A two dollar coin.

The song linked below, takes 3:13 minutes/seconds to play…if you start reading the incident related below there just as you start the song, it should take exactly that amount of time to complete…have a shot at it…I call it : “Muse music”.


A two dollar coin.

On the seat outside the supermarket but across the mall from the cheap variety store, sat three people…Two of them were an older couple just that moment resting from the market shopping, the other was Arthur Simms. Arthur was seated there waiting for his wife who had ducked into the supermarket to pick up a box of a particular brand of custard powder that was not available at their local store.

Arthur did not accompany his wife into the supermarket this time as he was sent to the variety store to purchase a pack of triple “A” batteries, as the clock in the kitchen had now failed to work. Arthur had taken the four dollars in coins his wife had given him to cover the cost of the batteries and had purchased, as desired, those batteries at the discount price of two dollars..So he was sitting at the seat outside the supermarket with their shopping trolley parked between his legs and that extra two dollar coin held between thumb and finger in anticipation of his wife’s return so as to give it back.

There were no words spoken between Arthur and the other two people, being strangers to each other, there was no need.

Then, along came an old aboriginal woman, in a rather unkempt state, slowly making her way toward them…she halted a passing woman to beg from her..the woman hardly noted the request, but with a quick shake of her head kept going…The old aboriginal lady approached the seat where Arthur and the two other people were sitting…with the obvious intent to beg from them..But before she had chance to speak, Arthur held the two dollar coin up in front of them both and then let it slip into the outstretched palm of the old woman’s hand…who, without a word clasped the coin and moved away with a fatalistic bow of her head.

“Why’d you give her that?” the woman sitting next to Arthur asked.

“Why not” he responded “It’s only a two dollar coin.”

“She’ll only waste it….on grog, no doubt” the lady snorted.

Arthur shrugged his shoulders…”Life’s short”..he suggested.

“Well you could have given the two dollar coin to them” and the lady motioned toward a person over the way with a charity tin collecting for some organisation “They would put it to better use.”

“Was she the woman we saw drunk outside the hotel there in the street last week?” the man of the couple noted…The woman pshawed and turned her head.

Arthur did not continue the conversation..weary as he was of the inevitability of the conclusion of these things…instead he leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes..He let his mind create a fantastical moving picture in his imagination…a familiar song played over the intercom.

The old Aboriginal woman was dressed in a voluptuous ballroom gown, her worn slippers replaced with a beautiful, sparkling jeweled creation, a tiara perched resplendent in her matted hair, and the most contented smile gave compliment to the sparkle in her eyes as she took to the arms of a tall marionette soldier in the uniform of a Napoleonic era officer, as they set to swirl and dance a waltz of the most fantastic complexity in a hall of mirrors filled with a multitude of high-society creatures who, if not dancing with their own marionette soldier, were fanning themselves with intricate coloured Japanese hand-held ivory fluted fans….and the music softly serenaded the strange couple….

“Are you asleep?…I can’t believe you can fall asleep so easily” Arthur’s wife said as she packed the “Foster-Clarke” custard powder into the trolley..” I think you should ask Dr. Hooper about that”.

They stood to leave..the other couple had already departed…

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