The Tradesmen’s return.

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“Trades-unions, composed of the workmen in the different trades, were recognized in the time of the (first Roman) monarchy, and no effort was ever made to dissolve them, until they began to exert a political influence.” … R. W. Husband…Source: The Classical Weekly, Vol. 10, No. 2 (Oct. 9, 1916)…

By the time of the return to Roman Imperial governance with Julius Caesar, these Unions or Guilds were banned by decree….seen as “dangerous to public order”…It is now time for them to return WITH political power to RESTORE public order.

Over the last millennia, while the Aristocracy, then the Military, then the Oligarchical upper-middle classes have fooled about with their power base, debauching, slaughtering and fiddling both populations and economies, till we see evidence of their gormless incompetence literally screwing up the entire environment of our planet, driving a huge percentage of its denizens into refugee status and yet STILL proclaiming brazenly from all its various media platforms that THEY…and THEY ALONE are the best managers of political and economic outcomes.


Look at just the century past..At the start of the century, we had the last remnants of the inbred aristocracy drag us into their world war of pride and pomp and ceremony that claimed the lives of millions of young people…and then with the next world war, we get the rising middle-classes dragging us into their war of economic opportunity that claimed the lives of millions more people…and since then, we have had an unending parade of greater or lesser conflicts for in most cases nothing more than political / economic or religious (the high priests of capitalism) ideology.

All these “players” that want to drive their peoples or other nation’s citizens into a game of monopoly control of either cheap labour or cheap raw commodities, come from the one central class…the non-producing, non-productive middle / upper-middle classes….NOT the trades, NOT the farmers or producers, NOT the service/ health carers classes…ALL..if not in actual position, then in aspiration toward the upper-middle classes.

It is time to put an end to this madness.

The representative bodies and unions of the producing classes have both the right and the capability to govern and manage production and economies. The rise in numbers of the educated working classes to sustain and improve the functioning capabilities of a society BEYOND personal individual grandiose statements, would result in an improved social status for ALL citizens of The State.

This is not just a pipe dream, an attempt at persuasion toward socialism or communism. We can now look to see which Nation States that exist as an example of civil governance that best caters for its particular peoples. We do not need to copy in exact detail those governments..indeed, such would be foolhardy, some having enormous population control challenges, some having long histories of conflict with bordering neighbour nations..etc. What we here in Australia need to look to is that ideal which gives the average citizen access to infrastructure, education, health and secure employment that offers dignity of life and security of lifestyle. We are definitely NOT getting either from the continued rapine of our resources and working young and those whose health situation is vulnerable.

The trade/working class representative unions, united with a return of The Trade Guilds for the independent sub-contractors, joining with the genuine “On the Land” farmers and producers..along with engineering and scientific research bodies can lift the nation out of the greedy clutches of an anachronistic strangulation of the conservative upper-middle class oligarchs, who have secured for their own riches, their own wants, the machinery of State. Their rusted and seized intellects no longer have the spark of imagination to set in motion a new world opportunity of “Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty”….Theirs is no more than a dark dungeon of despair.

“Away with all pests!”

There is a measure of undeniable certainty by which to gauge the honest intent of a person’s capability to envisage, oversee and manage a situation, particularly if that situation requires knowledge of planning, supply, needs-base and results. That person may not need to oversee the entire go-to-whoa job, but they do need to have practical insight to envision or to pass over to others WITH PROVEN ABILITY to manage the project. This is where “coal-face” experience is vital. It is in the space between proposal and approval that the “job-skills” of a government come into their own.

The upper-middle and even some of the old middle-class management styles are both inadequate and incapable of seeing long-term requirements of infrastructure needs above their “consciousness of kind” colleagues who lobby them incessantly for financial or political favour that benefits only their own class but is paid for and in the long run suffered by the producing classes.

2 thoughts on “The Tradesmen’s return.

  1. We live in a time where the people are divorced from the governing class by a divide in the consciousness of what has to be done to avoid a catastrophe.

    Our system of government is an empty shell. The governing forces, what you call the upper-middle class, are only acting in the interest of themselves. The necessities of our time are being disregarded in favour of the perceived necessities of their class. They have to defend their requirements against the needs of the population as a whole. And they are very good at verbalising their false arguments.

    We have avoided a major war for over seventy years. The telegrams and body bags are not arriving anymore. The millions, as you write, who are dying overseas don’t belong to us. We are not interested. Catastrophies in Jemen (man-made) and Mozambique (caused by climate change) are not newsworthy.

    Soon the climate change refugees will are at our shore.

    Guilds and unions have always played a great part in the development of our societies. By cooperating with each other their members were a force to reckon with. Today’s employees have not even an inkling how they are being squeezed.

    Keep up the good writing.

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  2. Yes, Berlioz…..YOU see the problems because you have lived through them in one form or another on the “front line”…others see the problems through reading and physically working with people like yourself who came to this country….but so many have no idea how quick a system they have lived so comfortably within can collapse and become a catastrophe….and others have no corporate memory to recall those moments in history….
    The skilled producers are the only ones left who can run a tight ship for the State…
    I recall looking over a tool-makers shoulder as he worked some metal on a lathe…the finest adjustments..the most skilled eye to the job…it was watching an artist at work…

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