The Man who Discovered Forever.


If you were ever to ask old Jack Henke about it, he’d go all modest and dismiss any such notoriety about his discovery, and say ;

“I wouldn’t say I ACTUALLY discovered it, because it was already there!…Had been all along…Like Penicillin..or Australia…they were always there, but someone just recognised the fact..I just happened to be in the right frame of mind at the right time. “

Pressing further on the subject, he confided that he had to give some credit to a couple of Mormons who by chance came down his drive way at the very moment he was pondering on the word ‘forever”..

“I was weeding around a nice batch of flowers in the garden, flowers with the curiously named ; “Live Forever”..I think some would call similar flowers ; “Everlasting daisies”..I suppose everlasting and forever are the same meaning..and I was pondering on the creation of the word ; “forever”…not in any deep-thought way, just letting the word roll around in my thoughts while I know the feeling..we all do it quite often…And these Mormons came straight toward me, one with his hand outstretched holding a printed pamphlet..He held it to me as if to give it away and then when I took the paper he held it still and with his other hand pointed, in silence, to the printed phrase at the top..It said : “ In the beginning there was the word.”..I released the pamphlet to him and politely dismissed them from my interest..but that phrase ; “in the beginning. . . “ stuck in my head, along with the other mystical word; ‘forever’….”

Jack paused…considered his next words and then surprisingly asked ..

“Are you a gambling man, George?”

I had to confess that I had such little faith in the chances of Lady Luck smiling in my favour that I had never wanted to place my hard-earned money in her hands. Old Jack smiled gently..

“Then you have never felt the soft kiss of fortune nor the hard slap of fate…But you have gambled none the less, for what else but a wager with social politics would get you such a career?…Good education?…chance appointment?….the right place at the right time?….I would think the latter played a very important risk factor in your life ambitions…a day late, a missed train, a stopped watch, a flat tyre….a horse-shoe nail…all these can alter the entire track of one’s life.”

Jack sat back in his comfortable chair and sipped at his tea before re-telling his story.

“When I was a young bloke and liked to “play the ponies” as we used to say, I had very plain luck at picking winners..but one day I accidentally and temporarily hit on a winning method of picking the horses…..Becoming sick and tired of “form picking” from the guide, I decided to try another..more loose and carefree approach..a riskier option…Working on the proposition that there are approximately 12-15 horses in a regular race, I got a deck of cards and randomly flipped over a card and put a win/place on that number..with ; 11-12-13-14 for Jack , Queen, King, and Joker..for each race…and would you believe it!..I started winning!…Daily doubles, even a couple of trifectas!!..and individual races..lots of them..I kid you not…not big winners, but it was good enough..I was only a penny-punter after all……BUT…now here’s where the Human Failing came in…After this initial good fortune had become an expectation, I altered the methodology..Now, having turned over the card, I would then check its form in the race guide..and if it was such a long-shot outsider, I would choose then the corruption crept did the was the old “Silken Ladder” moral all over again…I tried to resurrect the system, but my doubt rose and my courage failed.. and I would over shuffle the deck of cards, I changed from the cards to numbers on slips of paper picked out of a tin… trying to once again grasp that elusive God of fortune..but to no avail, I had betrayed the gift of luck and now had only the deserved, futile company of hard fate….and I have to say by this time I was getting older and thinking of marriage…and life got the better of me and I gave the punting away…But it did give me a clue to a much wider knowledge of patterns of chance…in that the secret pattern of chance is : The fact that IT HAS NO PATTERN…and there is where the pattern lay!…ie; you cannot play chance AS a pattern, but you can “play” it using random choice as your “pattern”….if you get my meaning..because sometimes the best thing to do in a chancey situation is to do nothing, for there are so many variables in life operating all at the same time, there is sure to be the chance that something will intervene as much IN your favour as against it.”

I must say that while I could see a vague perception of where old Jack was going with this information, I was wondering if it did have anything to do with his theory of “Forever”. I was soon enlightened to this fact when he moved the conversation back onto the subject.

“It was the chance meeting of those Mormons and the one pointing to those words from Genesis that set me on the road to the discovery of forever..Those Mormons would’ve gone to the front door and spoken to my good lady if I had not been there in the garden..If I had been in my shed, which is where I was before taking a break to come to weed the flowers, I would not have had that trigger sentence to give me the clue..that ; “In the beginning…”

A care attendant came into the room at this juncture and placed a plate of food on the table. It was lunch time…I dismissed myself from Jack’s company so as to let him eat in peace..He thanked me for my time and said we can continue the discussion later.

There was never to be any “later”, as old Jack Henke passed away peacefully in his sleep that very night.

It was several days later that I had opportunity to make an appointment to visit Jack, only to be told by the aged-care nurse that he had passed away.. I was surprised and saddened by this news as I had wanted to talk further on his interest..and mine now too..of the “discovery of forever”. However, luck, of a kind was at hand and the station nurse touched my arm as I was about to turn away and held out a large notebook to me.

“Here, Doctor Jenke, He asked that this be given to you if anything happened to him.”

“What is it about?” I asked automatically as I took the notebook.

“Not sure,” she answered “But it is in his own hand-writing, so it may have something to do with his strange interest in the obscure”.

“The obscure?” I queried.

“ had to be something like that I suppose, judging on his somewhat cryptic replies he’d give to commonplace questions.”

“Like?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Oh..nothing in particular, just that ..well if you asked if he’d like to go out for a bit of air, he would sometimes shrug and say ; ‘Out, in, up down inside out and all around…who will laugh at the tumbling clown’…that was one of his favourites..and another one was his asking any new carer if they knew the secret of forever.. He’d always grab the attention of a new carer with that one. I mean, it has an attraction of curiosity about it , doesn’t it?..but he never did tell his secret.”

