The final failure of the middle-class “Left” revolution.

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The subsequent elections of right-wing governments in England, America and Australia after 2019, sounded the death knell of a long-running attempt at “revolution” by the centrist, soft-left-wing of the middle-class. In Australia, it started with the Whitlam Govt’ that was overthrown by Right-wing conspiracy and treason aligned with the last fading light of a far away regency and those of the high-ranking echelons of colonialism firmly adhered to the royal arse.

On that fateful day upon the steps of Parliament House, where on 11 November 1975, David Smith, Official Secretary to the Governor General, Sir John Kerr, read out the proclamation of the dissolution of parliament on the steps of Parliament. This proclamation was as we are all now aware, signed by the Governor General Sir John Kerr. He been advised by the high court judge Garfield Barwick On November 10, Barwick, a former Liberal Party minister under Menzies, tendered this advice to Kerr about his constitutional powers. Supported, we are now aware by another judge ; Anthony Mason .The entire theatre of farce and treason having it’s court jester Malcolm Fraser seeking office like a Fagan pickpocket stage-door Johnny waiting in the wings around the back entrance of Yarralumla.

The mistake Whitlam made that day was in not taking the advice of his more radical partner ; Margaret Whitlam and tearing that dismissal document in two.

If he had done that, it would have brought about immediately two long overdue events in Australian political and constitutional history. The first would be by destroying a direct order from the representative of the English Crown, the Australian Govt’ elected by the people, would have rejected the command of that colonial power and by ipso facto declared Australia a Republic in it’s own right by this single act of revolution.

The second thing that could be enacted by tearing up the proclamation would have allowed Whitlam to then direct the policing agents of The State to arrest those traitors responsible for an attempted coup d’état against the democratically elected government and drag them off to be put on trial.

Unfortunately, this was the moment where Whitlam’s nurtured sensibilities and subconscious loyalty to a middle-class indoctrinated obedience to a middle-class “rule of law” system cunningly framed and worded to favour that class, let the nation down..and indeed, I suspect, let himself down..Whitlam let his own vainglorious mood for the grand rhetorical gesture persuade him to rather than instigate what could have been violent revolution, declare instead the lesser protest against the personal indignity of the dismissal with those now famous words..

“Ladies and gentleman , well may we say God Save the Queen because nothing will save the Governor-General.
The proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General’s official secretary was countersigned ‘Malcolm Fraser’ who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance Day 1975 as Kerr’s cur.”

You can see the élan in Whitlam’s face in the recorded video moment as he delivered those fateful words..and rightly so..a magnificent moment of rhetorical scorn against his peers…He was indeed a master of his elocution…But ..but how much more permanent and indelible would have been the result if he had but held that document high before rendering it to shreds and called upon the citizens of The State to witness the names on that statement of treason and to proceed with haste to drag those individuals to their judgement.

And by all counts of political inertia, barring a few nods by cringing, cowardly “progressive blogs” toward radical social policy that is where the situation remains. Any yielding of ground to satisfy the needs of the vast majority toward social equity in pay and conditions has been wound back by those inheritors of the Kerr/Fraser betrayal. Subsequent centrist-left governments of both major parties have tended to obey the dictates of economic rationalism rather than social equity, referencing repeatedly to the old replay of “the people don’t want radical politics…they’re not ready for too radical change…” so the middle-class limp of “softly-softly, catchee sweet fuck all” plays on and on and on…until truly, the “people don’t want change because they don’t even know what change will mean!”

Well I will tell you what change will mean..

First : The restriction to the political power of so many private-schooled middle-class educated people.and an opening up and encouragement of more educated worker/shop-floor based politicians.

Second : The inclusion of a truly representative parliament balanced with educated blue-collar politicians and that needed Indigenous representation as suggested with The Uluru Statement.

Third : All essential utilities like public transport, energy supply, water/engineering works, health , basic NBN communication network and a secure and apolitical bureaucracy. And all the spin offs from such ownership, be reclaimed by The State.

Fourth : All foreign corporations have to have national Australian sited registration WITH an Aust’ citizen at the head of the board of directors WHO IS responsible to answer to The State in the event of any misdemeanours or criminal activity.

Fifth : ALL TAXES DUE TO THE STATE MUST BE PAID..or a degree of forfeiture of assets to the State.

The capital-based corporations MUST yield their necks to the yoke of social responsibility. The corporations MUST answer to the demands of social necessity, for there is no need for them to exist beyond a SOCIAL need for them to exist..They have no other use..The fact that they are wealth-creators for a tiny minority of shareholders is of little merit in the greater scheme of a society.

We have to disarm and dismiss the middle-classes from any form of national management of the country. This includes those so-called “Progressives” whose lame shaking of their tiny fists and peurile insults at the Government ministers…Their limp-wristed whines and wimpering have taken us down a cul de sac of jumping through endless hoops and running around endless roundabouts.

