The long days dying.

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When a ruling class, used to total dominance of governance, economics and military command has reached the end of its capacity and capability to perform those requirements listed above because of either complete corruption, debased ideology, or incompetent leadership…then one of two things can happen..: The class in question steps aside and relinquishes control of civil governance to the next capable social class with the enthusiasm and drive necessary for the job, or it collapses further into its own debased corruption and fights and claws its way to the inevitable bitter and bloody end via a series of political / social pogroms against its own people until it is brought down in a violent civil war. This is the example of history.

In the case of huge shifts in such class changes, like the end of the Patriarchal Roman Republic, a massive civil war ended the careers and lives of many aristocratic families. Likewise with the European collapse of the aristocratic rule of many nations there over many epochs of history. The ruling elites of aristocracy became so corrupt and entrenched in their behaviour of prestige, confected worship and exaggerated affluence and pomposity, they failed to stay connected with the “working coal-face” of their societies and a rising middle-class ended up becoming their “estate pawnbrokers” until they were beholden to the very class they scorned as aspiring upstarts with little knowledge of the affairs of the aristocratic state and less knowledge of table etiquette !

But it wasn’t long once that middle-class gained knowledge and command of the “wheels of finance” that they then started to call the shots on governance of industry…THEIR (the middle-class) interests being once less for pomp and circumstance than crude wealth. Soon, a bargain suitable to both parties was “signed” where the aristocrats would parade around in their sartorial splendour and suck on their afternoon teas while the middle-classes would now “manage” the affairs of state.

We here in Australia witnesssed a variety of this “cosy little arrangement” with the colluding of Fraser’s LNP coalition seeking out and conspiring with The British Crown representative in their foppish Governor General ; John Kerr formenting a coup against the democratically elected Labor government of the day.

These cosy little agreements within such Anglo/Euro-empires did not necessarily just come about over tea and scones in a conservatory atmosphere, first there were many civil conflicts that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and the destruction of whole cities in the vain attempt of the aristocracy to show the world that they “still had it” when it came to battle and glory …except they didn’t ..their corruption had reached even into their own delusions that ribbons, medals, parades and a flourish of golden epaulette would be enough to rout the enemy..

The fools died, as all fools die in their own vanity…in shame and disgrace…and so the first world war ended the era of aristocratic rule and the new era of middle-class governance and commerce began.

We peoples of the western, English language nations, have now lived under this rule of the middle-classes for over one hundred years….in some cases; more than that number. But like the once mighty, unassailable aristocratic rulers, they too are now corrupted so completely in mind and body-corporate, that it has become time for that class to relinquish control of what they can no longer manage to the next class-in-line with both the enthusiasm and drive to take the nation to the next level of Social Concorde and fair governance…; the educated working/producing classes.

Of course, the now self-deluded egos of the middle-classes, serenaded to such giddy heights on its own aggrandisement of its intellect through select school education, select corporate management and select positions of political favour, cannot see past its own long nose to the pustulance of corruption on the tip. It’s inflated “born to rule” hubris now mimicking the most extreme egregious examples of Aristocratic pomp and buffoonery with such ostentatious displays of gross wealth and opulence best described in the classic literature of “Trimalchio’s Feast” on those riches literally snatched from the arms and tireless efforts of the working/producing classes of men, women and children of the world. Their greed, like the actual bodies of many of those gluttons of desire knows neither restraint nor corpulent limits.

Now, having reached the limits of political, corporate and personal decadence, the middle-classes have run out of time and exhausted the patience of those they wish to rule..The Western democracies are hungering for good, reliable social governance, a situation now impossible under a class that has made its collective ambition to control as much wealth of both fiscal and commodity as possible under its embracing of the stupid and gullible temptation of a “Neo-liberal” monetary philosophy…developed by its own sons and daughters, enlarged by its own financial houses and put in place by its own politicians to the detriment and destitution of those very people they totally rely upon for the riches they both aspire to and adore!

The middle-classes are a spent force ethically, morally and politically.

But rest assured, they will not go quietly…for even here in Australia, a country once proudly living under a secure “separation of powers” system that isolated certain essential authorities from the potentially corrupting influence of political lobbying, we now see this current Liberal / National Party, existing under what can only politely be called “governance” of the nation, going about systematically corrupting and planting persons of favour in all those vulnerable institutions for what can be considered no other reason than to enact both policy and institute laws that will brace that corrupt coalition against oversight and judgement of the people. The only way they are going to relinquish power could well be through civil disorder. Managed through those now corrupted institutions and given credible authority for those actions by both the planted operatives in the authorities inside government and then…most importantly AND most effectively…given absolution from guilt for such despicable actions by the blathering, educated to imbecility confederacy of more private-schooled middle-class aspirants and fellow travellers in the wider community. fellow workers and producers…these leeches on the backs of the producers and workers of western democracy will not go quietly…in many cases, like the tick firmly clamped to a dog’s ear and growing fat on the extracted blood it sucks from it’s living host, they will have to be extracted one at a time from governance, authority, corporation and utility…extracted and made redundant with what can be said, using their own language…:


9 thoughts on “The long days dying.

