History on the back of a beer coaster.

Image: portrait of man in military uniform

Forget the links, the oft’ quoted academic tome .. forget the reams of verbose railing against this or that “Authentic History” .. ”Researched Paper” or PhD on the subject … I’ll give you a rock-solid run-down on the course of events in both South Aust’ history and the formation of the Liberal Party on what will here be the equivalent of a beer coaster sketch .. the “Pub Test” if you will … like a coupla’ mates discussing the pros and cons of a tradie-ute I am flogging to you.

Right .. let’s start with why we need a new history ..  NOT just of SA., but the whole of Oz … It is because the Victors and their lackeys in the academic circles have controlled the access to and the writing of those histories for too long and the publishers, coming from in many cases the same “breeding circle” as those types, have selected what THEY thought ought to be published .. ie ; a nice, white, sugary confection of “suitable for Primary education schools “ story … and in many cases a fiction story.

Here in South Australia …

Take the founding of the idea of the State .. keep in mind SA. was NOT a colony..it was a “Province”..a speculative enterprise by a company with specific restrictions encumbered upon it by the king of England and the British Parliament in what was called : “The Letters Patent”. https://www.foundingdocs.gov.au/item-did-2.html ..We are told – alongside portraits of a stern but proud Governor Hindmarsh-that a group of “enterprising, courageous men” , risking their lives, reputations and capital came to this “frontier of struggle and hardship” to found a colony based on “hard working individuals who wanted to advance themselves” in a free market environment … and these governors and administrators were just the people to give them that chance …

Fat chance!!

These scum … these trash who even betrayed the original Royal and Parliament decreed agreement undersigned by THEIR OWN PARLIAMENT AND KING, that have claimed naming rights to streets, avenues, towns and counties alongside their ruthless driving out of the indigenous peoples to the point of many recorded and so many more unrecorded massacres .. their subterfuge in financial dealings and rapacious land-grabs of broad acres that were first at their own request, reduced in value from the stipulated ; “One pound per Acre” to a more salubrious speculator’s price of twelve shillings per acre and THEN when the so called ; “Special Surveys” (a polite name for an outright swindle) were “arranged” with the South Australian Commission … in effect themselves, as THEY or their agents were on the board and commission of every administration post in the settlement, or had the ear of every official resident in the settlement, and then the “surveyed” land purchased at that knockdown price was immediately offered to those migrant German settlers at TEN POUNDS AN ACRE!! … an outrageous opportunity that had to be stopped by the British Authorities once Pastor Kavel protested on the penury it would place the settlers in.

Such criminal opportunists are called “The Founding Fathers” of the state … and when their wings were clipped by the arrival of a more reputable court of petty sessions and legal advocates, they immediately set to organise a lobby group to place ministers and representatives in the Legislative Council of the new Parliament to manipulate the laws on their behalf … This is when “The National Defence League” was born as a deformed mutation of a rapacious and cruel, lying and thieving conservative political party representing those monopolies that saw great advantage in profiteering in commerce rather than loyalty to country .. for while they spruiked enthusiasm for Federation, it was not solely for the good of national unity, but more for the control of shipping of commerce and profit of their enterprises.

The National Defence League recruited members with deceit and subterfuge, relying on subtle eloquence of language to sway the more gullible to back their enterprises .. a fore-runner in conception to The IPA and in eventual existence to The Liberal Party. This “party of patriot profiteers” preached the same rhetoric on taxation, the same rhetoric on minimum wages, the same rhetoric on property rights and enterprise as its most modern evolution .. this most modern evocation of an age old swindle : The LNP.  Read here..:  https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/92862209

On taxation, it abhorred the idea of a Land Tax that encouraged the breaking up of the huge estates of those original land-grabs by claiming that the tax was in effect a imposition on the “poor widows” the “hard-working small-farmers” and the working men of the country … The idea of a minimum wage denied the right of the employer “who created employment” of owning his choice of who and when and how many to employ and would curtail his “capacity to manage his own costs” … The Customs Tax between the states created a tariff that slowed the exchange of commodities between markets and disadvantaged the local producer .. hence the benefits of Federation … NOT for the people en-masse, but for the profit margin that could be gained.

A profit margin that excluded ANY consideration of the native peoples .. THEY were considered an inconvenient and unfortunate inclusion in the original decree of intent of the Letters Patent, that had to be provoked and coerced into confrontation so that a police or military “reprimand” could put their tribes down and keep them suppressed.

