Ode to Women’s Beauty.

Ode to Women’s beauty.p1000234

Speechless and numb, I gazed on her beauty there,

Her limbs, her hands, her soft flowing hair.

Her voice the whisper of an angel’s prayer..

SHE..roamed her eyes over the banquet fair,

The roasts, the salads, the fruits so rare,

And of my adoration, just so….au contraire.

“There is so much beauty before us here ,

It is so hard to decide….you tell me, my dear,”..

She said..”What to you is the most desirous fare?”


[ Perhaps I should explain this poetic burst of feminine adoration…especially after all, in this time of “men behaving so very badly”….In a week I will be 68 years old…I have truly reached the end of that “Autumn” of one’s life, and as I go toward that inevitable “Winter”, that three score and ten.. I am just thankful of having reached this time and as we all do when we reach this age, we have seen revealed to us most of those “mysteries” of life…those “magician’s tricks” of fate that have confounded and affected us through all these years…but there is ONE living “mystery” that, thankfully, has eluded my comprehension…and eluded me in the most delightful and sweet way…and may it ever be so…. : Joe Carli ]



4 thoughts on “Ode to Women’s Beauty.

  1. Women’s beauty is more than mere physical beauty and you point to it in your poem. When we adore the beauty in women we have biological and emotional reasons. On the other end of the scale of heavenly beauty is, of course, the starry sky. Artists have the ability to create new beauty, like music, paintings and poems out of those two sources of beauty.

    Don’t worry about your age, women appear more beautiful and pleasant to the eyes as we grow older. Older women themselves might worry about their older look but they can always smile and look at us and the world with a sparkle in their eyes.

    Beauty is in the look of the beholder, especially when we look with the eyes of love.


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