I must have frowned at this seeming innocent jollity from old Jack, because the nurse then blushed a little and said that well, he was a little different from the other clients..THEY never said anything like that!..I inquired of the nurse what Old Jack’s occupation was when he worked for a living and was surprised to hear that it was in the trade of joinery.

“A Joiner?..”I repeated, surprised as he seemed more well read than most tradesmen I have spoken to. I made this observation to the nurse.

“He read a lot of books” the nurse informed me..and added that those books had been given already to the home’s op-shop for resale.

I thanked the nurse and made my way to my office to examine the reports of my day’s patients. I placed the notebook in my briefcase to take home for a more relaxed perusal later in the evening.

At home after a long day, the penumbra of a winter’s evening fading with the last light, I stoked the wood in the fire to a satisfactory warmth and settled back with a glass of Muscat handy to my reach and with the soft but ample glow of a standard light behind my shoulder, I sank into the broad reach of the sofa chair and opened the hard-cardboard cover of Jack Henke’s notebook.

It was Quarto sized, of approximately one hundred pages. The covers were of a thick, firm cardboard, covered with a pattern of false marbling with a red cloth binding. It opened to a well-written text, in a carefully scripted hand, as if wanting to be clearly understood by a strange reader.

In the first pages, there were two sketches of what looked to be mechanical descriptions of enactments for the, in the first, raising of building stones for the constructions of a in the pyramids of ancient Egypt, and in the other, the raising of one of those huge solid stone obelisks..also, I believe, of ancient Egypt.

I am want to go into too much detail of those drawings and the simple notes that accompanied them, sufficient to describe them such:

The pyramid drawing described the lifting of those heavy stones from what looked to be a ramp that took them to around a third height of the completed pyramid and from there a slide that ascended up the rest of the height that the stones were elevated upon using a lubrication of mud on timber skids set parallel to each other up the side of the structure.. and hauled up by ropes that were pulled through a wheel…much like those cables seen through huge wheels on pictures of old mining operations in the English Midlands of the nineteenth century. These ropes were hauled upon by what looked like many men descending down the slope of the pyramid while the stone went up…much like, I ascertained from notes in the side column, the sash of a casement window being counter-weighted by the sash-cord tied weights in the side casement of that window. A side note indicated that enough men were used that counter-weighted the stone because they were the only “counterweight” that could ascend and descend repeatedly of their own volition to work the principle of weight-counterweight. Whether such a principle would work I leave to an engineer to peruse.

The second sketch showed one of those large obelisks on its side, with just over half, the lower half, protruding over the sharp edge of a ramp but attached to what looked like a quarter-circle wedge of a wheel-cradle, made, as old Jack indicated, of huge wooden lengths and of four short, stout spokes. There was a algebraic ‘X’ denoting both the measured length of the circumference of the cradle’s arc from the lowest point of contact with the ground to the foot of the obelisk resting on the upper lip, then from that same first point of the cradle, to where the obelisk would sit on a plinth already sited on the earth nearby. A high, formidable tower stood on the immediate far side of that plinth that would site and stabilise the obelisk temporarily when it was raised to its zenith. Stout ropes first soaked in water tied the obelisk to the cradle so that when dried, the ropes would shrink and fix the two together in a tight, rigid bind enough to secure the obelisk from slipping from its bed while in motion.

I studied the principle of the mechanics of the raising of the obelisk and I have come to the conclusion, in accordance with Jack’s notes, that once a chock is pulled out from the base of the cradle, the weight of the lower section of the obelisk would slowly fall in a controlled motion of the arc of circumference of the cradle, following the laws of gravity till it picked up enough momentum and force of speed with the arc of the cradle controlling both speed and accuracy of direction, to allow with using the obelisk’s own falling weight as the source of energy to assist the lift of the complete obelisk toward the huge frame that would secure it in place while a coordinated crew of workmen would swiftly chock and then cut the binding cords of the cradle so that the obelisk would not be encumbered with its extra weight once it reached its peak position, quickly secured with ties to the tower.

I am not an engineer, so will have to leave the calculations of these two extraordinary documents to those who can confirm or deny their competency..But given the numerous theories put forward for both these subjects, I can but give old Jack the benefit of the doubt that he can compete with other orthodox explanations.

But it was in his notes on the subject of “Forever” that I had the most interest and it is there that I will trust in his own words to relay to you, the reader, the basis of his discovery.

“ It was the most extraordinary of revelations..perhaps best described as a “road to Damascus” moment. I had just returned inside to my workshop from weeding some flowers and having been accosted by those nuisance religious folk proselytising for their absurd religion. I turned to resume my attention to smoothing a length of pine I had fixed in the bench vice for use as a shelving frame in the pantry. It was a clean length, meaning no knots or other defects that sometimes mar timber mass-produced and sold in the bulk merchandise warehouses in the suburbs. I had selected the timber myself, seeking the cleanest lengths from the shelf there.

I adjusted my sharpened smoothing plane and started to shave off the milled edge. I had taken a couple of runs to get the rough off, and then to give the timber a smooth, sharp-edged finished, I ran the plane straight along the entire length in one smooth cut, the shaving peeling back in a flowing curl to fall complete to the work-shop floor..It was that moment, that shaving curling like it did and the crisp sound it made as it peeled away from the timber…like the sharp, crisp zizzing sound made with the tearing of a piece of fine rice-paper…and the gentle scent of the wood…it was magnificent!

