In Defence of the Unknowns.


““Well, what I’m sayin’ is that there are known knowns, and there are known unknowns, but there are also unknown unknowns. . . “  …..I won’t bother referencing that quote, you know it already, or else you have been living under a rock…unlike the rest of us who, like mushrooms, are kept in the dark and fed on bullshit!

This is one of those articles where one’s arms feel like lead being dragged to the keyboard to even be bothered to type the words…where the mind becomes so wearily stultified with trying to simply explain what seems the bleedin’ obvious to welded-on LNP supporters or swinging voters, that one only feels like curling up into a foetal position and rocking back and forth rather than have to go down to the depths of child-like logic to justify one’s instinctive (and usually proven true with time) premonitions.

What I am talking about is trying to prove the logical truth behind political and authoritative policing actions that seem to go nowhere..for instance, the FACT that why does the IPA seem to have unlimited political influence, unlimited media access.. and could quite easily get its funding from you and I : the taxpayers, through a convoluted but well disguised pipeline of LNP donations gained from Parakeelia type grants ( )  to the LNP then diverted to the IPA..or from Murdoch Inc. through grants from the LNP to his corporation via the public purse…OR . . . and there you go…and of course you know it’s true..for when have those fuckin’ useless upper-middle-class bastards EVAH—-EVAH paid for anything out of their own pockets or through honest hard work?…WHEN??….NEVAHHHHHH!

But this is one of those “unknowns” that the likes of you and I can not prove…and will likely never be investigated..WHY?…because while this LNP criminal organisation is in office and has control of ALL the authorities that DO criminal investigation, it will be put in the “go slow” tray awaiting the blowing of Gabriel’s Trumpet announcing the second coming!

How can I say that?…One argument put forward by an acquaintance who quite rightly defends public service integrity, was that perhaps the appropriate authority IS investigating but we cannot know where that is at this moment….and we await the outcome which could be at any moment!

“ the AWU raids?” I cynically proposed “Where the media was alerted and were waiting on the Union’s doorstep? that level of secrecy?”….. “Or when Craig Thomson was arrested and the coppers were booked into a local motel overnight and the media was hunkering down outside while his pregnant wife was taking a shower and then filmed it all for the nightly news?”….I was on a roll..”Or the TURC Royal Commission, where some union officials and even the leaders of the Labor party were openly investigated with the MSMedia giving hourly updates, then accused and some even charged, handcuffed, dragged away publicly and arrested though nothing was yet proved…that sort of ‘secret investigation’?”

You see…THESE are the “unknowns” that neither you nor I can prove…and yet there they are…Why has the investigation into Michaela Cash and the AWU tip-off to the media stalled ?…Why was the investigation into Barnaby Joyce and his girlfriend costing shenanigans stopped?…Why is Kathy Jackson still swanning around buying properties after she was found guilty of charges to answer?…Why was the ASIC and the ACCC so powerless to investigate banking and corporate corruption on the LNP govt’s watch?..How does the IPA get financed ?..Why was Murdoch’s media mob recently given $30 million without explanation? Why is the coal industry STILL getting LNP and govt’ support when it’s bleeding obvious coal is yesterday’s fuel?…all these “unknowns”..and there are may add to them as you wish..I will not dwell on them longer…but there must be dozens..!

But seriously…we..that is YOU and ME and TH’ PUBLIC makes three already know why…we knew why when the first words were uttered by those upper-middle-class bullshit artists who run the show..Like this little beauty from Malcolm.. :

“Malcolm Turnbull ordered a departmental investigation into whether Barnaby Joyce breached the ministerial code of conduct – but his departmental head has now canned the inquiry on the basis that there is “little to be gained” now that the former Nationals leader has moved to the backbench.”

Hey…hey…isn’t THAT just peachy!…that’s a beauty, eh?…: “Oh we decided to can the inquiry into the murder on the basis that the murderee was now deceased. . .”…That’s how it goes, isn’t it?   Like when Ashby and Pyne conspired to steal The Speaker’s diary to debase and slander the Speaker of The House…OUR FUCKING DEMOCRACY!!…How do you stop the investigation?..You sack the victim!….Craig Thomson was found guilty..ergo…Jackson MUST be innocent!…bloody marvellous iddn’t it?…The offices of the AWU was raided by the AFP, ergo they MUST be up to something…so it matters not who informed the Media to gain political points..the primary action dismisses any culpability of responsibility for any secondary crime…

So who funds the IPA?…we already know by their refusal to say…

What is the guilt of Barnaby’s salacious relationship costings?…we already know from the travel/hotel data…

Why was Rupert given $30 million?…we already know when the MSMedia pumps out their rubbish polls and bullshit propaganda for the LNP..

Why was Nick Ross driven from his job by Turnbull when he wrote of Turnbull’s rubbish “Multi-Mix NBN technology”?…We can see the evidence of the treason all around us now!

Why was there no banking RC back when it was badly needed?… well…we are seeing so now that the gory details are pouring forth and the LNP is busy shredding into the wee hours every document that will eventually associate and incriminate them when we have that one big Royal Commission into everything IPA / LNP / Murdoch / BCA….and perhaps by then the AFP will be de-politicised so that they can do police work rather than cover-up work!

