A Social media liason.

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“Words fall from our lips like cherry-stones into waste-bins..words of no serious content nor of any consideration..Without wisdom, we are but drones, without emotional feelings we are but beasts of the fields.”

I first “met” her…or at least I presumed it was a “her”..after all, one can never be sure when one first chats to a gravitar on social media…on the Twitter board, but I had to take her moniker for what it was worth and that was “Salutations Sally” (@SalSal)…and I have to confess that I liked her “in your face” posts that now regularly appeared as retweets or replies on my twitter stream…I decided to ‘follow” her, which to my surprise she reciprocated and “followed’ me back…There began communication on the board ..at first cautious as is proper between a male and a female..and, yes..Sally was a lady..on the public Twitter streams..between herself and myself over several months as topic and opinion agreed..I found myself hitting the “like” heart quite regularly in satisfaction.

It was on one of her outbursts of opinion where she challenged another poster in claiming she acted as an “independent thinker” on a particular subject that I thought to introduce “Salutations Sally” to some of my writing..for I do confess to being an amateur scribbler who posted stories on a blog of my own…and this particular piece was a new variant of my usual story-lines, those being of a local colour or historical content..a different tack from my usual stories..I had decided to delve into my own subconscious self and I realised that I had for many years been a closet voyeur with a taste for the erotic..and so I lowered the bucket into my own personal well of my soul and pulled it up to see what I would see..I wrote an erotic story about a man who had lost his wife through a long illness and the meeting of the lovely lady next door..they meet and match over the subject of a pear tree..and I was a little reticent as to how it would be received in this day and age of political correct bowdlerism..so I challenged her “as an independent thinker” to read the story and give me a critique.

To my surprise, she accepted my challenge, so I sent the link of the story on my blog…here is the tale for your own assessment..; https://freefall852.wordpress.com/2022/03/18/the-pear-tree/ ..indeed, Sally enjoyed the tale and we started to have chats via the direct messaging service on twitter..and I have to say that after a short time..around a month or so of congenial messaging, it became..if I can create a new expression..”the start of a beautiful Twittership”.

And by Christ, she turned out to be more than just a gravitar image…for “Sally” (if that be really her name) truly was an independent thinker…and if I might add…doer!…for one of Sally’s amusements was coincidentally, like my new realisation of myself..a thrill with eroticism.

Have you ever been aroused via the electronic media..and I don’t mean brutal pornography over the internet, anyone can access THAT dross..I mean having a lady send you sensual pictures of her own erotic creations..of her own body..with deliberate intent to arouse you..?..It was after one of our discussions on the power of erotica as a body/mind health stimulant that I received Sally’s first…”gift” as I came to call them..to myself, such beauty given with sensual intent to me..to only me..was a gift supreme..a gift I had no appropriate words of gratitude for…I could only swoon at the erotic pleasure..

“Good morning, Sally…I hope you slept well…I have to say you took me by surprise last night..I came as usual to see your “night-night” farewell and there was your delightful gift shining into my eyes like a full moon in clear skies..it took my breath away I must say…and yes…yes..I did open the pic up for a quick and hungry glimpse..and yes…I did kiss it!..and admire it…as I will always now..such a sight of pure beauty!”

I did kiss that image of her proffered derriere there in voluminous beauty on my computer screen…I even confess to running my tongue over that incandescent “moon”…for that is what it was to me ; a full moon with the most modest cover of her lace G-string underwear covering her womanhood..It was a thing to adore! Truly, an erotic presentation…Sally was a very proficient photographer.

I complimented her..: “I was going to come to see your “goodnight” and to sook a little that no-one was talking to me on the Twitter board and no-one was reading my stuff..but then I saw the pic…..and…….swoon!…I wasn’t expecting a gift of yourself… I now confess to becoming hungry for  another glimpse of your body naked…but I think you well know that…I think you well know me like an open book now…I don’t mind…I trust your judgement…you won’t spoil me..keep me just hungry enough…I adore it!..tease me..taunt me! ”

And tease me Sally did..once, in the middle of a political discussion, she did “interrupt” the conversation with..; “I brought this body-suit yesterday..do you think it fits me well?”..and there was a picture of her lovely, full breasts squeezed into a partially unzipped, black, wet-look body suit whose zipper was only just able to control the force of those glowing mammaries trying to escape that body-suit…simply a glorious sight!

“My stumbling, bumbling words do no justice to the beauty of that image you have sent me, Sally…how does one tell of the personal warmth ignited in me with such a gift…I treasure it and hold it to utmost privacy…it is a beauty above so many others….I worship the thought that produced it..Your long, blonde hair falls just right….I will spend long moments dwelling over those curves…”

But it was not the pictures themselves that aroused the spirit of eros within me, it was ‘the gift given”…for I truly believe that erotica is a thing contained within a person…and pictures of the body are but gateways by which to enter to that pure emotion.. I have opinions on that creation of the erotic moment… In the appreciation of an erotic image, three phases or moments are traversed..The first is the immediate impact of the  photographic image itself..the sudden jolt onto the psyche of such beauty…and while beauty it is, it is not really erotic..sure it can be a shock with its immediacy, but not so harsh that we cannot gaze upon the image in mesmerising attention and sensual delight of one form or another so that we become aroused.

