The Middle Class..: A complete failure at attempted civil governance.


The experiment is over, it is done, and the results are in and they demonstrate in no uncertain terms that the age of middle-class management of all structures of governance and social security have failed and failed completely and dismally.

In all the major spheres of English speaking democracies..: The UK, The USA and Australia, the middle-classes have held control of all major decision and authoritarian arms of governance for more than two hundred years. They have both controlled and made the laws of jurisprudence, war and defence, the modes of finance, production and distribution of commerce, the ways and means of educational management and the management of man-power training and distribution of the workforce and arbitrated on the levels of wages and conditions of their populace…..and they have failed in all these spheres of control.

From the very first, it could be seen and indeed it was seen and warned against by any number of worthy people, from the lowest to the highest educated that the bleedin’ obvious intent to use a countries resources, natural environment, population and accrued commonwealth to centralise all industry under one policy of “production toward profit” was going to be a massive gamble…as indeed it was , and as with most forms of gambling, the winning hands were held by those who dealt the cards…The rising power of the middle-classes always made sure it was they who dealt the cards.

When we look to Australia, we see a upper-middle class fumbling and failing to deliver and secure many if not ALL responsibilities of governance and civic enterprise.. And it has been the middle-class who has constructed and put in place through its control or connivance all these governing principles…Let us get that straight!..It has been the middle-class and ONLY the middle-class that have made and instituted these principles..not the working classes…NEVER the is only the middle-class who is responsible and who has to answer for this massive failure of management of administration.

In resource management, it has been left to the private sector to dig out, ship out , smelt or filter the major mineral resources of the nation. These resources were rarely discovered or “proved” by the private sector though…THAT was always done by a government Department of Mines. It was this government department that explored, drilled test holes and did the initial analysis that proved the existing lodes of minerals around the nation…the private sector then expanded on the proved deposits and capitalised on the lodes. It was this department that discovered and proved the existing resources of artesian water supplies that the private sector, be it food or commodity production draws upon.

The means to transport these commodities from points of production to ports of export or markets of manufacture were always supplied by government transport facilities, be they roads or rail for heavy industry.

The lines of communication via telephone or cable were put in place by taxpayer owned government authorities.

Likewise the energy production to supply power to the mine-head and ports or smelting sites…These power stations were all government owned, supplied with fuel and delivered mechanisms of energy to the private enterprise facilities for their use.

In all those other essential utilities that make for a stable society..: Water supply, Sewerage and civic engineering, Health, Education, Social Services for every citizen regardless of status or wealth, these services were worked, maintained and delivered by everyday workers in a national interest infrastructure investment that suited the vast majority and delivered to that vast majority ; Hospital and maternity services, public education, even a moment of free tertiary education, a well-managed immigration program that delivered the multi-cultural ideal that we once appreciated and still benefit from…there was employment and apprentice training that was secure and permanent through those government infrastructure facilities. There were taxpayer funded social endowments for those who warranted it or needed it for the public good..for the social good.

. . .and then came the Private-Enterprise Profiteers . . .

These Middle-class, elite, private-schooled educated speculators, embracing the psychotic philosophies of degenerates, losers and opportunists, The Wakefield, the Rand, The Hayek and the Friedman acolytes..saw profit to be made in the destabilising and disruption of a once smooth-running bureaucracy and civil structured society. So once they gained power through the implementation of a fear-based electoral program delivered by their associates in the Main-stream press…mostly from the Murdoch enterprises..they set about selling off those reliable infrastructures and regulators on the knowing and deceitful ideal that the “private sector” could deliver the same services faster, more efficient and cheaper…I don’t think I need demonstrate in ANY sector where these services have been privatised how much of a gross, complete and abysmal failure the private sector has been.


“ Wars and panics on the stock exchange,

machinegun fire and arson,

banckruptcies, warloans,

starvation, lice, cholera and typhus :

Good growing weather for the House of Morgan”  (USA..John Dos Passos).


In Banking, there was once both a federal bank and each State has its own bank…these financial houses were a good and stable foil against the more rapacious “free enterprise banks” and provided finance and dependable home loans to a workforce reliant on honesty and integrity to secure for them those monetary needs way beyond the average persons understanding of accountancy and book-keeping…With the fumbling miss-management of these government banks…more likely on unwritten instruction from their free-enterprise cousins to “waste the structure”…these banks were to fail and then be sold off in a fire-sale auction to those very banks that managed their demise.

All these above civil structures, all those once government owned and managed industries and infrastructure that were turned over to the private sector in what must be seen as an ultimate betrayal of public trust and in some cases like the NBN., a complete treasonous action!..In all these cases, it has been instituted and managed by the matter it be a Liberal/National party governance or a Labor Party governance…it has always been a move by the middle-classes of both those political institutions whilst in a position of power. Never has the working-class been in sole position of decision making power to oversee the destruction or disposal of valuable or social necessity infrastructure or institutions….NEVER!

