Is it time to reconsider a Communist Political agenda for Australia?

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Communism in Australia has for a long time had to share the stocks with that old mock of shame of ..: “The love that dare not speak its name”… being held up as almost heinous a crime as sexual predatory behaviour. But why?..after all, it is no more than another political possibility in management of a country.

Consider these latest scandals concerning the Banking / Financial sector..The crimes were of the grubbiest, the most mean in both penny-pinching and spirit of the most elderly and the most vulnerable..and then there is those other associated arms of corporate conglomeracy..: The energy sector, Communications and allied device manufacturers, there is the minerals industry with the coal lobby going flat out trying to both delay the closing down of a dirty industry until the biggest players can offload their stranded assets or to corrupt an already corrupt political group to “keep the home fires burning” and delay much needed climate change legislation…there is the Corp-Agriculture sector with it’s Mega Hedge-fund management takeovers of water licences and working with the banks toward pricing the smaller family farms out of business..there is the mega online retail and marketing business going flat-strap with minimal employment or wages/conditions killing the small and big high-street retailers and putting all those employees out of work.

Then there is casual work contracts, pay-rates, conditions of employment IF and WHEN one gets a half decent or serious job that calls for your presence ON THE JOB for more than one hour a week…No-hour guaranteed employment contracts that keep a person hanging on the thread of a “promise” without commitment and then on a pay-rate that would drive Scrooge McDuck to shame!..and don’t even mention super, sick or holiday pay…and for the love of God DON’T GET PREGNANT!!

Let’s be honest and realistic about this whole capitalist corporation political system..You could put ANY OF THOSE aforementioned corporations up before a Royal Commission and they would be as guilty as the Banks with corruption, bribery, swindling, gouging and any other adjective that describes criminality that it is possible to think of or mention..and then we get people saying that Capitalism is the best you can expect as a social system.

And so we have the cheer squad for capitalist enterprise saying that this is the perfect platform for anyone to get a life and become one of the top earners…the top 1%…; YOU..there in the crowd!…perhaps it is YOUR TURN for the spot on the dias of success!……..Get real..get a life..There’s only one way to the top of the wealth pile if you don’t start with old family money or networks and that is by subterfuge of operating in a speculative, quasi criminal operation…like the above mentioned.

So, having got the “against” out of the way..let’s see what’s the positives for the possibility of a re-run of the communist manifesto.

Here are some examples of the Communist Party Policies for 1960…:

“Monopolies Dominate

Only 104 men from 60 millionaire families in Australia direct 249 companies whose capital is valued on the stock exchange at £2075 million, These monopolies — Coles, Myers, Wool-worths, C.S.R., the banks and insurance companies, the breweries and others — dominate ail spheres of Australian life. Starting on a loan from the Commonwealth Bank, in 10 years General Motors-Holdens has returned to its American owners ; $87 million in profits white increasing its assets by £70 million, Yet this company stands down 8,400 employees, causing them and their families dire distress in order to save a miserable £300,000.

Broken Hill Proprietary, Australia’s most powerful total monopoly, last year made a net profit of £15 million.

Higher Living Standards and Security for the Working People

To combat the growing economic crisis, to increase purchasing power find jobs for the unemployed, the Communist Party calls for:

  • Higher wages, a 35-hour working week, equal pay for women and higher rates for young workers.
  • Federal and State Government co-operation in stabilisation schemes for each farm industry, to provide a guaranteed price to all working producers covering the cost of production for an amount of produce up to that necessary to provide a living income.
  • Reduced taxation on low incomes and higher taxation on the wealthy. Abolition of all forms of indirect taxation or articles of mass consumption.
  • Curbs on profiteering monopolies such as legislation to prevent takeovers, strict price controls, capital gains and excess profits tax; reduction of interest rates on hire purchase, housing and farm loans, and nationalisation of the biggest monopolies such as B.H.P., G.M.H. and others. “

…Here…it’s somewhere in this extraordinary index of papers, books and writings …I can’t find the exact docco..:

HEY!…I would say the above is just the solution we need TODAY!!…and this was way back in 1960???…WTF!!…But there’s more!

“In foreign affairs, Australia has no independent voice. The Menzies government slavishly follows the plans of the American billionaire war planners, and offends and threatens our Asian neighbours.

The 200 million (pounds) spent each year on so-called “defence” enriches the monopolies but contributes very little, if anything, to the security of our nation”…

Need I go on?…

As many of us have lamented so many times on this blog and elsewhere that we are sick in the body of repeating ourselves and nothing happens..well, folks..there you have’s been said since 1960 and before and still the monopolies rule, the corporations get richer and more powerful and the politicians keep marching out from under those same Latin-logo’d porticos and nothing changes..Now why do you reckon that is?..Perhaps those capitalist promoters are right..: THIS is the best we are going to get, so wrap up the banners, take down the barricades and shut-the-f#ck-up!

COMMUNISM?? …HAH!…who needs it?…I mean ; look at China today..where has communism got them!!? Do they bow their heads shamedly to a foreign yoke?..and does Russia?..or even tiny little Cuba?…but then here we are….on our f#ckin’ knees and baring our arse to be kicked down the road by anyone that has got the dosh to buy our politics…

8 thoughts on “Is it time to reconsider a Communist Political agenda for Australia?

