…To Play a Game of Marbles.

The Game of Marbles.

Back in my primary school days, the game of marbles was a pretty big deal. There were several variations played in the dirt of the playground..I can remember a couple..one was a large circle where you had to hit and knock another player’s “dooks” out of the ring ..AND..hit it hard enough so your marble would also ricochet out of the ring or you would have to leave it in the “kitty” for others to have a shot at..There was another with a smaller ring..but I forget how that worked..however, you only used your “big-hitters” when you were more or less certain of the shot..you didn’t want to lose your best marbles.

I remember my favourite was a “bloodtracker”..there were “cats-eyes” of various value , there were others that I can “see” but cannot remember their names..and of course, there was the mighty “Tombola”!

As eight or nine year old kids, we traded and valued our marbles..there were some kids who never played the game. But always seemed to be hanging around the circle with a big string-pull bag of marbles that they would “trade”..these would grow to be the aspiring capitalists of the future.

Every kid there knew the “exchange rate” for marbles..how many cats-eyes , or how many bloodtrackers etc…for a Tombola or the others in exchange. As young kids, we were pretty savvy at wheeling and dealing in those things we knew the value of.

Which brings us to these “Fantastico!” free-trade deals like the TPP flung around now like confetti at a sixties wedding.

Bring those same kids forward a few decades to these times and witness how they are forced to just watch as those things of value..: jobs, skills, family time and security….the chance to own a house to raise the family, the opportunity to establish a community of cohesion for local sporting clubs and interest groups to meet and play on a reserved for rest weekend..In short..: The value of a civilised life and society are traded away by this LNP govt’ more interested in making deals for mates than looking after the nation.

What happened to that?

What happened to those products we made and sold locally?

What has happened to our dreams , our kids hopes and to our decent, dignified jobs and lifestyles?

“Free-Trade”..That’s what has happened..all these “deals” done between Capital Control and International Corporations and members of a vested-interest government. NOT for the overall benefit of it’s citizens, but for the BULLSHIT excuse that ; “ making one person richer, will trickle down to make many richer”..via a natural gravity method of redistribution of wealth…like having a shit.

As Catherine Tate’s “Nan” would say : “ What a load of shit!”


I won’t pretend that I’m clued up on international economics, hell! It takes more than your humble chippy to know how to fuck-up an entire economy and bring about a Global Financial Crisis…You need a legion of qualified stockbrokers and a dozen or so international banks to pull that little beauty off with all the panache of a seasoned Patent-Medicine salesman!

No..I’m just your regulation tradie who knows a dud foundation when he sees one , and THAT base-line of LNP/IPA philosophy of an open market and unlimited “free-trade” via deals and wheels that turn a well-established manufacturing and production economy into a “just-in-time” service economy, where experienced professions and trades could see their factories, jobs and lifestyles get traded away to a cheap-labour production line in an “off-shore” deal that exchanged their futures for the equivalent of a container ship full to the poop-deck of hokkien noodles…well..I say to you useless bastards in the IPA / LNP..if a nine year old child can tell the difference in value between two different marbles, what do you reckon an adult can recognise with forty or so working years under their belt?

They can tell bullshit when they smell it!…And the Turnbull LNP and the Roskam IPA are soaked in the stench of it!

Take it away; “ Nan”.


Yes…what a fuckin’ liberty…and yet there were those who voted these dead shits in!…THEY , surely, were the ones who lost their marbles.



Community Centralised Markets.


Discussion Paper on Solutions for Sustainability of a Community.


Listing the realities of farming in the Mid-Murray Council area..:


  1. a) That it is primarily an agricultural constituent…


  1. b) That the agriculture producers are mostly of generational owned small holdings..


  1. c) The imposts of market requirements, restrictions and pricing are more favoured to large holdings, large corporate agri-business and Managed Investment Scheme producers……


The result being the development of a “perfect storm” of squeezed “family farms”, concentration of production to “outside interests” that export their produce, dumped excess commodities resulting in rock-bottom prices for produce and concentration of water allocation licences with corporate agri-business.

The collapse of two such agri-corp’ businesses in recent years has led to chaos for both the small investor risking their super’ and the small intergenerational farmer. Both companies bought up water licences en masse, forcing up the price of water for struggling farmers. Timbercorp took 150 million litres, more than half of Adelaide’s annual water requirement.


The result could be a complete loss to the local community of independence in growth and supply of produce from family farming enterprises.


Many might say..: “So what!..let the market decide.”…But it isn’t “the market” deciding…it’s “Fund – Managed” speculators with super capital, super credit and cross-border / cross-seasonal guarantees of profit margins protected against crop-failure by multi-location producers that, being so large and having the capacity to produce so much, they can control the wholesale price of produce by dumping or withdrawing commodities from a market that will eventually be reliant on their capacity….The smaller producer having neither the arable land capacity to expand, market flexibility to compare and choose, nor the credit capacity to “ride-out” long-term problems…add to the mix an uncertain climate, and we have that perfect storm mentioned above.


What can we do?


Those mega-producers deliver their products either interstate or ship to ports for export way outside this council area…so they are not affected by local buy / sell fluctuations, yet do have capacity to affect the viability of local produce with the flow-on pricing control from their mega production capacity….it is the smaller, family owned farms that are at risk and perhaps we can do something there. It is a new idea, building NOT on a cooperative of producers, though they would be good, but have a sad history of inter -community conflicts of interest…it is a “market-oriented” proposal that would require a contract between individual parties..no different than the usual “contract to supply” of many businesses…it would require the Mid-Murray Council to become an “investor in the constituency” to supply locations such as the many now sadly neglected ovals now redundant due to loss of population from the small towns..and under-cover premises where a regular, consistent, semi-permanent stalls (much like the Adelaide Central Market) of local farmers could sell a huge variety of produce to local shoppers….produce such as vegetables, meats and fruit and even cereal grains in either bulk wholesale or packaged. Or ..there could be an emphasis on wholesale selling to many local country stores that would save transport time and costs for all parties while delivering fresh produce to local bulk buyers on a more regular basis.