So sure..there are those “known unknowns”…but given our age and learned knowledge and experience of the lies and cover-ups and utter-utter criminality of ALL the LNP members of The just know they will do..will HAVE TO DO everything in their power to corrupt the authorities that could incriminate them…and that is why when Labor gain office (excepting perhaps the possible corruption of the electoral commission) they will need to create a tribunal to adjudicate on the mountain of accruing evidence of political/corporate venality.




Too Late the Heroes.

Anzac Day is soon to be upon us, and taking nothing from the sad disaster of the deaths of the many young men and woman who gave their lives in some of those Imperialistic adventures, one does have to reflect on that one day when it seems that those from that class of people who have given or suffered the least in most wars are there ; Front and Centre, their mugs right in the camera lens, demanding the nation looks to THEIR example for “courage and determination” in leadership..their little fists pumping and a-quivering..sad indeed is that truth that those who are the least inclined to act courageous in their civic life are the ones who demand the most sacrifice from our defence personnel of the nation.

So even though Anzac Day is soon to be upon us, can one legitimately but with regret state? :

There is really no point anymore in observing Anzac Day…No respect in the sad silence of Remembrance Day…no longer such “emergency” in the warning of the Holocaust or other Semitic massacres in the Arabian Peninsula; “Never let this happen again!”….for even here, in our own country…a country of the “fair go”…the “easy-going Aussie”..the “land that is for everyone”…it is gone. How many people in Aust and the world marched against the Iraq war?…one..two …TEN million?…yet it was delivered with the now readily recognisable “Howard-shit-eater grin”, standing next to his neo-con USofA. mate ; D. Rumsfeld as they promised and delivered “shock and awe”…which destroyed an entire nation and stole the breath of at least a million citizens of that nation…and created the continuity of the exodus of refugees that we react against today. Where a scalpel-cut execution of the so-called “reviled leader” could have been done as has been done (under the very noses of security) of several since.  No, this war was just another anti-Semite war, for the majority of Iraqis are Arab…this was another religious “crusade”…too late the cry of “never again!”, has already been done..and is continuing to be done, thanks to the war-mongering Right-wing of Australian politics!

That amorphous collection of provocateurs and saboteurs that calls itself The IPA., sloping suspiciously about in the umbra of political activity, always the “bag-man” for LNP political short-bets, it’s sickly-smiling members parachuted into the Senate like one of “The Phantom Turd Flinger” of Preston’s brown paper-bags of shit dropping on the heads of the bogans in his local pub car-park. We have this organisation that acts as a “finishing school” for the clumsy, gormless, naïve, self-centred arse-holes that is de-rigeur for any LNP wannabe member of The House…and we have to consider; such Machiavellian deviousness and sly-eyed bastardry could not possibly be a product of a natural development of a child..The cruelty, the attraction toward the betrayal and selling-out of one’s nation for a political ideology is a thing not best left to chance…hence the thorough indoctrination by those expensive private schools and colleges to “enhance” and “guide” through devoted mentors, whatever “natural bastardry” already existed in the gentle mind of the children..One would not like to think such acts of pusillanimous self-centred, spiteful, shit-headidness was just a normality of those many mongrels from that demographic…but one must accept the obvious.

And Anzac Day?…That day of sombre celebration of unity against adversity…courage against onslaught…camaraderie as mateship and unity as strength. It is now a circus-sideshow mockery of those who faced and endured such trials and tribulations, when we have abandoned even the pretence of such in our everyday lives…the disbanding and dismantling, with the voted-in permission of the Aust’ electorate, of all those community services and policies that WERE for the benefit of the MAJORITY of citizens lends a slander to the courage and integrity of those that ran, bent-backed, across the deadly sands of Gallipoli….we mock their memory as the “everyperson-Australian”, while we mock universal social reform and the “fair go” for everybody…for what else did so many sacrifice their lives for?

And Remembrance Day?..for all those who went to a war zone, whatever their individual reason, that suffered and died for what they believed was right and for the common good…for freedom and fraternity. By giving one minute’s silence for their sacrifice , while the IPA / LNP and their confederates clamour and holler continuously and endlessly for THEIR “rights and demands” as an individual or corporation to plunder and rob and connive and abuse their fellow citizens…..THAT has to be the saddest mockery of all…..a minutes silence for those lost youths and lives of the brave and courageous, while the IPA / LNP clamour loudly for seemingly limitless selfishness and endless “sunshine”.

It is a mockery and a travesty of civil-society, that the IPA / LNP. has declared itself the arbiters, through the most minority of winning margins, to dictate a diminished capacity for the citizens of THIS..OUR country to live a respected and respectable life. The shrill accusations of this govt’ and its lobby groups does crude mockery to our fallen, our revered memories, our honourable intentions and our international good name.

It will be left to us to maintain the rage…let us hope we will be permitted the capacity!…..because, by Christ!…the nation and the citizen body WILL demand AND GET satisfaction!


“You push the boat away from the wharf with an oar and when clear, you dip the oars into the cool, clear ocean and you strike away from the shore, free from the ties of the land, liberated to move in any direction you desire. . .”