That last “fadeout” by the high-level attourney : Julian Burnside to apologise to “those who may be offended” because of a photo-shopped picture of  a Minister in a Nazi uniform shows the degree of capitulation that a nurtured middle-class education will do..Sure, Burnside gave legitimate reason both for his apology AND his posting of the picture..good reasons that should satisfy any debating mind that likes to wrangle over the pros and cons of the where-fors and whys…when all the time there need not have been ANY apology nor explanation given…the deaths associated with the policies cruelly implemented by the Minister are reason enough for such as he to have been taken before a court in the past and charged. One has to wonder on just where the now mythological famous “cutting of the Gordian Knot” would have gone had Alexander the Great sat down with the “ wise men” to debate the twists and turns of that knotted rope that confused a generation of “talkers”..

“Fuck it!” one can hear Alexander cry as he drew his sword and cut the knot asunder “Consider it fuckin’ done!”…and so it was..One has to wonder in hindsight just what sort of employment was subsequently given to those “wise men” who for so many years stood in sage stance and feature guarding the “terrible secret” of the untying of the knot..perhaps it was the dole queue for them?

Now… in the twenty-first century, we are confronted with the fraud that only those who have gained the knowledge granted by a multitude of degrees and doctorates have the deep wisdom of ruling The State..Only those with access to a chest-full of wealth and business acumen have the knowledge of economic judgement, granted to them down the corridors of a middle-class education curriculum best administered from the old Alma Mater colleges of sandstone and Latin logos.

Once again we ; the people…are like the warrior Alexander, confronted with an almighty bluff of paper and air..all sound and fury signifying nothing..paper tigers with a bark so much worse than their bite. Time to take the fight right up to their cowardly noses..

Fuck it!…we will once again cut the Gordian Knot asunder and remove the middle-class from their self-appointed positions of governance and social management. With the framing of a new social manifesto……
WE will change the conversation..
WE will change the rules..


Too much of Plenty.

In an era of such discrepancy between those who have too much and the great majority who have too little, it is with a kind of disbelief that I keep on seeing the tyrannical political representatives of the former being repeatedly gaining office to inflict even greater burdens on the latter …

As the good professor would once have asked … : “Why is this so?”

Of course, there are the usual reasons acceptable to statisticians of demographic favour, the reliable “rusted ons” and a degree of persuasive propaganda through a compliant and biased Main-stream media.

But in an era of known “swinging voter” power, which we have seen disrupt both Houses of Parliament in recent years, why is it that their vote AND that of many main-stream political party favourite preferences shift toward what could be described as preferencing bigotry, racism and elitism in class-distinction to give greater advantage to the Parties most corrupt in governance AGAINST the poor, the weak and the most vulnerable?

It is, in my estimation a shift over the last couple of decades of a seeking for assurance by a population of well-established, even if not entirely economically secure, section of the populace, the well-heeled, the moderately comfortable or the socially at risk but having access to easy credit to maintain a false feeling of comfort and security- Australian citizen body that has over these last couple of decades snuggled itself down in a soft furnishing of an “expectation of privilege”.

But they forget that it is not so long ago, just a generation or so, that many of their parents or grandparents fought a daily battle of poverty and want against those very political forces that would have drowned them in that sea of despair while enriching, as they are doing now, the same section and grandchildren that tormented their older kin.

I have the archival records of one of those families who struggled to overcome that debilitating poverty that only the actions of the militant unions and their affiliated political representatives gave relief to so many working families.

“ “1983 … Business ……….. of Survival … With the Death of Richard, I must now manage alone, on one pension.
The house seems in good condition. No large account, only the small loan I had taken out, which finishes in June 1985. Must try not to take out anymore loans, to(sic) much drain on my low income.
I must try to live on produce from garden, with eggs to help out.
Try to cut down on weekly food bills, most of all on meat.
The animals take quite a lot (money) for food, reg, etc.
As the fowls are all getting old, must breed up some new hens. “

That direct quote was from an aged pensioner’s diary … sure, we know she was not going to die of hunger or homelessness. Or do we? … She certainly was afraid of some vague uncertainty…and therein lies the simple truth … :

“A lifetime of habit, creates a certainty of belief … a moment of uncertainty doubts a lifetime of belief ”.

For that lady, her entire life was constructed around hard work … The old-age pension that Labor and the unions put in place gave her a measure of security so she could live out her final years in dignity.

But these simple demands by the most vulnerable of the population, along with a most brutal and cruel treatment of so many asylum seekers with their families coming to our shores seeking that second chance at a new life, have been swept aside in a maniacal assurance of security from fear… : fear of terrorism, fear of financial devastation, fear of a different skin colour and culture even fear from the indigenous people of the very soil of our nation …. in fact – from fear itself.

A fear of the loss of that expectation of privilege …. : Too much of Plenty.

It is an ugly revelation of a ugly country when such fear bubbles to the surface like pooled sewerage and it even has its own peculiar “smell”, the smell of that fear … and one can smell it most prevalent upon those who, while having gained their measure of financial security from dealing with and from those very subjects they most revile, are the first to demand restrictions upon and levies via wages limitations upon those very enablers of the life they have now become most accustomed to.