Certainly, it is a bit of a BBQ. stopper….I believe we have the capability to do this… we have to think big…very big! We have quality growers of everything in the lines of veggies’ , meats, fruits and cereals…do we have the population of consumers to purchase? The population count of the Riverland area alone could add up to at least thirty or forty thousand people.. not all of them will shop at such a market, but ALL of them do eat!…If these “centralised” markets stayed open for say.. three consecutive days each, I would think they would be a goer…considering also the weekend tourist flows through the area..if council could obtain State or Federal monies to construct multi-purpose under-cover arenas with appropriate cold-store facilities…then it could be a goer…There would have to be at least four locations all operating simultaneously over three days, perhaps..one in Morgan, one in Blanchetown, one in Sedan and the other in Mannum….the multi-purpose arenas could be hired out on other days for other pursuits.


Sure, this is a simplistic over-view of possibilities of de-centralising produce supply buying, that would involve cooperation and contractual certainties between council, growers and a willing-to-participate public….but what other choice is there? Just lay back and watch as all these hard-working, quality producing generational farms and families get squeezed out of the industry?… or do we affiliate and come together as a society and instead of ending up with a community that is depreciating and all our young people want to move away from, we become a community that is creating and not only do we get our young people to stay, but we attract more keen people to come to the area because they want to be a part of a growing community.


What do you think?





Broken Contract.

The people of Australia no longer have a contract with the LNP government of this nation. They, the LNP have through their selective aggression toward the vulnerable, the different ethnic groups, the refugees, the everyday citizens, be they employed by unscrupulous employers, be they unemployed and pushed into useless “work for dole” schemes, be they infirm, disabled or retired…all these groups are or have or are about to be targeted as some sort of “cash-cow” by a LNP. govt’ that has run out of ideas where it had none of substance to begin with and are victimising those very citizens whose well-being and well-fare they were charged to protect.

The LNP has chosen to sell the nation as a piece of chattel into a Free-market abyss and set all of us up as a cage-fight dog-eat-dog market place for everything from universal health to aged care and all in between…They have broken the contract that adheres citizen to loyal duty to the State. They have betrayed their duty of care and in doing so, have betrayed us ; the people and by association , they have betrayed The State.

We are now in the charge of a treasonous political party.

The LNP , along with its “handler” ; The IPA, has employed , at a cost to the taxpayer of near one billion dollars, a media baron whose paid creatures used his media platform to abuse, demonise the vulnerable , destabilise the infrastructure and demoralise both the people and the political structure of this nation…a situation in another time and place that earned a certain journalist traitor named ” Lord Haw Haw” (William Joyce) the death sentence..I..would not advocate such capital punishment to those responsible..BUT I would NOT protest against a thorough public horse-whipping to the guilty ones!

The social contract between citizen and State relies upon respect of both The People and in return, the holders of the Office of State. We have seen how those “holders of Office” have used and abused their finances and the finances of The State. Used and abused to the point of criminal offence, yet they continue to draw from the public purse more reward and privileges than what is afforded the most worthy of the long-term workers who build the foundations and structures and wealth of this nation. Theirs is the curse of near poverty living standards when retired, while the LNP “shibboleths” wade knee-deep in accrued largesse and “entitlements”!

The contract is herewith broken, the “deal” drawn up upon election day is torn asunder, the good natured agreement is now redundant and the respect once given is now withdrawn.

We owe this LNP / IPA  government nothing.. neither loyalty (THAT is reserved for those who give it!), dignity (THAT is given to those who return it!), nor the right to govern without contradiction and demonstration. This LNP government has betrayed us all and we will scorn them and demand that the next progressive government that comes to power will institute a commission or commissions to investigate and where appropriate to charge and castigate those creatures and their associates in the MSM who have betrayed our hopes , dreams, infrastructure and the very spirit of the nation.

The political contract may be broken, but the spirit of unity of nation and purpose is growing..growing even in the face of MSM disruption. Even against the propaganda of the MSM press and those grubby creatures  employed to demean and diminish our “fair-go” nature. No more will we tolerate the abuse and attacks upon our fellow peoples..We are a nation that has thrived upon a multicultural base and will move toward the future embracing all different ethnicity and cultures..there is NO PLACE for the liars, the thieves, the conniving swindlers of the LNP. Their days , like their ideological beliefs are numbered and the count-down has already started!


Beautiful Dreamer.


What can it be that “anchors” a refugee to their personal situation and can give them the strength to persevere but a cultural / familial reflection back to happier times in their own country with their own family. As to how far back that memory must go would surely have to depend on what their age was when they first had to flee their homeland. I would imagine that those closely-held “pictures and words”, perhaps treasured from way back in childhood, seen and spoken when among the ones that they trusted and loved in a time of greater innocence and now held most dearly to the heart would be the single most precious tools of sanity and survival when things went bad while seeking refuge abroad..and the threat of losing or tainting those treasured memories to either callous abuse or fatalistic hopelessness could, I imagine, be worse than death itself…

(The Cheryl Crow version of the song is there at the end for when you finish.)

Beautiful Dreamer…

“I flew my kite today!..did you see me mamma?”

“Yes..I saw you!…I saw you on the paddock with Tessy and the others..”

“Yes..it flew good..but then the wind died and it fell down…”

“Never mind, there’s always tomorrow…Now it’s time for this little kite-flyer to go bye-byes..”

“No..tomorrow I am going to help Daddy and Uncle Donny fix the truck…they said I could help..”

“And then so you shall..but tonight you must sleep..now lay back and I’ll sing you a song..”

“Can you sing “Beautiful Dreamer” to me mummy? ”

“Of course I can..for my little chappy.”

“…Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,

Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;”

“Will Daddy and Uncle Donny fix the truck , mum?”

“They better…or they won’t be able to take Mr. Elses load of produce to the city Friday”.

“It’s an old truck mummy..Why did they buy an old truck?”

“It’s all we could afford, darling..Yes..it’s old..but it’s a good truck.”

“Yes mummy..it IS a good truck…a good red truck!”

“…Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day,

Lull’d by the moonlight have all passed away!

Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song,

List while I woo thee with soft melody;”


“haaaaa…yes dear?”

“I rode Sammy’s bike today”

“I know , dear..I saw you..”