This was managed by driving thousands of stock deep into their hunting grounds and tribal territory, replete with wagons and drays and shepherds and their chattels, ruining the Aborigine’s food and fresh water sources. Pushing the boundaries of tolerance to such a point that confrontation was inevitable … I leave the reader to imagine the damage done when thousands of sheep and hundreds of cattle are driven through virgin territory and water places. Then when confrontation was inevitable, we see the appearance of the troopers meeting spear and waddy carrying warriors with a barrage of bullets .. NOT from old powder and shot muzzle-loading muskets, but rather with the surreptitiously imported most modern breech loading Snider-Enfield or Martini-Henry rifles … a massacre!…Another method of genocide was to encourage disease contagion by admitting contact with infected persons from newly arrived migrants from Europe and elsewhere, knowing FULL WELL from the recorded experiences of the Spanish in Sth. America and the invaders of the territories of the Nth American Indians, what the “kill rate” was among those natives previously untouched by such volatile contagions as small pox, measles, whooping cough and other insidious diseases.

Of course, all this killing and genocide was done “at arms length” from the sight of the proud administrators whose hands were “kept clean” by claiming accidental “oversight by subordinates” or “administrative mistakes” like when the medical inspectors were quickly withdrawn from quarantine inspections of newly arrived migrant ships after the first few months when it was discovered that deadly contagious diseases were coming in with the first ships…and such migrant single men were soon in contact with native women…one can see the glint in the eye of the “tied-hands” of those Speculator-Administrators when this opportune solution was dropped straight into their laps!..a “gift from God” too good to pass up!…..and so the deed was done…call it what you will, thousands of the Kaurna, young and old, died by contagion of these diseases, as then did their right of ownership of their lands…..it was genocide by ANY name.

What started out as a colony of speculative adventure of cashed-up cowboys ended up by the turn of the twentieth century as a conglomeration of venture capitalists with the same interests as capitalists the world over .. : “While all rivers glisten in different colours, a sewer everywhere looks the same.” … Their criminal activities worked with the same percentage profit margin expectations and with the same principle of “Private profit-Public Risk” … and don’t give me that old chestnut of it being a symptom and accepted practice of the times, as that original Decree signed off by both the British Parliament AND the King of England made specific provision and clause for certain social and humanitarian statutes that were both sworn to loyally  on their “Christian faith” and then immediately abandoned!

No … it is time enough to no longer tolerate the liars and fabricators of this false history … a fraud of monumental proportions .. If we as a nation wish to stand tall and proud of what we WILL WANT to achieve in the future, we must let go of that brutal and rubbish history taught more as political propaganda than social education and damn well write anew in words of sincerity and inclusion a new dialogue with the truth of multicultural society and indigenous ownership of country EMBOSSED ONTO the document of a new constitution … :


15 thoughts on “History on the back of a beer coaster.

  1. Great stuff, ftreefall852. Keep reminding us of the true history of this country. The country is still run for the property-owning class. The government is now running a scare campaign telling the people Labor wants to tax their land and land values will fall.


    1. It’s truly a disgrace, berloiz’…..it’s more than that, it’s a crime of the worst order….and even the insult keeps on going where the State finances so much money to those private schools where the philosophy of selfishness started and is still going….In SA., two of the most prestigeous private colleges were started and overseen on the boards by one of the most egregious swindling bastards of that cabal I wrote about in that piece…with the sole intention of providing wealthy persons children with the network to continue the born to rule class politics…


      1. https://iview.abc.net.au/show/qanda
        Did you watch Q & A?
        Tony Jones returns with a powerful line-up of independent voices: Julia Banks, Andrew Wilkie, Adam Bandt, Kerryn Phelps, Rebekha Sharkie.
        I like these independent voices. I think they say they can be a bridge between right and left. I imagine a government that leans neither too far to right or to left but more towards the middle is best for all of us.
        You say: ” . . . The Liberal Party. This “party of patriot profiteers” preached the same rhetoric on taxation, the same rhetoric on minimum wages, the same rhetoric on property rights and enterprise as its most modern evolution .. this most modern evocation of an age old swindle : The LNP. . . . ”
        My hope is that these independent voices can make a difference in Australian politics . . . .


      2. Yes, but most of these indies are contesting scandal-ridden LNP members seats on a indie Liberal ticket, with their preferences going to the LNP…I am thinking some strategists in the LNP are slipping “stooge LNP candidates” in to mop up disenchanted LNP voters and re-directing their preference to the sitting LNP member.