I made a couple more passes of that length of timber just to hear and see that perfect moment. I then picked up one of those complete curls from the floor, sat in a chair nearby and just stared at it…the words ; “In the beginning” and “forever” suspended above my thoughts. How these three different worlds of substance, language and possibility combined to coalesce into my “Discovery of Forever” I put down to the creative mysteries of the mind.

When I pressed that long curl of shaving into a singular, flat circular ring, the skin encircling each other over the top of the other to become a circle of about two inches diameter, I saw I couldn’t tell which end originally came from which end of the length of timber and as it was a complete circle, you could say there was no end..that is; no beginning and no end…just a continuity of circle without start or finish..a kind of eternal circle…a ; forever.

And I have noticed this quirk of religions that they embrace as a justification of Godly creation, a “Beginning”..which, proceeding along logical lines would determine that there then must be an implied ending..for nothing can begin except where there has been another those who are inclined toward ecclesiastical belief a perimeter of understood boundary of territorial ownership…”In the beginning to the day of judgement” allotted time and also a perceived length of time.

I let the shaving of wood fall while holding one end and it described a smooth, even helix as it hung down, two surfaces, outside and inside exactly the same, if I joined the top and bottom ends to their respective planes, one to the outside and the other to the inner, it would form a continuous repetitive track up and down the spiral…where the inside of the shaving goes on to become the new outside of the helix and so it continues on forever…

Now, given that we have these words ; “eternal” and “forever” in the language that describe a perception of endlessness, and given that we, even those of ecclesiastical bent, accept the notion of “forever” and now when I look at that example of endless continuity in the joined shaving in front of me, I have to conclude, which you who read this must also conclude, that if there is no beginning and if there IS such a thing as “forever”, then that “forever” has the capacity to reach BACK in time gone as much as it reaches forward in time to come…ergo, since like a circle where there is no beginning or ending, then the notion of forever is at any point of that circle…so one has to conclude that as much as our ancient ancestors looked to the future and saw US in the here and now as a point toward forever, WE can as easy look BACK toward those ancestors and say THEY are at a reverse point in the future because there is no beginning nor end and forever is neither here nor there, neither out, in, up down inside out and all around…here, in this very spot, this workshop in the suburbs, here and now IS forever..! ”


I have to confess to not knowing what to make of this dialogue of forever. The theories of helixes, circles with no beginnings nor endings is nothing novel and putting aside Jack’s theories on the Egyptian puzzles, I have to say that I had to wonder how or why a joiner would think of these things..

I could see the line of rational thought that old Jack’s premise ran along, but given his lack of qualifications in the realm of science, theology or physics, I would be inclined to dismiss his writings as the ravings of a mad-man..were it not for that niggling inquisitiveness..that curiosity for the strange and elusive that lures many including myself to ponder further on such theories…perhaps such are the temptations of pursuing raw knowledge in the privacy of one’s own thoughts.

Here was I, an educated man of medicine, now becoming interested in this strange treatise on a subject that I would have thought irrelevant but a few hours ago. And then what of old Jack Henke?..What pulled him into this vortex of obscurity?..The only thing I have concluded is that it must be a universal attraction of inquisitive intuition.

If we give it some thought, the inquiries of the world have brought us down three distinctive paths : Religion, Science and Tribal intuition. I abhor the first as a “Black art”, suitable only for the parking up of those basic human fears of superstition and death. Science is more reliable for the pursuit of solid knowledge, be it in the various fields; organic, mathematics or physics, but even there it has to obey and prove itself eventually with concrete resolution.

But tribal intuition..THERE is a fascination for the human intellect!..and it is there that I would park old Jack’s is there that such imaginations appeal most to my relaxing hours..and I would wonder if such thoughts and revelations played more often that we like to accept in the conversations of our ancient forebears..Perhaps the notion of “forever” crossed the minds of those tribal groups as they made the regular rounds of their seasonal camps. The knowledge of having to regularly shift camp so as to renew and let regrow the worked-over site and hunting grounds would surely have become obvious and then habitual then become ritual as each season, each regular phase of moon and stars made their impression on the observant eyes and astute minds of those tribal elders, so that over many thousands of seasons, the regular pattern of activity that matched the geographical location of the camps brought the notion that here, in this repetitive movement and stillness, in the consumption and renewal of bush, berry and game was a hint of the notion of “forever”..

But yet, against the established orthodoxy of religion and science, tribal intuition doesn’t much get a consideration, yet I have concluded that with Jack’s personal discovery, he has hit upon a much larger piece of the jigsaw puzzle that humanity has been remiss in excluding from its complete knowledge..its wholeness ; the intuitive understanding of our “tribal place” in the universe and how forever is not in the far future, but is here and now, a moment that comes and goes with each circumference of the circle of life.

For this understanding, I give thanks to old Jack Henke…tradesman joiner, the discovery of forever.




The End of Eden..

In a world where it seems the only way to have future social and health security is through financial security, we keep getting almost hourly reports under the guise of news on the state of this or that stocks and shares of this or that corporation and how such business things will impact on your retirement superannuation. As if the only thing keeping the proverbial wolf from our door is the familiar gratuity of the world’s financial houses bequeathing largesse upon our heads…Oh, thank ya, thank ya, thank ya!

But then I suddenly remember this little bit of financial investment wisdom :

“ (FORTUNE Magazine) – JOE KENNEDY, a famous rich guy in his day, exited the stock market in timely fashion after a shoeshine boy gave him some stock tips. He figured that when the shoeshine boys have tips, the market is too popular for its own good, a theory also advanced by Bernard Baruch, another vested interest who described the scene before the big Crash:

“Taxi drivers told you what to buy. The shoeshine boy could give you a summary of the day’s financial news as he worked with rag and polish. An old beggar who regularly patrolled the street in front of my office now gave me tips and, I suppose, spent the money I and others gave him in the market. My cook had a brokerage account and followed the ticker closely. Her paper profits were quickly blown away in the gale of 1929.”

