“Death to the Bourgeoise!”

Communist ideals.

Having all but given up on writing political commentary these last couple of years due to the real fact that no-one is listening to ACTUAL constructive criticism and most social/political blogs have gone over to a continuous rinse and repeat of puerile whinging of the “Morrison is a poo-bum” type of structural commentary, I have decided to once again enter the fray with a rant on MY favourite complaint and one that ought to get at least a degree of rational critique..and why not?

The problem we meet right from the start with most social media blogs, is that they are run or moderated by middle-class people…those very persons that Thorsten Veblen quite astutely identified with having a vested interest in the debate and would manage the direction the conversation was going through the comments sections with their and others in the cabal of a “Consciousness of kind” affiliation…so we end up where we now are with this puerile “poo-bum” intellectual discourse where agility of skewered, witty abuse is the most revered of critique.

Petty, middle-class political/social philosophy in our sphere of influence..particularly the ones affecting the working classes, reached its zenith under the leadership of Thatcher, Reagan and Howard, whose destruction of worker’s wages, rights, tertiary education for the greater population and unionism also reached the giddy heights of wrack, racism and ruin and our humanity simultaneously dived to its nadir…which examples the best description of the Excelsior position the middle-classes have been striving toward for so many decades.

For what IS the point of a middle-class?

Truly..what do they contribute toward the betterment of humanity?

Some would splutter and say ; They run mines, factories, corporations, social programs for the poor and destitute…they make the laws and jurisprudence work…they write the curricula for education across the three tiers…They frame the behaviour of social decency and parliamentary procedures and on and on and on and you tell me ONE…ONE!!..not two..just ONE of those above subjects that they haven’t constructed to most suit and benefit their own class most of all and tell us which one they also have not used and abused to profit their own class the most and again which one has NOT fell at some point in the last few years to be utterly and completely corrupted, used and abused by that same class to further their own interests?

We have seen the petty middle-class leadership, graduated in most part from those fagg-assisted private schools and colleges whose main objective seems to be inculcating an education of pederasty and bastardry in equal measure into the mindset of the most mean-spirited and obnoxious arseholes that their (personally constructed for their own use) God could ever breathe breath into!..till our business, education, Government authorities and judiciary is bulging at the seams with the graduates of those pusillanimous institutions sharing the spoils of biased and prejudiced wealth-management networks.

It is an utter, utter disgrace!

Poor Russia…Poor China…Poor Cuba..They worked so hard to rid themselves of the parasitic aristocracy with worker’s uprising and revolution..(oh yes..I know you’re going to say “organised by the middle-classes”..well fuck the middle-classes!!…they would just be shouting/pissing into the wind without the mob holding the guns…so fuck off with your middle-class..they were just the semicolon preceding the sentence!) only to be confronted on all sides with Western middle-class anxiety that this form of communist governance just may be a good thing…just may be working!…so the West drew lines under the worker’s frontiers and slammed into their own prisons any who sought to promote the slightest demand for equality, rights and fair wages…anathema to the philosophy of the middle-class whose raison d’être is for a “healthy bottom line” for their own and screw the rest!

And that fuckin’ Howard..the epitome of the most mean-spirited, penny-pinching little store-keeper class that bred the likes of those American corporate billionaire wankers like Hughes and  Hilton..both of whom ran scurrilous dens of iniquity..the types that Howard licked the boots of…at least Menzies pined for a bit of royal arse!…but this latest little mongrel turns the working tradies of the nation into wanking, aspirant investors by forcing them to register as a “small business”..and our military..once the pride of ANZAC tradition, into little more than hired mercenaries for the upper middle-class corporate war-mongers and profiteers, while he also ran a side industry with them killing off those refugees who fled those very wars and managed to survive the terrors of a perilous sea crossing in leaky boats..the most notorious killing of over 300 women and children in the abandoned, sinking “Sieve X”..

Seriously..it’s gone far enough..TOO FAR EVEN..and it has got to stop..There are enough well-educated working-class people now in the field to take control and reorganise the entire system of governance and jurisprudence so as to be better placed to serve the vast majority of citizens of the nation…No more of this bullshit policing that polices only the lower echelons of society..the basic crim’s…that’s easy to do…it’s the vast acres of political and corporate corruption that needs serious investigation, but that’s never going to happen under a set of principles put in place by the middle-class…as if they are going to investigate themselves..they’ll never “see the forest of corruption for the trees of private profit” until they cut the bloody lot down!

No..it’s time consideration was given to the complete removal of those who aspire to a greater wealth than can be called fair amount. Time to call a halt on the number of properties owned and rented above one. Time to cull the middle-class from both our Parliament and judiciary, their twisted methodology and corrupt mindsets need to be sent away for “re-education”..yes..perhaps it IS time we “do a China” and re-write the constitution and re-set the ambition of this country to more suit the majority…FOR A CHANGE!..FOR A FAIR DEAL !

