A list of stories posted on the blog here.


Amelia di Cielo and the blackmailer.

The jewel of the eye.

The exile of Celia Adamson.

To the lighthouse.

Jim; a character study.

Mick; a character study.

Carmello Comes Home.

A quiet little corner of the world.

Jasper/The tank sisters.

Billy Guy.

A simple love affair.

Morning glory.


Haunted by history.

Proverb/parable (there may be a number of these).

A trivial enquiry.

Two cameos.

The pencil.


Saffron; “The Brave”.

Glen and Mrs. Wright.

“Static electricity”.


Sweet innocence.

Kids, cultural differences and Willy Wilson’s ferrets.

Journo’s cameos.

More journo’s cameos.

An act of contrition.

Saying goodbye to Ferruchio.

The apprentice’s revenge.

The conversion of Father Carravalo.

Errol’s prawn night.




Irresistible song.

The commission.

The resurrection of Herbert Griegs.

The puppets of Margie Meagher.

The story of Hannibal/Hannibal’s tale.

The big catch.

The love bowl.

The last lingering kiss.

Cruel Madonna.

A box of spoons.

Poor cocky.

A small pebble.

Why I live where I live.


Adam Jablonskis.

Mrs. Hancock.


The true story of Artini the woodcutter and Tess, his aboriginal lover.

Kapitan Kemp’s diary.

The phantom turd flinger of Preston.

Roman holiday.

Fields of deceit.

Melancholy Max’s Christmas.

Beautiful dreamer.

The girl in the blue dress.

Mrs. Fookes and the Marino fish shop.


On the rim of a far horizon.

Got the old shack up for sale.

Sacred site.

Taking down of the calendars.

The man who discovered forever.

Letters from the dead.

Essay: The joy of walking.

Maris Zalups.


The old couple.

On health practitioners and other medicines.

A two dollar coin.

Nailing down a pine floor.


“Write again, Blue eyes”.


Slow cooking in a black kitchen.

Letter to a friend.

The end of stories.

Joyce delivers the flowers.

History on the back of a beer coaster.

Danny and Moira.

The seven weeping men of Sedan.

The three sisters.

The House.

A Ukelele Opera.

Incident down the Bulldog Run.

Ted and Edie dance the Rumba.

The Day Bomfino went Crazy.

Proverbs / Parables for the young and old.

Decem Fabulum / Ten Stories ( stories under this title will appear).

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