Yessss..the great depression..that ol’ thing..Broke the bottom’s of so many people and drove the world headlong into a world war…and then there’s this cheerful old ditty:

“Wars, bankruptcies, diseases and famine…good growing climate for the Morgan Bank”..

Now we got those venerable institutions ; the banks, rearing their ugly criminal heads, full to the gills of total and absolute corruption…just like we always knew they were…so nothing new there. But what is new in the world of financial whizz-kiddery, is..wait for it!: “Cryptocurrency”…and for some strange, obscure reason, I cannot for the life of me get the idea out of my tiny brain that there is some sort of convenient connection between this current Banking Royal Commission and the sudden rise of cryptocurrency…I can’t explain it, but there it is..

Perhaps it is the ever shrinking world of the availability of the old fashioned “easy gold” to many nations now a bit pinniky about those mega mining corporations screwing them over and ruining their environments in the process?..perhaps it is the notion of the attraction of “clean mining” of block-chain minting of a new currency..or perhaps it is the “once in a lifetime opportunity” for the free-market speculators to gain control of currency trading and money laundering between super-rich peer-to-peer trading and by-passing those sovereign federal treasury fiat currency reserves that ask all those pesky questions…like : “Where did this money come from?”…or the old chestnut : “How long’s THIS been going on!?”….add to that little by-pass, the opportunity to scalp so many small investor speculators like our above sucker shoe-shine boy wanting to “get in early and make a killing on the market” and you got one, big, ripe, plump, and juicy-ready to pick peach just waiting to be consumed.

Eden..with its one paltry apple tree as a tawdry temptation can but gaze upon it and weep!

All it’s going to take for this potpourri of financial chicanery, superannuation tom-foolery, banking irregularity to go bum-up is for one sovereign nation to declare that cryptocurrency is recognised by its federal reserve…Oh!..wait!..:

“New Sovereign Cryptocurrency will be Legal Tender in the Marshall Islands…”

Oh dear!…and since this article was published, I read there are other federal reserves considering the option. What this COULD mean, is that if the big player federal reserves DO NOT swiftly gain control of the “mining” and exchange rate of this new player, then that single stabiliser of civil order in these; sovereign fiat currencies, could be manipulated and devalued by an out of control peer-to-peer free-market in cryptocurrencies that can be held in the hands of those super-rich oligarchies or corporations and the rest of us will have to go begging with out of date, out of value currency and coins.

But this manipulation of a nation’s politics by the introduction of a new,“value-added” currency is nothing new. In both China with the Han Dynasty and the contemporaneous Roman Empire, monetary systems sometimes clashed and had to be competed with for local favour. :

“ This position is normally envisioned as the ruler’s control over the circulation of an existing stock of money rather than as policy-making regarding the manufacturing of money per se. For instance, in order to establish desired price levels, the ruler was meant to manipulate the money supply and hence prices by hoarding or spending cash rather than by issuing or demonetizing coin.

It has been argued that at least early on, merchants manufactured coins, employing regional weight standards. However, circumstantial evidence suggests that by about 300 BCE, Qin and Qi had established state control over coin production. The situation in the other states remains obscure, although high levels of uniformity within each polity may speak in favor of significant government involvement throughout the region.In textual sources covering the pre-imperial period, cash is rarely mentioned in elite contexts, and no state salaries in cash are recorded.


This interpretation is supported by the fact that for much of the first 80 years of the Han Dynasty, private individuals were permitted to make coins, and that the state only gradually entered this market (see below). Under these circumstances, given both the likely involvement or perhaps even predominance of private coin manufacturers, and the initial political fragmentation of the region later encompassed by the Qin and Han empires, a wide variety of currencies and denominations must have been in circulation during the Warring States period, and coins would not always – indeed not normally – meet target nominal weight standards. . . . “ (The monetary systems of the Han and Roman Empires..:  )

Getting away from the intricacies of financial shenanigans, we, the common folk are now too dependent on that class of speculator whose only loyalty to national and indeed sovereign wealth is via such a speculative market of stocks, shares, money exchange etc..and if we as a people cannot get control and in charge of the distribution and rate of exchange of our own currency, then we will end up very poor indeed, if not perilously bankrupt.

“  Digital currencies can improve lives by replacing slow, expensive transactions. Unlike government-backed fiat currencies, like the U.S. dollar, digital currencies often have specific purposes. For example, Ripple offers a mostly-centralized digital currency payment platform that completes transactions in minutes, and at lower cost than traditional international payment products, such as SWIFT. The TRON currency’s peer-to-peer payment system aims to remove mobile app stores as intermediaries between content developers and consumers, extending savings to both. Other cryptocurrency technologies aim to streamline medical billing services, substitute traditional retail debit purchases, and potentially replace the need for banking and fiat currency.”

Which is why I am seeming unable to disconnect all these demoralising and destabilising revelations about the established banking sector..could this be a stratagem to restore confidence and faith in banking by introducing cryptocurrency under the guise of a “secure, stable” digi-currency?

Be afraid…be VERY afraid!



Ode to Machiavelli’s Discourses of Titus Livy.



Y’know..I can sympathise with ol’ Machiavelli,

Seeing how things at this moment are not very

Agreeable..somewhat friable..if’n you’ll allow…

And HE did avow to explain with a lengthy refrain

The deeper meanings of one : Titus Livius..THE man.