12 thoughts on ““Death to the Bourgeoise!”

  1. I only started reading this essay, Joe. I have to come back to it some other time and read it properly. I think there are many passages in it, that I probably could not agree with or don’t understand the meaning of. For instance, if a master tradesman starts employing apprentices and tradies and builds up a building company, what then, does he stay in the ‘working’ class or is he advancing to the lower middle class?


  2. This is the problerm, Uta…if such a tradesman wanted to employ apprentices for other reasons than to pass on his skills..ie; if he employed them as cheap labour (as I was employed when an apprentice) to do the hard work so as to further the tradie’s ambition/aspiration, then that tradie is aspiring to become one of the middle-class…because by my way of reckoning, if you earn your money with only the use of your hands..ie; by “piece work”, then you remain in the working class…the callouses tell the tale…and the hard work can keep a man “honest”.
    I have retired with nothing more than the aged pension..no super, no shares or property..just the aged pension…I never made money above what I needed to keep my family and live comfortably…NOT comfortably well-off, just comfortably without too much stress…I had other tradies say to me that I never charged enough and it made them look greedy…I know some of them have retired financially better off than myself..but I charged what my customers could afford…and I worked for many young married couples who could not afford much so I charged accordingly…I never worried about it because I was fit, strong and could build my own house and look after my own things…and I was sure the aged pension would suffice if I could go into retirement owning our house without debt…unfortunately, my first wife desired the “good postcode” and she was prepared to go to any length to obtain it…even if that meant parting with myself…which she did!
    So no…if a tradie wants to consider themself middle-class, then they are kidding themself unless they use others to do the hard work and just operate from an office…THEN they become employers and middle-men.


    1. “THEN they become employers and middle-men.”

      Do you want a society without employers and middle-men?

      What did your children become? Are all of them tradies or did some of them go to university?

      What do you think about the ideas and the writings of Henry George?

      Henry George
      American economist
      Henry George was an American political economist and journalist. His writing was immensely popular in 19th-century America and sparked several reform movements of the Progressive Era. Wikipedia
      Born: 2 September 1839, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
      Died: 29 October 1897, New York, New York, United States
      Influenced: Milton Friedman, John Dewey, Joseph Stiglitz, MORE
      Children: Henry George Jr., Anna George de Mille
      View 35+ more
      Progress and Poverty (1879)
      Progress and Poverty
      Protection Or Free Trade (1886)
      Protection Or Free Trade
      Social problems (1879)
      Social problems
      The science of political economy (1897)
      The science of political…
      Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied.
      Let no man imagine that he has no influence. Whoever he may be, and wherever he may be placed, the man who thinks becomes a light and a power.
      There is danger in reckless change, but greater danger in blind conservatism.



  3. George was “a strong critic of railroad and mining interests, corrupt politicians, land speculators, and labor contractors.”

    ” on a visit to New York City, he was struck by the apparent paradox that the poor in that long-established city were much worse off than the poor in less developed California. These observations supplied the theme and title for his 1879 book Progress and Poverty, which was a great success, selling over three million copies. In it George made the argument that a sizeable portion of the wealth created by social and technological advances in a free market economy is possessed by land owners and monopolists via economic rents, and that this concentration of unearned wealth is the main cause of poverty. George considered it a great injustice that private profit was being earned from restricting access to natural resources while productive activity was burdened with heavy taxes, and indicated that such a system was equivalent to slavery—a concept somewhat similar to wage slavery. This is also the work in which he made the case for a land value tax in which governments would tax the value of the land itself, thus preventing private interests from profiting upon its mere possession, but allowing the value of all improvements made to that land to remain with investors.[37][38]

    George was in a position to discover this pattern, having experienced poverty himself, knowing many different societies from his travels, and living in California at a time of rapid growth. In particular he had noticed that the construction of railroads in California was increasing land values and rents as fast as or faster than wages were rising . . .”

    I found all this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_George

    Joe, are you, by any chance, familiar with the writings of Henry George?
    If so, what do you think of his ideas?


  4. Uta..your lived age and experiences demand more respect that a simple reponse…after all, who but those of your nation know better of the mayhem inflicted upon a peoples by the rampaging of fascism…even my father was fortunate to escape the more damaging of Mussolini’s corporate state crazy…a relatively minor affray compared to Hitler’s world plan!..but such are the wildest schemes of that class of men that they cannot stop at simple “break-even” economics, but have to draw all around themselves into their maniac schemes….and I do not exclude the “allied nations” from such lunacy.

    The First WW. saw the end of the pompous aristocratic centres of power, the Second WW. saw the securing of the middle-classes grasp for power…a situation they extended via the idea of “continuous warfare” in one country or another up until this day..their reasoning being to keep the people in a state of anxiety and fear so as to easier implement policies of “emergency powers” to control unions and govt’.

