“Baa, baa Black Sheep…”

(Warning : This article contains words and language that may offend the LNP and the “genteel class” who claim the right to rule over us all )

This simple nursery rhyme portrays so succinctly, the relationship between the expectations of the ruling orders and the serf, the presumed rights and satisfaction of the needs of the Liege Lord and the slave. They are still there now, in this day and age, here in Australia..but now they call themselves “politicians” and they mostly live in the ivory towers of the LNP.

But it is their treatment of anyone taking refuge from war-torn places that most marks out their tyranny..their bastardry. They have claimed a presumed “ownership” of this nation which their profiteering pirate ancestors stole at gun-point from the indigenous peoples and now they claim ownership and call this part of the Earth..:
“Their Nation”.

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

Yes..one for “The Master” and one for “The Dame”.

I will tell you a little known piece of information from back in the 2nd world war about those internees held in camps along the Murray River in locations like Loveday in Sth Aust’. Many internees were used to cut mallee wood and burn charcoal in camps scattered around places like Blanchetown on the river. If any of you have been to “Brookfield Conservation Park” up near Blanchetown, you may have seen the signs directing you to the charcoal pits there. Those pits there were part of a large contingent of Italian men and some of their families held there as “enemy aliens”.

I know of these things, because my father was one of them..as were a couple more of my relatives. Once the war in the pacific really kicked off, there was a shortage of men to cut wood and burn the charcoal so Italians were transported there and worked in several camps in the mallee.

My mother met my father near there when she worked at Portee Station on the Murray River as a servant girl..He came to the river to get water for the camp. My mother’s parents who were Cornish / Irish and her younger siblings were also at another “charcoal” camp where my grandfather worked the machinery. My grandmother looked after and taught by correspondence her children..she was a well educated Irish woman who came to Australia in 1922 from the end of the Irish civil war in Bandon County..the “most murderous place in the British Isles” at that time in history, when the Irish rebellion was in full swing. She worked in Bandon City as a legal clerk for her father’s office, so she was very well educated and her script writing, until the end of her life in her eighties was the most beautiful flowing writing you’d ever want to see.

It was this skill and her legal expertise that came into good use out there in the mallee, when an Italian internee, brought down from the Northern Territory…came seeking help from her to write a “legal letter” in his favour.

Before the war broke out, he owned and worked a farm at Katherine with his Aboriginal wife. He had an Australian foreman and a couple of workers also. When he was interned as an “enemy alien” and transported to Loveday camp, his foreman in collusion with a local govt’ administrator sought to get control of his farm on the pusillanimous grounds of he; the Italian, being an enemy alien was not permitted to own land and his wife ; being aboriginal also was not permitted to own property and so they sought to have the ownership of the farm forfeited to them.

Evidently, my grandmother summoned all her jargon of “legalese”, constructed a “legal argument” for the distraught Italian and succeeded in scaring off the culprits. Which brings me to the point of this little missive..:

Let us ask: Just who were the real working people who built this nation?..Who in reality were the producers and strugglers who physically built this country..this country we hear the likes of Mr. Abbott or Mr. Turnbull or Mr. Dutton et al wax so lyrical about in protective terms like it was their own personal fiefdom or that of their social class or ethnic demographic?

Let us in all fairness analyse just who were the real Australians who made this nation what it is today. Because, you see…what was neglected in that little yarn about the Italian farmer and his indigenous wife was how could it come to be that an Australian man and his partner in crime could presume to claim what was not theirs..how could they presume to drive through a process to deny a fellow human being and his wife their dignity and their rights…and I’ll tell you how they could and it also shows how minister Dutton can presume on the dignity of the refugees in this time to do the same..



AND THIS is how it still stands with the Anglo fascists of the LNP to this day!

THIS is their claim of legitimacy!

THIS is their perceived presumption!

THIS is their perceived right of ownership of the land, the country and the people of the nation!

Well..FUCK YOU..Dutton!…and YOU Mr. Turnbull and ALL YOU Anglo / ethnic fascists!..you are not worth the piss of their bladders..the shit of their bowels..you are rubbish!