This is the metaphor we of the working/producing classes must apply to free ourselves from the ties that have bound us to be obliging to a stultifying middle-class management of our lives, our work, our finances and our property, that has held down our collective dreams and capabilities with doctrines and obligations that have kept so many generations of us chained to their “wheels of Industry” with their false and fraudulent promises of “success through hard work and diligence”..A lie, as they cheated us of wages, property, liberty and family time, all to fill their own pockets and line their own wallets and to enrich their own property portfolios..All to coat their study walls with portrait pictures of themselves in glorious robes and framed notations of their glittering prizes.

We of the producing/working classes have for so many generations relied too heavily on that class with the most esteemed qualifications and certificated degrees of tertiary training to design our society and laws in the most fairest, balanced, equitable state that would allow the majority to go about their lives with work/family obligations best suited to an accepted standard of living agreed upon by democratic governance.

We gave them preference over our trade and semi-professional skill sets to take command of the steering of governance, where once the most skilful and experienced would be seen as the most worthy to guide the ship of state, we have deferred, mistakenly as it has shown, to those most certificated with doctorate or degree from tertiary institutions…those halls of learning where in those times only the more wealthy could attend and in doing so, secured for their own the guarantee of future social and financial security..a security they then set to deny us of the working/producing classes no matter how hard we worked or how frugal or diligent we saved.

We have been betrayed….we have been used….we have been plundered and robbed….We now must seriously consider the option of moving our collective services and capabilities away from the illusion of a gilded cage of “aspirational ambitions” held out to us as a temptation carrot to allow a “business as usual” subterfuge to be committed against our persons and our families.

You will notice I change the nomination of “class” in this essay to : “working/producing” class…This is because I believe we have to now include those small inter-generational farmers/ producers..also those small “hands-on” family businesses..For while they are claimed by the ruling political elite as “theirs by status”, in truth those hard-working family businesses are “working-class” by the reality of their physical labour that is essential to their income…no personal hands-on application = no income. The farmer’s hands are as stained with dirt as the bricklayer’s…their backs as bent as any nurse’s and their finances in many, many cases as fortuitous as a weather forecast!

They too have been robbed of their future as Hedge-fund Agri-corp’ mega farms flood or starve the market according to THEIR needs, their many corporate holdings spread over several states to secure steady percentage income against this or that state climatic conditions.. thereby controlling the price of produce across a wide variety of goods…they also have gained control, through bulk purchasing with unlimited credit through complicit/compliant banks, the water licence allocations along whole stretches of the major rivers and water-ways of the nation…so the small farmer/irrigator is hard pressed to expand their holding and cannot present a business plan to those same bankers who favour the mega-farms for loans to buy more land or water to fairly compete..These small inter-generational family farms are also victims of a vast middle-class social and financial dominance of our nation.

There was a time when a work week was predictable..the jobs were secure..the apprentice/ trainees intake kept up with the demand of skills needed in the local economy..Secure jobs meant secure loans to purchase property and products…the weekend was inviolate..Changing morals and habits of society was an evolving thing..but over all this stretched the umbrella of a secure society.

But all this changed almost overnight when middle-class management discovered that they could sack their permanent workforce and re-employ them on contracts, saving money on established conditions like holiday pay, sick leave, workers compensation and responsibility of secure employment. This ricocheted into the capacity of those now contracted workers to be able to get home loans from the banks to buy homes and cars etc..Those same banks that financed the employers were not so keen to lend to unsecured employment workers..This trick of capitalism made into middle-class political policy first started in a big way in the building industry and was ostensibly to break the backs of unionised labour.

The upshot to these times is the importation of cheap labour from third-world countries on 457 visas to staff those mega farming projects and building and mining projects…more and more local labour is casualised in the pursuit of bigger and greater profits..all the while those middle-class certificated managers and CEO’s gain greater and greater wealth and larger and larger share and property portfolios while we of the working/producing classes struggle to get or hold onto our one family home.

They have made their own lives comfortable through the acceptance of high salaries or remunerations…they have secured their position and properties through their passing of laws they have framed to protect themselves but penalise us!..they have passed legislation in THEIR Parliament that benefits best that class most well positioned to gain huge financial reward through government contracts to companies many of their own family holding shares in advance of the knowledge of those contracts. They have benefited from a class network that both advances their young through the select internships of a professional career and secures nod and wink agreements to dodgy or even sometimes illegal methods of financial gain.

All these glittering prizes go toward an old age or a created dynastical family fortune on the backs of the hard work of the working/producing classes…all the wealth gained or pilfered from the raping of this nation’s resources silently slipped out of the reach of fair taxation to a robber-baron tax-haven paradise for future plunder..This is the “reward” we were taunted with if we but bent our backs a bit lower to the work at hand..if we attended a few more hours a week to the job required..if we sacrificed our weekend family time to the profit motive of the boss’s needs..if we relinquished our want for home and hearth in exchange for their picaresque portrayal of “a liberated lifestyle free from the constraints of property obligation…” and in exchange they offer us a paucity of wages and poverty of living standards…and debt and debt and more debt..

