The Corrupt Cat of Capitalism.


It’s out of the bag …. the corrupt cat of capitalism .. this corporate Tom has caught its last mouse. With the banking royal commission drawing to a close, there is speculation whether there will be charges laid against certain heads of banking for fraudulent activities …. Now THERE is a speculation!

But now, thanks to social media exposing in dribs and drabs, with personal story and video evidence shot on phones and mini-cams, all those corporate crimes that could once be hidden under cloak of “old-boy” conspiracy or cassock of the confessional .. or simply from a lack of reporting in the once monopoly of MSMedia … the full-light of day has hit their upturned, open-mouthed and shamed faces!

Caught “polishing the silver”.

Knowing as we do now, that one doesn’t even get a foot-in-the-door for these high-echelon jobs without a certificate from a recognised “top end of town” private school education … The same goes for appointments to the high court judiciary and most of the Govt’ authorities … old school chums .. as they say. I cannot recall many white-collar crims’ from so high position getting a stretch in chokey from one of their old class-mates .. Sure..Alan Bond got a stretch..but then he never was “one of theirs”, always was a “pretender” … common chappy .. doncha know? … in contrast, there was Chris Skase .. an old Caufield Grammar Boy … He didn’t go down because he was crook with a bad case of “running asthma” .. I believe .. and he got a ticket to run to Spain to live out his days in delightful shame .. the upper middle-classes DO have a conscience after all .. and then there was “The Goanna” and all those drugs and that gold that was pinched from a safe somewhere … but then the Law never could work out quite who he was .. we could at a pinch .. but hey! .. who are we?

Of course Rupert confessed to having the “most humble day of his life” and he got away with the lot on the strength of that head bowing moment and was saved from the total ignominy of a “pie-in-face” moment by the quick actions of his (now ex) wife who, if there was justice in the alimony courts, must have increased HER payment by as much as 25% for that one little action …. there are some sins that can never be forgiven!

But let’s not dwell on past crimes and criminals .. Let us get back to this banking royal commission that almost never happened because those “in-house” financial representatives of the upper-middle criminal class, the LNP, did their damnest to stop it! So now we have the exposed crimes, the exposed criminals and the final act of law is about to be delivered..

Will the law be seen to be done? ….. THAT is the question.

Most of us have dealings with these large corporations and utilities and institutions. Corporations like Banking, Energy supply, Telecommunications, Petroleum suppliers, Public transport, Health, Education, Food and household supermarkets .. all the usual accoutrements that allow a society to function smoothly … in short our very existence rely upon the honesty of these suppliers to deliver products to our household … But I reckon you could almost GUARANTEE to a private corporation that they are ALL involved like the banking/financial sector in some sort of covert corrupt practices.

They learned it on the playing fields of their private schools, you could say.

The bills that come into my household from many of those corporations are so convoluted, with clauses and plans and contracts so loquaciously legalese verbose that it would take Mr Squiggle to draw a positive and knowing conclusion from the tangle!

I have sat at the end of the phone trying to get a clear and concise plan for my internet/phone use from one of the major Telcos’ for HOURS at a time and to no avail .. every other Pilipino “Hamish” or “Louise” or “Kevin” call-centre person telling me a different thing and every bill that comes in more confusing than the last .. and the same with many utilities and corporate accounts … and if there is one thing common to every small-time crook and swindler, from a front-bar Rolex seller to a front of the house shonky used car salesman, it is their capacity to confuse their intended target … hence the convoluted accounts and plans and contracts of all those above corporations … They are ALL crooked! And there is not one, I’d warrant,  if brought before a Royal Commission that would not be found to be operating some sort of subversive swindle involving robbing blind either their customers or the government.

Which brings us to that other arm of corporate criminality .. The LNP.

Now this here’s a little bewdy, folks … only a dozen or two owners … never used on Sundays and always ready to start-up and drive away! …. drive away investigations, commissions, ICACs and /or any look into corporate crime that could involve themselves or their members in name dropping in low places or a connection with stuffed, brown-paper bags full of “folding greens” .. you could call the LNP the “Vegans of Venality” …  they live off the “green stuff” .. and the only reason they seek office, every person Jack/Jill of them is to line the pockets of their own family or their old chums in the corporate sector .. no other reason .. no ideal of “for the benefit of the State” … no hand on heart for “the greater good” of the citizens of the state … just one downright, honest to their God objective ..: “ROB THE FUCKERS BLIND” …. before they are temporarily voted from office and can re-organise their sucker troops to give them the keys to the treasury once more.