The second phase is in the swift analysis of the image as the eye “traverses” the image and the intellect assess the mood…the photographic purity and skilled depiction..the camera angles, light and pose of the body image, colours, backgrounds, props etc…all absorbed into the eyes in split-second appreciative respect of skilled display.

The third….ah..the third…this…is the crux of erotica as an art form and psychologically implanted beauty..a beauty perfected in the imagined process of the making of the erotic moment.. One looks to the image..and one imagines the thinking that went into the making of that image..The subject (woman in my case) deciding just what image she will show to the camera and the viewer..and here there is pause enough while the voyeur re-creates in their imagination, the actions of the subject model..Having decided, she prepares her clothing..undressing or putting certain sensual clothing on..the choosing how much flesh to show…what part or whole of sexual organ to allow to be seen…then the preparation for the camera angles..the adjusting of breasts or buttocks for best image..adjusting the lace cloth to cover that most pure part of a woman’s genitalia.. what can be described as the “personal touch” of creative erotica……..all this is contained in a swift imagined cameo playing out in continuous loop in the voyeur’s mind…and in that imagined preparation, the experienced male can “join the dots” to see quite clearly those hidden delights of the sexual woman judicially covered for the erotic photograph…so the two dimensional image becomes three-dimensional “reality”…a silent sigh of pleasure and delight……take my breath away….take my breath away…oh woman, thy pure delight.

This give and take of erotic stimulus continued with several more beautiful pictures of Sally in provocative poses…her full breasts or bottom gracing my computer screen in sensual delight..I was at one point lost for words to describe the sensuality of the moment..

“It is why I look for, find and treasure the inner beauty in your feminine beauty…..and to myself, there is no more beautiful thing than to hold that beauty to myself…it is that place I speak of between a man and a woman…I don’t want to sound schmaltzy about it..but it really bites into me…” Somewhere.. Between the soul and the Divine, Between that love you seek and the love you find, is a place of absolute beauty,”…..I adore it!…”

In reciprocation of Sally’s “gifts” of erotica, I would compose poetry solely directed of, to and for herself…I would compose my gift of elocution celebrating her beauty ; inner and body for both of us to soak our souls in..and even if I say so myself, those eulogies to Sally were of a quality equalling the best of any lover’s poetry..for they were composed with honest and humble dedication of my affection toward herself.

“A shaft of sun through the Parthenon glows,

Upon a wild, white Athens rose.

The blossom of that tender bush,

Is tinged at heart with a gentle blush,

When held, ‘tis said, ‘tween lovers fingers twined,

Would, with age-old chant, their voices bind :

“Oh Sun who gives the blush to thee,

     Grant her cheeks may blush for me,

And with the passing of this day,

     Grant the wish I wish I may.”

I even wrote a story centred around our social media escapade..for escapade it was, an adventure just between Sally and myself..we were like two strangers within a cocooned room..: “You know…I like this “reality” that you and I are the only “people” in this virtual room…yet we are invisible to each other..we are like two blind people feeling our way around the walls..and occassionally we bump into each other….and say “hello”….”

 Sally had several men friends she would see and go out with..and I was in no way possessive of her trysts and sexual fantasies..on the contrary, I would encourage the enjoyment of such..am I not a voyeur?.. and then ask..in the most polite way of her evenings..I would ask what she wore and Sally would in kind post a pic of her outfit..and if she was in a sexy mood, would expose one of her breasts out of the garment for my voyeur’d delight..and yes..I would almost weep with joy for the secreted excitement of our social media liaison.

Knowing Sally’s domination side, I would sometimes make humble appeals to her controlling nature just to have her “chastise” me in playful language..

“If I appear crass, vulgar, impertinent in my desiring to see you naked in sexual erotica, forgive me…it is of a man who has basked his eyes upon your vision splendid and desires more, if in desiring to drink in more of your decorated bodily delights it is of a man who has drank thirstily from your well of commanding sweet water, if in desiring to taste more of your full, curvaceous body, it is of a man who has feasted hungrily from your banquet of a gourmet body…and yes..I confess to being all of those things first mentioned…and more!…but of these and other weaknesses..forgive me…I am but a weak man hungering for the absolution of your woman’s sexual blessings….forgive me..forgive me…”

This and other such fantastical sentences we gladly and keenly exchanged and indeed, I had a long-term vision for an “online virtual relationship” that we could hold in secure confidence of each other giving and receiving an exchange of gifts of “equal value” in precious feelings to each other.

And then came the covid virus epidemic..

And then Sally went down with the virus..

And that was about when it all went to hell..