The machinations of the big financial houses, the merchant dealers and commodity miners, along with energy, communications and property speculators … in fact the entire upper middle-class and their hangers-on have used their money, media contacts and lobby group persuaders to corrupt and make degenerate an entire citizen demographic of aspirants and wannabes , even so far as to create simmering doubt in the most decent and honest citizen that now cannot, does not now want to see beyond its own pathetic insecurities to what most benefits the nation … We now have not only a cowardly nation that; going on the recorded histories of SO MANY failed empires and States, has not only condemned itself with a continued cowardice to the same fate of those lost civilisations, it has, by its continuance of electing those representative political parties who most seek to gain riches and wealth by stamping down and using as a footstool to climb the largesse ladder those most productive to the nation … by doing this vile act, it has also relinquished ITS RIGHT to survive.

Its … : “Too much of Plenty” will too soon become so little of nothing.

Just WHO controls the conversation (of left-wing politics) ?

There was a moment, it is written, when Julius Caesar stood on the foggy far bank of the Rubicon in silence, with his formations of loyal legionnaires at his back before he whispered those fateful words … : “Jacta alia est”.

I feel empowered today to whisper those same sentiments if not the actual words .. for it is not with the intent to conquer a government that I am writing this piece, it is with the intent of wresting the conversation away from those who like to think they are in control of where the left-wing politics of this nation ought to be heading. For too long has the needs of the “wretched poor” of that majority of the national population .. AND in that bracket, whether they want to know it, accept it, or not, I include the everyday pensioner, be them aged and surviving from pillar to post pension payment or the other myriad of the poor, be they indigenous, refugee, invalid or the working poor “other” … the so many and increasing number who have little connection to the Glam and Glitter nightly portrayed in an endless stream of inconsequential and mindless reality television fantasy … a fantasy, the ABC is keen on increasing with a new direction of portrayals of warm ‘n’ fuzzy personal stories rather than disturbing investigative current affairs… for too long have they been tricked and maneuvered by a duplicitous middle-class.

For while the more radical side of the left-wing keep calling for intensifying the pressure on those representatives in the parliament, we see only a very cautious edging toward further left .. much like a bad vaudeville act comically edging itself off stage. This is most probably governed by the frightful reality that the general population is fearful of radical anything that could jeopardise their hard-won fantasy of a plasma TV in the lounge room and that faint scent of “Glen 20” in every other! … even if both the TV. and the couch are “on the tick”.

With a population that was dead-weary after two world wars in the space of two generations, they were a sucker for the Menzies era of “Father Knows Best” governance .. where successive Liberal Governments were returned with little more effort than a false belief in the generosity that they were : “The hand that giveth” … and the arm that kept the dreaded “Reds” at bay … and when the time for a more radical left-wing government was deemed necessary, the fear was portrayed that the entire nation would be sent into the red-column of bankruptcy because the government of the day “gave too much”, a handy coup d’état put paid to a continuity of “fair go” politics.

From then on in, we ; the people, have suffered a decline in living wages and standards with the following of capital’s egregious philosophy of economic rationalism where once at least we had the illusion of the hand that was “giving” was OUR government , now we have those corporate banking institutions in charge of the economic direction of the nation and the monetary system has become : “The hand that giveth – credit” .. and bankruptcies have never looked better, and white-collar crime has never been more profitable … and respectful … so respectful, in fact that now it even appears to have the tick of Government approval!

So why has it come to this?

Simple .. : The education of a middle-class that has been indoctrinated to believe that the only way to a civilised and functioning society is to have that class of “institutionally trained” devotees managing both the treasury and the political direction. For it is no accident that such institutions of education have been lauded and funded and held to the highest esteem of the pinnacle of learning and cultural sophistication, let alone that of intellectual and academic brilliance so that after all the glittering prizes have been distributed to them and them only, the churned-out products of these “ruling-class machines” speak the same “language”, see the same “horizons”, and hear the same “cry of needs of the people” that they perceive it is THEIR duty to govern … after all, was it not written : “Father Knows Best”. So that even those women who graduate from such institutions may believe they are “calling the shots” of liberation from a patriarchal tyranny, they are only doing what is within what could be called a “perimeter of containment” that allows those of the middle-class to “rip-it-up” so far and then the nurtured indoctrination of “trigger comforts” pulls them back to gaze more closely and sentimentally on the treasures and possibilities accumulated by their parents and social kind and to reassess if they REALLY want to go to that radical “bridge too far” …

So then the “soft-soaping” of their more radical vocabulary begins and quickly fades from an “WE MUST” to a gentrified ; “ There ought to be some consideration toward … ” and the conversation that was entrusted by the working classes to those who had persuasive command of language and “learned” politics now becomes a light-headed whine and whinge of the bleedin’ obvious … Because all that time while we of the half-educated working class deferred trust and voice to those better educated to speak on our behalf, they have instead fallen back on their social status blood-line and do not want to lose out on the better things in their life for nothing more than what they have been told is a futile fight for liberty and equality with the great, stinking, out-of-tune song singing ungrateful unwashed.