I have picked over his “Discourses” as one does pick,

Thread-bits from a new coat..or the currants, thick

From granny’s fruit loaf..very nice..’til she thanks

You with a rap of the wooden spoon, you’ll soon

Learn to pay close attention to such indelible rune..


And wonder, like he, whether such honour indeed,

Bestowed upon those ancients, and their seed be

But an impersonation of admired esteem,

Less one’s smarts be seen as hollow sincerity, given as trope

To impertination so vain as to promenade that path again and again….and again?


Wisdom admired..but never imitated, even diluted, you may plea,

So that WE, who have gained this Earth and now lost our soul,

Given, on the whole, as fuel to the false god of intellectual flattery.

Assault and battery on lost integrity exchanged impressionably

For mutual back-slapping and the odd “gold echidna”.


I wouldn’t be kidding yer if I was to say, with an underbreath ; “Ole’”

That the measure of intellect today is, sadly, awry, Y,

‘Tis enough to make one cry..given what history has bequeathed

So each generation in turn could turn over a new leaf.

With so much, so ample that we have more than’s that simple.


“For our civil laws are  but decisions by ancient Jurisconsults,

That teacheth our present Jurisconsults systems by which to judge…”

A drudge with nought to follow but example and re-assemble

Forebears preamble on things “socially medicinal”, as an endocrine?

Should work out fine ..if we but listen, not descend to vicious hissing.


The biggest mistake being; not understanding history,

But make mystery of what we WILL NOT see..Is it just me?

Or is it thee who takes more pleasure from the infinite variety

Of incidents in this or that society and such scandalous pleasure

As your measure of understanding, rather than demanding


We take heed to the answers to those deeds, as if these

Times have changed the behaviour of men and then of women too

It’s a shoo-in to see ; the Sun the Moon, the sea and thee

Have not changed their motions and power, hour on hour

From ancient times, I’d avower and from such error; allora!


I’d therefore call thee to hark to the wisdom of Titus Livy

And give time to study the erstwhile text of Machiavelli

Written in testament for us to understand such history

For ; Zanobi Buondelmonti and Cosimo Rucellai..

Which for this pleasure I now bequeath to thee…from me.















Bring those IPA jerks and their ilk to trial ..

Upon sensible reflection, admitting that those staff of the IPA. all have had as decent an education as could be obtained in this country, one has to seriously consider on their intelligence..I do not mean their level of education or training, but their natural capacity to make cogent , rational evaluation of what they promulgate.

If their education was on equal terms with a healthy intellect, they would have to reconsider the policy claim of economic rationalism being a level playing field where fair trade and fair play go hand in glove with equal opportunity for all to achieve prosperity and wealth limited only by one’s creative genius , work ethic and /or business acumen…

What a crock !!

Any child knows from visible “want” that the bag of lollies he/she is holding (bequeathed to them from favoured patronage) has value according to the “want” in the eyes of other children…while he/she holds tight to that bag he/she calls the shots. Likewise, as the cost of digging up a tonne of mullock to extract ore is the same for gold as it is for iron…the end value in both is calculated by the “want” of the extracted ore…the knowledge is as old as the hills, so to promote the lie that the one who wields the shovel has capacity of negotiation for wealth of income equal to the one that holds the gold is to plumb the depths of stupid perfidy to Murdochian levels!

But to then go on to claim that such want of wealth by a unequal/disadvantaged individual is to create a fairer society for all, has to be delusion equal to hallucinogenic visions…for even if the most humble worker was to have nothing more but their garden of vegetables, a clutch of chickens or rabbits for food..a family adequately fed and clothed from the adult’s industry and skills, wanting little more from life than such well-being and health…if such workers existed (as they once did!), those of the philosophy of the IPA. would need to destroy such small contentment…as swiftly and as completely as possible before it became known that life could be lived without a creed of grasping wealth…destroyed as quickly as possible in the value of that bag of lollies, all accumulated  wealth only has such value as measured against “want”. If the wealth of King Croesus was not wanted nor needed, it would have no the ideal of a simple life of the worker must be destroyed to create the “want” that gives value to both the gold and the method of obtaining that; the philosophy of the IPA. and the LNP. “running dogs” (I like that saying!)…; lying, thieving and fraud.

So too, must the wage of the artisan labour of the employed be restrained at or below “break- even” levels so the mogul can rejoice in his “value- added” gold. It was Edward Wakefield who styled the system of keeping worker’s wages just below that level of possible accumulation so as to afford them buying their own real estate and thereby removing their labour from the gentleman’s service..Ever the fair trade and fair play bastards! I have no sympathy nor can harbour any mercy for such filth..I would “Stalinize” the bastards!

History knows and recognizes their face..hubris and greed will lure their Nemesis..there is nothing new under the sun and as the saying goes…”When first the tottering house begins to sink…thither goes all the weight by an instinct”……and good riddance!

Oh for the next election to be sooner rather than the year away, for these gormless fools now in office are digging a hole that will surely bury them!…and as the saying goes, they know not to stop digging!..Thinking that at the bottom of the pit there is more gold when all there is , is their own black souls!

Let them dig and when their fate is sealed, as it has been in Victoria these last years, feel no remorse but to cover them over. For such hearts to implement policies that harm not only the old and infirm, but are so black they will not give safe harbour to even a refugee new-born, whose only mischief is an accident of birth. Where the evangelic choir for that child?..Where the incense, myrrh  and the three wise men?..No glory awaits, no mercy nor salvation..the threat that such a child may one day grow and with their hard work and ingenuity, take a little measure of the wealth from the horde of the insatiable greedy…where is their faith, their belief in the ‘God of Love”?

