Starved into surplus.

I don’t know about you lot, but this year is the first time I’ve had to offer ‘rain cheques’ for Chrissy presents…being on just the aged pension has restricted us to just the essentials this year…like food, clothing (even as I write this, I can feel the soles of my feet touch the floor through my slippers), and shelter….we had to go easy on the wine for xmas dinner, calling a limit on cost to just over $5. Per bottle (Bertoli “Sacred Hill” Sauv’/blanc/plonk)….It’s quite good actually…and you can suck on the cork for some extra depth!…and I think my cousin Lucy is going to lose one of her geese to “a fox” sometime in the next week.

But it’s getting pretty crook…I notice there aren’t too many smiles on the young mum’s faces down at the mega shopping mall as they queue with their kiddies for a sit on Chris Cringles lap…the kiddies..NOT the mums.…and I distinctly heard one Tattoo’d, gum-chewing scrubber tell her kid to ; “Forget the bling…just ask for a  voucher”… All this when we hear the LNP government is going to cheer us up with its MYEFO telling us cheerily of a projected budget surplus….OH, Happy days!!…And over all the bon hominy Christmas muzak pumping out of the speakers in the mall, I could distinctly hear that old lag; Fagin singing his theme song ; “You gotta pick a pocket or two”

“In this life
One thing counts
In the bank
Large amounts
I’m afraid these don’t grow on trees
You’ve got to pick a pocket or two
You’ve got to pick a pocket or two
You’ve got to pick a pocket or two”

So the upshot is that we, the low-life citizen body is going to be starved so they; the sweet-life, can show a number in the black side of the ledger…How sweet it is! Almost as poetic as a thirsting man getting drowned in a flash flood while he digs in the creek-bed for some sustaining water…at least someone gets a smile from it!

Getting a surplus on the books while your nation starves is no big deal…For some of those tyrants in ancient times, THAT was the usual modus operandi…that and thieving funds from one side of the ledger to make the other side look better…Google ; Gaius Verres / Sicily and you can get the gist of how it is done…then as now, except that these moderns have learned from Gaius how to cover your tracks….not less vicious, not less avaricious…just less obvious…subtle is the name of the game in these times…just ask any LNP member of the house who has a property portfolio fatter than George Christiansen’s waistline…and all gotten on “hard-earned” wages.

But I hear they are “reviewing the situation….

Again from Fagin..:

“  I’m reviewing the situation.
If you want to eat — you’ve got to earn a bob!
Is it such a humiliation
For a robber to perform an honest job?
So a job I’m getting, possibly,
I wonder who my boss’ll be?
I wonder if he’ll take to me…?
What bonuses he’ll make to me…?
I’ll start at eight and finish late,
At normal rate, and all… but wait!

…I think I’d better think it out again.”

And now, if things go right we MAY get a Labor government in next year, and that means if the MSM doesn’t go all out on a new “Kill Bill” campaign..and going by the ABC breakfast interview…did I say “interview”?…sorry , I meant “inquisition”.. this morning (17/12/’18) with Wayne Swann, THAT is going to be the common theme. I still say that it was a damn shame when a good Hue and Cry roundup followed by a solid horse-whipping of certain culprits went out of fashion…a crying shame.

As a fellow citizen of this wide, brown land..made even browner now through a lack of action on climate change aversion, I don’t need to make a list of the services and shortfalls of unfunded and stretched authorities and schemes this “fiscally responsible government” has Scrooged money from..everything from A to Zee…and this is how a LNP government gets its budget balanced…a bit like the tyrant using hanging men as a counterweight balance to weigh his gold. And what’s a life or two lost from lack of essential services when compared to that end of the financial year splurge on more medals and ribbons for the Border Force heros?…everyone loves a parade.

But I am beginning to feel a growing chasm between the “haves” and the “f#ck-offs” in this world..even with the better-served “lefties”, I can just get the glimmer..if you cock your head just that little to the right and peer, squint-eyed through that social services crack you just fell through up to the tenured positioned “fortunate sons” of that class that never seem to feel the squeeze of “fiscal constraint”…or at least have a line of credit available to them that need not involve a threat of “sixpence to the knee” if payments drop behind!

It almost makes one feel like breaking into another verse of song..:

“ What happens when I’m seventy?
Must come a time…seventy.
When you’re old, and it’s cold
And who cares if you live or you die,
Your one consolation’s the money
You may have put by…

I’m reviewing the situation.
I’m a bad ‘un and a bad ‘un I shall stay!
You’ll be seeing no transformation,
But it’s wrong to be a rogue in ev’ry way.

I don’t want nobody hurt for me,
Or made to do the dirt for me.
This rotten life is not for me.
It’s getting far too hot for me.
There is no in between for me
But who will change the scene for me?
Don’t want no one to rob for me.
But who will find a job for me

…I think I’d better think it out again!” (All lyrics in the above songs from the musical ; “Oliver”)

Yes…I too will have to “review” the situation.





4 thoughts on “Starved into surplus.

  1. From my point of view, Joe, seventy is not old yet. We went to a Christmas party last Saturday. There were eight people present. Only three were less than eighty years! When we said we wanted to meet again next year, we were wondering how many of us would be still alive . . .
    I think some nice food and drink and the coming together of people is the most important thing about Christmas, not expensive presents.

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    1. Correction, we were ten people, not eight. The table was set for 12 in a club. But 2 people could not come. One lady, a rather ‘young’ one, came only for a drink. She said she was about to go to Sydney for a wedding where 250 people would be present and the wedding meal was going to be a six course meal! So, there you go. Some people can afford a bit of luxury, or is it all paid for with borrowed money?

      That 3 people were still well below eighty, is correct. But us who are well into our eighties, well we were indeed seven people, that is six very elderly women and one elderly man, namely Peter. That means six of us women were well into our eighties. My family calls this the ‘old chooks’ party! 🙂

      We have a Christmas get-together with past and present residents every year. We live in a complex of ten villas. Every villa has three bedrooms. Most villas are occupied by one single women. Peter and I have lived in this complex for over 24 years. (Nobody else has been there for that long!) During this time a lot of residents died and we went to a lot of funerals, mainly men’s funerals. Very recently, a woman resident died. Her house has not been sold yet. We wonder who’s going to move in there. Two of the ten villas at present are owned by investors. The people who are renting, never come to any of our meetings.

      The two past women residents, who always love to come to our meetings, say, they feel we are a bit like family to them

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  2. Well said Joe!

    This budget surplus has been achieved by starving those
    * without internet access to submit their Centrelink Newstart claim form
    * who turned 65 and had to wait another 6 months to get the Aged pension
    * who were denied Disability Support Pension

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