And the fault was mostly my own..I had underestimated the reach of that deadly virus, and Sally, being the “crack hardy” she portrayed herself as, gave little evidence of the extent of her illness…and then thirdly, I am one of those more fortunate people who very rarely fall ill enough to warrant medical attention of any serious nature…as a matter of fact, on my having to have a kidney stone attended to, the nurse taking my details and cross-checking them on her health directory computer, raised her eyebrows and exclaimed ; “Oh!…a cleanskin!” meaning that there was no medical records against my name..and for someone of my age, that appeared unusual..

So the extent and gravity of Sally’s illness escaped my serious attention and my consequent demands on her person became, I should imagine, more of a burden than a pleasure to herself…which culminated one day with an outburst accusing me of being puerile, petulant and using herself as little more that an object for my own selfish sexual fantasies…………of course I rejected the first, but had to upon reflection, accept in the light of the bleeding obvious interchange between ourselves over the preceding months the second and third accusations were correct…correct yes, but with conditions…” A part of me is “petulant child”…another part; wanting child…then also a wanting man…then again a hungry man…as well as a loving man, a sensitive man…and perhaps deep in there also the angry man…I hope I have revealed all these to you at one time or another…as that is me at one time or another…what else can I be…

When the only way to communicate is with an inadequate vocabulary..without voice inflection or body signals/language…so many intentions can be misconstrued…sentences run over each other from one post to the next and the eye-signal that tells when one ought to cease and desist is not there…mistakes are made…I make many..but they are neither intentional nor insidious…” …for I had never just or only seen Sally as a sexual object and I pleaded my case that I had viewed the eroticism of her nakedness as a whole physical/emotional experience…never separating the one from the other, never viewing her eroticism as an either or either situation..

But it was to no avail as her anger escalated and her scorn poured forth to me…it got to the stage where I had to ask if she had taken up religion and became soaked in the “purity of the Lord”…which, thinking back on it, was NOT the best thing to ask..

At any rate, it was about then that the friendship started to dissolve and the “chats” slowly became a conversation between myself and one or two word responses from Sally..I could see the end of those delightful days approaching..

“I have for a long time in my life had this awareness that I seem to come into things..jobs, organisations, groups etc.. just before they end…and now since I have ‘known’ you, we have gone from casual conversations of “life in general” to have this pandemic bear down, the situation of your  health…YOUR health with this covid thing and your friends also..and I had stitched my wellbeing onto our “tapestry” so that my balanced functioning depended somewhat on our regular contact..but now everything almost has been turned on its head…and I ponder how things will end…

Oh Sally….How things have changed since we had our first “chat”….who would have thought so much would bear down on our lives…hope you are keeping warm….”

But it got to the stage that I was the only person now in that “room”..Sally had gone away from me, indeed, it appeared she had also abandoned those men-friends and had taken to the Twitter board seeking to establish new gravitar friendships with so many other likewise strangers on Twitter…becoming a part of that matrix of formulated electrical energy that makes up the ”identities” of so many on social media..I had to consider giving it best..

“Dunno any more.

Ah..I dunno, Sally…should I persevere?….perhaps I should give it best and just leave it all go…block you and put it all behind me..or perhaps you’ll soon tire of the episode and block me anyway…Others, I suspect would have given it away long ago..I DO think you have misconstrued my intent and my language..perhaps it IS a tad old-fashioned..sadly..but I do treasure your company and perhaps I look upon it now philosophically in that I have, after all, kissed that pic of your gorgeous bum on my PC screen so many times, I might as well kiss it verbally here some more and at least post some poetry to serenade you..I still enjoy that..anyway…”

And so it came to pass that we fell out most finally and Sally went on to while not fully blocking me from her stream, but she did “unfollow” me and also “muted” me from her timeline….But after consideration of the situation and the current list of followers I saw she had..and the joining in of the banal and facile commentary that Sally does and which constitutes the most considerable portion of “deep-thought” of the Twitterverse, I have to conclude that with the covid virus illness and recovery, there came also time for her to reflect on her own situation and future and in doing so decided there was more compatibility in joining in with the great status quo than the isolation of singular ecstatic eroticism…for it has to be accepted that mediocrity does have its attractions and rewards…can be a safe harbour in times of stress..to fade into the blancmange background of acceptability of the general dross of humanity..but I don’t know if it can last…for mediocrity itches like a hair-shirt on the broad shoulders of the creative body and mind…

I finished the “relationship” with what I hoped was a simple truth to the memory of the wonderful time we had together on social media..

“I dreamt that time was in reverse,

And never came that ending tryst,

I hold you still in night’s embrace,

And never came that ending kiss,

And never stilled that loving fire,

So very near to my heart’s desire.

Let the masses throw flattery and accolades at thy feet..but I..and ONLY I, will EVER serenade thee with such force and volume of sweet, sweet eulogy..”

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    1. “This is a bohemian village for me” , or also: “These are bohemian villages for me”, is an older, still common German saying for: “That is completely unknown to me”, or: “I don’t understand that”.

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