Might .. they now truly believe in their soul of souls .. is right … and THAT is about as far as their reach for democracy goes!

There were two incidents in Australian colonial history that could have changed the conservative direction that this nation has gone down. The first was the Eureka Stockade Uprising, the second was the insurgency of the “Kelly Gang” culminating in the siege of The Glenrowan Inn … pity the night that the schoolteacher (a middle-class aspirant?) ran to warn the special troop train before it was derailed by the deliberately loosened tracks and sent plummeting down the embankment that could have created the necessary destruction of the belief of central colonial power and led to the envisioned and threatened uprising of the Irish settlers of Western Victoria …. Such is Life.

But in these days of social media revolution, when the capacity for radicalising of the left has never been more possible, we STILL have those scared, timid voices of the trained poodles of the middle-classes whispering their “Peter Pan” ideals into the ears of the fearful … : “don’t be too radical…look what (we/ I ) .. YOU could lose … sure, you got every reason to complain, and look! … here … I’m always here to help you complain .. ” So it’s futile, silly letters to a minister, silly open letters to politicians, “fists in Gucci gloves” waving in the air to be followed with a tiring sigh and comforting words in the plummy-accent with fellow radical “Wilderness School” or “Scotch College” old fellows at their fav’ café or split-level house in Toorak or North Shore or the sub-equal .. emulated in the lower caste suburbs by a “seen in Vogue magazine” interior decorations and the plasma in the lounge but with a / many delicately balanced credit accounts that with just one loss of income could bring the entire suburban fantasy of the house of cards tumbling down and the whole family spends Chrissy and the near future by the sea in a loaned caravan on a sad council oval with so many other homeless working people.
But don’t worry .. ”They” have your interests at heart and are more than willing to give you a “voice of complaint” on a media platform they share with their fellow status authors … you are not alone …. till the bailiff comes.

It is interesting in this town I live near .. It has been a conservative voting town for as long as I can ascertain … many, many years .. and they swear by the Liberal Party as having the best interests for the country folk … yet it has to be the centre for the most disadvantaged and in many case most impoverished folk in the region … and the town has gone from vibrant centre to wrack, ruin and despair with most of the historical pioneer civic structures crumbling or in a sad state of disrepair to display loss of inspiration to lift themselves up .. all is self-centred toward the individual and to self-preservation .. They are divided .. like the rest of the nation .. and they are in consequence .. ruled by their tormentors … and they can see no other way because they distrust any words that speak of radical politics, but go to the general store and you can ascertain their trust of dietary habits by the stacks of “preferred brand” of frozen pizza!

Why has it come to this?

Too much listening to a duplicitous educated to imbecility middle-class knowing the price of every one of THEIR possessions and having no idea of the value of a quality of life lost by the working poor so they whisper insincere words of the possibilities of “personal achievement” rather than listen to an honest inner voice of liberation and revolution!

“. . . and this is why we will not survive.”

I was thinking of how to respond to the Geoffery Rush verdict yesterday that has caused such distress to both parties and their friends and family over what ought to have been a person to person discussion between the parties either at the time of the alleged incident, or arranged by another party familiar and trusted by both so as to resolve any issues as to whether there had been deliberate or accidental crossing of boundaries by Mr. Rush.

Then I remembered this post I put up a good while ago and I thought to review and perhaps up-date it and repost..but I don’t think I could improve the intention inferred in the article, where in my opinion what ought to have been a private consideration of the woman’s grievance was dragged into the cold, cruel light of the very public forum of legal I offer it up again as a response to yesterdays judgement.

Not world wars, neither disease or plague or natural disaster .. all these have gone before at times when humanity was still so vulnerable .. when we were still small tribes wandering from water-hole to hunting ground to shelter just to stay alive .. and we did .. and we did because of one central desire .. : a desire to be a part of other’s lives … a loved one, a special one within the tribe itself  perhaps.. within the shelter of the tribe as a whole .. that other one who shared our particular / idiosyncratic liking for a particular fruit or woven style of cloth or place of refuge over all others .. that someone special that would in times more conducive to individual preference develop into a love.

And regardless if it can be fulfilled in the interests of tribal custom or culture … these days call it ethnic group or class structure and creed … regardless if it is never consummated in a relationship, still the embryonic desire will develop in the imagination till it reaches a kind of fruition in the hidden senses and is held to one’s heart in secret conspiracy and there it is stored and adored.

There are moments many of us live through in our lives that can give such emotional pleasure and personal joy that they are held in deepest secrecy and must never be revealed except perhaps .. and that is a big “perhaps” .. at point of death. For to release such a secret of one’s deepest personality is equal to destroying the base belief in a personal future. The fate for those partners who seek or demand that such be revealed to them can be the unforeseen ruination of the current relationship.