It is not some blind-faith evil that motivates this ship of fools, it is that simple-minded horror in the soul of humanity…it is Zola’s ; “ La Bête Humaine ”…the beast in is the horror in Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”…where a fellow citizen, under our watching eyes will send back to peril, children and even pregnant women…in our name…When I for one, as would many others, would freely give a share of my own children’s clothing for that child if needed …it is beyond decency what this government is doing in our name….it is beyond decency!

The horror, the horror!



In Defence of the Unknowns.


““Well, what I’m sayin’ is that there are known knowns, and there are known unknowns, but there are also unknown unknowns. . . “  …..I won’t bother referencing that quote, you know it already, or else you have been living under a rock…unlike the rest of us who, like mushrooms, are kept in the dark and fed on bullshit!

This is one of those articles where one’s arms feel like lead being dragged to the keyboard to even be bothered to type the words…where the mind becomes so wearily stultified with trying to simply explain what seems the bleedin’ obvious to welded-on LNP supporters or swinging voters, that one only feels like curling up into a foetal position and rocking back and forth rather than have to go down to the depths of child-like logic to justify one’s instinctive (and usually proven true with time) premonitions.

What I am talking about is trying to prove the logical truth behind political and authoritative policing actions that seem to go nowhere..for instance, the FACT that why does the IPA seem to have unlimited political influence, unlimited media access.. and could quite easily get its funding from you and I : the taxpayers, through a convoluted but well disguised pipeline of LNP donations gained from Parakeelia type grants ( )  to the LNP then diverted to the IPA..or from Murdoch Inc. through grants from the LNP to his corporation via the public purse…OR . . . and there you go…and of course you know it’s true..for when have those fuckin’ useless upper-middle-class bastards EVAH—-EVAH paid for anything out of their own pockets or through honest hard work?…WHEN??….NEVAHHHHHH!

But this is one of those “unknowns” that the likes of you and I can not prove…and will likely never be investigated..WHY?…because while this LNP criminal organisation is in office and has control of ALL the authorities that DO criminal investigation, it will be put in the “go slow” tray awaiting the blowing of Gabriel’s Trumpet announcing the second coming!

How can I say that?…One argument put forward by an acquaintance who quite rightly defends public service integrity, was that perhaps the appropriate authority IS investigating but we cannot know where that is at this moment….and we await the outcome which could be at any moment!

“ the AWU raids?” I cynically proposed “Where the media was alerted and were waiting on the Union’s doorstep? that level of secrecy?”….. “Or when Craig Thomson was arrested and the coppers were booked into a local motel overnight and the media was hunkering down outside while his pregnant wife was taking a shower and then filmed it all for the nightly news?”….I was on a roll..”Or the TURC Royal Commission, where some union officials and even the leaders of the Labor party were openly investigated with the MSMedia giving hourly updates, then accused and some even charged, handcuffed, dragged away publicly and arrested though nothing was yet proved…that sort of ‘secret investigation’?”

You see…THESE are the “unknowns” that neither you nor I can prove…and yet there they are…Why has the investigation into Michaela Cash and the AWU tip-off to the media stalled ?…Why was the investigation into Barnaby Joyce and his girlfriend costing shenanigans stopped?…Why is Kathy Jackson still swanning around buying properties after she was found guilty of charges to answer?…Why was the ASIC and the ACCC so powerless to investigate banking and corporate corruption on the LNP govt’s watch?..How does the IPA get financed ?..Why was Murdoch’s media mob recently given $30 million without explanation? Why is the coal industry STILL getting LNP and govt’ support when it’s bleeding obvious coal is yesterday’s fuel?…all these “unknowns”..and there are may add to them as you wish..I will not dwell on them longer…but there must be dozens..!

But seriously…we..that is YOU and ME and TH’ PUBLIC makes three already know why…we knew why when the first words were uttered by those upper-middle-class bullshit artists who run the show..Like this little beauty from Malcolm.. :

“Malcolm Turnbull ordered a departmental investigation into whether Barnaby Joyce breached the ministerial code of conduct – but his departmental head has now canned the inquiry on the basis that there is “little to be gained” now that the former Nationals leader has moved to the backbench.”

Hey…hey…isn’t THAT just peachy!…that’s a beauty, eh?…: “Oh we decided to can the inquiry into the murder on the basis that the murderee was now deceased. . .”…That’s how it goes, isn’t it?   Like when Ashby and Pyne conspired to steal The Speaker’s diary to debase and slander the Speaker of The House…OUR FUCKING DEMOCRACY!!…How do you stop the investigation?..You sack the victim!….Craig Thomson was found guilty..ergo…Jackson MUST be innocent!…bloody marvellous iddn’t it?…The offices of the AWU was raided by the AFP, ergo they MUST be up to something…so it matters not who informed the Media to gain political points..the primary action dismisses any culpability of responsibility for any secondary crime…

So who funds the IPA?…we already know by their refusal to say…

What is the guilt of Barnaby’s salacious relationship costings?…we already know from the travel/hotel data…

Why was Rupert given $30 million?…we already know when the MSMedia pumps out their rubbish polls and bullshit propaganda for the LNP..

Why was Nick Ross driven from his job by Turnbull when he wrote of Turnbull’s rubbish “Multi-Mix NBN technology”?…We can see the evidence of the treason all around us now!

Why was there no banking RC back when it was badly needed?… well…we are seeing so now that the gory details are pouring forth and the LNP is busy shredding into the wee hours every document that will eventually associate and incriminate them when we have that one big Royal Commission into everything IPA / LNP / Murdoch / BCA….and perhaps by then the AFP will be de-politicised so that they can do police work rather than cover-up work!