They have capitalised on our unsophisticated understanding of their financial chicanery to swindle many of their hard worked for life savings and pensions. They have dragged our sons and daughters into wars by playing on our national loyalty with their phony jingoism and then abandoned those same soldiers when they return wounded or damaged and incarcerate indefinitely those refugees fleeing those wars in their own version of a “Devils Island”…Wars NOT fought for the sake of allies, but rather for their own corporate confederacies…their own rewards..They seek our patience as they frame policy that in the end will crush our ambitions. They seek forgiveness when those same schemes rob us of our work-place dignity and wages. They seek our mercy by claiming that their convicted conspirators have suffered enough punishment with their loss of “face and social position”.

It is surely time we end this sick relationship and make our Exodus from them and their empires..and as we cast ourselves metaphorically adrift from their diseased embrace, let us make this promise to ourselves and our children’s future..:

We will NEVER more have patience with their lying schemes.
We will NEVER more forgive their thieving ways.
We will NEVER more show mercy on them at all.

And lest we forget..:
“While the worker’s poor harvests are wrought with desperation or defeat,
The wily middle-class reaps fortune from fields of deceit!”

On Higher Learning.

This piece was written and posted on the 16 Dec. 2013 in response to what I saw as an “understanding” that existed (and I believe still does exist) between what could be called the higher-educated middle-classes AS AGAINST the low-educated working classes..that could be best described as a “consciousness of kind” between the commentators and writers from that “upper” educated-class.

Yes, I do have a chip on my shoulder against the higher-educated middle-class and how they have either for too long dismissed or demeaned commentators and opinion pieces from the lower-educated working class as being badly written (in a grammatical sense) or too clumsily abusive or lacking the finesse both natured and nurtured by the respected Alma Maters and the “masters” of those institutions toward their charges and wards as they coached them to graduation cap and gown..bully for you! But what has now evolved from that “exclusiveness” is that the likes of idiots like PHON and the far-right of the LNP have arisen to fill the vacuum created by the “abandonment” of a whole social demographic who benefit more from being led by educated instruction than by the nose.

It went like this:

On Higher Education. (posted on “The Pub” blog circa ; Dec’ 16 / 2013).

Hello!…muy afficionados!…sit back and relax…it being Xmas, ol’ jaycee is going give you a bit of a fireside chat!

BB. (Bushfire Bill), I see you have posted on the latest Andrew Elder piece..I posted there under “anonymous”(haven’t quite worked out the identity thingo yet!)..; that last post on the accusation of Treason against the fourth estate…and I see as an aside “Cat Momma” under the alter alias of “Hillbilly Skeleton” has also resurfaced!…

On that subject of treason, I recently wrote a piece called ; “The Meaning of Treason” ( )…I first offered it to Dave Donovan at IA…which he enthusiastically accepted…but then on what I believe was the advice of his moderators, he rejected it without changes to what they thought were possible offensive slanders against the integrity of the MSMedia journalists of the day…I then gave it to Fiona, here, who accepted it and sat on it for a couple of weeks, while BB. put up a couple more pieces and I could see it was going to sit a while longer and I feared the ‘moment’ for such a piece’s impact would be lost as Abbott and the LNP. regained its footing…so I withdrew it intending to extrapolate on the subject and represent it to another site…it was eventually accepted, although ”keenly” edited and put up for THREE DAYS on the Political Sword. (1 / 12 / 2013) As it happened, Abbott predictably made another massive gaffe (who’d a thunk it!) and it went up at the right time.

But the piece is not the subject of this little discourse…The subject is the presentation of A Subject!.

BB., you wrote a post a couple of weeks back on the memory of a Brother at your Catholic College; Alma Mater “coaching” you in English essaying..and you stated ;(wtte) that even though you had previously won prizes in writing, you feared the upcoming exams would be a challenge..and so you sought the “coaching” of this brother..and all went well !…

I had a similar moment when attempting to learn Latin at Adelaide Uni mature entry..( THAT, sounds salacious!)..I remember coming out from a tutorial, absolutely weary at the constructed complexity of the Latin grammar…I remember I counted one verb alone had 35 (I think) variations..and that probably DIDN”T include a future “shifting tense” ( I remember I cracked what I thought was a witticism about that being a bit like Arabic.; ”…you know ;the Bedouin and their shifting tents”..I thought it funny…the Latin lecturer didn’t )….I remember standing in the sunlight outside the Wells Building and softly exclaiming to myself ; “Who and why, in effing hell thought up such a complex grammatical labyrinth ?”…(of course, the Romans themselves had a much simpler system, relying, I suspect, more on sound inflection and gesticulation…the Latin we learn is really Medieval Latin..constructed in the Catholic Monasteries)….and as I was spewing on this thought, I looked up and followed the line of the buildings and the road-kerbing going away, away to a converging point as in the perspective lines in a drawing right across the (then) open courtyard dead straight to the front doors of the “University Of Adelaide Club”.

An accidental metaphor?…perhaps…but then it dawned on me…like, I suspect, it dawned on yourselves with many essays…this entire “education scheme” is a structure that is not necessarily about “learning”…but more about “training”….Thorsten Veblen wrote (at around the year 1910) that the whole idea of higher education was really to filter out those who would be pliable and useful to the ruling class …the “leisure class” as he succinctly put it! Your “Brother” did not teach you anything you did not already know, BB. but he did “train” you how to frame your writing to pass those exams….you were the more fortunate than I in that you were already part of an institution..; St Johns…(I believe)…and were taken under wing (however reluctantly) and “skilled up”. I was from the “wasteland”…working-class / middle-aged male…I had only the enthusiasm..NOT the grammar!…but I scraped through it all….just!