  2. Here, on Trove…a very interesting article from 1894..on a public meeting on Land Taxation by a speaker for the National Defence League…it is quite telling..The speaker..a Mr. Hogarth went on a speaking tour all around the country Sth Australia..


    1. It says: “Mr. PROUD severely criticised several of the
      statements of Mr. Hogarth, and especially the
      systematic way in which he and other National
      Defence Leaguers overlooked the relief that
      would be given to the landless and poorer
      landowners by the remission of Customs
      duties which would take place as the land tax
      was increased. They always talked about the
      poor farmer and the poor gardener and the
      poor widow paying the increased land tax, when
      as a matter of fact they knew that
      a mere handful of 703 land taxpayers, includ-
      ing the South Australian Company as one,
      would pay more than half the land tax for
      the whole colony, while of course nine-tenths
      of the whole people would benefit from the re-
      duced Customs duties. As he knew the
      lecturer would fight shy of facts and figures
      and keep in the realm of generalities, he had
      looked up the holdings and values in that dis-
      trict—the hundred of Onkaparinga. . . . ”
      It looked liked what the critcs said, did not make much of an impression?
      Even today most people would see the introduction of a land tax as a threat. They can easily be scared with this! Nobody, that people would listen to, bothers to properly explain to “landless and poorer landowners” that they would benefit from it. I guess people that do not own property or only very little property could be counted as being landless or poorer landowners.
      And of course any government that gets voted in under our system would argue they have in the first place to see to it that the rich do sufficiently prosper for otherwise our economy would suffer for we do need the investments of the rich. So the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. How many people in our society would have some complaints about this, I wonder. How, just how, can this be changed if people just resist any changes? Also, I am a bit concerned that if changes do come too rapidly, the poor would initially suffer the most! Maybe if a landtax would be introduced rather slowly, the poor were not likely to suffer any hardship from it and maybe extreme poverty would then become a thing of the past and maybe extreme wealth would become less extreme. But the wealthy would not like this very much, right? I have really nothing against it, that some people are wealthy. But why, why, why do they have to justify to add billions and billions to their wealth on a regular basis. Isn’t this utterly extreme?


      1. In this case Mr. Proud was a critic of what Mr. Hogarth had to say. But maybe what Mr. Proud had to say made not as much of an impression on the people as that what Mr. Hogarth said. Apparently Mr. Proud tried to use facts and figures and Mr. Hogarth stuck to generalities. Still, Mr. Hogarth was believed more? There probably were a number of critics of Mr. Hogarth without making much of an impression on people!


      2. The situation that existed in those days was that the huge swathes of land swindled thorugh the “Special Surveys” were being used as land locked away with a kind of absentee landlords leasing or renting at exhorbitant rates that was impoverising the locals…these huge parcels needed to be broken up to redistribute the valuable farming lands in the Barossa Valley and elsewhere..


    1. So far all these ‘indies’ are sitting members in parliament. And I hope they can hold onto their seats. They feel so strongly on some issues where they do not want to vote along with LNP members. This may bring along a few changes that are long overdue.


  3. The National Defence League was the fore-runner of the Liberal Party…you can see on the SA. branch of the Liberal Party website their owning of their heritage to the League..


  4. Great read. A reminder of what I have taught myself as you have about our true history. It is truly amazing that todays generation are oblivious to our true past and our own, keeps trying to cover it up and in many cases in complete denial about it. Coober Pedy where I worked around tthe time of the census where an attempt was made to count the Aboriginals and reclassify them from the ‘Fauna ‘ into the human race, was the greatest shock to my own senses I think I will ever have experienced. Soweto South Africa was not the only place of where the violence of apartheid was practised it was here in spades.

    The worst experience was the total lack of respect by the miners in the above mentioned location of the Aboriginals. The whites would trade grog to the old men for their daughters for sexual favours it was nauseating. This was especially bad with the Greeks, Turks, and Italians who were up against it with their own customs and language. Btw paedophilia was rampant in the north of South Australia. The police then as now covered all the disgusting crap up. My God they would have half the population of every town in the state in the lock up if they did their job. You Sir are a refreshing change it has ben god to correspond with someone who has shared similar experiences in growing up in SA. Others experienced it of course, but would just as soon forget it less it pricks their long dead conscience into the light cheers.

    Btw I worked on the last of the sailing auxiliary sailing ships on the S.A. coast one is still used as a training ship the ‘ Faiie ‘ I may yet write my own short book on this period in my own life.


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