So..we got democracy..ok..I can live with that..: “Of, By and For the people”..sounds alright to me..And there’s the Westminster System of Parliament..that’s sweet..everything above board and regulated..and if not, we have that other essential arm of democratic governance..: The Fourth Estate to fearlessly report and expose any Machiavellian plots to undermine…oh, hang we’re drifting into a kind of fantasy..Let’s go back a couple of steps and look at this thing more closely.

Firstly, the so-called “Fourth Estate” ; the main-stream media, is not reporting ON the activities of the LNP govt’, it is FRAMING the propaganda spin FOR the govt’ and thereby being a political player in the LNP scheme of politics. With the control and influence of the vast majority of MSM being owned by one mogul who is an avowed supporter (at this moment!) of the right-wing of politics, there is little or no room to move for any progressive or left-wing movements to get coverage in the main media suppliers to the public…indeed, there is so much false and obfuscated reporting that deliberately works against the Labor Party and other minor parties in a most un-democratic way, that is being used as a reference point for other media outlets to use ..even the national broadcaster..This is a complete loss of any oversight of our democracy by an independent body.

And then we have the LNP members themselves. I had to go back to an old “Crikey” (social media) survey to find some numbers on the LNP front bench…:

“ State schools may have had good reason to worry. A Crikey survey has found that 82% of Tony Abbott’s cabinet went to private schools, with annual fees as high as $32,000 in 2013. This compares with the general public, where 35% of students attended private schools in 2012, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics….The Crikey survey found that 14 out of 17 cabinet ministers were privately educated. Two ministers were excluded from the survey; Nigel Scullion and Mathias Cormann refused to tell us where they were educated (in Cormann’s case, it was in his native Belgium). The majority come from religious schools, some in the Roman Catholic tradition, such as St Ignatius Riverview in Sydney (Abbott and Joyce). Anglican institutions like The Peninsula School, Mount Eliza are represented (Environment Minister Greg Hunt), while others come from non-denominational independent schools, such as Brisbane Grammar (Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane). Some, like Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, went to Sydney’s elite Greater Public Schools group.” (Crikey survey.. )

If this is the case as it stands in the Turnbull govt’ (and I can’t see it changing much) then how is this representative of the general population?..And doubtless that this has been the percentage “norm” in many LNP govt’s, then it would seem our “democracy” and government is an act of ownership of the “Greater Private Schools” system…or in other words..: A racket!

“In 2016, the share of national student enrolments at the affiliation level showed that the Government share increased from 65.2% in 2015 to 65.4% in 2016. This was balanced by the Catholic share of enrolments dropping to 20.2%, down from 20.4% in 2015. The Independent enrolment share remained steady at 14.4%.” (

So that we have governance by and for the interest of a minority percentage of the population. This elite cabal of religious / private school indoctrination of ideals would give direction to the type of political outcomes we have been suffering under for much of the LNP time in governance. This is not a democratic ideal of “FOR” the people, but rather..; “TO” the people. For how could a minister who had swanned through their younger years with all the privileges of class and paved ways of higher education, have feelings for the greater majority who have and will struggle through the hard-rows of school, work, finances. Of course they wouldn’t hold close to their hearts the vague unfulfilling notions of the poor and unemployed…those of the more wealthy suburbs would naturally seek to even make more easier the paths of their own…How would we expect otherwise?

If the percentage of ministers that draw up legislation and propose policy are consistently from a minority demographic bringing governance with their own or vested interests upon the greater majority for no reason other than to enrich those of the same class as themselves, this is not a democracy, it is an “Authority”.

Then we come to Parliamentary Procedure and rule of law, both civil and constitutional. The latest outrages against Parliamentary Procedure with the “dual citizenship” fiasco and the recent “Contempt of Court” outrage along with numerous rorts and allowances grabs etc. too many really to list! far as I can ascertain, there have been no charges laid or investigations done by our policing agents or bodies..why is this so?…why is there no authority overseeing those “close to the wind illegalities” committed by the LNP members? Could it be because, as written above, there is a unwritten acknowledgement of “confederacy of kind” between those of a certain class and education elite that gives a kind of “automatic Lebensraum” to move and to allow leeway for a change of direction…a sort of convenient forgiveness.

