The gross incompetence of a mediocre middle-class.


Gather around fellow workers and producers … gather around citizens and retirees, gather around young and old … and all you who are now concerned at the gross mismanagement of the nation’s commodities, utilities, resources and people power … it is time to talk of removing those middle-class incompetents from office and replacing them with a skilled worker/producer political force.

There is no longer reason that only the certificated, private-schooled white-collar professionals are the most sought-after people to run for political office. There is no longer reason that the semi-professional trades and producers of any colour or ethnic stripe ought to be passed over for high office or IF selected, only as a token fixture. Indeed, I say it is high-time those who have accumulated those very skills and capabilities that give credence to the name of a ministry take command of those portfolios of governance … perhaps even RESTRICTING certain ministries to ONLY those people who can claim “on-site” working experience in that area of governance.

For instance .. : Development and Infrastructure – Engineers Architects … Housing and construction – Building Trades … Health – Practising Nurses or Doctors … Agriculture – Practicing  Farmers … and so on into social and administrative needs .. and Defence …. No more dropping mates names into a caucus hat where you have some gormless wanker whose only experience at life / work is to be able to talk with a plummy voice, look stupid or wear high fashion well.

I mean .. have a look at this latest mob now in power .. can ANYONE for the life of you recall .. even in your own workplace or pub .. in rumour or frustrated experience, a WORSE, more hopeless collection of crooks, criminals and fraudsters hell-bent on screwing over what should be a healthy (for everybody), wealthy (for the economy), and well educated with excellent communications systems society .. and we end up with nothing but the threat of bankruptcy in every afore-mentioned topic!

This middle-class system of management was given “carte blanche” back in the days of the waning aristocracy of the Queen Victoria era when those “captains of industry” of the industrial revolution sought validation from their aristocratic debtors to plunder the colonies under the guise of Imperial Permission … Hence such rapacious institutions as the “East- India company” and the “South Australia Company” or any number of colonial plunderers who invaded, robbed and killed their way to personal wealth for the few with impunity, seeking and getting military backing from their Imperial partners when they had need to concoct “native wars” so as to rid themselves of a bothersome indigenous presence that denied those robber barons land and minerals to fatten an already overflowing purse.

So we have these laws and legislation passed that have favouritism and benefits MOST SUITED to that class of people already sited within those closed perimeters of a social privilege and comfort zone that needed to be protected from worker / producer / indigenous outrage at being both denied the same rights restricted them from birth or by the connivances and schemes to rob the workers of their hard-earned savings and / or their rights and wages at work. Time and again we see Union people, common workers in some cases getting hauled before the beak and sentenced for false or wrongly claimed accusations, yet when REAL criminal activity is exposed in high business institutions or within a corrupt govt’ department, we see a lack of even rudimentary investigation and NONE CHARGED!! … this is because the bastards doing MOST of the white-collar criminal activity are of the class that wrote the bloody laws!!

What we have been witnessing over the last years, is a motley collection of private-schooled, bumbling incompetents, a mediocracy squabbling amongst themselves like junior fags in some private school trying to curry favour with their upper-school prefects when they do the bidding of such business or political lobby groups to cull government services so as to outsource plum contracts to their private school business chums, destroy working contracts and agreements to allow cheap / coerced or bonded labour to be used to destroy union strength … when we see false intelligence used against some groups or nations that then allow policing or military operations to be used against those vulnerable people for no other reason than to divide and rule … then we are seeing a corrupt regime that has been infiltrated to the very top of power by influential lobby-groups.

It is time to rewrite the rules for many work / agricultural / social platforms and to re-write the rules, we MUST replace the ruling classes … For much too long has this “Consciousness of Kind” cosy confederacy given succour to a lazy, indolent, self-deluded class of fools as bent as a drawer full of used Uri Geller soup spoons.

It is time to draw a line under the old Imperial / Industrial legislation that is supportive of that corrupt class and their institutions .. for there has to be agreed that if a Royal Commission was opened onto ANY of the most valued commercial providers like communications, utilities, social/education providers, mineral councils etc .. we would find as we have found in banking / Superannuation, that there would be VERY serious questions to answer .. These institutions run on and thrive upon that old Dickensian confederacy of ; “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” .. with so many operating a Fagan-like management and administration of “rob-blind while you can get away with it” policy.

Never in the life of me .. NEVER .. and I am talking 67 years now .. in a lifetime spent in trade / labour, have I met more than I could count on one hand those who have been highly educated AND individually competent at multi-skilled workplace management … and I have worked for many well-placed business people and some political people in high office .. but for the most you wouldn’t trust them to shuffle a pack of playing cards without them attempting to “stack the deck” .. No bullshit .. they are in the majority just absolutely mediocre and incompetent.

Get rid of the lot of them!

Replace them with the working / producing class and THEN we will see some real advances put in place for the country that will return both prosperity and respect for the WHOLE citizen body!

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