I wrote this little poem a long time ago for a young person who set out on a long journey to another country to try and make a new life far from home. I thought them very courageous. Braver than I ever was. They did established themselves overseas and I can only admire them for it.

A Place of One’s Own…:

Within everybody’s heart ,

There is that little pump.

And in the still of the night,

You can hear its tremulous thump.


Within everybody’s heart,

There is a little room.

Upon the wall there is a picture

Of a place we silently yearn.


To some it is just a fantasy,

A desire they can’t fulfill.

Some will strive to seek it…

Some have not the will.


And some will substitute

A lesser philosophy

To dull and blind the senses

To a love they will not see.

I hope you do not see me as anything other than another anonymous writer who enjoys the exchanging of what I would call ; “the spirit of writing”. If you think I am too intrusive, please feel free to tell me or even cease the seeking.

I honestly say ; I have only good intentions..


11 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello “auntyuta”…we have not crossed blogging paths before…I know Gerard and Helvi from the old ABC “The Drum” days..and Helvi from several other blogs….and although we do not cross paths often, I feel I have a certain “humanist” affinity with them both…
      I am 67 years old, as is my partner(wife, in “the old money”) and we live..in splendid isolation.. in the Murray Mallee of South Australia…I like to write articles, stories and cameos of all things in general…hence my wanderings around the bloggersphere…It is good to meet you and I hope we can pass some good times together…

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      1. Peter, my husband, and I we like Gerard and Helvi very much. They are really good company. We meet them as often as possible. Next month Peter and I are going to celebrate being married for 62 years. Our children are 60, 58 and 40. One daughter, who passed in 2012, would be 61 now. So you see, we are no spring chickens. But most of the time we still do get some enjoyment out of life. This is what it is all about, right? Otherwise, why go on living?
        We have never been to South Australia. But our son and his wife live in Victoria, We have just come back from visiting them.
        Recently I have come up with some problems in the bloggersphere. But I hope my very old laptop with still the Windows 7 program in it is going to last for a bit longer, or maybe eventually I might get around to looking for a new machine. Maybe I’ll just have to get used to using Window 10?
        Honestly, I am not very interested in learning new things on the computer. I just want to write and be able to communicate with friends as often as possible.
        You call yourself freefall852. Does that mean, you’re born in August 1952? But then you would be only 66, not 67. Anyhow, passing some good times together sounds all right to me. Maybe you have come across Berlioz1935 sometimes? He is actually my husband Peter and I am Uta.
        Keep up your good writing! I hope, we can meet again.
        Cheerio, Uta 🙂


  1. Hello Uta…that number ; 852 was dropped on the end of my blog’s name by wordpress for some unknown reason…I don’t care..as long as the job gets done…I was writing a reply to you before when the modem dropped out..I was saying that you seem to be of Germanic peoples..here in this area, there are many Germanic people from the early days of settlement (around 1836) …many are from the East counties of Selisia, Posen etc and are Wends or Sorbs…and a very interesting history they have here in the state too!
    I have written about them in many posts…my aunties from the Cornish/ Irish stock married into the Germanic families…; Kruger and Placzek…I have posted a general observation of those Germanic folk who settled this area so long ago…here..: https://freefall852.wordpress.com/2017/06/02/on-the-rim-of-a-far-horizon/

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  2. Hello Joe. Nice to meet you and I see you you are befriending my friend Uta. She and I have never met in real life but we have been friends in the blogosphere for a long time. Thank you for deciding to follow our blog, the joint effort of Chris in Ontario and me here in NZ

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    1. Interesting international cooperative…I have been looking for a forum of like minded writers for a long time..I have know Uta and her (now deseased) husband Peter for quite some time and we often exchange corespondence….I only post on my blog as I no longer post on social media outlets other than this…I am a bit like those old Japanese Samuri without a master or muse…A Ronin…I did write a short contemplation on my isolated situation in such a place…
      Adrift in a sea of language,
      The Ronin without a master..
      Am I too that same lost soul,
      A writer without his muse..
      A Teller without a tale,
      A wanderer in the lingua franca?
      Sing a song for the dreamers,
      Whisper a secret for the Lord,
      Twist of the knife for a schemer,
      The brutal thrust of the sword.
      Please remember me my darling,
      And don’t forget my name,
      For whence those words escape me,
      I am not to blame.

      It would be nice if we can strike up a writers friendship…

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      1. I love the idea of a writers friendship i have tried writers groups in the past but there everyone is interested only in their own writing or their book. Maybe I just haven’t found the right one – the write one. If you have read any of my posts in either of my blogs, you will realise that I am vintage. A word I prefer to old. Let me direct you to https://growingyoungereachday.wordpress.com/2022/03/30.


    1. Yes…I read your post on vintage…and while one cannot stop the growing older process…I am one with Uta that while the action of desire for the opposite sex may be “complicated” by the aging process, one ought to still maintain a healthy regard to desiring that sensuality that both refreshes and cheers the soul…as a male, I am “encouraged” that I still retain that “early morning sensation” that “proves”..at least in my imagination..a virility that I would be disapointed to lose…for I believe this retention of our virility is key to retaining our writing imagination…and one would like to keep THAT alive as long as possible.

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