“I rode it to the store and back…”

“I hope you didn’t go past the store..”

“no, mummy..I know not to go past the store….Mummy?”

“Yesss dear?”

“Do you see everything I do?”

“More than you know..now you close those wide awake eyes and go off to dreamland. or I wont sing you any more songs..patient’s  reward!..if you keep interrupting me…Now where was I..?”

“Gone are the cares of life’s busy throng,

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!”


“For heaven’s sake..what!?”

“Uncle Donny said it was the fuel pump broken in the truck….what’s a fuel pump?”

“…a fuel pump..is..a pump!…a..pump that pumps fuel…like a heart”

” A heart, mummy?…”

“…yess..I suppose it’s exactly like a heart…but a heart doesn’t pump fuel, it pumps love…now go to sleep you cheeky little want-to-know-it-all..”

“O..O..don’t tickle, mummy!…don’t tickle !”

“Then go to sleep..go to sleep..!”

“Here..here’s “teki bear” to cuddle…here..I’ll get your pillow straight again..my , you do fiddle and fuss..”

“Donny’s not my real uncle is he, mumma?”

“Not yet, dear..but we hope he soon will be..when he marries your sister.”

“Why does he want to marry Sissy?”

“Because he loves her …and she loves him..and so..they will want to get married…have some kiddies of their own…”

“Now..where was I?..”

“…Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea,

Mermaids are chanting the wild lorelei;

Over the streamlet vapors are borne,

Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn.”

“Will Sissy and Uncle Donny live with us when they get married?”

“I don’t think they will have a choice, dear”

“Hmm..that’s good..I like Uncle Donny…hmm”

“…Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart,”

“But what about “Trunk” and his cart…will he still stay with us?”

“Well…”Trunk” is a donkey, and I don’t know if there is room for a donkey AND a truck in our little yard..”

“But “Trunk” has been with us for years and years..”

“Yes, well….we’ll see..I’ll speak to Mr, Tully next door..he has a little yard there..we’ll see..now seriously…mummy’s getting a bit tired herself and angry..here..a kiss……for a tired little chap and it’s REALLY time now we went to sleep..”

“…Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart,

Even as the morn on the streamlet and sea;

Then will all clouds of sorrow depart,

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!”

” Aiya!….Aiya!!…He’s set himself on fire!..he’s set himself on fire!..”

“Don’t just stand there get a hose…get a bucket or something…get the guards…Get security!”………………

” You shared his room son..you must know something about why he did this.”

“He did it because you were going to send him back to where he came from.”

“Firstly..don’t give us lip…Second..It’s not up to us where the department sends anyone..and Third..answer the question as we want you to..we’re trying to get to the bottom of his death.”

“I can’t tell you much at all about him..I was only sharing with him for a couple of weeks.”

“Well..you must have talked..at night..unless you got up to “other things”…just kidding, just kidding!….so c’mon..what got him so upset..surely you want to know as well..after all, you were there when he struck the match.”

“Yes..I was there..but only just there..I just came around the corner and ..whoosh!..god..it was horrible..”

” From where you come from, you must have seen worse.”

“Yes..well..not really..this was suddenly there..in my face”.

“So right..c’mon..tell us what you know of him”.

“He was depressed that the department was going to send him “back home”..He said he had no home anymore..or family.”

“No family?..no-one at all back in his village?”

“He said there was no village anymore..the whole village was burnt to the ground..His mother, father sisters and all the people there were slaughtered..”

“Didn’t he come with any relatives?”

“No..oh..hang on…he did say they started out together..he and an Uncle..?”

“There!..he does have a relative then”

“No..He said they started out together..but the Uncle..Don, Donny.. I think he called him, drowned with many others  before they were rescued.”


“No…nobody..just some leftover dreams from a long time ago, I’d say.”

“How do you know that?”

“How?..He was just like the rest of us..though he did say something different to me last night…He asked me if I ever flew a kite when I was a boy. ”

“Every kid flies a kite sometime when they’re young…Did you fly a kite?”

“Of course I flew a kite..everyone flies a kite.”

“Some people said he was singing a song before he lit the match..a song he was heard singing at other times..”

“I…I don’t remember..I…don’t want to…….”

“You were heard to yell out…”Stop singing, stop singing!”…even after he fell over….”

“yes..well…It’s a song he sang quietly to himself every night before he went to sleep..almost in a whisper…but I could still hear it..every night”

“What was it…the song?”

“I don’t know the name…How would I?”

“Well…me and my mate here like to be entertained..how about you sing a couple of bars?”

“uhh..alright..I’ll try…….”

“ Beautiful dreamer… wake unto me,

Starlight and dewdrops….are waiting for thee;

Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day,

Lull’d by the moonlight have all passed away!

….Beautiful Dreamer…awake…unto….me.”

The Sentient Adult.

From ; F. Scott-Fitzgerald. ”The Crack-up”

“ This is what I think now: that the natural state of the sentient adult is a qualified unhappiness. I think also that in an adult the desire to be finer in grain that you are, “a constant striving” (as those people say who gain their bread by saying it) only adds to this unhappiness in the end — that end that comes to our youth and hope.”


It doesn’t do to become too cynical at a young age, THAT is best left those who reach the “winter” of one’s life and can “cheerfully” find justification for cynicism alongside their other trophies of other disappointments in life. It is one of the privileges of living a long life where one can, with experience (no matter how twisted that experience is!) talk-up justification without a youngsters interruption for one’s opinion….it’s called “booorinnng!”

But I am hearing, especially in these rural areas where I live, an ironic twist of cynicism and naivety from the same mouths at the same time…like in these cases of parliamentary privileges rorting by certain ministers. Many in these rural areas, being “welded-on” LNP. Supporters, curled their lips in sneering cynicism when a Labor minister stepped down from his post for a $1600. Bill-pay done for him by a company..mumbles of “It’s what you’d expect” spat in disgust from those parched conservative lips…Even one of “their own” , the Speaker of the House in the Gillard years ; Mr. Slipper, was hounded from his position in disgrace for a cab-charge of ; circa $900. Dollars!

