No longer “suitable to terrain.”

Poor Geoffery Rush .. Poor Andrew Broad … and all those other damned and condemned poor bastard hetero’ males who were mesmerised beyond capacity for self-control by that demon of delight, that goddess of goodness .. ; the female of the species … poor me … We are just no longer “suitable to terrain” vehicles driven wildly and recklessly until we breakdown on the vast desert of deluded day-dreams and await the shifted sands of bias social interpretation to bury us completely. And it’s no use us turning to our lifetime backers of our own generation .. ; our partners and wives .. or female friends .. THEY have heard all of our best lines and now snort and sneer and mock our suave / comedic impotence … and like the disgraced “Professor Rath” in “The Blue Angel”, our adored “Lola Lola”s drive us to becoming clowns and madmen … We are doomed.

Of course, the “new men” that will inevitably arise to suit this feminine dominated terrain will have none of the clownish speak and rolling eyes and drooling tongues of us older blokes when confronted with the chaste beauty of the “New Woman” … and I do not mock with that title … for surely it is so .. : a new woman drawn from all the mistakes and servitude of those older generation of ladies … we have seen it implied and written … ”time to correct the mistakes of those days, of past generations” … we read .. and it will be done … so help me God!

But back to these “new men” who are expected to service the needs of these new women … Will their temperament be softened and tamed by this new understanding of “the female within”? … Will they stand gracefully to one side whilst the women in their lives organise their habits and desires? … Will they be idle whilst the women in their lives choose time and location for any sexual activity the couple may enjoy?

Knowing males like I do, I doubt any of the above will work .. And if we were to extrapolate on the subject of male / female relationships, THAT situation is the “elephant in the room” of this modern day dilemma of why men are behaving so badly … ie; because they can … Because there is no longer a cultural or physical requirement for single males or even males in relationships to adhere to a loyalty that has no longer a need to exist. Sure, there are laws .. but what obstacle is that when passions or anger run high? … just look to the violence statistics to assure yourself. The success of a capital-based society in giving freedom of action / career / self-support to both genders, has on one hand released the male from expectations of paternal roles, but on the other hand has more encumbered women with the extra duties of career construction AND the natural inclination to have children … neither of which, if a woman in this materialist world, can in reality be avoided.

While the male can relinquish and is in some cases forced to relinquish by law his duties as a live-in father, it also has allowed him the freedom of movement to seek, court and seduce other women … many of them already single mothers .. with a career … without the encumbrances of paternal responsibility. Males of many species gather together in packs to hunt, the females in herds to protect ..

It is a piece of cake that they can have and eat as well, made all the more digestible when angry women curse and abuse men with acerbic vitriol demanding that they behave with more dignity and respect … But when the fox is let loose in the hen house? … fat chance! .. For it is written : “When the dick rises, the brains go to the arse of the pants”.

You hear of men casually setting up two or more appointments with women to meet at a certain club on Tinder, and when they arrive, they covertly sus out the best looker of the appointments and drop the others … It’s cruel, it’s vicious, it’s opportune … but since when has the hunter / capture world of sexual promiscuity ever been otherwise?

I have written about it in a scenario I was witness to a long time ago, before mobile phones, when actual face to face meet was they way it went .. When divorced / single mothers would drive to another nearby satellite city, to certain cafes, where it was “understood” that men and women in similar situations could meet for casual relationships on their days off from the shared responsibilities of the children … here .. : ..

But what of the women in this scenario? .. I have been warned off interpreting the feelings and actions of that gender by some who see themselves as both spokespersons and gatekeepers of some apparently sacred institution that needs to be shepherded away from gross male observation. I will dismiss their pultroonish possessiveness with the scorn such stupidity deserves! But yes .. what of the women? …

In my long years of attachment to ladies, I notice a different expectation of companionship with their men … and I say ; “their men”, because that is what a man becomes in a close, long-term and loving relationship with a woman .. he becomes a .. extension (if you like) of the woman’s personality .. he becomes the “arm of masculine power” to her feminine “gathering of family lives and needs” .. held in place by a strange kind of metaphorical umbilical cord that has come from the mesmerising hum of his own mother’s consoling voice from when a mere babe-in-arms … THERE is the strength of womanly power and virtue .. : “The hand that rocks the cradle . . . “ … almost tribal like .. and yes … perhaps exactly tribal like .. the perfect “rounding off” of required man-power needed for a sustainable lifestyle within even the modern suburban home.

I give you the perpetual requirements for security of existence .. : Parents / Mother – Father … shelter/home… genetic offspring / children … food/clothing/shelter all collected, food prepared and consumed by the tribal family … all gathered within the protective compound of village/suburb under the umbrella of a larger social organisation/government.

And that is it … You break apart that cohesive “basic tribal” structure , you suffer the consequences .. and I believe we are now seeing the evidence of such a breakdown, all in the interests of promoting a materialist, capital-based society that can only benefit a small percentage of people of either gender. But don’t take my word for it .. look around you when next you get out and about … look at your acquaintances and friends … What was gained and what was lost .. listen to the tales and gossip you hear as you go about your own life .. for these little clues are the whispers telling of the health and well-being of the world around you .. Don’t listen to the bombastic bravado .. THAT is mostly bluff and bluster …

Humanity may not live on bread alone. But I’ve yet to read of a full-blown revolution started on a full stomach or from the lounge-room of a contented home!

And I do believe it is loneliness for a loving relationship that drives most of the animosity in today’s world … as simple as that .. the void that no amount of bling or money can fill … ; Loneliness.

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