In a recent post, I wrote of when Norm Gallagher was goaled for contempt of court with no offer of a contrite apology given. Yet the recent same charge to three members of the LNP govt’ allowed an escape clause with a rather disingenuous apology..why?..because if the charge was rightfully upheld, it would have brought down the LNP Govt’…this was seen as an impossibility for that class of society..THEY were born to rule and it was “not cricket” for it to be brought down by some of their own!..So a convenient “out” was given, publicised and promoted by the fourth estate urged by those three minister’s colleagues and accepted by the judiciary..the “balance” was restored..

But this is not democracy in any shape or form, this is a corruption of the name and system. We have for many years been deluded into thinking we are living under a democracy, but it is in reality a “confederacy of elite collegial conspiracy”…not so much an oligarchy, nor an authoritarian govt’, but with a combination of those three ingredients; MSM, Private/Religious Education Groups , Legal Authority, we have a new order of “Triumvirate”.

I would urge the Australian Labor Party if or when they gain office to this time NOT do a Kevin OH! Seven and leave those LNP sleepers in their positions of authority or power, but to go through the entire higher order of governance, bureaucracy and media like a dose of salts to purge the rot that has permeated through the whole of the system, not just to secure their own governance, but to restore respect and honesty to our democracy.


The “White-washing” of the lower-class.

“First recorded in 1605-15, candidate is from the Latin word candidātus clothed in white (adj.), candidate for office (noun, in reference to the white togas worn by …Roman officials aspiring for election to high office).”

I am going to use the term : “Whitewashing” in this article to denote the action of taking smart people out of the common pool of the population and clothing them in a “whitewash” of indoctrination or propaganda with the covert aim of neutering any future action on their part of radical protest.

Geoffery Bardon, a teacher who came to Papunya ..: “ As Bardon observed on arrival at Papunya in 1971, of the four tribal groups brought together there, the Aranda had been ‘detribalised’ and “soured” at the Hermannsburg Lutheran Mission, and that “the white man had made them earn a discontent and misery, for they had learned all the whitefella-ways, and about money, and how something or someone did not have any full worth or place because of money and other concerns” (Bardon 2004 p.7). (Christine Williams on Albert Namatjira)

The use of religious conversion to subjugate the indigenous peoples is an old “trick” of colonisers. It was used not necessarily to bring the natives close to “The Lord”, as to dull their inherited tribal totems and traditions..driving their practices and adherence underground and out of sight..if not into we now know, they failed.

“ Albert Namatjira, being an early product of the effects of white culture superimposed on other ways of knowing and seeing, had despite the hardship, been able to carry his knowledge across to lineally-focused painting, whereas so many Aranda people must have felt alienated at being misunderstood.” (Christine Williams on Albert Namatjira)

I recently attended a funeral service for an indigenous was a vibrant and moving ceremony, not as I would have imagined, but held in a church but without the overbearing Christian ceremony and given with random testimony from relatives and friends of the deceased..Many people were there, we three Europeans were but the few and the whole ceremony moved with a kind of flow of sympathetic emotion from eulogies to testimonies to graveside song and internment like a natural flow of water from source (mother) to destination ( the burial site) to wake (tables overflowing with food)…

As I say, the white influence or overbearing organisation was obvious by its absence..the beautiful care of the deceased a tribute to the inherent maturity of local indigenous knowledge and confidence to take care of its own without White-fella control. No more the Albert Namatjira oppression.. and it is only now a matter of time before what was wronged in the years since colonisation is righted fair and square. The Garma Conference has drawn a new determination line in the sand that Labor has given policy word to grant a voice in Parliament and MUST follow through with legislation if or when they gain office.

Same with working class aspiration..not necessarily toward a middle-class consumerist lifestyle, but fair pay and conditions with social policies attached.

“ Norm Gallagher helped to build up a powerful, national trade union organisation – the Builders Labourers Federation (BLF). He was General (National) Secretary for 31 years (1961-92). He was head of a downtrodden group in the working class – the labourers of the building industry
He was a tremendous organiser. The greatest working class organiser of them all. He became delegate/shop steward at 16 years of age and Victorian Branch organiser at 18 years. He became General Secretary at 30 years.
He did what was necessary. He had the will and determination where others failed. Norm gave everything. He gave his whole life. He devoted himself to builders’ labourers and the working class as a whole.” ..( Steve Black : A Tribute.)