But THEN, when conservative  ministers (that’s plural !) are caught red-handed with their pilfering arms plunged elbow-deep into the proverbial “ministerial entitlements” cookie-jar, there is this eye blinking, ashen-faced  disbelief that “one of their own” could do such a thing, even when  one of their own is a fervent follower of that philosophy that believes in self-enrichment for the greater public  good. You have to wonder what the conservative public expects from the people they voted for…: Mother Theresa in a banker’s suit?

But I would offer a bigger fish to fry.

In my trade of building, one learns from bitter experience (hopefully from others!) that certain types of soil can only support certain types of buildings without an injection of significant amounts of money! For Instance, the extremes of expansion and contraction of “Bay of Biscay” soils of the Adelaide plains made for the invention and development of “brick-veneer” construction after those earlier houses of solid-brick developed cracks in the walls you could drive a Mack Truck through! One lives and learns..the same could be said ( metaphorically) for people..; only a certain quality of judgement can be expected or “built on” of a certain type of personality.

Which brings us straight to politics!

This cynicism about the intentions of politicians from BOTH sides of the House, creates an unfair imbalance between two opposing philosophies. The Conservative philosophy could , in fair comment, be considered both hypocritical and cynical in its twisted ideology of providing through Bills and Legislation passed through the House when it has power, of providing largesse and speculative opportunity for the Capitalist ideal and then laying claim to being the best friend to those in need of community support for the social welfare demographic…a contradiction in terms of intention and action, surely?

But to sneer cynically at the attempts by Labor when in power to swing the public purse from Right to Left principles of governance, against extreme prejudice of conservative media broadsides that concentrate their fire to “expose” and to “ridicule” and to “ demoralise” those attempts by the Labor party to bring about social equality by incremental shifts so as not to “scare the horses” of public opinion, has to be in itself a most disgusting exercise of political cynicism bordering on sedition and in some cases of outright sabotage of vital communications infrastructure that benefits a foreign Media baron, could be classed as outright treason against the people AND the State. And then to use the Parliament to undo vital programs that give real benefit to the majority of citizens both young and aged has to be the lowest act of cynicism by the conservative parties.

So when I hear those snorts of: “They’re both (parties) as bad as each other.” I have to wince in despair, because there has to be a time when the “sentient adult” in all of us has to stop for a moment..think about it a moment..and then realise that there IS a vast difference in both the political goals, the background lives and the policy aspirations to benefit whom and how many citizens of this nation between the two parties.  It is clearly defined by the scale of outrage against the amounts of rorting and the number of failed and dismissed ministers and members of the LNP as against Labor in these accusations..

Let’s get THAT straight.

There is a VAST difference between the arrogance of expected entitlements, the length and scale of rorting and the lenience of punishment against the scale of the crime that marks the Conservative Parties as the one most deserving of the public’s  cynical “curl of lip”.


Morpheus’s Draught.

“Now fable night hath with her ebon’ robe,

Darken the Surface of this earthly Globe,

And drowsy Morpheus, with his leaden Key,

Locked up the doors of every mortal eye,

Come, let us fall into our wanton games…”

“Thus I tamper Poison for myself; but, were I sure to drink the baneful Draught, …”

from ” The Harleian Miscellany.”

For too long has the educated working-class , through deference to a more erudite, well-dressed and long-winded educated upper middle-class, stood to one side while those rhetoric-driven managers have manipulated the levers of governance to steer us now down a cu-de-sac of an economic and social dead-end. It is this wealthy upper middle-class , the likes of Murdoch and Gina, the banks and financial houses riven with criminality and betrayal of both the citizens and the nation, who operate and manage the conservative politics in Australia.

I grew up, as I suppose many of you likewise, fulfilling the expected role of a many generation working-class family , slipping easily and comfortably into a trade..others around me of the same demographic group also went into skilled trades or labour..very, very few came from families familiar with or able to afford tertiary education..and it was within those trades  that many of us after several decades gained a knowledge of system and structure of our particular workplace, be it health, mechanics, gov’ administration and others, or like mine ; building / construction. We gained a depth of knowledge and more important ; nous of how we “fitted” into the structure of management..for many of us came to understand that there was an “outside force” that had the call of employment or sacking over us, and this “management group”, backed in all encounters by any conservative government resented the presence of union representation of the working-class..They resented it because Management knows through intense education from an early age that power by a few, is no match against power by legion!

However, these isolated cases of a factory or group in conflict between union representatives and corporate management came and went outside the general concern of the majority of the population of working people. There was rarely any “bringing together” of the combined strengths of the unions to call a general strike against a government or corporations.

This must change.

There must be an awakening from a sleepy acceptance of conservative governments continual attack on the working people of this nation..and that includes those who are now made redundant through corp’ / govt’ outsourcing and the incompetent closing of large manufacturing enterprises. This combined with the sabotage and destruction of high-speed broadband delivery , equitable education scheme and winding down of universal health schemes demonstrates an ineptitude toward social responsibility and democracy ( remember : “Of , For and By the people” ?) by an out of touch government and corporate class steeped in the theories of an out of date, foolish  and now educated to imbecility upper middle-class.

We have slept too long from the effects of “Morpheus’s draught”..we..; the educated working-class need to awaken and step forward to take our place at the helm of leadership of the nation..there needs be more evidence of “blue-collar” and less “white-collar” behind the navigator’s post.

By “educated”, I do not necessarily mean those multiple degrees in this or that tertiary discipline, I mean a well-read and concise knowledge of one’s “trade” gained through years of study at the foot of that most severe of mentors and masters; Labour. We need those who know and understand the complexities of domestic management on limited monies..of begetting and raising children in a safe environment of a “owned” home on limited monies..we need those who while doing this have a broader knowledge of the workings and machinations of a national psyche..and of the needs of those engaged in production of goods and services outside or allied to their own workplace. This knowledge is a complimentary addition automatically gained through contact over many years with those trades allied to one’s own.

For too long have we drunk the “advising”poison of the entrepreneurial / speculative upper middle-classes, who with their blind faith in an idiot’s ideology, have driven our economy, our society, our international reputation and lastly and most damagingly..our cultural spirit and our overall good nature into the depraved depths of their own personal hell !