I have experienced this as a revelation on the death bed moment .. of which I’ll say more later .. But consider this passage from James Joyce’s story : “The Dead” in his book “Dubliners” .. where the jealous “Gabriel” pushes for his wife : “Gretta” to tell him details of her past love for a young man : ”Michael Furey” … ;

“O, then, you are in love with him?” said Gabriel.
“I used to go out walking with him,” she said, “when I was in Galway.”
A thought flew across Gabriel’s mind.
“Perhaps that was why you wanted to go to Galway with that Ivors girl?” he said coldly.
She looked at him and asked in surprise:
“What for?”
Her eyes made Gabriel feel awkward. He shrugged his shoulders and said:
“How do I know? To see him, perhaps.”

She looked away from him along the shaft of light towards the window in silence.

“He is dead,” she said at length. “He died when he was only seventeen. Isn’t it a terrible thing to die so young as that?”
“What was he?” asked Gabriel, still ironically.
“He was in the gasworks,” she said.

Gabriel felt humiliated by the failure of his irony and by the evocation of this figure from the dead, a boy in the gasworks. While he had been full of memories of their secret life together, full of tenderness and joy and desire, she had been comparing him in her mind with another. A shameful consciousness of his own person assailed him. He saw himself as a ludicrous figure, acting as a pennyboy for his aunts, a nervous, well-meaning sentimentalist, orating to vulgarians and idealising his own clownish lusts, the pitiable fatuous fellow he had caught a glimpse of in the mirror. Instinctively he turned his back more to the light lest she might see the shame that burned upon his forehead.

He tried to keep up his tone of cold interrogation, but his voice when he spoke was humble and indifferent.

“I suppose you were in love with this Michael Furey, Gretta,” he said.
“I was great with him at that time,” she said.

Her voice was veiled and sad. Gabriel, feeling now how vain it would be to try to lead her whither he had purposed, caressed one of her hands and said, also sadly:

“And what did he die of so young, Gretta? Consumption, was it?”
“I think he died for me,” she answered.

A vague terror seized Gabriel at this answer, as if, at that hour when he had hoped to triumph, some impalpable and vindictive being was coming against him, gathering forces against him in its vague world. But he shook himself free of it with an effort of reason and continued to caress her hand. He did not question her again, for he felt that she would tell him of herself. Her hand was warm and moist: it did not respond to his touch, but he continued to caress it just as he had caressed her first letter to him that spring morning. . . . “ (The Dead .. : James Joyce : “Dubliners” )

In breaking the seal of trust that Gretta held in union with her fond memory of the dead ; “Michael Furey”, the character “Gabriel” had also broke the seal of affection between himself and his wife.

A similar bond can be held in the heart with an unpleasant memory .. In his book of recounting his surveying of an African plateau ; “Venture to the Interior” . the now disgraced Laurens Van Der Post recounts his method of dealing with troubling memories from being a prisoner of war .. He would lay still and imagine himself taking down a suitcase containing these memories from the top of a wardrobe. He would then imagine himself opening the case and taking out the memories one by one, going through them dispassionately until the feelings were gone, then repacking them into the case and returning it to the top of the imaginary wardrobe to remain in storage till the next time he became troubled by those thoughts. In such an exercise would he satisfy those ghosts of his personal secrets of a bad moment in his life which he was dis-inclined to share with others.

This holding close to the heart of a memorable event is a most human desire that it can reach right into our most personal hungers for company .. A (now aged like myself ) woman I knew in my younger , wilder years told me recently of why she was in a relationship with a man we both knew in those years .. :

“ He was a strange bloke, was B …. ” I remarked “How’d you get along with him?”

“Oh .. quite well, as a matter of fact .. and we only broke up because he went to work to the North West of WA. and I stayed here to finish my nursing training .. we wrote for a while but we were both young and we drifted apart .. ”

“How’d you get to know him?” I persisted.

“He was just a friend at first .. and we went out together a couple of times … He was an electrician .. and his flat was full of bits and pieces of electrical gadgets that he’d fix for friends … and clocks .. he liked making electric clocks .. He had a bench in the front room full of junk ..

I came to his flat from work one day all teary and upset as I’d just had my first patient die on me and he just held me and talked to me in his deep, slow voice while I wept … that’s all he did .. he just talked about his electrical stuff and what he was doing and he stroked my arms and back and just talked softly and slowly until I went to sleep in his arms .. He was such a comfort .. a lover-friend. “

And this is why we, as a species may not survive .. We have been hollowed out, gutted like a dead fish. We now are so untrusting, so protective of our sensitivities, so afraid that we will not allow another too close lest they seek to hurt us emotionally. Perhaps losing our collective confidence in ourselves to survive emotional trauma. Many young people do not enter into relationships anymore, choosing instead to conduct temporary “meetings” that demand no commitment, no deep emotional give and take where those “secrets” of heightened pleasure or pain are nurtured and ensconced within our psyche .. and we, as a species are getting weaker for It .. for if we cannot trust ourselves with holding that secret of emotional pleasure to carry as a talisman through rough life, then what trust will we allow others that we hold dear to have their own private “suitcase” with their own private desires .. and will we destroy our own relationships, as did the Joycean ; “Gabriel”, from a desire to destroy the entrusted confederacies of others?