I started my working life in the building trade at 14yrs..and can say that the BLF put the balls back into radical unionism..Put the balls back into the working-class conflicts and led the way with the BWIU to give power and voice to union demands. I don’t buy the bullshit that the likes of the right-wing in the halls of power and the Murdoch media painted about Gallagher or the BLF….I saw them in action on the multi-storey building sites and they were bloody good!..they helped resurrect building workers from the most dangerous work-place environment to one of the safest..a position that is now being undermined by this LNP govt’.

I will make the extra point here to remind all that ..: “ He (Norm Gallagher) had been gaoled for three months for contempt (of court) for daring to criticise an Arbitration Judge’s decision on disallowing 1.9% wage rise to builders labourers. Norm had stated that the judge’s decision must have been written by the Master Builders Association. TV, Radio had wanted his views; he gave it and that was Norm, always available. And where were those great bastions of free speech when Norm was gaoled for speaking these views? The media barons supported his gaoling.” (Steve Black ..A Tribute.)…and I will ask: Why were those three ministers not jailed for THEIR there one law for some?

The “clothing in white attitude” of the indigenous peoples and the “white-ing” of Upper Middle-Class ideals and opinions onto radical policies thereby attempting to minimalise their effect and to attempt to “own” their radical direction won’t work anymore..Like the “Gonsky 2” proposal..the “underfunding NDIS alternative” and many other ameliorated compromises from the Right-Wing of politics…We have all become cynical of these measures to deny the majority a fair share of this nation’s wealth , health and education. The white-washing of those with radical policies and opinions by cutting them out and rewarding them away from their support and “tribal” base will no longer work. Both the indigenous and the immigrant ethnic working-classes demand the right of equal opportunity…

With the election of Sally McManus to the ACTU secretary and the radical approach along with John Setka, we have forces in place to confront the gross inequality current in our community…and to break the back of the hopeless idealists of Neo-Liberalism.

“ In 1985, in a great miscarriage of justice, with the jury locked up for ten days, Norm was gaoled on trumped-up charges for so-called “secret commissions”. The judge who gaoled him was Judge Waldron. He happened to be the then Victorian State Premier, John Cain’s, “Best Man” at his wedding thirty years earlier. Cain was the man overseeing the job of getting Norm and the BLF in Victoria.” ..(Steve Black ..; A Tribute).


Failure Politics.

Pessimistic policy agendas of the LNP.

We won’t have it!..We won’t take it!…We don’t want it!

We don’t want the sickly pessimism of these failed penny-ante philosophers, these failed leaders, these failed and failures of small-minded-people that head and advise this govt’.

Look at them ! :…Failed Priests, failed Fathers, failed relationships, failed business , failed careers..Fail! Fail! Fail!…and they want to tell US how to live OUR lives! The majority of us who have gone down the hard-track of either self-training, self -employment, single mothers, full families full work-load and all the trials and tribulations of life and living …Give us a break!…give us a fucking break!…


There was a perfectly decent set of policies put in place by the Gillard Labor administration that laid the foundations for a more fair, equal and financially secure society. But it has been trashed by these failures that are now trying AND FAILING AGAIN! to sell us a dodgy set of principles that will only lead to many young people failing in their quest toward a decent life and career, breaking the hearts and minds of a whole generation.

That is because the only politics those of the right-wing lobby groups, think-tanks and individuals can promote is the politics of failure ..or to give it a title : “Failure Politics”..that’s all they got to offer…FAILURE POLITICS.

Infrastructure : Dismantling or environmental damaging = Fail.

Social safety net : Dismantling and abandoning the most vulnerable = Fail.

Health Coverage : Destroying or favouring the privileged = Fail.

Education : Overpricing or under-delivering = Fail.

Environment ; = Fail (without even listing the items!)

Communications : Complete destruction to favour a “failed mate” = Total Fail!

Foreign Policy..: Insult nearly every neighbour, religion and culture = Fail.

One could go on and on and on….Failure after failure, stumble after stumble…Fuck-up after fuck-up!…and no contrition nor admission….just a continued game of “Blind man’s bluff”….To criticize this govt’ has become a situation of “Where to start”…seriously, where does one start?…it’s like picking up the pieces of shattered crockery…it is total chaos, total failure…in fact, never since the second world war has the anagram “SNAFU” been more apt!….never!