But here’s the rub…Having got that piece “The Meaning of Treason” up, it was not cross-linked to ANY other site that usually links The Political Sword..I saw one usual blog even linked TPS’s Xmas Cheer message!….sure, I would have liked to have seen the piece spread around, for its message rather than my vanity…Christ!..if futile vanity was all I had to boost me in my fading years, I’d rather “bare my bum in Bangalore”…but I do wonder why it was omitted…it was no more irrational or silly than any of the multitude of articles that make their way to the web…but there is one thing…and Ad Astra touched upon it when he first posted it..He said the charge of treason might make some “bristle”….and THAT is, I believe, where I crossed the line…and you can see it in Andrew Elders reply to my post there….

I had accused what could best be described as “The Fraternity” of higher education professionals , journalists and academia of a heinous crime…because there is seemingly a “common ground” understanding that is “trained” into select university graduates that (to put it simply) “one does not peach on a fellow”…one does not cross such a boundary of accusation as cannot be retracted….

To close..I remember sitting in a shell of a new building having smoko with another contractor there…the only one on this day..a Italian…and being half-Italian myself, the conversation got around to children…”…and how many children do you have?” I asked….he was shelling a boiled egg…tilers, as a consequence of their occupation, have very short fingernails..and his short thick, calloused fingers were making a job of it…he sat silent across from me, the action in itself was an education , his fingers working on the egg and his tongue wetting his bottom lip..I thought he had not heard my question and I was about to repeat it, when he replied in a tired, fatalistic way..; “I do not have any children….I have movie stars.”….and he bit on the egg and stared at me….he didn’t have to explain, I knew, as I am sure YOU know, just what he meant..

And (bad grammar that, starting a sentence with a conjunctive!) I now use that metaphor to say that we, of the fifth estate, have few, real, Left-wing intellectual commentators, we have Grammatical Stylists…

Like many of us here and elsewhere on “progressive” sites, since the 2010 elections, I must have read thousands!…literally THOUSANDS of posts and articles, both encouraging the Left-side of politics and villifying the LNP. mob….So..taking the 2010 election result as ending in a roughly 50 / 50 Labor / LNP. and the fact that the 2013 election ended in a LNP. win, we have to conclude the intervening years and thousands of articles not only failed to deliver ONE extra vote to our side, but in fact we LOST many…….so whatever we argued for in those essays and articles, it was somewhat of a duffer!….the argument didn’t reach the intended ears nor touched the intended minds….our direction was all wrong, it would seem.

I am suggesting we give a degree of consideration as to how we can reframe the discussion to draw in more readers.

I have an idea, but will hold off while we, I hope, give some thought on the subject.
I am going to cross-post this discussion (at least MY part) to the Political Sword to see what they think.


The final failure of the middle-class “Left” revolution.

The subsequent elections of right-wing governments in England, America and Australia, sounded the death knell of a long-running attempt at “revolution” by the centrist, soft-left-wing of the middle-class. In Australia, it started with the Whitlam Govt’ that was overthrown by Right-wing conspiracy and treason aligned with the last fading light of a far away regency and those of the high-ranking echelons of colonialism firmly adhered to the royal arse.

On that fateful day upon the steps of Parliament House, where on 11 November 1975, David Smith, Official Secretary to the Governor General, Sir John Kerr, read out the proclamation of the dissolution of parliament on the steps of Parliament. This proclamation was as we are all now aware, signed by the Governor General Sir John Kerr. He been advised by the high court judge Garfield Barwick On November 10, Barwick, a former Liberal Party minister under Menzies, tendered this advice to Kerr about his constitutional powers. Supported, we are now aware by another judge ; Anthony Mason .The entire theatre of farce and treason having it’s court jester Malcolm Fraser seeking office like a Fagan pickpocket stage-door Johnny waiting in the wings around the back entrance of Yarralumla.

The mistake Whitlam made that day was in not taking the advice of his more radical partner ; Margaret Whitlam and tearing that dismissal document in two.

If he had done that, it would have brought about immediately two long overdue events in Australian political and constitutional history. The first would be by destroying a direct order from the representative of the English Crown, the Australian Govt’ elected by the people, would have rejected the command of that colonial power and by ipso facto declared Australia a Republic in it’s own right by this single act of revolution.

The second thing that could be enacted by tearing up the proclamation would have allowed Whitlam to then direct the policing agents of The State to arrest those traitors responsible for an attempted coup d’état against the democratically elected government and drag them off to be put on trial.

Unfortunately, this was the moment where Whitlam’s nurtured sensibilities and subconscious loyalty to a middle-class indoctrinated obedience to a middle-class “rule of law” system cunningly framed and worded to favour that class, let the nation down..and indeed, I suspect, let himself down..Whitlam let his own vainglorious mood for the grand rhetorical gesture persuade him to rather than instigate what could have been violent revolution, declare instead the lesser protest against the personal indignity of the dismissal with those now famous words..