  1. What a great speech. But you know, the Bolshevist gave Communism a bad name. A politician who has just a fraction of a socialist conscience is being accused of being a como. Thruthtelling, as you did here, is not very popular in this country. We just had an election in which a party with a fake name just got elected because they lied and misconstrued everything Labor said.

    Communism, like the Unicorn, remains a mythical animal. But it is used to frighten the population out of their tiny mind. 1500 imaginary jobs swang the election for the liars. But the coming economic crises will expose them. But this time, Labor can not be blamed.


  2. Yeah, Berloiz…I wrote that piece a while back and I was that pissed off about the election result I thought I’d throw it into the ring and see if there’s any fight left in the place!…I presume you meant “expose” in your post above so I will fix it..I know how much it shits you to read a typo after you put it up and cannot change it.. 🙂


  3. Bravo and a standing ovation, Joe. But unlike the French, Aussies don’t seem to want to protest. In the recent election, where were the posters in front of people’ places shouting their preferred political party? We seem to prefer to being abused and down-trodden in order to keep our obsession with privacy. I was handing out how to vote a couple of weeks ago but again the same procedure, most voters took all pamphlets in order not to show who they preferred to vote for.
    Our political conscience is kept private till the grave. I don’t get it!

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    They say: “The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States. . . . ”

    It is because Republicans aren’t afraid of socialism — Republicans are afraid of equality with people they see as inferior to themselves

    by Nicolas Powers TruthOut edited by O Society April 11, 2019

    My question to you, Joe:

    Do you have any thoughts on this subject of ‘equality’. I think, it is probably true that a conservative would see people that are not conservative as inferior to himself. So if he feels himself to be ‘superior’ to others, how can he want others to have ‘equality’?

    I am sorry, Joe, for bombarding you with so many links. It’s just, that I think that it is not all bad in America, and it looks like that there are some good thinkers in America too, and maybe we can learn something from them.

    Do you think the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have a chance if they concentrate on educating the young people for instance? Could this kind of education be tried here in Australia?


    1. Hello Uta…You’d be excused for thinking ; How could any one think they are superior to anyone else, given our bodies are constructed the same (give or take the luck of the draw on genetics and accident/ fate)….and even if some are born to fortune while others to’d think that reason and logic would level the playing field of chance and circumstance…..But in my experience, there ARE those who do seriously believe some are inferior to others…by skin colour, ethnic group or wealth….and with those I am familiar with who think this way, the only education that will change their mind..and THAT, I believe would be only temporarily…would be if some disaster befell them that sent them into a spiral of opposite fortune…there would likely be only a short period of shock at their situation before they would seek to blame another or group for their fall from grace…
      Once, here in Aust’ I would have agreed that education could change the young…but now, with peer group pressure being SO influential and with every one on their own mobile device..SO intrusive…I don’t believe you could penetrate that capital world of propaganda and disinformation that is delivered right into every young individual’s ear-plug…,.and as for Australia…it is rightfully understood that no revolution was ever formented on a full stomach!….
      I posted recently those pieces on Rome at the time of Julius Caesar’s civil wars at the end of the Republic and how close and similar were the people and events…this is no accident or trick of fate, as it has been remarked also by Mommsen that the organic and habitual behaviours of humanity are remarkably similar in alike situations a millenia apart or just last week…and like the behaviours for jealousy, love, greed and hate have not changed down through time, so too are the reactions to a siezure of power and glory when seeking to rule a State…I hold little hope that Australia can avoid its turn at the, seemingly inevitable civil conflict…for as equaltiy becomes more divided…as it must under a rapacious capital-based system…so too does the ability of any one govt’ in the space of one term of office to return honesty and fairness to that society…perhaps if there were two or three terms of governance, it could…but even there, it would require the most extreme enforcement of judicial judgement over those who have already corrupted the State…and that alone, being so severe, could be enough to spark disorder.

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      1. Thank you, Joe, thank you very much. There is a lot in your response. I am amazed, how you can give an overall view in such clear language.Your response gives me a lot to think about. I find it touches on many, many things that our contemporary world is concerned about.
        You say: “I posted recently those pieces on Rome at the time of Julius Caesar’s civil wars at the end of the Republic and how close and similar were the people and events…”
        It is indeed immensely intereresting to study the behaviour of people then and now!


  5. Ageing gives one who has spent long periods in serving the whims of customers and watching the sometimes bizarre behaviour of others an insight denied those of more “tender years”…as I am sure you will understand….Whether that is a blessing in the “knowledge” or a curse in the “knowing” I have yet to determine…

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    1. Are you a film lover, Joe?

      Peter and myself still like to watch some good movies in our favourite cinema, but usually we do watch movies online now. Of course there is never enough time for watching all the movies we would like to see. Both Peter and I are originally from Berlin. So we love to hear about movies from the BERLINALE.

      Micah Bucey mentions two Australian movies that were shown at this year’s BERLINALE. I copied what he says about these movies in a post I published here:

      Micah Bucey is a minister at New York City’s Judson Memorial Church and an avid film lover and he says:

      “By showing us the spiritual and political states of our world, many of the films at the Berlinale make an art of creating new paths forward. I couldn’t ask more of the movies and I couldn’t ask more of a church.”


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