Rupert the Bastard!

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The problem I see with the toleration of the person in question in this article is the perception that he is a worthy political / social / economic commentator. WHY? … why is this person considered such … why is he courted as he himself courts leaders of state and industry? …. why is his opinion of any credit? … He was a spoilt brat as a child, he inherited a media empire of which he contributed nothing to it’s creation until he inherited it from his family …

In my own state, where he operated a paper, he was nothing but a vile, vicious and vindictive peddler of innuendo and vitriol … His attacks upon Don Dunstan and his wife, Adele Kohl are legendary for their spiteful vileness … Many who post here are familiar with such treachery from this person. He owns a huge media corporation, you say … and that allows him an insight into the peccadilloes of the human condition … so what? … SO WHAT!!? … any brothel owner with half a dozen operations under his control would, I dare say , have as much if not more “insight” into the weird and wonderful peccadilloes of the human condition.

This person is not worthy of the “type-face” given to his opinion … I ask : Is his political opinion as savvy as a Noam Chomsky? … is his economic opinion as savvy as a Picketty? …. are his social policy opinions as respected as the parents of the girl whose phone he encouraged to be hacked? …. NO! to all three … yet he gets quoted, he gets air-time … he gets to “influence” certain national leaders .. he gets tolerated and yet this person promoted, colluded and lauded the military invasion of places where crimes against humanity have been horribly committed … he is not an innocent bystander in those things .. he is a player!

Here’s a challenge … promote a campaign to have this person brought before The Hague international criminal courts … Promote a campaign to have him charged for the complicit and deliberate involvement in those wars that brought so much death and destruction to so many men, women and children … there are his own words to condemn him … there are a multitude of gloating articles from his worthless creatures to implicate him …!

Promote the campaign, seize the moment and let us be rid of this meddlesome sleaze!

Every now and then, in the annals of civilization, there appears amongst the human community, a creature, a person so unbecoming to the spirit of humanity, that history winces a tearful eye at it’s mention … He appears as an indelible blot, as a stain of indecency to the human condition that one has to wonder on the genetics of it’s creation … for surely, history will say .. : “Here is one from the loins of Lucifer himself!” …

We have such a one amongst us in the person of the above article. If one was to trawl through the depths of depravity of the Roman Empire under the reign of Tiberius or even Caligula, one would recognize the imprint of such a person with a level of cruelty equal to Sejanus .. or Caligula himself! .. Show his hand and you see the claw of Moloch … show his mouth and you hear the howl of hades … show his eyes and you see a depth of an abyss so black and so deep that it will swallow the cries of a million betrayed souls! … this is not a letter of hatred of a human, but rather a curse of evil personified!

When I saw at the Leveson inquiry, the abandonment of his loyal troops in an effort to save his own worthless hide .. and heard him utter those words, so recognizable as worthy of contrition in an honourable man, yet fell like a seasoned liar’s spittle from his lips .. : “This has been the most humble day of my life” … truly … truly … is there not one person reading this who did not retch inside at the gross effrontery … the vile indecency to apply to fellow humanity for the forgiveness and sympathy that he has so many times, in so many situations in as many ways as there are multiplications of a host of numbers … denied to even innocent children?

There is no place on this earth for such pomposity … no safe harbour for such self-promoted buffoonery … no confessional for so many cruelties …… time will take him, the creatures and bacteria of the earth will absorb him … but human history will never forgive him or his family name and his “humbleness” will NEVER absolve him.

3 thoughts on “Rupert the Bastard!

  1. Many Aussies are still anchored in that Monarchist sophoritic ; “The adoration of the authority”…the authority always being those decorated with capital or social “cred”…an extension, I suspect of the old Australian cultural cringe…I can believe you, yourself experienced some of that flavour…like I myself have , when you present your individulist style of writings to those judges that come from the one class, the one culture, the one expectation of where “art” will lead them…


  2. Rat cunning and master manipulator – comments given today about one of the football coaches. I think these descriptions are apt for your Rupert. If the cat fits….


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