Labor needs to stand solidly on a level dais alongside the unions and the working / producing ( yes..we must begin to encompass that other side-lined working peoples ; the intergenerational family small farmer/orchardist / dairy farmer ) class, and wrest back control of the nation from a merchant money-grubbing upper middle-class more interested in selling this nation and its workforce to the lowest bidder and then shifting such selfish profit away from fair and equitable taxation to an overseas tax haven most suited to their “robber-baron” status.

It’s time for the working-class to nominate those representatives more and better suited to make laws, regulations, trade agreements and governance OF, FOR and BY the many ethnic and cultural diverse peoples of this nation.

It’s Time …once again….It’s Time !

The Spartacus Redoubt.

Absolute , erratic , inevitable. These three adjectives best describe the three certainties in life. We have grown used to the first two as a part of the life-lexicon of ; “There are two certainties in life ; Death and Taxes”…well..I am going to introduce a third certainty  : Revolution.

Revolution has played such an important role in the development both scientifically and socially in human progress, and at such regular intervals ( It seems there is some spiritual / physical / scientific uprising going on in some part of the world every day!), that it surely warrants inclusion in the list of certainties.

Of course, with Death, there can be no debate, it is a given and even with the enthusiasm of science and cosmetics striving to find a path to eternal youth, I seriously doubt there could be many of the extremely aged who would welcome another decade or so added to an already restricting existence.

On Taxes, the best that can be said for such a certainty is that it finances, through communal donation, those essentials that benefit the entire community..and human society is the better for it..if and when those who most benefit from the general purse to persue their self-interest goals,  could find it in their miserable nature to pay their percentage equal to the profit they derive from the general community!

Revolution, that most uncertain yet inevitable of all the certainties, needs a catalyst to “jump-start” its impetus.  In the transition from tribal to civil governance, the chieftains of that warrior age, naturally took command of the leadership of governance…after all..”Kingship” was the natural evolution of leadership..this Patriarchial Potestas guided the early city-states through a hit-miss millennia of fortune, interrupted in it’s leadership only by a revolution amongst the royal-court players..usually a prince of the same or a rival family house seizing command.

The rise of the middle-class in the time of a greater outreach of trade over land borders and seas, brought wealth to certain “lowly-born” merchants who, by the use of bribery and gifting, learned where the cracks and fissures in the “born to rule” governance could be found..and they found them very useful. It wasn’t long (in a time sense) before several of the more wealthy became useful to the now heavily indebted Royal Houses and the promotion to the court or administration ensured.

We can read in Cassius Dio, the echo’s of  one such merchant banker ; Maecenas,  giving “advice” to the young, newly crowned emperor Augustus to appoint more of the Equestrian class ( que ; Middle) to manage his administration, and while there is that usual oleaginous , Uriah Heep hand-wringing  servility “I’m just yer ‘umble servant sirrr..” common amongst that class of citizen. One can also detect the undercurrent of a hunger for power that would come later for such a merchant. Indeed, it did evolve down through the millennium that the middle-classes did gain control then supreme power over the penuried,  feckless Aristocracy and with the institution of the parliamentary system of governance,  guaranteed a secure foothold to maintain their dominance of influence in governance.

This is not to say there was silent acquiescence on the part of the common citizen in all this “shuffling of the deck chairs” …There were regular uprisings by the irate citizens at every juncture of social dysfunction..usually ending in a bloody slaughter and agreement for change in systems of oppression..at least for a while . The most major “disturbance” that happened at the equally challenging time of Patriarchal House change involving Julius Caesar / Pompey / Crassus in the Roman Republic was the “Slave Revolt” led by (amongst others)  one : Spartacus.

I will not repeat the history of that war, that revolution..there are sources enough online and in primary texts (Plutarch’s Lives : Crassus) to look it up. But the gist is known to most of us , what is not developed from the event is a concise history of the people who participated in that revolt, nor the popular support they gleaned from the citizen body of the times…oppression of the masses creates an undercurrent of sympathy and support for the revolutionary. But it is because the victor writes the histories, we have till this day all our backgrounding, our social and governance history written with a slant most favouring the ruling elite.

There now is the opportunity to change all this.

There now is a rising revolution of the working / producing classes that is educated to a point where it can take control of governance and with the command comes the chance to awake the sleeping histories of our own heroes..our own explorers, our own leaders of those past revolutionary causes and conflicts..for even at the Eureka Stockade, alongside Peter Lalor, was there not the “International Brigade” with one ; Rafael Carboni ?..Later charged along with Lalor and the others..Why is there not a parallel volume in the history of this nation, indeed the world’s peoples giving the names of the everyday citizens who have given their all for family and community..above those of “position and breeding” who claim the sweat of the brow of the workers for their own enrichment and kudos..

From Victor Hugo ; Essays on Humanity.

“…The cleverness of the governing and the apathy of the governed have arranged and mixed things in such a manner that all those forms of princely nothingness have their place in human destiny; peace and war, the movement of armies and fleets, the recoil of the progress of civilization, depend on the cup of tea of Queen Anne or the fly-flap of the Bey of Algiers.
History walks behind these fooleries, registering them. Knowing so many things, it is quite natural it should be ignorant of others.
If you are curious to ask the name of the English merchant who in 1612 first entered China by the north, of the worker in glass who in 1663 first established in France a manufactory of crystal, of the (shipping) pilot who in 1405 discovered the Canary Islands, of the Byzantine lute-maker who in the eighth century invented the organ and gave to music it’s grandest voice, of the Campanian mason who invented the clock by establishing at Rome on the temple of Quirinus the first sundial, of the Roman lighterman who invented the paving of towns by the construction of the Appian way in the year of 312 BC.: of the Egyptian carpenter who devised the dovetail, one of the keys of architecture…of the Chaldean keeper of flocks who founded astronomy by his observations of the signs of the zodiac, the starting point taken by Anaximenes…Of the Corinthian calker who, nine years before the first Olympiad, calculated the power of the triple lever, devised the trireme, and created a tow-boat anterior by two thousand six hundred years to the steamboat…Who is that ;- a ploughman, a calker, a shepherd, a lighterman, a carpenter, a mason, a lutemaker, a sailor and a merchant? History does not lower itself to such rabble.“

With the coming change of order of governance, must come an end to the managed histories of the ruling order. This new class of governance should hold no truck with royalty and it’s fripperies, nor with the crass, bling of the middle-classes..As a matter of fact, it can be seen as deranged, that a person or society that needs the sets and props of theatrical mummery to sustain a sense of dignity..far better would it not be to be able to point to a physical structure or piece of work, be it of bricks and mortar or field of grain or flourish of art at least of honest if only humble labour and say ; ‘There is my effort, my contribution”..than to parade about with a fools costume covering a dilettante’s heart?

