A Traveller’s Journal.


“The Culture is dead, long live the Culture!”… When I was quite young, and I heard for the first time the cry of ; “The King is dead, long live the King!”..I was confused…how can the king live long if he is already dead?…But of course, ..well..you know the logic of that old saying with … Continue reading

The long term effects of the Drought.

  One can feel the drought settling in for the summer around here in the Mallee. (NB. This article was written in the lead-up to this Summer of 2019) It’s dry now and as the farmers will sighingly say..: “There’s nothing in the bank..there’s nothing in the bank…” Of course, they are talking about the … Continue reading


A close friend told me that not long before their mother passed away, she was given a “smartphone” by her children so as to be ready reachable and in case of emergency…they paid the connection fees etc. all she had to do was sign on. Of course, signing on to such services has a security … Continue reading

On Health Practitioners and other medicines.

There ought to be a rider attached to that response on the “happiest day of your life”, with the assurance of ;”I will……….provided!(see section 31-a…clause 19)”….I say that because when I first entered into that ‘contract’, I went from a batchelor whose only adult affliction was a terminal case of “lateral spine” with the attitude … Continue reading

Too much of Plenty.

In an era of such discrepancy between those who have too much and the great majority who have too little, it is with a kind of disbelief that I keep on seeing the tyrannical political representatives of the former being repeatedly gaining office to inflict even greater burdens on the latter … As the good … Continue reading

The Hollowed Stone.

( Love: The lost child of sophistication.) Romantic love.. Do we even know what it means anymore?  And if we did, how many of us would be willing to “throw it all over”..our whole lives.. on a whim of passionate emotion…I mean, now that we are all aware and sophisticated and have example and warning … Continue reading

The Gender Contract.

Did you watch that you tube vid’ ?…no? well go back and watch it.. you have to so as to understand this post.. Says about it all when it comes to gender relations and without a word. Where have we gone wrong?.. What should be an equal distribution of respect of give and take has … Continue reading

The Flaw in the Glass…

There is a weakness in the Armour , a flaw in the glass of the politically educated upper middle-class in these times..I have witnessed it when I prod and tease some posters who come to the site “trying it on” with their presumption of “authority of opinion” which they mistakenly presume is backed by an … Continue reading

As Game as Ned Kelly.

By the living Jaysus Bloody Keerist, this needs to be put up again and again to remind us how those effing bastards in the “Born to Rule” class will stop at nothing and never cease to try to destroy our icons of cultural heritage and our heroes of rebellion against tyranny..The latest piece of subjective … Continue reading

La Classe Décontractée. (The Casual-Class).

The rising of the interconnected but dis-connected entrepreneurial internet class..:The “Gig Economy”.. No flag, no ideology, no nationality, no loyalty…..no security save capital shifting from tax haven to tax haven. Description : “The New Class Rising Podcast was created of today’s struggling Middle-Class. You’ve always followed life’s advice – you’ve gone to College, put in … Continue reading

The Social Contract between Humanity and Measured Time.

Edward Gibbon’s assessment of the “Golden Age” of humanity below could, many would demand, be measured against Gibbon’s social status, his time and place in history and of course..his gender. But THAT would be doing a disservice to such a scholar and artist who dedicated over twenty years of his adult life ,which would in … Continue reading

No longer “suitable to terrain.”

Poor Geoffery Rush .. Poor Andrew Broad … and all those other damned and condemned poor bastard hetero’ males who were mesmerised beyond capacity for self-control by that demon of delight, that goddess of goodness .. ; the female of the species … poor me … We are just no longer “suitable to terrain” vehicles … Continue reading

The Final Solution : The LNP. and Democracy.

The answer to that pesky problem of Democratic Governance by Bureaucracy  for John Howard floated serenely over the Australian horizon with the arrival of the Tampa with a number of refugees rescued on board..who immediately morphed into “illegal arrivals” and were dealt with by sending a detachment of SAS. Military to take control of the … Continue reading

The Advanced Society / Barbarian Intellectualism.

Pellampellamwallah, an Aboriginal woman of the Coorong. #1 The Advanced Society. In his book The Road to Serfdom, Freidrich Hayek asserts that the economic freedom of capitalism is a requisite of political freedom… with continual growth being the mechanism that feeds such “economic freedom”. So we have to propose the question : What makes an … Continue reading

The loneliness of the long distance runner.

That short story from 1959 by Alan Sillitoe, which gained fame through a film of the same name in the early sixties is still one of my favourite stories…The awakening of consciousness of class, the rebellious nature of the “anti-hero” and then that ending of the long distance race where Smith, the working class lad … Continue reading

An Argument for Writing.