That “death bed revelation” moment … well, it was a long-running chiack between my mother and myself, that the local GP. .. Doctor Short, who used to do house calls in those days and attended me when I was bedridden with bronchial-asthma at an age of around 6-8years old. He would attend to me while my mother fussed with the pillow or blankets … and my mother, being in her mid-twenties at that time and married to a much older man AND quite attractive .. must have caught the attention of the tall, deep-voiced Doctor, who I in memory recall was sometimes in close attendance as much to my mother as to myself … NOT that there was any encouragement on HER part .. but I used to tease her in her older years by saying on a regular basis ;

“That Doctor Short .. I reckon he was burning a candle for you .. ” … to which she’d pooh-pooh the whole thing away and say don’t be ridiculous! .. But the last time I saw her in the palliative care ward, dying from pulmonary fibrosis .. I again said in a teary attempt at jest .. :

“I still reckon that Doctor Short was burning a candle for you … ” to which to my surprise she looked straight into my eyes in the most meaningful manner, that I have to say threw me a little and whispered ;

“I believe you are right … ” … and I am not sure to this day if she didn’t give me a wink ..

And that was the last visit I had with her as she died a day later.

The rise and rise of a new tribalism.

The unifying of several unions into one “super-union” (if we are to believe the ruler’s squawkers ; The MSM) has come with a new wave of enthusiasm on the part of so many workers and their supporters, but with fear and trepidation …. and no doubt the already planning for its demise…by the capitalist class of right-wing government and the business community.

“United we stand .. Divided we fall!” ……

Is no accidental slogan of a new age of tribalism … it was written as a centre-piece truism in historical literature .. : “A house divided cannot stand” … : “The People united will never be defeated”.. there are many, many others which proclaim the universal truth of tribal loyalty and unity. The many indigenous peoples of so many lands know too well in this age of commodity exploitation and land stolen, that their one chance of universal survival, both cultural and physical is the continued “holding of hands” across the nation and across the picket-lines.

The unity by the Australian indigenous peoples in their presentation of the “Uluru Statement” shows their determination for a united treaty and not for a sell-out “Wild Rivers” style of recognition …. after all, what and whose is the “Sovereignty” that needs to be recognised that is already so bleedin’ obvious as the nose on ones face?

This need to reform and consolidate the numbers of unionised labour is an imperative for the equality of those workers who are the backbone of any nation and also for those too vulnerable or afraid to speak out against exploitation by unscrupulous “business people”. For without the unity of purpose and direction, we all are easy picking for the parasites and vultures in the “League of Capital” opportunists. The too easy promotion of “YOU : the individual” as the means to self-aggrandised “success” belies the awful truth of how easy it is to milk and make destitute those same deluded fools who, many times coming from a class of working trades that have little or no deep knowledge of capital investment speculation, throw their lot in with those smooth talking suits who entrap many working poor into bad or even quasi-criminal investments. Some of which even capitalise on making life even worse for their “tribal cousins” still casually or part-time employed.

The methodology of those middle-class manipulators to divide the tribal unity of whatever group, is to throw the seeds of doubt into those groups … seeking out the weakest minded or the wavering wannabe “effluents” to undermine and disrupt faith and trust. The main catch-cry we hear in these times is the half-truth that : “They’re all the same” or “It can’t be changed because it’s human nature . . . “ half-truths that rely on doubt, suspicion and paranoia to push the rest of their argument along; that it is all in vain as YOU ; the small individual will surely be let down as you are deserted by the leadership who is also only in it for the money.

What money!!? The filth of the capital class created many commissions and even royal commissions to try and pin charges of capital corruption against union leaders, political leaders and individuals in these last few years … to little or no avail..Of course, to use the old maxim .. : “They were thinking about their own behaviour but accusing others” .. They will not stop this continued onslaught against the tribes, be they union or ethnic minorities or even the original owners of country, they have a permanent agency in the Main-stream media traitors doing the dirty work for them .. even the national broadcaster has now joined their ranks and continually feeds the lies and distortions that paint the tribal groups as feral and unreliable … always displaying negatives like fist-waving, shouting and marching unionists … never the smiling faces of relieved families for the returned rightful wages or conditions or time off to be with the family and loved ones. Never the “rights at work” success stories, the “equal pay for equal work” success stories … never the successful communities of indigenous peoples and settled ethnic refugees, struggling against LNP govt’ promoted racism and bigotry .. struggling against MSM promoted racism and bigotry .. It is that sense and action of a age old tribalism that gives strength to community and holds a barrier against the continued onslaught of capital based assault.

Now .. more than ever, we as communities of like minded and interest people need to dispense with the divisive rhetoric of “They’re all the same” and unite under one collective form of tribalism and with our separate cultural identities combine in the one voice of trust in the collective numbers to change the ruling class that has stolen our nation and our governance and become one solid majority to force those who represent us to step in line to the demands and wishes of this new, united tribe of “The People” and do the will of the people.