It was the immigrants and working class who built this nation..from the beginning..The more “privileged” and upper middle-classes moved straight into “administration”..shorthand for “command and control”..and pretty useless at that!..No..it was the Irish, the Germans, the Greeks, the Italians, the indigenous peoples, the Baltic and Balkan nationals ..and not just a few Asian peoples who migrated here seeking a safe and better life that “built” this nation…from the ground up, with their skilled trades small business and hard work. THIS is the base truth of the story of Australia..the story of the migrants and refugees who poured their blood, sweat and tears into the earth of Australia, to be mixed with the sorrows of the indigenous peoples who built this nation to what it is today.

And then we hear bastards like Dutton pour his vile shit from his vile shitty mouth these vile shitty policies of a fucking vile putrescent LNP..it is enough to want to make one reach for a horsewhip.

Henry Lawson wrote:

“They lie those men who tell us for reasons of their own,
That want is here a stranger, that misery’s unknown…”

The first line of his “Faces in the Street” was changed by George Robertson, owner and publisher of The Bulletin…for reasons of HIS own to :

“They lie those men who tell us in a loud decisive tone…”

It was changed because it “reflected upon the authority of the day”..or words to that effect…well, the “authority of the day” has not changed its spots..it seems to be still offended by its own guilty treatment of those fellow humans.

I know of the treatment my Italian relatives received from the “administrators” I know of the treatment many ethnic groups received from the “authorities”…I know, YOU know WE ALL know and we know also who interests those “authorities “ represented…THEN and NOW.

So let us stop talking falsely and take a calming look at what must be done to rid us of these lying filth that presume to govern for the “good” of the nation. In an age gone by, a different sort of revolution would have sufficed..as we saw in the aforementioned ; Irish Rebellion..but such is very destructive to both blood and infrastructure..no..it is the ballot box for these times, but it is by a vote most decisive and most damning that will remove this vile pestilence from the governance in our lives. And we must make social media the means to promote the truth and expose the lies of the LNP. Let our anger overflow from the blog sites into the ballot boxes that decide our political future.

The Murdoch press is the main propagator of the attacks and vilification of all parties and individuals in opposition to the LNP. We cannot touch Rupert Murdoch, for he lives in another country, a foreign national of another country..but his creatures, through which he propagates his foul mind and policy are amongst us..like a festering wound whose scab is continually knocked off, they live and breathe the foul air of the Murdoch lie. These woeful scabs are the ones who most prosper from betraying our land, our nation..let THEM feel the wrath of our anger..Let them be cast out of our company..let THEM be PROSCRIBED from the security and comforts provided by us very citizens they continue to abuse and demean.

LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN NOW…And not end till we are rid of this vile pestilence of a government !

5 thoughts on ““Baa, baa Black Sheep…”

  1. A great piece interesting, historically informative, and pertinent to our times. Congratulations I really enjoyed reading it. My frustration comes only from the knowledge that there are so many of us out there with the same views of a faulty democracy and yet we are so scattered out there in the ether that changes through block voting out the political culprits seems very remote.
    So I progress on my own, toward the next Qld State election to attempt to gain support for a new political party whose constitution is to exist only for one term.( There needs to be an alternative to One Nation!) Which, if supported to achieve even just one parliamentary position would sit the main parties back on their bums. Politicians stopped working for the people and the common good decades ago people don’t want political theology they want better lives and equality through workable infrastructure projects (other than coal) and like your article the answer is to follow and repeat government actions of the past. I hate being right all the time but Housing affordability for one can be fixed overnight why won’t the bastards listen.Pffttt!!
    My new part if I get five hundred signatures to register it is the TLIP The True Labour (spelt correctly), Independent Party … N.B. I resigned from the Labor Party because of their lies and ineffectiveness as an opposition (someone said if you’ve got a good opposition you will get a good government >>> Labor is and has been pathetic in this regard. Cheers Gary Pead I think this is the most practical way to start THE REVOLUTION>> Would love your help and advice gjpead@gmail com


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