Not only can they not control the very economy they have worked and corrupted so hard to create with their juvenile “economic rationalism” policies, they are many of them so deep into speculative investments, rorts and negative gearing opportunities, they now cannot even afford to stop their own rot!..Likewise with the same-sex marriage issue..regardless that many of their own are either involved in same-sex relationships and want to resolve the issue to their own satisfaction, they have not the gumption to face up to their own members to pass the bill for bringing it on…Hopeless, gutless and useless.

So let’s get serious and consider..; What does one do in the workplace when one is confronted with management that has no idea how to run a situation, yet is in charge? leaves it in place but powerless and by-passes it. Here we have a bit of a problem..the fools in charge THINK they know what to do, have the power to implement it, still bugger it up and then move on to the next disaster in waiting!….it seems it is US who are powerless.

We are supposed to be living in a “rule by law” society, but I see there is one law for some and another for others…The wealthy have access and by-ways and by-passes and the poor or at least the working poor have only social media to push their barrow..The powerful have the MSM to punt them along endlessly and relentlessly..The wealthy citizen can even now lobby this LNP government to put in place their favourite hobby-horse dreams as law or legislation, support their acts of lying and thieving without any seeming comeback in either law or policing.

But wait a minute…we have one thing going for us that has the potential for mighty we have seen when we unite on social media locally to punish companies who back a stupid idiot when they do a stupid action. Perhaps we need to “up the ante” a tad or two and start to unite the voice of social media internationally to request peoples of other nations to stop buying products from certain corporations or the united voice of people on social media will unite to stop buying that nation’s companies products!…Sure..a big ask…but never before has there been such international unified communication. Perhaps we are on the cusp of a revolution, but a new type of revolution…not arms of weapons, but arms of people raised in protest…The revolution of the passive refusal to be a consuming conspirator of pessimistic politics!

I say…: “ LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN !” :….and for a start..: Switch off Murdoch!

Like it was built by Gods.

To stand up-road a tad from The Pantheon and look at the building, is to see a dun-coloured brutal, beast of a thing..squat and huge, like a monster about to spring!..but when you enter through those massive bronze doors, you enter into air…air and light so vast and ethereal that it can seem like it has its own atmosphere. The spherical dimensions of the interior are a marvel and a testament to the genius of innovation of an age so long ago as to be almost unimaginable. I went with another person there and as we passed through those wondrous bronze doors, she gasped at the sight in front of us and involuntarily whispered..: “ It’s like it was built by Gods..”

But it wasn’t..It was built by skilled workmen under the orders of (if you look under the pediment up front) “ Marcus Agrippa, 3 times consul built this ”…put there by the Emperor Hadrian after he rebuilt it.

[ “M.AGRIPPA.L.F.COS.TERTIUM.FECIT”, means: “Marcus Agrippa son of Lucius consul for the 3rd time built this”.]

THAT was in the days when we, as humanity, built magnificent things.
THAT was in the days when we, as humanity took pride in civic obligations.
THAT was in the days when those in governance took seriously their civic duty.

It was pure selfish greed and masculine vanity dragged that world down into the dust, and with it so much ingenuity and capacity..a lesson in how NOT to run a society..truly a slow-motion destruction.

But where, one could ask are the spectacular buildings of antiquity built by women?..Oh they are there..have been for many centuries, just not brought into the limelight..I had to look them up…from ancient Egypt : ..” In order to understand their relatively enlightened attitudes toward sexual equality, it is important to realise that the Egyptians viewed their universe as a complete duality of male and female. Giving balance and order to all things was the female deity Maat, symbol of cosmic harmony by whose rules the pharaoh must govern.
The Egyptians recognised female violence in all its forms, their queens even portrayed crushing their enemies, executing prisoners or firing arrows at male opponents as well as the non-royal women who stab and overpower invading soldiers. Although such scenes are often disregarded as illustrating ‘fictional’ or ritual events, the literary and archaeological evidence is less easy to dismiss. Royal women undertake military campaigns whilst others are decorated for their active role in conflict. Women were regarded as sufficiently threatening to be listed as ‘enemies of the state’, and female graves containing weapons are found throughout the three millennia of Egyptian history.”