I posted this piece to show my disappointment at the dearth of  apparent interest in the posting of stories and tales on a certain blog site. I based this on the sad lack of follow-up commentary and others contributions to the page. Eventually, the page was shut down due to this lack of interest. A … Continue reading

15 thoughts on “A Traveller’s Journal.

  1. Thanks for this selection of interesting blogs. I don’t know where to start. But I hope, sooner or later I’ll give it a go, at least with some of the blogs. I am a slow reader. This is why it may take a while. Besides, as soon as I want to start something knew, I might get distracted again by something else. For instance, the issue of shifting THE DATE.

    I think shifting the DATE is bullshit! Shifting the DATE won’t make the invasion disappear. Why don’t we acknowledge that it was an invasion and start helping all people that right now are at the bottom. First Nation people should have the same rights as every other Australian. For instance, Australia has a lot of ‘new’ citizens. Well, give our ‘oldest’ citizens the same rights that our new citizens get! And then we can celebrate Australia Day together. I think about 800 Thousand people of the 25 Million people that live in Australia, claim some heritage to the first nation people. A lot of them descend not just from aboriginal culture but from other cultures as well. Australia is quite good now at recognising and blending all the different cultures. And as far as I can see. we do recognise, where the places are where there is an aboriginal heritage. So, let’s by law preserve all these places for all time. Let’s celebrate that we still have first nation people, that there are some survivors!
    So I say, let’s start helping all people that right now are at the bottom: There are quite a few First Nation people that still lead extra difficult lives, but also all other disadvantaged people should get more help too. Let’s vote a government in that is prepared to help every disadvantaged person. We are a rich country. This is why it should be possible to help a l l disadvantaged people!

    Sorry, I did get distracted. May I ask you, Joe, what is your opinion about all the above?


    1. I Have written on this subject many times..on the indigenous peoples..it is a disgrace what has happened here in SA. But what is the most insulting thing is the ruling Anglo-Centric (British) class that has used the many ethnicities that have migrated to this country…and that includes the Germanic / Mediterranian peoples who ACTUALLY built…literally…this nation and then held them down as second-class citizens when it suited them…an act of bastardry in the worst sense.
      I have archived peices of observation where the pioneer Germans were so impoverished that their children were barely clothed and fed out here in times of drought in the regions through state neglect and poverty..The Anglos hated the Germans…and it was only their determination and hard work that pulled them through and lifted them to the level of status and respect they now have in regional Aust’…Here in the Barossa Valley, The German descendants still run the show and they have not forgotten, nor, I suspect, forgiven the Anglo community for how they were treated..and I can tell you, neither has the Italian and Greek community..I have suggested to several ethnic people that the biggest mistake we “foreigners” have made is in NOT kicking out the Anglos from politics!…but then greed crosses many political and ethnic boundaries…birds of a feather etc..


    2. As for “Australia Day and the date…this is what I posted on Twitter..;
      “Ostraya Day!!…I spent my whole working life in trade building civic, comercial and domestic works..I’ve forgotten how many houses I’ve built..& now I’m lectured to by this fat c**t who got rich AVOIDING anything resembling work and he wants to tell ME about respect?? f**k off!”

      “You wouldn’t think it possible, but John Howard has turned this country into a facsimile of himself..; A deeply ignorant racist, boring petty bourgeois fucking arsehole who needs it’s arse kicked from Brighton to Booleroo centre so it can wake up to itself.”

      “When one reads of the founding of Sth Aust’ by the likes of Geo. Angas & his band of outlaws in The Sth Aust Company…one reads of rapine and plunder of native title and ownership to the point of deliberate provocation to murder..& we “celebrate” these killers with place names.”


      1. It is often very, very difficult to understand what motivates people to (mis-) use their power to the great disadvantage of less powerful people. I cannot think of any country where a l l people are being treated in a just way at all times. Humanity has still a lot to learn!


      2. It seems a conundrum of nature to create a species where one person will see and respect, while another will only see opportunity to steal and disrespect…it is what starts all wars..