“Ladies and gentleman , well may we say God Save the Queen because nothing will save the Governor-General.
The proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General’s official secretary was countersigned ‘Malcolm Fraser’ who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance Day 1975 as Kerr’s cur.”

You can see the élan in Whitlam’s face in the recorded video moment as he delivered those fateful words..and rightly so..a magnificent moment of rhetorical scorn against his peers…He was indeed a master of his elocution…But ..but much more permanent and indelible would have been the result if he had but held that document high before rendering it to shreds and called upon the citizens of The State to witness the names on that statement of treason and to proceed with haste to drag those individuals to their judgement.

And by all counts of political inertia, barring a few nods toward radical social policy that is where the situation remains. Any yielding of ground to satisfy the needs of the vast majority toward social equity in pay and conditions has been wound back by those inheritors of the Kerr/Fraser betrayal. Subsequent centrist-left governments of both major parties have tended to obey the dictates of economic rationalism rather than social equity, referencing repeatedly to the old replay of “the people don’t want radical politics…they’re not ready for too radical change…” so the middle-class limp of “softly-softly, catchee sweet fuck all” plays on and on and on…until truly, the “people don’t want change because they don’t even know what change will mean!”

Well I will tell you what change will mean..

First : The restriction to the political power of so many private-schooled middle-class educated people.and an opening up and encouragement of more educated worker/shop-floor based politicians.

Second : The inclusion of a truly representative parliament balanced with educated blue-collar politicians and that needed Indigenous representation as suggested with The Uluru Statement.

Third : All essential utilities like public transport, energy supply, water/engineering works, health , basic NBN communication network and a secure and apolitical bureaucracy. And all the spin offs from such ownership, be reclaimed by The State.

Fourth : All foreign corporations have to have national Australian sited registration WITH a Aust’ citizen at the head of the board of directors WHO IS responsible to answer to The State in the event of any misdemeanours or criminal activity.

Fifth : ALL TAXES DUE TO THE STATE MUST BE PAID..or a degree of forfeiture of assets to the State.

The capital-based corporations MUST yield their necks to the yoke of social responsibility. The corporations MUST answer to the demands of social necessity, for there is no need for them to exist beyond a SOCIAL need for them to exist..They have no other use..The fact that they are wealth-creators for a tiny minority of shareholders is of little merit in the greater scheme of a society.

We have to disarm and dismiss the middle-classes from any form of national management of the country. Their limp-wristed whines have taken us down a cul de sac of jumping through endless hoops and running around endless roundabouts.

This last “fadeout” by the high-level attourney : Julian Burnside to apologise to “those who may be offended” because of a photo-shopped picture of Peter Dutton in a Nazi uniform shows the degree of capitulation that a nurtured middle-class education will do..Sure, Burnside gave legitimate reason both for his apology AND his posting of the picture..good reasons that should satisfy any debating mind that likes to wrangle over the pros and cons of the where-fors and whys…when all the time there need not have been ANY apology nor explanation given…the deaths associated with the policies cruelly implemented by the Minister are reason enough for such as he to have been taken before a court in the past and charged. One has to wonder on just where the now mythological famous “cutting of the Gordian Knot” would have gone had Alexander the Great sat down with the “ wise men” to debate the twists and turns of that knotted rope that confused a generation of “talkers”..

“Fuck it!” one can hear Alexander cry as he drew his sword and cut the knot asunder “Consider it fuckin’ done!”…and so it was..One has to wonder in hindsight just what sort of employment was subsequently given to those “wise men” who for so many years stood in sage stance and feature guarding the “terrible secret” of the untying of the knot..perhaps it was the dole queue for them?

Now… in the twenty-first century, we are confronted with the fraud that only those who have gained the wisdom granted by a multitude of degrees and doctorates have the deep wisdom of ruling The State..Only those with access to a chest-full of wealth and business acumen have the knowledge of governance, granted to them down the corridors of a middle-class education curriculum best administered from the old Alma Mater colleges of sandstone and Latin logos.

Once again we ; the people…are like the warrior Alexander, confronted with an almighty bluff of paper and air..all sound and fury signifying nothing..paper tigers with a bark so much worse than their bite. Time to take the fight right up to their cowardly noses..

Fuck it!…we will once again cut the Gordian Knot asunder and remove the middle-class from their self-appointed positions of governance and social management. With the framing of a new social manifesto……
WE will change the conversation..
WE will change the rules..


Too much of Plenty.

In an era of such discrepancy between those who have too much and the great majority who have too little, it is with a kind of disbelief that I keep on seeing the tyrannical political representatives of the former being repeatedly gaining office to inflict even greater burdens on the latter …

As the good professor would once have asked … : “Why is this so?”

Of course, there are the usual reasons acceptable to statisticians of demographic favour, the reliable “rusted ons” and a degree of persuasive propaganda through a compliant and biased Main-stream media.

But in an era of known “swinging voter” power, which we have seen disrupt both Houses of Parliament in recent years, why is it that their vote AND that of many main-stream political party favourite preferences shift toward what could be described as preferencing bigotry, racism and elitism in class-distinction to give greater advantage to the Parties most corrupt in governance AGAINST the poor, the weak and the most vulnerable?

