One Opera and Two Plays.


A Ukulele Opera…Act #1.

  Introduction to a “reading opera”.. I have written this “opera” as a reading truth, perhaps more the story of an opera in three acts…I would have liked to do a “real” opera, with music and libretto etc, but was not able to find someone with both music composing capability or instrument playing skills … Continue reading

Artini and Tess.

A Ukulele Opera….act #2.

  A Ukulele Opera. Act #2..: Artini the woodcutter and Tess, the Aboriginal girl. The tragedy that happened with Artini was in disobeying the request of the young Tess, distressed at the wanton cutting down of so many trees, to leave his mighty axe on the other side and cross the river by himself..but he … Continue reading

Enrico and Rosaline.

A Ukulele Opera…Act #3.

Enrico and Rosaline. [A surreal opening scene: The stage is depicted as the river’s edge…with the cliffs over the otherside  moonlit…Rosaline stands on the near bank while Tess is seen over the other side of the river…the river is narrow here so they both can see each other..there is a whisper of the wind in … Continue reading

The Plays.

An Arrogance of Power.

A Play.. This play is centered around a well-worked story ; that of  “The Kelly Gang”..But the difference is displayed in the title..I hope to have delved a little at least into what I call ; “An Arrogance of Power”…It is political and social power sometimes held by a charismatic individual , or an Authority … Continue reading


The possibility to dream.. Act #1 Scene :1 Opening set….stage is in darkness, the faint clicking of Aboriginal music sticks can be heard, this slowly increases in intensity till it reaches maximum pitch meanwhile a small spotlight appears against rear wall of set….this elongates vertically as the stick/sticks reach maximum intensity, then as suddenly as … Continue reading

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