First the Aristocracy lost its legitimacy to rule through a combination of incompetence and fecklessness, to see the governance fall into the hands of a once efficient, steady hand of the middle-class. Now, that class has itself fallen victim to its own hubris and greed, and is headed by fools and imbeciles..its powers of command delegated to opportunists and buffoons..it is time to remove its indolent and dotage grip from the levers of governance and place such into a more vibrant and capable navigator..it is time for the rise of a new “Spartican Revolution” of the “ working / producing classes” that will hopefully see a new equality of ethnicity , creed and gender governing of the people, by the people and finally ; FOR THE PEOPLE !

Certainly, with the need for revolutionary change, even by the most passive kind at the ballot box, there will be those who will suffer..but better surely to make a courageous stand for your beliefs than to “die” socially and economically by the death of this government’s “a thousand cuts”?..we can look to the account of Spartacus for courage of leadership in the face of certain defeat..:

“ …  More men from both sides kept on coming up, and Spartacus, realizing that he had no alternative, drew up his whole army in order of battle.

First, when his horse was brought to him, he drew his sword and killed it, saying that the enemy had plenty of good horses which would be his if he won, and, if he lost, he would not need a horse at all. Then he made straight for Crassus himself, charging forward through the press of weapons and wounded men, and, though he did not reach Crassus, he cut down two centurions who fell on him together.

Finally, when his own men had taken to flight, he himself, surrounded by enemies, still stood his ground and died fighting to the last. “ Plutarch Lives : “ Crassus”.

It reminds one of the last stand of our own Ned Kelly.

The time for revolutionary change has never been more inevitable or certain!

The Centurion’s Demand.

“…All this fed Pompey’s vanity, and he neglected to provide himself with soldiers, as though he had no fears; while with speeches and resolutions of the senate he was carrying the day against Caesar, as he supposed, although he was merely getting measures rejected about which Caesar cared naught. Nay, we are told that one of the centurions sent to Rome by Caesar, as he stood in front of the senate house and learned that the senate would not give Caesar an extension of his term of command, slapped the handle of his sword and said: “But this will give it.” (Plutarch ; “Life of Caesar” ).

Went out to dinner last night . We were given a table, the last available, right in front of the servery of the “open kitchen”..you know.. one of those restaurants that lets you see the chef and kitchen staff in operation as they prepare and cook the food. The place was packed with around (on quick count) 100 or more..much more.. people..it was chockers and the kitchen was going flat out. This was no “fish’n’ chippery” kitchen with a “Bay-Marie” side-bar , all was ordered, prepared and served from the kitchen over that counter just next to us..and a fine cuisine too…and they were going flat-chat!

But the thing was, there was no ducking, weaving or bumping into each other, never a dropped dish, never a voice raised in frustration nor anger..this was no theatrical kitchen with no theatrical “Gordon Ramsey” howling down the staff..This was synchronised “poetry in motion” , as everyone from the waiting staff to the servery staff to the chef and his staff there behind that wall of heat and raw materials operated as equal and as busy as a functioning bee-hive…with the “workers” sweeping in and the “ hive managers” placing the nectar in the combs…beautiful to watch…beautiful to watch.

But this situation is not a new thing to me..I have witnessed it’s like before, though it never fails to draw respect from me whatever or where ever  it’s implementation. This is the “Centurion” at work…much like the Centurion in the introduction of this piece..and you could bet that soldier then was no “pretty-boy” soldier, but rather one of Caesar’s battle hardened and scarred veterans..perhaps “not a pretty sight” , but highly professional in skills and efficient in action. And that same applies to those “Centurions” in the workplace..on the shop-floor, at the building sites..these are the Sisters in the wards, the production managers on the shop floor and the foremen on the building sites..there are other people with other titles in other places..

These are the real managers of production, these are the “bricks and mortar” of civilisation in community, in society and in the three tiers of governance. These are not necessarily the people “in charge”, that is mostly left to the middle-class incompetents, whose only worth is in carrying a portfolio and demanding more sugar in their coffee. No the middle-class may have its uses in financing and networking, but sadly falls quickly into the world of the fuckwit when it comes to actual “on-the-ground” production and continuity of quality. No ..get THEM out of the way as quick as possible !

Which brings me to the reason for this little discourse with you…”We need to talk about The Boss.”

WE seriously need a social revolution to physically remove the middle-class from it’s positions of political power..NO..not by taking up arms against the state, but by marshalling all the forces of worker organisations and the ACTU with all it’s affiliated unions and including the civilian population of retirees and unemployed and we need to call a general strike and to march en-masse onto the respective parliaments of both State and Federal Parliament Houses and demand a removal of this most incompetent collection of time-servers that has ever de-frauded wages, perks and conditions from the nation! We need to demand these fools and their lick-spittle advisory bodies like the IPA. And the Murdoch press, with its shit-eating arse-licker staff to that foreign national..get the hell out of the people’s parliament!

And we need to replace them with people from the “factory floor”. People from the educated working class or of the first generation offspring of.. WE have the skills and the administrative know-how to organise and run governance..Those who know and have lived the experience of what is required and needed by this varied, multi-cultural society…this society who has the experience of caring for the sick, the damaged, the impaired and the elderly, for they will not go away through neglect nor cruelty.. We need ministers in governance with experience of how much your “average” family requires in a living wage to live with dignity and to live decently with their children. We need ministers in governance who understand the requirements of a balance between work / rest / family time…in short we need people who live amongst their fellow workers and live the lives of their fellow citizens..We don’t need drongos who are hold up in gated communities, travelling about incognito for fear of being accosted by a “grubby unwashed”. We don’t want nor need anymore those stupid “careerist politicians”, more driven by kudos and luxury than serving the nation and its citizens.

