Blogging with a “common” voice.

We, of the fifth estate, seem to be caught in some sort of endless loop of outrage …. and every now and then we throw a legitimate “bomb” or two off the “train” that hits the political target … but mostly, it’s a long ride stroking our elocution egos and practicing our pouting sneers! …. One gets the feeling that the opposition has tuned out and dropped out … our cries of outrage have become more and more shrill.

This may be because the MSMedia. has command of the morning clock-radio-alarm audience and the hard-copy press has control of the visual-posters outside the milk-bar / deli’ that grab first impressions for the commuter’s day …. we are down the information ‘food-chain’ a bit and perhaps opinions are already subconsciously formed before we have a chance to put our case across … we therefore have the added difficulty that, unlike the fourth estate who has already claimed the morning “high ground” of news and views, the fifth estate has to put across a damn good, convincing argument … in the space of a few hundred imagination capturing words .. keeping in mind, the reading punter’s finger is forever hovering over the “click” button as they sip their café lattes!

I have one opinion on how we may be able to embrace a wider audience … we may have to close the distance between the reader and the teller .. by “the distance”, I mean the academic discourse distance. There are many good blog-sites delivering solid, witty and in-depth articles over the web … but I have noticed they nearly all (the serious ones at least) “speak” with an “educated mind” … they all talk ; “academic savvy” .. even sites like “loon pond”, though thoroughly enjoyable, still echo the cultivated grammar and the trained eloquence of a good education. There’s nothing wrong with a good education, I knew a bloke had one once, cost him a fortune .. he brought it from Tassie .. it’s just that many people are either over-awed by such or fall into a habit, of which I was a long-time culprit, of deferring to those who are perceived to have one and therefore perceived to be “better informed” .. (cough, cough!) …. and as a consequence, with-holding much conversation that could be added to the general pool that would aid communication to a wider audience … Waiting for Godot .. if you like .. after all, I would think we here at The AIMN are all interested in encouraging friendship (HAH!).

There are many on The AIMN (or on any other blog-site)that could deliver their nous and stories to a wide audience, judging by the ‘hit” numbers the site gets. Some may think they have nothing of great store to tell and are hesitant that they have the skills to tell it, but that is of no account … I say : “Have a go” it doesn’t have to be an epic, just a few dozen words of general observation gleaned from one’s travels through life …. as Charles Darwin observed .. : “It’s not so much the little things in life, as the life in little things” … it would surprise many just how much “savvy” information can be filtered from the shortest of interesting sentences, after all .. look at Haiku poetry ..

But it helps if those cameos of “certain moments”, even political moments, can be delivered with a “common” voice, a familiar vernacular with or without grammatical correctness. After all, some of the best storytellers I have listened to have had that foamy fleck of beer on their lips and a resounding belch to finish up!

That last article I put up: “History from the back of a beer coaster” is a case in point .. While I had done the research to back-up my broad assertions, I did not need to drag all those links and references onto the page .. and THAT was the objective .. I could just paint the picture with a broad brush and keep the “conversation” moving along at a brisk pace … the post then doesn’t become a chore to wade through … sorry, but it has come to this state that anything over 1000, words hardly gets a thorough read anymore … skimming is all the go it would seem .. especially on a blog site.

The other thing that drags a blog into the mud is the old insecurity that many adopt of clinging to allegiances .. the “seeking out of the oracle and the worship of the idol” .. I don’t think I am giving any secret away when I say : Forget it! .. no-one’s that bleedin’ smart .. not now nor ever .. as nature has shown .. everyone and everything is expendable .. so make your point and then get the hell off the stage and let some one else have a go!

There .. the “Fat Lady” has sung.


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