The Ant.

The ant, in silence, goes about

It’s ordered business,

It builds nests,

And it knows.

The worm, in depths of dark, damp Earth,

Tunnels and turns,

In silence,

And it knows.

Humanity, goes about its intent,

With all the noise and rancour

Of accrued wisdom,

But it knows not.


4 thoughts on “The Ant.

    1. And in the end they will take turns to consume our remains…But worse is this mania that is consuming us all about “men behaving badly”…when have we been different?…It has been left to us men to initiate the advances..Oh woe! ..and while the “unwanted touch” is now reviled in public..can I recall that “kiss on her nape” went unchecked as the clasp of the necklace clipped shut?…Oh dear Tank Sister..that your “advances” were unwelcome!!

      Jacta alia est.

      Jacta alia est..; The die it is cast.
      Caesar quietly mumbles the words,
      Mixed with the tumbling Rubicon’s waters,
      And when he whispers his secret,
      Who does he direct his knowledge to?
      What lines do the poets place on page?
      Is there those who will like the rhyme,
      But curse the metre?
      Will like the notion,
      But curse the action?
      Jacta alia est..; The die it is cast.
      But there is no-one left
      Who knows what chance is.
      None want to take the risk.
      So he says it quietly..under-breath,
      And leads the dumb and blind
      On to their deserved death.


      1. At the end of a 25 plus year marriage, my cousin Terry said he complained to his missus that he was tired of getting 3 out of 3 rejections every year for years. Moreover he asked why it was always him doing the asking.

        She said “Look if it’s that important to you, just go and buy some”

        Funny, I was thinking the same thing. One reaches the age where the many costs do not justify the trouble. There was I for all those years thinking that we were both benefiting from the transaction.

        But the real cost was a half an empire. No wonder these days folks have prenuptial agreements.

        We have clearly travelled from the summer of love to the winter of our discontent.

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