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      3. I would say, Joe, I like diversity. I can be very comfortable in my own company for as long as there is an escape at certain times. I like the ‘escape’ to be meaningful of course. I like to do houswork sometimes, but not a l l the time. If there is constantly t o o much housework to do, I get overwhelmed. I like everything to look ‘beautiful’, not necessarily super clean, but pleasant. I have a daughter who thinks everything has to look super clean at all times. I admit, I am sometimes a bit superficial or neglectful and do not keep everything tidy or clean enough. Daughter Caroline admits that at my age it can be difficult to keep all the housework up to date, but then she says I did never do all the housework properly. Anyway, as far as palliative care for Peter was concerned, I let her do practically just about everything when she was around. She rarely took a couple of days off. When she was in the house she was constantly busy with handling Peter’s medication, cleaning, cooking, laundry: several loads on a daily basis and so on. I would never have been able to keep up with this. So Caroline is only 42. My other two children, who were around too whenever they could, are already an older generation: Son Martin, 60, and daughter Monika, 62. Martin is quite a hard worker too, but he likes to have enough relaxing time too, the same Monika, both of them were not able to compete with Caroline. I felt really sorry for Caroline that she thought it was absolutely necessary to work so relentlessly. Matthew her husband stayed some of the time at home in Sydney, Of course there were things for him to do in Sydney, but I am sure what was going on at our place did get too much for him too, even though he helped whenever he could, took Peter and me on outings and so on. Now, I do not say, that Caroline was wrong, she really did a marvellous job. But I think she is the one who suffers now most, probably can’t find it easy to go back to normal life. And it can’t be easy for her husband either. They both were so very concerned to do the right thing for Peter. I think they both find it rather difficult now to cope with me. It is not easy for Monika either. She has rather limited time for me. She is always very, very busy with her large extended family and with having to catch up on full-time work the same as Caroline. Usually Monika makes sure that I can see some of the grandkids on the day she looks after them. This is what I like very much! Being able to see some of my great-grandkids is absolutely wonderful! I miss my son Martin, who lives with his dog Millie in regional Victoria. I miss Millie too. It was kind of therapeutical for Peter and me to have Millie around at the time when Peter had not much longer to live.
        There is a bit of hope now. that Martin might be able to visit again with Millie should the borders be opened and hopefully stay open without anybody having to go into quarantine.


  2. Now, here you go, Joe, don’t ask me questions, if you don’t want long answers! The above is just a bit about my present situation. I think this is what Peter was worried about, that a lot of the time I would have to be by myself once he was gone. Well, over time I might learn to go out more by myself and meet up with people that are interesting. At the moment a bit of lamenting on the internet might do. Hey, once I am ready to go out again, I better refrain from lamenting so much, otherwise people might find me just boring, boring, boring! 🙂


    1. After reading that last comment by you, I realised that you may have inadvertently written a rather delightful little cameo of a domestic arrangement that many older people go through when their children “come to help”…and if you could step “outside the story” as a “third person observer”, and fill in the dialogue spoken in the moment, even as “yourself” it would make a nice study of inter-family interaction…

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  3. “A nice study of inter-family interaction… ”
    This is exactly what Matthew recommended lots of times when he and Caroline lived with us for a while. There was always a lot of dialogue going on that Matthew would have liked to capture!
    At the moment it is not so much that the children “come to help” since they are a bit short of spare time as I tried to explain. None the less I still get a couple of hours weekly respite home help. But she comes to clean, not so much to talk with me.


  4. I think back to Peter’s last weeks, when the house was nearly always full of people. You’re right, Joe, I could have then made “a nice study of inter-family interaction”!
    Not to mention all the medical people who came and went and talked, talked, talked about all these medical things and all the medication that Peter was on and that was changed more and more often. We saw dozens and dozens of different medical staff turning up over all these weeks. I could neither remember their faces nor all their names. It got much too much for me.
    When I say the house was nearly always full of people, well, this includes the extended family, a lot of them came several times to visit, grandsons, granddaughters, their spouses and their children, as well as some of the neighbours in our complex of ten houses (villas). They all cared about Peter. A lot of the neighbours do offer me help now. And they do help me wherever they can, like taking the bins out once a week and bringing them back into the yard!


  5. When Matthew and Caroline lived with us in 2016, it was not so much to help us, but Peter and I helping them with not having to pay rent. They both had employment in Sydney. But then Caroline’s employment was changed to Darwin of all places, and Matthew would fly every second weekend to Darwin to visit her, or sometimes Caroline would come to Dapto for the weekend. And all this flying they had to budget for. But somehow they managed. By November 2016 Caroline was employed in Sydney again, where after a while her job was made permanent. So she regards this as a good job now. In the meantime they got married and live in a beautiful apartment in Marrickville (Sydney). Matthew managed to get his PhD from the University of Sydney. Matthew has two adult children from his first marriage. His daughter is married and expecting a baby soon. His mother is elderly, sickly and lives on her own in Sydney. Matthew does a lot in looking after her. Our family is lucky, that just about everyone has full-time employment.
    2016 was the year when Peter first found out that he had cancer. . .


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