To those pompous, arrogant pricks who lazily reside in taxpayer funded mansions, their reserves of capital stashed in off-shore accounts, with their coterie of quasi-criminal oligarch connections and traitors in the Main-Stream Media:..WE- THE PEOPLE say, as that centurion said two thousand years ago :

“If you will not serve us and deliver to us what is required by us ; THE PEOPLE, then with a metaphorical slap on our “sword power” of the vote, we will TAKE from you THIS : The power of governance”

And then you can kiss our arse!

La Classe Décontractée. (The Casual-Class).

Food Delivery Drivers Are Driving To Deliver Products For Customers Who  Order Online. The Impact Of The Epidemic Has Increased Online Purchases.  Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 146581983.

The rising of the interconnected but dis-connected entrepreneurial internet class..:The “Gig Economy”.. No flag, no ideology, no nationality, no loyalty…..no security save capital shifting from tax haven to tax haven.

Description :

“The New Class Rising Podcast was created of today’s struggling Middle-Class. You’ve always followed life’s advice – you’ve gone to College, put in the hard work, have earned that Corporate J.O.B but now you find yourself struggling to stay afloat in this economy that is only producing a declining standard of living, year after year. Today’s Middle Class is buckling under the pressure of Student Loan Debt, Credit Card Debt, Taxes, a higher Cost of Living, Diminishing Wages and a downsized Job Market. At the same time, Government National Debt is the highest in our Country’s history, Government spending domestically and abroad is rampid, resulting in nonstop money printing – Inflation, which is a ghost tax on Middle Class income. Prices for food, energy and everyday living expenses are rising faster than ever before and America’s Middle Class family who works for a paycheck is red-lining – America’s Middle Class is being wiped out. But something extraordinary is happening! While America’s Middle Class is being destroyed – A New Class is on the Emerging! The New Class Rising podcast brings you Commentary on Internet Business and Economics and Interviews with real Internet Entrepreneurs who broke free from the normalcy paradigm and who are ‘killing it’ in their businesses. Are you ready to join the New Class?” (  New Class Rising with Hector Avellaneda.. http://www.podcasts.com/new-class-rising-with-hector-avellaneda-74 ..)

Welcome to the gig economy!

There is also rising alongside this new economic class, a new political reality..This post from Jason was in reply to my posting on Julia Gillard : “Like empty shells scattered…”

Jason wrote…:

“The end of the Keating era also doomed the likes of Gillard with Beasley becoming leader who was more of a follower and wanted to be seen as “Howard lite” than lead a party of conviction.

The unions were amalgamating larger ones eating up the smaller, union reps not knowing who exactly they represented, and it give rise to the “careerist” These people weren’t cut of the same cloth as Gillard yes like her university educated they had no appreciation about the struggle their working class parents/grandparents were/had gone through as it wasn’t happening to them.

They became staffers to sitting MP’s and Senators and later MP’s and senators themselves because the rank and file were over looked as under educated even though they knew more about the topic than those who read it in a book but they already had the ear of the factional warlord and the numbers, come any vote.

The party and beliefs were secondary to the various warlords their career depended on, look at Eddie Obied as an example

When it came down to it The ALP failed Gillard and we’ll never know how great a leader she could’ve been as Rudd offered “careerists” jobs well above their station in life because they had no sense of loyalty to anyone other than those who could further their careers that would never have happened otherwise.” (posted by Jason)

This new reality of “political expediency” reflects the undecided nature of much of today’s Right-wing politicians, swinging from one indecisive policy to another, always looking for the safe popularist branch on which to build their next tree-house. There is an infection that has spread between the Right-Wing parties, and that is the nervous uncertainty of just where capital investments and therefore jobs are heading.

Much of this has come about because of the deregulating and selling-off of government owned enterprises and utilities. These former govt’ “pools of employment” gave security of employment to many thousands of people and a guaranteed income to be pumped back into the community. It also had the added bonus of taking on many hundreds of apprentices every year and led to a training of the local population to fill the skills needs for the private sector…A sector who has pushed and demanded of their lobbying their favoured parliamentary ministers to sell off those same govt’ enterprises for minimal return to the nation and maximum profit to the private sector, whom, it must be said, let those same enterprises run down to minimum standards of both maintenance and capital investments…added to the reality of multiple sackings of previous permanent staff and the halting of new apprenticeships.

The energy sector is a good example..the communications sector another..manufacturing a third..we could go on…and on…..and on…but you already got the idea !

Now we are inundated with how to “Get Rich” in the gig-economy..Start-ups .. or : Re-packaging the Snake-oil.

It’s a nightmare of chaos, chicanery and the acceptance/embracing of the false doctrine of post-modernist capitalism intruding into civilised society.

There’s a smell of rotting fish and it’s not emanating from the Nordic States, but rather from the claims that the number of unemployed has dropped in Australia and the government has “created” hundreds of thousands of “new” jobs..But what are those “new jobs”?…are they just a newer version of casual work? Part-time or “Zero-hour” work with all the responsibility for sickness and expenses dropped back on the shoulder of the worker?..

“Although the government is celebrating meeting its target of creating one million jobs in five years, a benchmark set by the former prime minister, Tony Abbott, in September 2013, the ACTU said only 60% of Australia’s total employment is made up of “standard jobs”, leaving four million workers in what it defines as insecure work.

Insecure work is the biggest issue facing Australian workers,” McManus said.” https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/may/21/actu-report-shows-half-australian-workers-will-soon-be-casual

This new class should, by right of aspiration be the property of the right-wing side of politics, except that they are so slow, they have not yet recognised it’s potential as a political power and also , it clashes with the Right’s ideology of conservatism and managed “economic feeding” of an economy. But even worse, this “new paradigm” of what constitutes “work” and a “job” is nothing more than the old grab for cheap-labour and is cheating our children of the skilling-up and training needed for them to create a future for themselves that is both fulfilling and dignified occupations. These “gig economy” jobs are in many cases, just tin-pot bits and pieces of employment taking advantage of our young and leaving them broke, unemployed and with minimal skill-sets for re-employment.

