Bring me no roses.

Bring me no roses, on this sad day.

No fancy words, no bright eulogy, pray.

Bring nothing but your tears,

Your regrets and fears..for what has gone awry,

And what is now come into play.

My people are scattered, their works repealed,

Their strikes, their rights, their hard-won wages reviled.

Their lives of toil and camaraderie forgot,

Traded away as an auctioned lot,

Along with their “crude and clumsy jot”.

Their fumbling demands for rights at work,

Dismissed by “class-less” finishing-schooled dolts,

With soft, crème’d hands and a tongue that is forked.

No..bring me no roses on this, such a day,

For I am still weeping for my lost comrades..

Give flowers to the “pretty people” as they go about their play,

The soft, sweet scent will hide the stench as they betray.


The working class Australia I grew up with is gone…dead..replaced with a younger, new class of risky-financed middle-class aspirants of part-time/casualised.. barely anybodies.. that, I have to confess..I have never seen SO ambitious to clamour toward such radical mediocrity.





7 thoughts on “Bring me no roses.

  1. Those Shadows.
    Here’s a Song;

    When I am dead, my dearest,
    Sing no sad songs for me;
    Plant thou no roses at my head,
    Nor shady cypress tree;
    Be the green grass above
    with showers and dewdrops wet;
    And if thou wilt, remember,
    And if thou wilt forget.

    I shall not see the shadows,
    I shall not feel the rain;
    I shall not hear the nightingale
    Sing on, as if in pain;
    And dreaming through the twilight
    That doth not rise nor set,
    Haply I may remember,
    And haply may forget.

    ( Christina Rossetti 1830-1894)

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    1. Beautiful, Gerard…but tell me…has such beauty been lost for all time?…those words that flow as natural as a stream from the heart..are such words now seen as mere sentimental tosh?…What in all heaven and hell have we lost!?


  2. I do agree, Joe, that ‘radical mediocrity’ seems to be far spread, however some pockets of true life seem to still exist also as far as I can see. Or is this just wishful thinking on my part? What do you think?


    1. Uta…I am of the opinion..and I am not biased…that the older generation that has lived through so many physical and mental conflicts and situations is now overlooked and neglected in the seeking of valuable experience and advice for the fast and flashy consumerist generation…and we are feeling the mistakes made.


      1. Most people, that is nearly every generation in our society. seem to be into being very good ‘consumerists’.
        The ‘older generation’ maybe is still a bit different and are just onlookers . . . .


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