It is, in my estimation a shift over the last couple of decades of a seeking for assurance by a population of well-established, even if not entirely economically secure, section of the populace, the well-heeled, the moderately comfortable or the socially at risk but having access to easy credit to maintain a false feeling of comfort and security- Australian citizen body that has over these last couple of decades snuggled itself down in a soft furnishing of an “expectation of privilege”.

But they forget that it is not so long ago, just a generation or so, that many of their parents or grandparents fought a daily battle of poverty and want against those very political forces that would have drowned them in that sea of despair while enriching, as they are doing now, the same section and grandchildren that tormented their older kin.

I have the archival records of one of those families who struggled to overcome that debilitating poverty that only the actions of the militant unions and their affiliated political representatives gave relief to so many working families.

“ “1983 … Business ……….. of Survival … With the Death of Richard, I must now manage alone, on one pension.
The house seems in good condition. No large account, only the small loan I had taken out, which finishes in June 1985. Must try not to take out anymore loans, to(sic) much drain on my low income.
I must try to live on produce from garden, with eggs to help out.
Try to cut down on weekly food bills, most of all on meat.
The animals take quite a lot (money) for food, reg, etc.
As the fowls are all getting old, must breed up some new hens. “

That direct quote was from an aged pensioner’s diary … sure, we know she was not going to die of hunger or homelessness. Or do we? … She certainly was afraid of some vague uncertainty…and therein lies the simple truth … :

“A lifetime of habit, creates a certainty of belief … a moment of uncertainty doubts a lifetime of belief ”.

For that lady, her entire life was constructed around hard work … The old-age pension that Labor and the unions put in place gave her a measure of security so she could live out her final years in dignity.

But these simple demands by the most vulnerable of the population, along with a most brutal and cruel treatment of so many asylum seekers with their families coming to our shores seeking that second chance at a new life, have been swept aside in a maniacal assurance of security from fear… : fear of terrorism, fear of financial devastation, fear of a different skin colour and culture even fear from the indigenous people of the very soil of our nation …. in fact – from fear itself.

A fear of the loss of that expectation of privilege …. : Too much of Plenty.

It is an ugly revelation of a ugly country when such fear bubbles to the surface like pooled sewerage and it even has its own peculiar “smell”, the smell of that fear … and one can smell it most prevalent upon those who, while having gained their measure of financial security from dealing with and from those very subjects they most revile, are the first to demand restrictions upon and levies via wages limitations upon those very enablers of the life they have now become most accustomed to.

The machinations of the big financial houses, the merchant dealers and commodity miners, along with energy, communications and property speculators … in fact the entire middle-class and their hangers-on have used their money, media contacts and lobby group persuaders to corrupt and make degenerate an entire citizen demographic of aspirants and wannabes , even so far as to create simmering doubt in the most decent and honest citizen that now cannot, does not now want to see beyond its own pathetic insecurities to what most benefits the nation … We now have not only a cowardly nation that; going on the recorded histories of SO MANY failed empires and States, has not only condemned itself with a continued cowardice to the same fate of those lost civilisations, it has, by its continuance of electing those representative political parties who most seek to gain riches and wealth by stamping down and using as a footstool to climb the largesse ladder those most productive to the nation … by doing this vile act, it has also relinquished ITS RIGHT to survive.

Its … : “Too much of Plenty” will too soon become so little of nothing.

Just WHO controls the conversation (of left-wing politics) ?

There was a moment, it is written, when Julius Caesar stood on the foggy far bank of the Rubicon in silence, with his formations of loyal legionnaires at his back before he whispered those fateful words … : “Jacta alia est”.

I feel empowered today to whisper those same sentiments if not the actual words .. for it is not with the intent to conquer a government that I am writing this piece, it is with the intent of wresting the conversation away from those who like to think they are in control of where the left-wing politics of this nation ought to be heading. For too long has the needs of the “wretched poor” of that majority of the national population .. AND in that bracket, whether they want to know it, accept it, or not, I include the everyday pensioner, be them aged and surviving from pillar to post pension payment or the other myriad of the poor, be they indigenous, refugee, invalid or the working poor “other” … the so many and increasing number who have little connection to the Glam and Glitter nightly portrayed in an endless stream of inconsequential and mindless reality television fantasy … a fantasy, the ABC is keen on increasing with a new direction of portrayals of warm ‘n’ fuzzy personal stories rather than disturbing investigative current affairs… for too long have they been tricked and maneuvered by a duplicitous middle-class.

For while the more radical side of the left-wing keep calling for intensifying the pressure on those representatives in the parliament, we see only a very cautious edging toward further left .. much like a bad vaudeville act comically edging itself off stage. This is most probably governed by the frightful reality that the general population is fearful of radical anything that could jeopardise their hard-won fantasy of a plasma TV in the lounge room and that faint scent of “Glen 20” in every other! … even if both the TV. and the couch are “on the tick”.

With a population that was dead-weary after two world wars in the space of two generations, they were a sucker for the Menzies era of “Father Knows Best” governance .. where successive Liberal Governments were returned with little more effort than a false belief in the generosity that they were : “The hand that giveth” … and the arm that kept the dreaded “Reds” at bay … and when the time for a more radical left-wing government was deemed necessary, the fear was portrayed that the entire nation would be sent into the red-column of bankruptcy because the government of the day “gave too much”, a handy coup d’état put paid to a continuity of “fair go” politics.

