The language of the Left.


It has moved, this language of the Left-wing. It no longer holds court as the gobbledygook plaything of the cognoscenti or aficionados of that ‘higher plane” of intellectual lament of the “Intellectual Left”. No longer seen as exclusive to those of “good education” and “polite society”… It too is in rebellion and it is striking out to street-level conversation , street-level politics and discourse.. It is getting dirty and mean and full of fight…The language of the Left is once again the language of rebellion!

No longer the staid, predictable “classicism” of well-chosen elocution and “grammar-corrected” syntax..The language of the Left is going “vulgar”… as are the “children of the Left-wing”…no longer relying on text-book example, these new revolutionaries are “living the experience” of student poverty, casual-no-conditions-open- employment, out of reach housing and rent, no credit available for no reliable employment history or future, health, education, childcare and violence!…and now into the dangers of inaction on climate change…These are the basic building blocks of the language of the Left..these are the basic necessities of a decent society.

This has happened before in history..a swing away from what was seen as the exclusive property of the upper middle-classes..those who claimed by right of exclusive education the podium of restraining rhetoric. Always ready with the glib word or sentence to take command of the radical mood…to “throw oil on troubled waters”…always the plea for calm tempers ..always “tomorrow”, they say : “Domani! Domani!”..tomorrow, tomorrow! Always there to hold at bay the common people’s clenched fist of anger…svelte, persuasive and calming…the drug of “Soma” to a people outraged..”The sensible centre” they call!…in effect working for that same end as those of the extreme right-wing who would extract the very life-blood from the vulnerable..the pause in reaction time enough for a quick shift in policy by the conservatives that halts the “crossing of the line” by a vengeful citizen body..allowing both parties, the centre-left and the centre-right to go together to their exclusive clubs and drink their expensive wine, slap each other on the back and give a low whistle of thanks for a politically dangerous moment diffused.

But no more!

No more hiding behind or giving preference to the “consciousness of kind” confederation of the middle-class rulers…When the producers of ALL they claim right to possess, be it wealth, prestige, no more than what WE..the producers of society ; The Working people / Farmers / engineers / health professionals and tradespeople…make for and supply to them…they are NOTHING without us…NOTHING!!..but we would not even miss their persons or their hustling and swindling for more than a day..JUST ONE realign our lives…To adjust to a new system.

Time to skim the scum off the top of society.

The language of the Left is being spoken by the the casual conversations among those most affected by the cuts and cruelty of Conservative politics. It is being interpreted into the many tongues of this multi-cultural country..No longer just English as a mother tongue, it is the common language of those who know when they are being done over, bullied, sold-out, demonised and abused. This language of the Left needs no grammatical purity, it is cleansed by the wash of brevity of message, the shout of demand for fair treatment, it is purified by the air of honesty and honourable intent.. the language of the Left is a rich vein of revolutionary elocution and vernacular under stood by every worker in every native tongue at any time in history on this Earth..The language of the Left is the language of rebellion against poverty and corruption, against unfair work practices and conditions..against that corrupt lobby that will not act to protect our children’s future against an extreme climate change…The language of the Left is the crying torrent of a wild-river from the people!

“Change the rules!” is the cry in the streets from the union members and marchers..and I say over and over ; “Change the rules / Change the ruling class!”…because it is no use just replacing one set of private-schooled right-wing elites with another set of the private-schooled intellectual-left..They are too closely affiliated, too closely nurtured under the same Latin-logo’d portico…too chummy by half and we have seen too many times those highly educated “left-politicians” retire to a well-paid sinecure with some multi-national corporation that works AGAINST the interests of the producing classes!

Change is a natural evolution against stagnation…it is a demand for the status quo to remain in-situ that causes corruption…

So to change the rules, we must change the ruling class..It must be done..We can no longer afford.. LITERALLY defer management and control to that class just because they have a broader or more expansive vocabulary and network of intrigue. There are enough of the producing class now with tertiary qualifications who can both understand and speak for their own people and rule the nation.

Of course there will be those who will wave away such concerns as I raise here..after all, it is THEY who will lose…THEY, who for many years have been claiming as our representative, the rewards in both kudos and political position that our power of the vote has given them…and yet, here we are in the twenty-first century..STILL in poverty, STILL fighting for even a modicum of rights and services that is due to the most destitute of our class. Here we are STILL marching in the streets trying to get a fair deal for the young, vulnerable and the unemployed against a mob of thieving, ruthless bastards that want the right to wallow in unlimited wealth and luxury while there are so many without either home or secure job and on a miser’s wage and we see the natural world collapsing around our ears.

No…no more…The language of the Left is changing and it is being “owned” by a new generation that is unafraid to lift the banner and hold the lines for fair wages and conditions…respect in both home and workplace…and security of employment and a chance to own their own home if they so desire.

Really..It’s not that much to ask..and seriously, do we have any choice?





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