Of the many examples in antiquity of temples or palaces designed and built by women, one sees a subtle difference in the “sensitivity “ of design of some of those structures..where the masculine warrior / ruler has a built-in command of sometimes brutal, solid power expressed in the very masonry, a temperament of “holding away”, I can detect a more “inviting” atmosphere in the buildings of women designers..But that may just be a personal prejudice.
“…By the second century AD, however, women had come into prominence,with the result that by the Antonine period we find public statues, building-inscriptions, and architectural designs all featuring the names and images of women in the towns of Italy and the western provinces.From the mid-second century AD., some women were so integrated into civic life as to become-adopted as patrons of towns and of collegia,or to be named ‘City Mother’,although the holding of municipal magistracies remained barred to them.”

Interesting the statement above of the Egyptians seeing their universe as a duality of Male / Female, for THAT would have to be accepted as the natural balance..before a patriarchal masculine warrior class took command and dictated the corrupted idea of gender superiority.

The masculine idea of power and control was brought into Roman architecture most visibly in their copying of the Greek temples..almost identical in every way right down to the supporting columns surrounding the walls…but the difference was in the entrance..Where the Greek temples allowed entry from all four sides via three steps, the Roman temples had a front entrance only and that via a flight of stairs up to a legionnaire on either side at the top…one was forced by this method to ascend toward the base of power, in a metaphorical act of submission.. a contradiction to the “democratic” every person entrance to the Greek temples.

All these bits and pieces of loose ancient recorded history paints a vague picture of gender politics in those ancient times…BUT..if we were to “step back”…a pace or two and take in the whole panorama of the time-span, we can see that in the era of “Paganism” (a borrowed word from the Latin ; “country/ rustic” person), there is solid evidence of gender equality in many areas of living / conflict…and the picture changes radically once we enter the “civilised society” stage of masculine legal and religious orders…particularly religion.

It stands to reason that any tribal hunter/ gatherer situation would demand gender equality to survive and it also stands to reason that with the commencement of sedentary societies, there came the establishment of councils and authorities..which would, with the power that comes with such, mean the likely creation of cabals of confederacy and conspiracy..particularly within masculine groups in the tribe, leading to the gradual oppression of those most vulnerable in the; women via children and the aged.

“ Maria Mies, in her book, Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale, has collected much information from women-centred research in anthropology on this question. This evidence leads her to put forward the thesis that it was men’s role as hunter which led to his expertise in simple weapons of aggression and capture. In addition, within nomadic pastoral tribes, men’s work involved breeding the animals with a lessening role of gatherer for women and an increasing pressure on women to breed and be controlled along with the animals by men. Man the hunter was then able to hunt and capture women and young men, both of other agricultural tribes and nomads, when they came into his territory. He was thus able to take the first steps in accumulation of property, surplus and power.

Maria Mies stresses that evidence suggests that it was women who were the early agriculturists, not only, making vessels for gathering surplus food but also cultivating crops by means of early tools, such as digging sticks and hoes. At this stage, hunting for meat was a peripheral activity, which only men could afford to experiment in, women being involved in the day-to-day feeding of herself, her milk- producing capacities and her young children. But, of course, societies developed differently in different parts of the globe, depending on vegetation, climate, and animal species. Grasslands were more suited to nomadic life, fertile plains and river valleys to settled agriculture.

The accumulation of surplus and private property, by pillage and force, not only made one section richer and more powerful than another, but was notable in that this powerful section was almost entirely men.”…( )

Maria Mies ; book, Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale Here is a short review of her book..very interesting.

It just goes to show how long some accepted “orders of social correctness” have been in place, so the problem of changing them to a more reasonable and natural balance may be a long process..unless there is a more revolutionary act.

Screwing the Murray / Darling Basin Plan.

In light of the current concern about water rights in the Murray Darling Basin, I would like to offer this piece I wrote on our old community blog about the “perfect storm” existing amongst the smaller “generational farms” along this section where I live on the River. The cause of this concern is because of the creation of mega “Agricorp managed investment schemes” that have sprung up using irrigation to grow huge crops of veggies and nuts and fruits.

Many of you would remember the collapse of “Great Southern” and “Timbercorp”, two mega Hedge-Fund / Managed Investment Schemes that bought up huge amounts of water licences along the Murray River. These and other schemes have dominated the water market and by sheer weight of numbers, have corrupted the cycle of produce markets and pricing…and have bumped up the cost of water for irrigation..

Read on…

Community Centralised Markets.

