from their own demographic..Is it the fact that the openings of opportunity for publishing / display of creative works are more reserved for and in the realm of middle-class networks and cognoscenti?

Why is this so?

In my own humble experience as a purveyor of representations of a working-class life, I have searched for but found…have found NONE from the working-classes that have pursued deep and thoughtful representations over a long period of authorship to transfer to written stories or tales their life lived in the strata of physical “working for a living”. Certainly there are those who have used their experiences to write of them so as to hopefully gain the glittering prizes judiciously and jealously dished out by the middle-class and have strived to “rise above their humble origins” to embrace the aspired middle-class lifestyle…but once “discovered”, few remain faithful to their background over a long period of time..this is in spite of the obvious evolution of so many examples of working-class art in both personal pursuits all levels of artistic pursuit and even in housing design evolution..

In past “Golden Age” periods of story writing, there were any number of working-class writers who engaged us with delightful or dramatic stories..but that was in the age of hard-copy printing and many magazines were hungry for tales that drew readership to their pages…indeed, most weekly magazines competed in their front pages with the latest works from many amateur writers…but that was before “Glam-Mags” and fashionista preferences removed light entertainment from the pages to be replaced with gossip pics and paparazzi scandals centered around the “beautiful people” of upper or middle-class society.

Now, one is reduced to placing one’s writing up on social media blog-sites, many of which are just another platform for middle-class sensibilities, identity politics and echo-chamber opinions of an outraged middle-class uninterested in sensitive tale or cameo of emotional content..there is only ONE opinion that matters on social media and THAT is ONE’S OWN OPINION!….Though I do contend that the current one here where my pieces are thankfully accepted is a working-class blog, high cut above the general dross of middle-class blog-mullock that passes for current political opinion and commentary.

So what can be done to elevate working-class art to its rightful position at the head of representation of life lived by the vast majority of people?

The problem that I see is the one of so many blue-collar workers having a disdain for their working-class origins or position in society and are in constant struggle to aspire to a more affluent (read “effluent”) lifestyle through the false Gods of materialism and Neo-Liberal economics…the empty-headed spiel of a swindling middle-class. It is this mistaken belief that always portends the defeat of working-class politics..this belief that one must “aspire” to a “higher social status”…I ask..: What higher status?….The role of a speculating, entrepreneurial class that seeks any and every opportunity to take down family, friend and neighbour at any given chance?…that class of lying, conniving cruds that will snatch and grab at any chance of public moneys given in mistaken grants to “improve employment opportunities” …to ; “enhance business opportunities”…so as to – again – improve employment opportunities ? Yet in the same shameful breath will demean and deny a decent living standard for so many of the working poor and vulnerable…will even cheat the aged of a respected retirement in any number of thieving “aged-care” homes…Why have these lying crooks been “elevated” to represent a type of citizen the working people must aspire to?…I’ll tell you why..because they have been “manufacturing” their lies and false image for over a hundred years through both the govt’ public schools via stooges employed there..and those Machiavellian private schools whose sole objective is to inculcate bastardry and tyranny into the heads and hearts of their youthful charges, whilst grooming them to take what they consider their “rightful by inherited” place in leadership of all and every position of influence in The State.

F#CK ‘EM !…I say…

Time for the working people of this country to grow up, accept and be proud…yes f#cking PROUD of one’s working-class roots and situation…be proud of the fact that you..and YOU ALONE are willing and capable of supporting through your own labour, yourself and / or your loved ones and family. That you and YOU ALONE have accrued skills, be they in craft or trade or semi / professional work that can bring you within the circumferences of a local – regional – statewide – nationwide – global international network of similar placed, similar minded and similar sympathetic working communities…the widest, biggest representative community in the world!

And it is through our art via stories or audio/visual communication that our common goals of fair and equitable societies can be achieved..The working-class has the highest creative imagination, the ultimate power, the maximum voice and the majority of people to either vote out or throw out those tyrannical morons of the middle-classes who are little more than a non-producing weight on our shoulders that we are expected to carry as a burden through life and whose degenerate lifestyles are a blight on any fair-minded member of the wider community.