The coming together of the “Me Too” united voices, the unity of the “Uluru Statement” and the joining together of the unions must be built upon, and not allow to be suffocated by a sabotaging MSM or capitalist conspiracy to break and disrupt. The latter day rising of social media has at last given a voice to the multitude .. sure and it can be sometimes a cacophony of accusative shouting and abuse … but that is the peripheral of what is most important .. : The clear, concise voice of the majority calling for a new unity and a new politics to govern this nation ….

Its voice will not be stilled any longer …. and united in voice we call to all … : “JOIN THE TRIBE! “

“It’s not so much the money . . . “

Do you remember that most identifying line from the Australian classic movie : “Sunday Too Far Away” … surely one of the most culturally branded films to come out
of that glorious era. And the line that was most quoted from that film … :

“It wasn’t so much the money, it was the bloody insult!”

That story-line epitomised the staunch camaraderie of the shearers striking against the threat of a cut to their wages and the arrival of scab labour. There could be no better description of the mind-set of those times … and I remember the sixties and seventies strikes well … where workers would consider the insult to their status and hard-won conditions over any monetary considerations ..

But now, with this Barnaby affair and all the rest of the immoral rorting, we hear the reverse cry of .. :

“It’s not so much the insult, it’s the bloody money!”

Oh dear! … How the mighty have fallen .. and when Freethinker makes the observation that until the Aussie workers find themselves without food on the table etc. they will not know the need for revolution. And he rightfully blames the influence of the corporatizing of education … where the emphasis on financial considerations are preached over and above moral and ethical necessities …. I will include his relevant quotation from Noam Chomsky .. :

“The educational system in the US was a highly predictable victim of the neoliberal reaction, guided by the maxim of “private affluence and public squalor.” Funding for public education has sharply declined. As higher education is driven to a business model in accord with neoliberal doctrine, administrative bureaucracy has sharply increased at the expense of faculty and students. Cost-cutting leads to hyper-exploitation of the more vulnerable, creating a new precariat of graduate students and adjuncts surviving on a bare pittance, replacing tenured faculty.”
Noam Chomsky

One can almost trace a direct line from the beginnings of “monetary policy” philosophy back in the 80’s where Milton Friedman influenced the Thatcher / Reagan administrations on the supposed infallibility of his stupid theories .. and the over-flow of such idiocy, as with many foolish ideas, like those of Hayek and others, found their way to Australia and into academic instruction.

Not only has a cruel economic ‘bottom line’ social condition made its impression on our nation, we are now seeing the beginnings of such cruelty creeping like an allied infection into the architecture of the cities … If we can believe a report just recently on the ABC webpage … :

“But if, as urban sociologist Robert Park wrote, in making the city we make ourselves, one might wonder what collective self-conception has produced a city covered in metal spikes, illuminated by blue lights, buzzing with high-frequencies — paranoid, anxious and hostile, by design.
With his artwork, Semple aims to break down the barriers that impede social life. His latest campaign, calling on people to photograph and share examples of what he calls “design crimes”, is an attempt to document the impact this kind of design has on our urban landscape.
“Very slowly, bus stops get perches so you can’t really sit on them, spikes appear [and] there’s a lot more sound being used now,” Semple says.
“Some councils are actually playing frequencies that are targeted at young people’s ears and it stops teenagers congregating.
“When we talk about hostile design, hostile architecture, make no mistake — there are groups of people spending time, effort and money commissioning this stuff and designing it to be as brutal as possible against human beings.”

This hard-arsed attitude to us and our very brothers and sisters has to stop! .. Along with the corruption of ethics and our social moral base … not calling for bans on sexuality, gambling or other everyday amusements, but at least some control on those who use such everyday humanist activities for base profit … particularly political profit! … let’s leave the salacious intrigues between consenting adults to consenting adults, but put barriers on those who use such as their profit accruing advantage … political or business. We have reached a point, surely, where things cannot be allowed to sink any lower! … For while individual citizens’ sleaze and decadent behaviour can survive within the darker corners of the mass of society, with only the occasional light being shone upon its decadent activities, these continual displays of corruption, rorting and public exhibitions by our highest representatives of civil governance of gross personal behaviour have to be brought to an end.

This is further example of why there must be consideration for a changing of the guard when it comes to that class of leadership. These representatives of the middle-classes that have held the reins of governance for so long have reached their “use-by date” and have to be superannuated out of civil leadership. Their methodology of economic solutions to social problems is dated, their methodology of education for self-indulgent individualist identity in a multi-ethnic community is dated, their “my way or the highway” policing of so many and varied ethnicities and indigenous groups is a harrowing nightmare as is their lock-down method for the solutions on refugees, immigration and temporary import labour … They are an anachronism .. a spent ideology and a spent force for imaginative governance … no longer, since the days of rule by aristocracy, are they the ‘solution” .. THEY are now the problem!