So sure..there are those “known unknowns”…but given our age and learned knowledge and experience of the lies and cover-ups and utter-utter criminality of ALL the LNP members of The just know they will do..will HAVE TO DO everything in their power to corrupt the authorities that could incriminate them…and that is why when Labor gain office (excepting perhaps the possible corruption of the electoral commission) they will need to create a tribunal to adjudicate on the mountain of accruing evidence of political/corporate venality.



Too Late the Heroes.

Anzac Day is soon to be upon us, and taking nothing from the sad disaster of the deaths of the many young men and woman who gave their lives in some of those Imperialistic adventures, one does have to reflect on that one day when it seems that those from that class of people who have given or suffered the least in most wars are there ; Front and Centre, their mugs right in the camera lens, demanding the nation looks to THEIR example for “courage and determination” in leadership..their little fists pumping and a-quivering..sad indeed is that truth that those who are the least inclined to act courageous in their civic life are the ones who demand the most sacrifice from our defence personnel of the nation.

So even though Anzac Day is soon to be upon us, can one legitimately but with regret state? :

There is really no point anymore in observing Anzac Day…No respect in the sad silence of Remembrance Day…no longer such “emergency” in the warning of the Holocaust or other Semitic massacres in the Arabian Peninsula; “Never let this happen again!”….for even here, in our own country…a country of the “fair go”…the “easy-going Aussie”..the “land that is for everyone”…it is gone. How many people in Aust and the world marched against the Iraq war?…one..two …TEN million?…yet it was delivered with the now readily recognisable “Howard-shit-eater grin”, standing next to his neo-con USofA. mate ; D. Rumsfeld as they promised and delivered “shock and awe”…which destroyed an entire nation and stole the breath of at least a million citizens of that nation…and created the continuity of the exodus of refugees that we react against today. Where a scalpel-cut execution of the so-called “reviled leader” could have been done as has been done (under the very noses of security) of several since.  No, this war was just another anti-Semite war, for the majority of Iraqis are Arab…this was another religious “crusade”…too late the cry of “never again!”, has already been done..and is continuing to be done, thanks to the war-mongering Right-wing of Australian politics!

That amorphous collection of provocateurs and saboteurs that calls itself The IPA., sloping suspiciously about in the umbra of political activity, always the “bag-man” for LNP political short-bets, it’s sickly-smiling members parachuted into the Senate like one of “The Phantom Turd Flinger” of Preston’s brown paper-bags of shit dropping on the heads of the bogans in his local pub car-park. We have this organisation that acts as a “finishing school” for the clumsy, gormless, naïve, self-centred arse-holes that is de-rigeur for any LNP wannabe member of The House…and we have to consider; such Machiavellian deviousness and sly-eyed bastardry could not possibly be a product of a natural development of a child..The cruelty, the attraction toward the betrayal and selling-out of one’s nation for a political ideology is a thing not best left to chance…hence the thorough indoctrination by those expensive private schools and colleges to “enhance” and “guide” through devoted mentors, whatever “natural bastardry” already existed in the gentle mind of the children..One would not like to think such acts of pusillanimous self-centred, spiteful, shit-headidness was just a normality of those many mongrels from that demographic…but one must accept the obvious.

And Anzac Day?…That day of sombre celebration of unity against adversity…courage against onslaught…camaraderie as mateship and unity as strength. It is now a circus-sideshow mockery of those who faced and endured such trials and tribulations, when we have abandoned even the pretence of such in our everyday lives…the disbanding and dismantling, with the voted-in permission of the Aust’ electorate, of all those community services and policies that WERE for the benefit of the MAJORITY of citizens lends a slander to the courage and integrity of those that ran, bent-backed, across the deadly sands of Gallipoli….we mock their memory as the “everyperson-Australian”, while we mock universal social reform and the “fair go” for everybody…for what else did so many sacrifice their lives for?

And Remembrance Day?..for all those who went to a war zone, whatever their individual reason, that suffered and died for what they believed was right and for the common good…for freedom and fraternity. By giving one minute’s silence for their sacrifice , while the IPA / LNP and their confederates clamour and holler continuously and endlessly for THEIR “rights and demands” as an individual or corporation to plunder and rob and connive and abuse their fellow citizens…..THAT has to be the saddest mockery of all…..a minutes silence for those lost youths and lives of the brave and courageous, while the IPA / LNP clamour loudly for seemingly limitless selfishness and endless “sunshine”.

It is a mockery and a travesty of civil-society, that the IPA / LNP. has declared itself the arbiters, through the most minority of winning margins, to dictate a diminished capacity for the citizens of THIS..OUR country to live a respected and respectable life. The shrill accusations of this govt’ and its lobby groups does crude mockery to our fallen, our revered memories, our honourable intentions and our international good name.

It will be left to us to maintain the rage…let us hope we will be permitted the capacity!…..because, by Christ!…the nation and the citizen body WILL demand AND GET satisfaction!


“You push the boat away from the wharf with an oar and when clear, you dip the oars into the cool, clear ocean and you strike away from the shore, free from the ties of the land, liberated to move in any direction you desire. . .”

This is the metaphor we of the working/producing classes must apply to free ourselves from the ties that have bound us to be obliging to a stultifying middle-class management of our lives, our work, our finances and our property, that has held down our collective dreams and capabilities with doctrines and obligations that have kept so many generations of us chained to their “wheels of Industry” with their false and fraudulent promises of “success through hard work and diligence”..A lie, as they cheated us of wages, property, liberty and family time, all to fill their own pockets and line their own wallets and to enrich their own property portfolios..All to coat their study walls with portrait pictures of themselves in glorious robes and framed notations of their glittering prizes.

