The Law.

With the hounding down of Sam Dastyari today, we saw the reality of a new political low in Australian culture. We witnessed for the first time in our political history the Main Stream Media take control of political agenda and with the least assistance possible from the political opponents of the ALP, hunt down and destroy a member of the Senate of the Democratic state of Australia.

This throws a new light on the MSM and who’s interests it is particular concerning the National Broadcaster, which is supposed to run neutral on political issues..yet we witnessed time and again a unilateral position taken on the cause of the Dastyari affair. While scant mention of the members of the Government receiving and even inviting donations of sometimes much greater figures from the very same source.

There was a “game” played in the south of Italy back before the second world war called : “The Law”..It was a very vicious game played for high stakes among both the very wealthy and the very poor..:

“The grotesque game of the Law, played in the taverns of southern Italy, is but a shadow of an even fiercer attitude to life-a potent metaphor for a vigorously hierarchical view of existence which rules over the mezzogiorno, the noonday culture of southern Italy. These are an almost feudal system of landownership which confers a bizarre set of rights upon a small number of landowners, and a pervasive system of organised crime which at one level seeks to control everything which occurs in the village and exact a tax on every transaction, and at another level manifests as petty crime and pickpocketing. These combine with a hierarchical social system and a set of values based on traditional ideas such as honour, and which establish norms which determine who in this society is beholden to whom.” (From a review of the book ; “The Law” by Roger Vailland )

The attraction of the game was the possibility of the peasant having a moment of control over his landlord or some other local official. It was a cruel game that became so notorious in its demands that it was finally banned by Benito Mussolini…That in itself shows the depth of viciousness it could descend to. The accusation and the hunting down of Sam Dastyari equals in viciousness that game..
There is a new direction now played out in this game of politics..The National Broadcaster has dealt into the hand..a position once reserved for the Murdoch press, but that monster, having lost both credibility and readership, it would seem that those who know how to organise these things have commanded that the ABC take over the shift once reserved for the Murdoch hacks. Perhaps because it is seen as having more “media cred”, more media “impact on the appropriate audience” than those has-beens in the commercial media…and I see that a new generation of suave, celebrity “media lounge-lizards” has pasted themselves on our ABC screen. A generation given the taste of “celeb’-bling” that will adhere them to the Murdoch stooge’s arse like a persistent pile.

“ The law referenced by the title has nothing to do with civil authority or the official laws of the region. There seems little concept in the society being described of a moral requirement to heed the laws of the land; such laws are viewed as requirements which have been imposed, and which can therefore be evaded. The very people charged with upholding the law, such as the chief of police and his deputies, are those involved in developing strategies for its evasion. They happily invent stories, fabricate evidence, and block investigations, in this case to assist the principal racketeer Matteo Brigante in his efforts to evade justice. He is a man proud of his hobby of raping virgins, and this is known by Chief of Police Atillo, whose own favourite pastime is seducing the wives of the town’s leading citizens, making use of the racketeer’s premises for his conquests. The two men often compare and contrast their respective pleasures and approaches, each quietly confident that he is the more virile.” (ibid)

Another worrying concept witnessed in the loss of Dasty’, that cheerful jester of the House doorstop the lack of backing from his own team. Oh yes, there was the usual denials, the usual “downcast eyes” and twisting of the shoe in the soft dirt..the usual ; “Oh well, I’m sure he will think on his actions and . . .” but where was the blood ‘n’ guts of the counter punch when this all started to get a re-run ?..I’m not saying there was complicit evasion of any defence, but by jingo! sure looked to me to be a tad wishy washy…a mite; pissy-weaky..sure..we can say that Dasty’ had done his dash by his very actions..that he, himself had cruelled his chances..But in the end , all he did was to drive through on the Keating philosophy of ; “Look to Asia first” policy..and in doing so would he not deserve a little bit more consideration from his mates in the car pool?…I want to see at the next election a victory earned by blood, sweat and tears..That’s why we write here on these blogs..I don’t want to see a stroll across the line through a default gain from hoping the other side falls down mid race..waiting for the sprained “political knee”, or the political crook back..I want to FEEL the tactile bone of victory..I want to SEE the pain of loss in the eyes of those miserable, cruel bastards when they concede they were beaten by the better team…DAMMIT!..I want to see a new Australia rise from the fecund manure that this government is of lowly bottom-feeders, these moist microbes of most vile excretions from the soiled arse of some strange, alien parasitical maggot.

WE want a victory worthy of the name of the battle..and we want to go into that battle knowing that Labor has our back. I do NOT want our political intentions and honesty gambled away like chips in a high-risk game..I do not wish to witness all those hours of effort we put in here supporting an ideology worthy of benefit to so many being used as a kind of stuffing for some toy or ourselves as cannon fodder in a political war between party factions or old school tie wrangling.

I will NOT be dragged by my ideological enthusiasm as an unwilling player in a game of tyranny!

“ It is a game of six or more players, played as a series of rounds, and in each round chance, in the form of dice or a drawn tarot card, determines which player will be the chief. He will choose another player as his deputy, and the others will supply a carafe of wine; the round ends when the carafe is drained. The chief behaves however he pleases: he may share the wine with the others or withhold it, and he may interrogate, slander, blame or praise them; his will is the law. A common strategy is to find the most vulnerable player and to humiliate him publicly, by referring to past indiscretions or current rumours, or by proposing some violation of a member of his family; he is required to endure it without flinching. It is the imposition of will which is appealing, the prospect of inflicting or observing the humiliation of another which affords them pleasure, and the possibility of demeaning someone higher in the hierarchy and untouchable in normal life which induces them to play.

But the law refers to more than this. It is a set of ideas and traditions embedded deep within the culture, which codifies obligations. It is a set of norms used to govern behaviour, but more importantly, it also establishes the benchmarks against which the behaviour of others can be judged. It is made clear that every one in the south of Italy is a jurist, ready to judge the others for their adherence to these unwritten rules and to impose them collectively through marshalling of town opinion, and it can encompass everything from the duty of a wife to submit to her husband’s desires, to the unquestioned right of a landowner to take the virginity of every young woman in his household, irrespective of her own wishes. It is assisted by the claustrophobic nature of southern Italian life in which every action is observed and reported, and everyone concerns themselves with knowing the business of everyone else.” (ibid)

We are now seeing the rise of a like culture in Australian politics, where the dice having been cast, the players ; MSM (incl’ the ABC), LNP. Political opportunists, Corporations and Lobbyists set to and humiliate, belittle and torment the public….then go on to and rape and despoil the resources and the economy, to grant favours and loyalty to whomsoever they wish. This cannot continue.

As the unions are now saying..: “It is time to change the rules”.

One thought on “The Law.

  1. I share your anger, but the Australian people still having too good life and until will be a struggle to put bread on the table we will no going to see a movement for “a real” change. Every 4 days a farm owner committee suicide and many of the families still supporting the ones behind the system that have caused the tragic lost. 😠


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