  1. With out giving an in depth analysis of your burst which btw, is excellent, suffice to say, the writing is on the wall for us all. The right thinks the planet can be exploited for ever and the left prefers Bread & Circus’s than the salient fact the planet is spiralling into the Abyss and nothing short of a revolution is going to stop it.

    The saddest part of the fact, the whole shit house is going to go up in flames, the public servants in the current government know it. The arming of the police with even more lethal weapons and the new Border Farce has got nothing to do with Islamic terrorism. This will be used to put down the internal insurgency when it comes.

    For mine the real shit storm will start when the ATM’s no longer spit out the cash from the result of a financial crash. Or even worse when the eco system collapses and the water begins to get shut off and yes I’m serious. Which btw depending on who you read has already started. I am only sad due to my age and medical problems I wont be around not to cry but, to laugh my tits off watching the faces of the gibbering idiots who thought the party could go on forever.

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    1. I have to agree somewhat to your state of pessimism..The governing middle-class we have now has abandoned all its well intentioned philosophers of the nineteenth and early twentieth century and gone for the “dead-simple” Friedman economic doing so, it has allowed the “network” of insiders in both high finance and corporate/political control to amass extrordinary wealth to the point of now becoming just like the aristocrats they replaced…they are now too top-heavy and have to rely upon oppressive subjugation of the workforce to maintain a level of percentage profit necessary to enjoy the style of life they have become accustomed to.
      Likewise they have lost sight of the elephant of climate destruction in the room and like many empires before, the price to pay will be catastrophic…but now it will be catastrophic for the entire planet.
      sadly, I don’t see any way of turning back the tide..and as it looks to me…and thee…it is already an unstopable force in motion.

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      1. This is remarkable that even though the danger is very noticable, it still seems to be ‘an unstopable force in motion’. As you say, Joe, the price to pay will be catastrophic for the entire planet. I just watched a video on YouTube. This video is about ‘The Extinction Rebellion’:

        Do you have to say anything to that? Do you think that a worldwide rebellion by more and more people is taking place? Is there some kind of hope that these actions may bring significant changes about?

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      2. This situation of global climate catastrophe is a new thing for humanity…once it was only about localised tyranny being a threat…and THAT was usually dealt with by getting rid of the tyrant or the governing tyranny….Now we see a global cabal of corporations with NO national identity…NO national flag of allegience and its administration hiding behind a complex structural anonymity.
        That people in general are fighting a existential threat to their very person is becoming more we will confront that threat when it is as slippery as a greased pig is the challenge…perhaps it has to be done one nation at a time…and who in the capitalist west is going to be the first to start without bringing sanctions of other states down upon it?
        One of the final straws that collapsed The Roman world was the abandoning of the central capital by many skilled and labouring workers for the greener fields of wider Europe of the times….sick as they were of living hand to mouth in a capital run by crazy Emporers and a military.
        Perhaps what is needed is a collective union movement powerful enough to call a general strike to demand change…But I won’t hold my breath waiting…and anyway..I do believe it may be too late to halt the worst of climate damage and the subsequent “collateral damage” to humanity.


  2. Here are two quotes by the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy to the theme of your essay:

    “The creation of this world has been corrupted if rich people can live by the work of the poor yet imagine that they are their benefactors.”

    “The pleasures of the rich are often acquired through the tears of the poor.”

    He knew a thing or two about the rich and the aristocracy. But as you say, the aristocracy has been replaced by a new bunch of bloodsuckers. They have a good knowledge of their trade; but wiser they are not.
    The voters are not ready yet to replace them with knowledgeable people for fear it could be worst. On top of that, knowledgeable people don’t put themselves up for election. There is a trickle of good independents but so far nothing has changed. I can only hope the coming revolution is a peaceful one. But as you know from your studies of history they never are.

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  3. Ah!…Berloiz…it is the fool who laughs his way to oblivion…here is what Theodor Mommsen said of the fools..”…in truth it is just because Don Quixote is a fool that he is a tragic figure. It is an effecting fact, that on that world stage, where so many great and wise men have moved and acted, the fool was destined to give the epilogue.”
    It is too an arresting fact in our own time that we are governed by and will perhaps be driven to our demise by a coterie of laughing fools…and the most awful, troubling reality of it all is that the individual, unknown citizen cannot do or say a thing to halt its descent.
    YOU ; Berloiz..have lived it…I have studied it and neither of us has any way of stopping it.

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  4. We fear the present and we fear the alternative. We are not wilful enough to enforce change. This new managing class knows what they want and how to get it. Here in NSW we have elections tomorrow and we have to choose what we think is the lesser evil, but evil nevertheless.

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    1. Malcolm Muggeridge…:

      “So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense. Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, . . . Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over–a weary, battered old brontosaurus–and became extinct.”

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      1. Ah, yes, Malcolm Muggeridge that old sage. Even so, he was a Christian I liked him. He wasn’t a bigot but a real intellectual. His Christianity was of a benign kind.

        A good quote, freefall852

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