Discussion Paper on Solutions for Sustainability of a Community.

Listing the realities of farming in the Mid-Murray Council area..:

a) That it is primarily an agricultural constituent…

b) That the agriculture producers are mostly of generational owned small holdings..

c) The imposts of market requirements, restrictions and pricing are more favoured to large holdings, large corporate agri-business and Managed Investment Scheme producers……

The result being the development of a “perfect storm” of squeezed “family farms”, concentration of production to “outside interests” that export their produce, dumped excess commodities resulting in rock-bottom prices for produce and concentration of water allocation licences with corporate agri-business. The result could be a complete loss to the local community of independence in growth and supply of produce from family farming enterprises.

Many might say..: “So what!..let the market decide.”…But it isn’t “the market” deciding…it’s “Fund – Managed” speculators with super capital, super credit and cross-border / cross-seasonal guarantees of profit margins protected against crop-failure by multi-location producers that, being so large and having the capacity to produce so much, they can control the wholesale price of produce by dumping or withdrawing commodities from a market that will eventually be reliant on their capacity….The smaller producer having neither the capacity, flexibility, nor the credit to “ride-out” long-term problems…add to the mix an uncertain climate, and we have that perfect storm mentioned above.

The conundrum facing those many small farmers, is that having only a certain acreage, they can only grow a set amount of produce per acre..there are only so many onions that can be grown in every squ. metre, for instance..and because of their limited collateral with the small acreage, and their incapacity to compete with these mega farms, they are not well received by the banks who already are aware of their asset and growth capacity. So they are locked into a vicious cycle of not having enough land to compete with the agricorp output. They cannot compete with the wholesale price per kilo of produce marketed by the mega farms and they cannot get credit from a secure source to expand their acreage, nor afford to buy any more water licences for irrigation..a perfect storm.
I spoke to one young couple in such a situation where they lamented borrowing some money just to get their goods to market, which only returned a fraction of the expected price, leaving them to say they would have been better off if they had let the crop rot in the ground.

See this :

What can we do?

Those mega-producers deliver their products either interstate or ship to ports for export way outside this council area…so they are not affected by local fluctuations, yet do have capacity to affect the viability of local produce with the flow-on pricing control from their mega production capacity….it is the smaller, family owned farms that are at risk and perhaps we can do something there. It is a new idea, building NOT on a cooperative of producers, though they would be good…it is a “market-oriented” proposal that would require a contract between individual different than the usual “contract to supply” of many businesses…it would require the Mid-Murray Council to become an “investor in the constituency” to supply locations and under-cover premises where a regular, consistent, semi-permanent stalls (much like the Adelaide Central Market) of local farmers could sell a huge variety of produce to local shoppers….produce such as vegetables, meats and fruit and even cereal grains in either bulk or packaged. Or ..there could be an emphasis on wholesale selling to many local country stores that would save transport time and costs for all parties while delivering fresh produce to local buyers on a more regular basis.

Certainly, it is a bit of a BBQ. stopper….I believe we have the capability to do this… we have to think big…very big! We have quality growers of everything in the lines of veggies’ , meats, fruits and cereals…do we have the population of consumers to purchase? The population count of the Riverland area alone could add up to at least thirty or forty thousand people.. not all of them will shop at such a market, but ALL of them do eat!…If these “centralised” markets stayed open for say.. three consecutive days each, I would think they would be a goer…considering also the weekend tourist flows through the area..if council could obtain State or Federal monies to construct multi-purpose under-cover arenas with appropriate cold-store facilities…then it could be a goer…There would have to be at least four locations all operating simultaneously over three days, in Morgan, one in Blanchetown, one in Sedan and the other in Mannum….the multi-purpose arenas could be hired out on other days for other pursuits.

Sure, this is a simplistic over-view of possibilities of de-centralising produce supply buying, that would involve cooperation and contractual certainties between council, growers and a willing-to-participate public….but what other choice is there? Just lay back and watch as all these hard-working, quality producing generational farms and families get squeezed out of the industry?… or do we affiliate and come together as a society and instead of ending up with a community that is depreciating and all our young people want to move away from, we become a community that is creating and not only do we get our young people to stay, but we attract more keen people to come to the area because they want to be a part of a growing community.

What do you think?

“Welcome to our Alpha-Male World”.