We of the producing/working classes have for so many generations relied too heavily on that class with the most esteemed qualifications and certificated degrees of tertiary training to design our society and laws in the most fairest, balanced, equitable state that would allow the majority to go about their lives with work/family obligations best suited to an accepted standard of living agreed upon by democratic governance.

We gave them preference over our trade and semi-professional skill sets to take command of the steering of governance, where once the most skilful and experienced would be seen as the most worthy to guide the ship of state, we have deferred, mistakenly as it has shown, to those most certificated with doctorate or degree from tertiary institutions…those halls of learning where in those times only the more wealthy could attend and in doing so, secured for their own the guarantee of future social and financial security..a security they then set to deny us of the working/producing classes no matter how hard we worked or how frugal or diligent we saved.

We have been betrayed….we have been used….we have been plundered and robbed….We now must seriously consider the option of moving our collective services and capabilities away from the illusion of a gilded cage of “aspirational ambitions” held out to us as a temptation carrot to allow a “business as usual” subterfuge to be committed against our persons and our families.

You will notice I change the nomination of “class” in this essay to : “working/producing” class…This is because I believe we have to now include those small inter-generational farmers/ producers..also those small “hands-on” family businesses..For while they are claimed by the ruling political elite as “theirs by status”, in truth those hard-working family businesses are “working-class” by the reality of their physical labour that is essential to their income…no personal hands-on application = no income. The farmer’s hands are as stained with dirt as the bricklayer’s…their backs as bent as any nurse’s and their finances in many, many cases as fortuitous as a weather forecast!

They too have been robbed of their future as Hedge-fund Agri-corp’ mega farms flood or starve the market according to THEIR needs, their many corporate holdings spread over several states to secure steady percentage income against this or that state climatic conditions.. thereby controlling the price of produce across a wide variety of goods…they also have gained control, through bulk purchasing with unlimited credit through complicit/compliant banks, the water licence allocations along whole stretches of the major rivers and water-ways of the nation…so the small farmer/irrigator is hard pressed to expand their holding and cannot present a business plan to those same bankers who favour the mega-farms for loans to buy more land or water to fairly compete..These small inter-generational family farms are also victims of a vast middle-class social and financial dominance of our nation.

There was a time when a work week was predictable..the jobs were secure..the apprentice/ trainees intake kept up with the demand of skills needed in the local economy..Secure jobs meant secure loans to purchase property and products…the weekend was inviolate..Changing morals and habits of society was an evolving thing..but over all this stretched the umbrella of a secure society.

But all this changed almost overnight when middle-class management discovered that they could sack their permanent workforce and re-employ them on contracts, saving money on established conditions like holiday pay, sick leave, workers compensation and responsibility of secure employment. This ricocheted into the capacity of those now contracted workers to be able to get home loans from the banks to buy homes and cars etc..Those same banks that financed the employers were not so keen to lend to unsecured employment workers..This trick of capitalism made into middle-class political policy first started in a big way in the building industry and was ostensibly to break the backs of unionised labour.

The upshot to these times is the importation of cheap labour from third-world countries on 457 visas to staff those mega farming projects and building and mining projects…more and more local labour is casualised in the pursuit of bigger and greater profits..all the while those middle-class certificated managers and CEO’s gain greater and greater wealth and larger and larger share and property portfolios while we of the working/producing classes struggle to get or hold onto our one family home.

They have made their own lives comfortable through the acceptance of high salaries or remunerations…they have secured their position and properties through their passing of laws they have framed to protect themselves but penalise us!..they have passed legislation in THEIR Parliament that benefits best that class most well positioned to gain huge financial reward through government contracts to companies many of their own family holding shares in advance of the knowledge of those contracts. They have benefited from a class network that both advances their young through the select internships of a professional career and secures nod and wink agreements to dodgy or even sometimes illegal methods of financial gain.

All these glittering prizes go toward an old age or a created dynastical family fortune on the backs of the hard work of the working/producing classes…all the wealth gained or pilfered from the raping of this nation’s resources silently slipped out of the reach of fair taxation to a robber-baron tax-haven paradise for future plunder..This is the “reward” we were taunted with if we but bent our backs a bit lower to the work at hand..if we attended a few more hours a week to the job required..if we sacrificed our weekend family time to the profit motive of the boss’s needs..if we relinquished our want for home and hearth in exchange for their picaresque portrayal of “a liberated lifestyle free from the constraints of property obligation…” and in exchange they offer us a paucity of wages and poverty of living standards…and debt and debt and more debt..

They have capitalised on our unsophisticated understanding of their financial chicanery to swindle many of their hard worked for life savings and pensions. They have dragged our sons and daughters into wars by playing on our national loyalty with their phony jingoism and then abandoned those same soldiers when they return wounded or damaged and incarcerate indefinitely those refugees fleeing those wars in their own version of a “Devils Island”…Wars NOT fought for the sake of allies, but rather for their own corporate confederacies…their own rewards..They seek our patience as they frame policy that in the end will crush our ambitions. They seek forgiveness when those same schemes rob us of our work-place dignity and wages. They seek our mercy by claiming that their convicted conspirators have suffered enough punishment with their loss of “face and social position”.

It is surely time we end this sick relationship and make our Exodus from them and their empires..and as we cast ourselves metaphorically adrift from their diseased embrace, let us make this promise to ourselves and our children’s future..:

We will NEVER more have patience with their lying schemes.
We will NEVER more forgive their thieving ways.
We will NEVER more show mercy on them at all.

And lest we forget..:
“While the worker’s poor harvests are wrought with desperation or defeat,
The wily middle-class reaps fortune from fields of deceit!”