The Liberal Party started here in SA. You know .. you can go to their State branch website and see there that they trace their roots back to the “National Defence League.” .. a nice little coterie of “chums” like the original Downer and co. George Fife and his “confidential clerk” Charles Flaxman … they were all privy to the shenanigans of the South Australia Company that led the charge to form the party that professed the same rapacious and deceitful policies that the LNP professes today! .. nothing has changed .. neither the criminal intent, the fraud, the vicious treatment of the poor, weak and vulnerable .. it is all there in the denied (by them) history .. the foundations laid down at the same time they laid the foundations of the large, private schools so prevalent to their twisted educations .. they can’t hide from history any longer, the text books are being re-written.

When corporations rob, they do it with sweets, when they steal, they do it with charm and when they kill, they do it with hired help .. and when they want the whole grubby mess covered up, they do it under the cover of their old school tie.

Corporations, politicians, high judiciary, heads of authorities … all stacked to the gilded rafters with a “consciousness of kind” camaraderie.

But now … the cat is out of the bag .. where will it run to? …. watch this social media space!


9 thoughts on “The Corrupt Cat of Capitalism.

  1. Court actions should now proceed, Freefall. Thank goodness we had the nous never to get involved in any bank scheme cementing our future. For a little time I was actually earning a wage over which super was paid for by the employer. This super is now a zero. All swallowed by fees. We never enjoyed a single dollar of it.
    We now live off our own past efforts. Never run a debt or use credit. The only loan was a mortgage and owning a gene steeped in Dutch and Finnish common sense.
    A good rort is what seems to thrive in Australia.

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  2. What a spray, freefall. The establishment, consisting of the politicians and their mates in the corporate world, is guilty as charged. We have now a political problem where the disgusted voters split their votes into the Right and Left of the spectrum. No party will get the majority to run the country properly. This scenario is present in all Western democracies. A bleak future is looming for our grandchildren.

    The problems we are facing are massive and as you describe, those bastards at the top are only interested to increase their wealth. If people point out that there are inequalities appearing in the population those people are then called envious because “hard-working” Australians have a right to keep the wealth created by ALL.

    I have the feeling, the longer this keeps going the greater and terrible will be the revolution that is sure to come.

    The cats are feeling the heat but will they change their ways?

    Great post, freefall.

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    1. My studies on Roman history (thanks in part to the wonderful Mommsen) give clue via the unfolding pattern inherent NOT in the turning of one page to another to try to read any exact re-enactment..but rather in the unfolding continuity of organic habitual reaction to circumstances common to the human poverty, greed, corruption..all those basic sins of a slowly corrupting society..and the clue I see is in several declining social imperatives that demonstrate stability..and those examples you give above are good ones…But the one that shines out from all the others to me as the canary in the mine is the striving for perfection and quality in the arts…
      The beauty of a pure artistic representation, be it music, painting, the written word etc. is a hard won achievement…the individuals that strive for such perfection are generally the product of a culture and people rising OUT OF a difficult time in their personal history…rising OUT OF…( I repeat)…
      The decline in quality and integrity of artistic pursuit is but a reflection in the decline and corruption of the society it comes from…Just like in the last period of Rome.

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      1. Mommsen also says in “Roman History” that a sign of civilisation’s decline is when woman come to the forefront and replace men as decision makers. Men become so corrupt that they are not able to make reasonable decisions. They lose the will to govern properly.

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      2. What I believe he is saying with that reading is that then, like here and now, it is not so much that women should have equal rights, but that women hold one side of social strength and males hold the is when one or the other cross into the territory of the other, things go out of kilter..the rule of “Patriarchal Potestas” in Roman times tried to dominate women with force of law and arms…it failed and failed badly as we have seen…these days. we see women under the force of law and social change moving into male territory and now the conflicts get vicious and dangerous….the balance gets lost and as the poet says ..: “mere anarchy is loosed upon the world..” I blame the last two world wars and the many smaller ones in between for the inherent violence simmering in the male psyche…
        The relationship between men and women is like the “gender contract” in a dance, where it is imperative that one leads and the other compliments the steps..The male being always the hunter is the natural to ‘lead”..the woman, becomes the alluring part of the game..I wrote on the phenomenon here..

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      3. I don’t want to bore you with these links to my’s just that I have written on such topics so many many times..hundreds of articles…stories and tales of social situations…all it would seem to no avail..what can one do..but then when someone like yourself and Uta read and appreciate them, it makes it worth makes it fine..and I thank you for your comments..

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  3. The CEOs of these institutions are paid millions to take responsibility and if challenged they have no trouble telling you that that is the case, so I say gaol them for allowing the misdemeanors occur that we have seen in the banking Royal Commission, and gaol them for a minimum of 5 years, so that those who follow in their footsteps understand that this behaviour will not be tolerated….ah, I was only dreaming. They will walk away as usual and like Australian justice in general they may receive a slap on the wrist and told “never you do that again.”


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