The recent sad legal case of Amber Harrison and Channel Seven gives rise to the attention of just what are the risks played when an unsuspecting woman wanders by accident or innocence into the realms of a “boys own” network…There is another current case, I believe, involving the AFL and several married men and one male of the “Brotherhood”…whatever that is!

Whatever the masculine scenario, whatever the antiquity or the integrity, be it class or crass, there is usually but one outcome when the female of the species moves her swishing skirts, hips and general distraction of nature’s natural pheromone aphrodisiac into the range of Alpha-male radar…..trouble.

There has been great debate over the ages that in Da Vinci’s mural of “The Last Supper”, there is near Jesus the presence of a woman..this “affront” to the male bastion of a gathering of the Apostles has simmered down through the if such a creature would dare to invade the private club of male testosterone…outrageous!’d be like a tranny doing strip-tease at the Crazy-Horse Review…unthinkable!

I recall just such a group that gathered at the south-east corner of the old Seacliff hotel to once a week on a Friday, to give salubrious homage to that most liberating of spirits; The Amber Fluid..But this one night, all went horribly wrong..It went like this:


Getting back to that “Last Supper” thingo…you notice (as have many others) one of the “Apostles” looks remarkably like a woman…well, that’s because she is!…It’s no secret that whenever a group of “alpha-males” gather, there is always one token female allowed into the group. She is there playing the role of the “straight- man” for their confabulations (yes..I looked THAT up…)….for their double-entendres, when they say a sexist or vulgar comment and it’s …”present company excepted…” or…”If,’n you’ll pardon my language”….or ” in the company of a lady…” this generic female may be in a relationship with of one of the men, but it is a given that once the male brings the woman inside the perimeter of the “circle of the club”, she becomes a kind of psychological common property, and her good manners or grace is presumed upon by all as in the above examples.. It’s the only way the Alpha M. can have “uncommitted sexual intent” without any sexual contact at all, and still be plug-ugly!

And here’s the rub; The lady cannot protest such or any vulgarities..because if she does, it is then asked why she sought out their company if she didn’t know what to expect…ie; It’s your problem!..and if the words are not spoken directly, they certainly are implied. But there are layers upon layers of pathos and insecurity that many women know of concerning the Alpha Males..and the biggest is their fear of failure.

Abbott’s front bench had one female…I believe..I remember in the coterie of the “Seacliff Hotel Sports and Social Club…Inc.” there was one….they called her “Nan”….which is telling…although she was younger than most of them.

The “Seacliff Hotel Sports and Social Club!” used to have a Friday night happy hour fund-raiser w/ meat-tray and chook raffles, called ; “The Clang-Bang” (don’t ask!!) and as to what “charity” they were “fund-raising” for, again; don’t ask..But it did eventually come to the attention of many members of the lower social echelon of that erstwhile club, that the proportion of swimming pools to the number of high-office holders was highly disproportionate to the trend of the general population…if you get my drift!…Anyway, the coterie would congregate at one corner of the front bar and make whoopie…Nan, (who was a hairdresser by trade) would be in the middle of that attentative group perched (yes..that’s the word to use) on a bar-stool..;the “Wheatland St. Madonna”? (The street next to The Seacliff Hotel) sipping her Bacardi’s and…She supported an enormous blonde Farrah-Fawcett bouffant so popular in that era…so you couldn’t miss her there….

All this went well, until one fateful Friday evening, being kept back in her salon tending to a rather demanding ‘blue-rinser’ Nan was late getting to the clang-bang raffle draw for the chook, one of the highlights of the gathering AND a prize she coveted as a future achievement….So when her regular number came up, Nan was not there at that moment to claim the prize..BUT, by the rules stated..; “no claim, no game”..that is; if you are not there to claim the prize you miss out..although there was a degree of hiatus sympaticus for the person involved as she quite often professed her desire for “something fowl” ( bring on the guffaws!)…but all debate was silenced by one half-shiggered Jim Tuffin when he took a moment of pause in the conversation to call out slurrily..:

“Ahh, fff#ck her!…if she’s not ‘ere, it’s ‘er hard luck”…and of course, he was just voicing the selfish feelings of the was a big chook! away with all sentiment and a re-draw!

Nan, did not take this news well when she arrived all flushed from the hurry and keen as mustard for the night….