The Left should move on this territory, like the unions, seizing the ground to regulate and guarantee a secure internet operating platform to allow safe development of those industries that flow from the new resource. A Left govt’ could protect, if it cannot slow, this new generation of “employment” and nurture the national interest of this developing class , giving reward with secure, cheap and large gigabyte access to broadband by reinstalling the “ Fibre To The Premises” policy as promised and deliberately keeping govt’ contracts to a domestic server rather than shifting contracts off-shore or bringing in 457 visa workers where a locally trained workforce would be available.

There is so much opportunity for the future, if only we had a federal government that would “think globally , act locally” to protect jobs and training for its own citizens.



“Like empty shells scattered…”

“ Like empty shells scattered on the wide, broad shore,

I await the tide and waves to move me ever- more…”

I my opinion, Julia Gillard was as good a parliamentary performer as Paul Keating, her comedic attack on the “Bishops Julie and Julia” when education minister showed her capacity for wit and cheek on the floor of The House…


What she lacked, however, was the “space to perform” that has for millennia been the private property in parliament of the male of the species…the “props” for performance…ie; the casual use of the hand and arm movement, the affectation of “couldn’t care less” hands in pockets and the extraction and use of the pocket handkerchief to demonstrate contempt ..etc, familiar and expected from the men but rather un-ladylike when used by women. These “Man-erissims” and conventions, were, up to the time of Australia’s first female PM. the sole ownership of the male members of The House. What Julia Gillard did was to try to introduce female owned mannerisms that set a parlimentary standard for the next woman PM. to emulate and advance.

But while Paul Keating and Julia Gillard came from solid working-class backgrounds who grasped the opportunity of education to elevate themselves to the highest public role in the nation, it was Keating who had the advantage of observing the procedure of parliament and the “movement” of The House for the longer period. This allowed him more time to absorb the nuances of language, delivery and timing so important in the need for the flawless performance as a minister in government..This nuance of language in particular which is part of the private education “finishing school” in the middle-class private colleges is “visible” and indeed audible in the carefully constructed language used by that class that uses such to identify and connect to others educated in similar institutions..A “sign” as significant as and as identifiable with as “the Old School Tie” of the English establishment schools or the secret handshake of a masonic society.. It is the identification of “right of expectation” to be heard and to deliver without interruption, one’s dissertation.

Keating had the time to watch his fellow ministers, themselves many from such privileged schools deliver their halting-at-just-the-right-moment speeches , peppered with exquisite timing of conjunction and syntax, of emphasis on syllable and word to develop his own sabre-cutting style so severely delivered onto the “killing floor” of parliament.

And then we had Julia Gillard, the equal, surely in wit and flourish, but unfortunately lacking that lengthy apprenticeship in the ministry that cultivated the snarling Keating impatience and she was perhaps too soon thrown into the gladiatorial arena to exchange not just wit and willpower, but those political killing cut and thrusts familiar and esteemed by the male politician but viewed as “unladylike” and unseemly when coming from a woman.

And so then we came to the “hyperbole” moment ( below).


Ten News w / George Negus…on interview on ABC 7.30 w / Chris Uhlmann.

With the following Comments..

“ Why is this moron running our country? There’s 5 year olds out there with a more intelligent turn of phrase!”

“She’s as clueless on using big impressive sounding words as she is in pushing a tax which is the biggest political scam of all time.”

“dumb union hack fabian socialist ex chief of staff to useless brumby bogan lying hypocrite who is wreaking the country. the genius who came up with medicare gold and backed mark latham. The genius who dismantled the pacific solution when there were only 6 boat people in detention so she would look humane and caused 7000 to sail to oz and then blamed ‘push factors’ . worst p.m. in history, even makes whitlam look good. “

I think that is enough cut and paste to give the idea of what a mispronounced word can cost. We can see George Negus found it amusing and even good to poke fun at the PM. for it..of course, it had to be that shit-eating arse-licker ; Uhlmann who got the gig…if ever there was a more useless “boss’s suck” than HIM I have yet to witness them.

But getting back to that “finishing school” nuance of the correctly pronounced word or phrase..I can sympathise with Julia Gillard , having suffered the laughter and pointed barbs from my own faux pas on the subject..a humiliating experience for many of us educated in the mixing pot of state schools, where there is no developing network after graduation to extend or draw upon , no “clubbiness” of organisation or establishment to hone and extend the “vocabulary of influence”…It is a lonely graduation into the blue-collar world of hard work and gross familiarity, no matter the university qualification..it is the social peer group that holds one to account and THAT was the developing fluid that created the picture for both Paul Keating and Julia Gillard.

Particularly for Gillard as she was hurled into the rough and tumble world of union politics, where the “plum-voiced ambulance-chaser” would not go over well..add to that her relationship with a union organiser, which was used as some sort of “guilt by association” years later ( and I have to give respect to the man involved for steadfastly refusing to ‘drop her in it’ when pushed in that kangaroo “court of law” overseen by that filthy ‘judge’) .

The developing character of our first female Prime Minister was foreshortened by a conspiracy of disgruntled “men” (hardly worthy of the respect of the title) from both sides of politics and the Main-stream media, coupled with their “molls” too keen to lend their spiked heels to the injuries delivered to Julia Gillard on the floor of The House, in the cabinet rooms and in the rag-bags of the Murdoch spittoons !

There have been three reforming Prime Ministers worthy of the name in the last fifty years of the Australian Parliament…Whitlam , Keating and Gillard…all Labor PM’s..Two of them were removed from office prematurely , only Keating held his seat till the end of his run..and if you take the time to witness his cutting up and carving off of his opposition on the Floor of The House , you will see why…but it was not a lack of an acid tongue that cut the other two short of their rightful terms…no..their repartee of wit too were the stuff of legend ..it took cruel conspiracy, cowardice and betrayal to remove so fine ministers from office..and in the case of Julia Gillard, I sometimes wonder if it was the deeply inculcated suspicion and fear of the upper middle-class establishment for the rough and vulgar but concise accuracy of the working-class eye for a weakness in governance that finally swayed Gillard’s closest ministers to cruelly betray her.