    I had not heard of Henry George…an interesting man..but toward the end of the 19th century, there rose a plethora of concerned citizens worried about the direction of industrialisation…from Dostoyevsky to “Zarathustra”….and among the most concerned was the German historian Theodore Mommsen, who gave numerous warnings in his “History of Rome” volumes…which gained him the inaugral Nobel Prize…it was Mommsen gave me the notion from those writings and along with Eduard Gibbon et al, that ; “once the middle-class (it was the Equestrian order in ancient Rome) gain control of both the economics and the politics of a State, that is the beginning of the end for that State…perhaps even that civilisation”….because the middle-class, coming from a subservient obligation and reverence of the Aristocratic classes, is hungry to emulate the pomp, power and luxury of that class…and at the same time, many rising with their jealous aspiration from a base of poverty, once gaining a level of wealth, are fearful of ever falling back to that poverty and would be prepared to sacrifice everything…everything including their Nation, family, friends and even risk their own lives to hold onto that wealth…for wealth is the only measure of achievement they recognise…”The further you get from poverty, the more afraid of it you become” (Henry Lawson)..

    So yes, Uta..I want a society without employers or middle-men…for to rely on the decency or honour of such who hold mammon in higher esteem than even their own behaviour is to throw your life chances to the whims of the criminal classes….as we can now witness in these times of great crime.

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  5. You give me a lot to think about, Joe. I think you touch on several subjects, for instance: History, Politics, Economics, Ethics, Philosophy, Sociology, Literature . . .
    I think, it is very complicated. It seems to me, maybe ‘middle-men’ are often not needed. However somehow I cannot imagine a society without employers. How can you keep employers honest? Well, I think, this is the question. How can you avoid people getting rich just by acquiring property? In my opinion you find the answer to that by studying what Henry George proposed in the 19th century.


  6. Well, Uta…I seriously believe we crossed the line between sustainable lifestyle and destructive lifestyle once we abandoned the connection between humanity and nature..ie; when we crossed from an agricultural centre / trade-skills based society to a industrial / mass-production society…I wrote of the exact moment (fictionally) in a recent story of mine..: https://freefall852.wordpress.com/2021/06/07/the-last-empire/ and I mentioned the situation in “A Letter to a friend”…a fair while ago…https://theaimn.com/letter-to-a-friend/

    ” . . . Where once, with the horse era, the connection between philosophy of mind, religion of heart, to callous of hand was a real and tactile thing. The farmer rose in the early morning, praised his God, saw to and fed the animals, groomed and attended to the health of both himself and his beasts of burden … the harness of leather and steel, the equipment of cast metal and timber … the feel of earth under foot and hoof … was it soft, hard, moist or too parched … the entire process was “of the senses, of the touch”.

    Then, in almost the blink of an eye … it was gone … all that old expertise … redundant, along with an entire generation of horsemen farmers … the sound and scent of preparation and harnessing … of horse-feed, stabling and manure was gone … no longer were these hardy pioneers “dirt farmers”, they had now needed to graduate to become “chemical farmers”.

    And so that was the end of something.”

    It was the ending of that hard-work era that killed off also the era of home-grow / home cooked healthier food…the move of the working people to cities to work in factories…both men and women…changed entirely the social structure of home and family…and that too was the end of something..so now we live in a society of low security of work, relationships, family structure and healthy food etc….all due to a futile search for economic security.

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    1. All this is very well said, Joe. I cannot but agree that this is the way it is. So, where do we go from here?
      Yes, we crossed the line between ‘sustainable lifestyle and destructive lifestyle’. We have to find our way back to a sustainable lifestyle. It is that simple really. But even Covid cannot convince our so called leaders, and people in general, that we have to drastically change our lifestyles. Why does society weep when an 89 year old man or woman has to die. For sure, family and friends do grieve the loss of an elderly person. If it is a well loved public person, the whole nation might grieve. But do we really need trying to prevent the dying of very old people? Why do we have trouble accepting, that dying is really part of life? 🙂
      Thank you, Joe, for inserting these two links. I am looking forward to check them out! 🙂


      1. Sadly, Uta…and perhaps a bit pessimistically, I do not think there is a way back..”progress” has a way of burning the bridges of retreat…it is the cruel irony of progress that the attraction of technology to “make life easier” creating new methods of working does in equal measure create many more difficulties to overcome…

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  7. Communism’s main flaw was that it was consistently tried out in backward, peasant countries. It might have stood a better chance in a world of computers and advanced technically educated workers, plus a dose of competition between the units of production in Communist hands.

    — Catxman



  8. But the scenario you are describing is the basic middle-class market philosophy, so far from a communist one…it is the lower classes which suffer most from such an elite structure…and given that the lower classes are the most numerous, perhaps Mao ws correct in his assesment that all power comes down the barrel of a gun…


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