We can see a new style of governance coming to fruition in Sth Aust’ , with the emphasis by Jay Wetherill’s Labor government huge expansions in new , renewable energy technologies and other down to earth practicalities that have and will further boost community employment and involvement .. We are seeing the beginnings of a style of : “Street-level Governance”.. No longer can governance be the personal property of a “held at arms length” elitist strata of suits and private-schooled ponces, pontificating from elitist suburbs on how the poor and vulnerable should bow and scrape to their betters … work harder and longer in several part-time or casual jobs just to make ends meet … It won’t be long before we end up under this LNP govt’ with pensioners back to eating pet food just to survive!

We now have a drowning, panicking government that one is too scared to get near to lest one is dragged down in their madness to grasp on to any rescuing body to hold its head above the water-line. Never has there been a worse conglomeration of corporate corrupt ministers in charge of the nation. Time to take education, man-power management and corporate regulation from the entrepreneurial / speculative middle-classes and hand it to that strata most experienced in production and delivery of essential goods and services … The educated blue-collar working class.

Let us paraphrase that line from the movie .. ”It has never been so much about the money, but more about the f#cking insult!!”

Time to change the rules! … Time to change the ruling class!

The White and the Blue.

Something has gone awry. There must needs be time to consider … and if I can pinch a line or two..:

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer … ” .

Every time I listen to an interview by a journalist from the MSM. , mostly from the ABC. , with a politician or some other notable person , I am finding myself getting more and more frustrated at the direction and the (depending on the interviewee) aggression or the soft-soap tone of the journalist. I listen carefully to ascertain if it is just a prejudice on my part … I have done this for quite a while now, doubting my capacity for objective analysis …. But after seeing and hearing many interviews over the last few months, I have to make the judgement that those regular journalists who do the interviews ARE leaning in an obvious bias toward the conservative side of politics. Is this just opportunism or cowardice?

Also, from my own memory of events alongside the judgements brought down against the accused in these several recent “Royal Commissions”, along with the excellent listing of actual facts concerning the HIP.(Home Insulation Program) Royal Commission, that was published on The Independent Australia social media site, and was once again raised as a political issue in the recent “releases” of the “cabinet files”, I have to conclude that there is a “reservoir” of qualified professional people MSM are able to draw upon and who seem willing to let themselves be a “gun for hire” to deliver for the “payer” a judgement script straight from “head office”.

There also appears to be a willing participation from many higher education academics to just go along with or vehemently support that ideal of politics most destructive to expansive or less expensive education for the people … in face of the fact that their own education may have been as a result of the free tertiary education system in place at the time of their own advancement into higher learning .…. one has to wonder if they subconsciously deny even the success of their own capacity as an academic ? And , of course , there are the many lesser professions that are too willing to toss their lot in with whoever will accommodate their personal pecuniary peccadilloes …. one expects no better from these.

Which brings me to the nub of my argument .. and to pinch a line from the erstwhile Jason Hand .. :

”There’s too much White Collar and not enough Blue Singlet.”

And this is the problem .. and this is the thing that has gone awry .. and this is the falcon that no longer hears the falconer. Where it has become obvious to the suburbs that the political argy-bargy, the subtle exchanging of brown bags of money, the consideration for the “Privileged Parental Leave” as against the struggling single mother in the ‘burbs, the lawyers and the litigants, the judiciary and the journalists are become so far removed from the everyday concerns of us plebs that it is almost irrelevant to even bother thinking about equality for the low wage earners and pensioners …. and it is a shame. One has to wonder if many long-serving politicians are so “imbedded” with the life-style and remunerations, they have lost the “fire-in-the-belly” aggressiveness to strike at the heart of the problems.

And yet we curse those “stupid people” who voted one way or the other , without considering their position in the here and now … because, if we think about the above examples, where it seems the many “enlightened and highly educated in society” are – apparently – taking the money and running … why on earth would a low-income, lower educated downwardly mobile peon not reconsider their loyalties and simply follow ANY money? …. Why do we expect those with the least clout , the least capacity for risk, do what those of greater wealth and better position do not even stop to consider before tossing their lot in with the destroyers of social order for a grubby “thirty pieces of silver”?

And THAT is why the MSM. In conjunction with the LNP. has manipulated the policy interpretations and truthfulness of “promises” put forward by the LNP. before the last election. That is why I see those crappy “interrogations” of the PM. There is no doubt there is regret in the suburbs, there is anger bubbling under the surface so now we have “Malcolm the Magnificent” the “deliverer of justice” being cynically promoted … They are low .. but they know every trick in the book and they just tweak it here , tweak it there … But the biggest disappointment, is the lack of leadership from the higher strata of society … Those of the Judiciary. Of the Legal Fraternity and the Academic Fraternity … from the professions that have established networks that reach up into the high political circles … THEY need the example of integrity of another “Weary Dunlop”.. while WE already have many a “Joe Hill and Rosa Luxemburg” .. we need to witness some gumption from these people to set example and yes! .. to stand up and out and brazen it out to “cop it sweet” when the filth move against them .. as they have moved against individual workers ,and the unions .. for it is from such example the greater mass of citizenry take the lead and then the natural decency that is at the moment dormant in us all will break in a wave over these low-bred parasites that will have all our shoulders bent under their yoke and all our necks crushed under their jack-boots!

Damn their eyes!