The Middle-class has failed. The middle-class no longer has either the moral, ethical or intellectual capability to manage governance. The middle-class cannot even draw in the more reckless and irrational of its speculators who are now hell-bent in destroying the last resources of the natural environment in its endless and unchangeable rush of “production for profit” ideology. The middle-class is depleted of vigour for a new vision for humanity…it is devoid of any sense of morals or ethics in its now base and exposed religions…it is wanting in its capacity to regulate the greed of its shareholders and investors who have driven the price of the basic necessities of life almost beyond the capacity of a worker’s wages..IF..that worker even had a full-time, permanent job..The ideal of a “normal’ family lifestyle now of little more reality than the fantasies delivered by commercial producers over the streaming services of a debased and unreliable communications network that we were assured would be ; “Better – Faster – Cheaper”…

Yes..the middle-classes are now a defunct class…the equivalent of “trailer-trash” in the social status stakes. They must take responsibility for the visible destruction of a once stable, reliable, all-inclusive multicultural society…and they must voluntarily step down from that failed leadership position and hand the reins over to a now better educated, more organised and vigorous working class, who could now be relied upon to deliver those services in governance, regulation, industry and training that will once more bring a sense of decency and stability to this volatile and divided nation.

The middle-class, in ALL orders of management is now incompetent…NOW..: “Step down or be taken down!”….for going by historical example, sooner than you think, the choice may no longer be yours.

8 thoughts on “The Middle Class..: A complete failure at attempted civil governance.

    “Utopia for Realists: The Case for a Universal Basic Income, Open Borders, and a 15-hour Workweek (alternatively subtitled And How We Can Get There and How We Can Build the Ideal World) is a book by Dutch popular historian Rutger Bregman.”
    This is a study about what could be done to improve people’s lives from a historians point of view. Would you think it worthwhile to promote these ideas?
    For sure these people who have been in power for so long now, would not want any change in the status quo. Their living standard goes up and up, while a lot of the working population falls below the poverty line and money for free social services becomes scarce. A lot of our resources are not Australian owned any more. So huge profits end up overseas!
    Whitlam (he was definitely middle class, wasn’t he) wanted to do something for a l l Australians. During his short time as prime minister he brought in a lot of good laws that benefitted the majority!
    Why did he have to go? Why did Rudd have to go? How can the Labor do anything good for the people now?
    There is a most interesting historical study about the Whitlam years here:

    Part 1: The coming of a titan

    Part 2: The CIA in Australia

    Part 3: Is this an ally?


    1. Whitlam didn’t have to go..If he had listened to his wife, Margaret, who advised him to tear the document of dismissal up and instead dismiss the GG…..I have written on this moment and claimed that if Whitlam had done that and arrested all the key conservative players in volved..and sent the mob after them to lynch the whole lot of them and hang their traitorous cadavers under the bridge over Lake Burley Griffin, he would have gone down in history with a greater respect than just his utterence of ; “Well may we say ; God save the Queen. . . “…..but as you state…Gough was middle-class and an act of radical rebellion against the authorities was beyond a well educated priveledged boy……Me, personally..I would have “Stalinized” the effing lot of them!….High court judges and all!


  2. The middle-class you are describing here is a self-pollinating inbred subgroup of humanity. The system of jobs for the boys (or sisters) makes sure that the “right” person is appointed on “merit”. This is the way they are trying to perpetuate the system of control over the multitude.


  3. This series, written b Dr Venturini. concluded on November 11, 2015

    He wrote: “Who was really behind the dismissal of the Whitlam Government? As we approach the 40th anniversary of the dismissal, Dr George Venturini* critically examines the giddy rise of Gough Whitlam, his reforms, his cold relationship with the Nixon Administration, the Khemlani loan scandal, the dismissal of the Whitlam Government on 11th November, 1975 and the questions that have lingered since. This is a four part series which will conclude on the anniversary of the dismissal.”
    * Dr. Venturino Giorgio ‘George’ Venturini devoted some sixty years to study, practice, teach, write and administer law at different places in four continents. In 1975, invited by Attorney-General Lionel Keith Murphy, Q.C., he left a law chair in Chicago to join the Trade Practices Commission in Canberra – to serve the Whitlam Government. In time he witnessed the administration of a law of prohibition as a law of abuse, and documented it in Malpractice, antitrust as an Australian poshlost (Sydney 1980). He may be reached at

    In Part 4 Venturini writes: “In Australia, a vast, neuter-minded ‘middle class’ was then – and by-the-way has remained – still cocooned in commercial consumerism. It was then – and has remained – far from ready for either the stringencies of liberties or radical rebirth. In the Australian electorate at large there is, indeed, a soft underbelly of complacency and a constipated core of so-called ‘conservatism’.

    That Whitlam had tried to introduce rational planning and a sense of social priorities into the Australian economy was consistently undervalued or ignored in much of the public commentary, with its predilection for cant, hypocrisy and self-delusion.”

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