“Well f#ck you too” was her parting words and she decamped to the Brighton Hotel, never to darken the doors of the Seacliff again….She was soon replaced by another blonde…they called her “Norah?..Dorah?…” anyway after that blonde woman in the TV. series of the times..: “Prisoner”.

In the Alpha-Male world of camaraderie , no-one is in-expendable and there is no such thing as “women friends”.

The Damascus Road.

The road to Damascus has been traveled, the veil has been lifted , the penny dropped..all that sort of thing that accompanies the awakening of the senses to the bleedin’ obvious.. This “awakening” happened today as I sat in a waiting room..(and was accentuated by the John Lord piece put up on the blog this morning)..just your average waiting room for whatever services, and there was the ubiquitous stack of reading material of glossy magazines, some so-called “informative” , some architectural, but mostly trashy gossip rags, full the sort of things that can get publishers deservedly sued.

Now, for many years..yes, That’s; “years”…I haven’t been inclined to pay any attention at all to either new magazines of whatever capacity save just glance through with a look at the pictures and perhaps the captions..or the same with books, even though sans pictures, I have tried but failed to get hooked into the story, save a few, too few exceptionals..and I have wondered why, when one hears from some quarters quite laudatory critiques and heaped on flattery to this or that latest publication. But many, many times I got to the book and find quite quickly that it is disappointing and a let down.

Why is it so?…

And today I think I can explain.

I was perusing a lifestyle magazine promoting a holiday by the sea, in a supposedly olde-worlde beach shack of minimal proportions..the article had all those expected pics of weather-beaten tables and driftwood decorations, fluffy cushions, wicker baskets, along with the regulation hammock and old fishing rods and white, white everything..incl’ tablecloth…set against a background of bark-shedding Melaleuca trees with a fore-view of sparkling sand and blue, blue sea.
Wonderful, wonderful…

And, of course..all fake..a pastiche of an imitation of how a advertising person would like to think the everyday holidayer would like to imagine…oh you get the picture!..all complete bullshit..from the conception to the creation. Nothing like the real thing..what we would once have called “hyped up”..I know, because I and my family had a “roughy-shack” for years over on the Peninsular when summer hol’s with the kids meant many family kids and “one in all in!”


So I chucked that one down in disgust and picked up a gardening mag’..and I looked..and..there were no fuckin’ gardens in it! least no gardens I have ever seen..just mock-ups of green corners, of plant pots rented from some office greenery supplier, I suppose and herded around entertainment settings with again the over-stuffed cushions (available from “X” for $xxx )..all nonsense and puffery..just a wad of paper promoting outdoor settees and swimming pools and the like..all manicured exotics that would be out of the financial reach of 99% of Australians wanting a real garden.

What was that film?..”The Truman Show”.

So I gave that one away as well and picked up a trashy mag as I was dying to know just who the “Jen” was on the cover that was getting back together..maybe!..with Brad..who the fuck are these people who I am expected to know by their first names?..It’s all shit! bullshit!..and people buy this shit and take this shit home and read this shit and then feel the need to share the shit with loads of other shit publications in a waiting-room of some professional services that is supposed to relax gives me the shits!

Layer upon layer of just rubbish!..
Rubbish fascile entertainment.
Rubbish celebrities.
Rubbish economics.
Rubbish politics.
Rubbish relationships .
Rubbish employment prospects.
Rubbish careers.
Rubbish pretence of what reality is and the whole she-bang so over-hyped that what we once called a real life is but the sentiment of a soft warm glow sun-setted over the far horizon.

But that’s how it all is these days..just like the song; “Is that all there is” (Peggy Lee 1969)..and I hate to say it, folks..but yes..and as in the world of publishing, that’s all there the main..banal, frivolous, facile pastiche..The real world no longer gets a look in and the people are fed this continual pap of confected, cosmetic, conflated concoction of fantasy and futility..even our imaginations are being “managed” (see holiday destinations above) to accept fantasy as reality..and if this goes on long enough, will it not become the reality? So now even the fake holidays are faker than fake!

If we are continually subjected to false realities with the sophistication of photo-shopped pictures, celebrity imprimatured locations and credit financed possibilities, will the fantasy not in some way..some hope , some “I want it” possibility become the expected reality and all true happenings get blocked as a denial of what is the now accepted ideal of the “perfect reality of life”.

And I just want to know one thing: Who the fuck are Brad and Jen!?