From then on in, we ; the people, have suffered a decline in living wages and standards with the following of capital’s egregious philosophy of economic rationalism where once at least we had the illusion of the hand that was “giving” was OUR government , now we have those corporate banking institutions in charge of the economic direction of the nation and the monetary system has become : “The hand that giveth – credit” .. and bankruptcies have never looked better, and white-collar crime has never been more profitable … and respectful … so respectful, in fact that now it even appears to have the tick of Government approval!

So why has it come to this?

Simple .. : The education of a middle-class that has been indoctrinated to believe that the only way to a civilised and functioning society is to have that class of “institutionally trained” devotees managing both the treasury and the political direction. For it is no accident that such institutions of education have been lauded and funded and held to the highest esteem of the pinnacle of learning and cultural sophistication, let alone that of intellectual and academic brilliance so that after all the glittering prizes have been distributed to them and them only, the churned-out products of these “ruling-class machines” speak the same “language”, see the same “horizons”, and hear the same “cry of needs of the people” that they perceive it is THEIR duty to govern … after all, was it not written : “Father Knows Best”. So that even those women who graduate from such institutions may believe they are “calling the shots” of liberation from a patriarchal tyranny, they are only doing what is within what could be called a “perimeter of containment” that allows those of the middle-class to “rip-it-up” so far and then the nurtured indoctrination of “trigger comforts” pulls them back to gaze more closely and sentimentally on the treasures and possibilities accumulated by their parents and social kind and to reassess if they REALLY want to go to that radical “bridge too far” …

So then the “soft-soaping” of their more radical vocabulary begins and quickly fades from an “WE MUST” to a gentrified ; “ There ought to be some consideration toward … ” and the conversation that was entrusted by the working classes to those who had persuasive command of language and “learned” politics now becomes a light-headed whine and whinge of the bleedin’ obvious … Because all that time while we of the half-educated working class deferred trust and voice to those better educated to speak on our behalf, they have instead fallen back on their social status blood-line and do not want to lose out on the better things in their life for nothing more than what they have been told is a futile fight for liberty and equality with the great, stinking, out-of-tune song singing ungrateful unwashed.

Might .. they now truly believe in their soul of souls .. is right … and THAT is about as far as their reach for democracy goes!

There were two incidents in Australian colonial history that could have changed the conservative direction that this nation has gone down. The first was the Eureka Stockade Uprising, the second was the insurgency of the “Kelly Gang” culminating in the siege of The Glenrowan Inn … pity the night that the schoolteacher (a middle-class aspirant?) ran to warn the special troop train before it was derailed by the deliberately loosened tracks and sent plummeting down the embankment that could have created the necessary destruction of the belief of central colonial power and led to the envisioned and threatened uprising of the Irish settlers of Western Victoria …. Such is Life.

But in these days of social media revolution, when the capacity for radicalising of the left has never been more possible, we STILL have those scared, timid voices of the trained poodles of the middle-classes whispering their “Peter Pan” ideals into the ears of the fearful … : “don’t be too radical…look what (we/ I ) .. YOU could lose … sure, you got every reason to complain, and look! … here … I’m always here to help you complain .. ” So it’s futile, silly letters to a minister, silly open letters to politicians, “fists in Gucci gloves” waving in the air to be followed with a tiring sigh and comforting words in the plummy-accent with fellow radical “Wilderness School” or “Scotch College” old fellows at their fav’ café or split-level house in Toorak or North Shore or the sub-equal .. emulated in the lower caste suburbs by a “seen in Vogue magazine” interior decorations and the plasma in the lounge but with a / many delicately balanced credit accounts that with just one loss of income could bring the entire suburban fantasy of the house of cards tumbling down and the whole family spends Chrissy and the near future by the sea in a loaned caravan on a sad council oval with so many other homeless working people.
But don’t worry .. ”They” have your interests at heart and are more than willing to give you a “voice of complaint” on a media platform they share with their fellow status authors … you are not alone …. till the bailiff comes.

It is interesting in this town I live near .. It has been a conservative voting town for as long as I can ascertain … many, many years .. and they swear by the Liberal Party as having the best interests for the country folk … yet it has to be the centre for the most disadvantaged and in many case most impoverished folk in the region … and the town has gone from vibrant centre to wrack, ruin and despair with most of the historical pioneer civic structures crumbling or in a sad state of disrepair to display loss of inspiration to lift themselves up .. all is self-centred toward the individual and to self-preservation .. They are divided .. like the rest of the nation .. and they are in consequence .. ruled by their tormentors … and they can see no other way because they distrust any words that speak of radical politics, but go to the general store and you can ascertain their trust of dietary habits by the stacks of “preferred brand” of frozen pizza!

Why has it come to this?

Too much listening to a duplicitous educated to imbecility middle-class knowing the price of every one of THEIR possessions and having no idea of the value of a quality of life lost by the working poor so they whisper insincere words of the possibilities of “personal achievement” rather than listen to an honest inner voice of liberation and revolution!