WE have a very serious problem with the Main-Stream Media..


We have a very serious problem. A quite dangerous precedent happening with the deliberate covering-up of political damaging information by the main-stream media. This , combined with a never ending onslaught by the Murdoch employee journalists to attempt to divide the community on ethnic, demographic, religious and personal life-style preference lines is slowly corrupting our community. We are already a divided nation on ethnic and religious lines, driven sometimes to fatal fever-pitch by Right-wing shock-jocks feeding the Murdoch media hate machine.

A study of past societies will easily demonstrate that a nation divided cannot stand, but it is also well documented that while leadership could be corrupt, if the people living under that tyranny are in the majority united and acting with their core decency intact, that nation can rise above such corruption. This is the case now in Australia, I believe We, as a people have a core decency that can rise above this corrupt government and once again restore the respect and honesty to governance that is required.

BUT..if this current condition of giving the Murdoch Media a free rein to spread its vile base of division and hate continually through our community, the eventual result of such cancer could tip the scales so that if the majority of the citizens is persuaded to go along with the corruption promoted and practiced by this govt’ and its vested interests, there will be little hope for long term Peace and equality in our community.

At this moment, it is without doubt that it is the Murdoch media above all other MSM outlets which is concentrating its vitriol on the most vulnerable. The recent admission of the once Prime Minister ; Tony Abbott, to laying drunk in the building while a vote on the rescuing of the economy of our nation was being debated on the floor of The House demonstrates how inept and unsuitable for the office of Prime Minister that man was. An identical situation in the case of the member for New England was also glossed over in the same manner…Yet this most important and political dynamite information , while being well known (and suspected along with other salacious hints of behaviour) in the Press-Gallery circles and “insiders” of government house, it was not delivered to the Australian people by those self-appointed guardians of democracy ; The Fourth Estate, until after securing a hold on their political offices…Sure, the rumours did fly, but were not corroborated, in fact, I would go so far as to claim these facts along with a host of other totally outrageous behaviour actions, including the obvious flirtations with chiefs of staff and other members of staff, that was a most gross insult to his marriage partner and in itself ought to have disqualified them from holding any office above janitor for Alan Jones’s  private dunny!

What has been happening is the deliberate and conspiratorial collusion by mainly the Murdoch media and its employees to have a LNP govt’ foisted upon our nation so that vested interests could lobby such a govt’ to damage, destroy or implement policy disadvantageous to the national interests so as to facilitate an open-house, free-market, winner take all economy most suitable for the 1% and the devil take the hindermost.

This is now reached its most dangerous stage. The politicising of overseeing authorities, the castration of the office of Solicitor General , the corruption of the ACCC, the implementation of a ruthless ABCC to hit upon union activity, the strange and inconsistent behaviour of the policing and security agencies, the complicit behaviour of a certain magistrate in a recent TURC royal commission, and the list goes on…we have a serious situation in place that will warrant intense investigation as one of the first order if Labor gain office at the next election.

There will have to be some sort of investigative tribunal put in place to look into the connections between those vested interest institutions like the banks, the business council, energy suppliers, the above govt’ authorities and the Main-Stream Media ..PARTICULARLY those arrogant mouthpieces in the Murdoch media , who, while sheltering under the protective umbrella of their Australian passport seem only too willing to sell the interests of our/ their nation out to an overseas national who is their paymaster..an act of treason if EVER there was one, and a behaviour that should deserve the most stringent account before a court of law!

There will have to be oversight of the MSM, particularly in regards to the Canberra Press Gallery. This “institution”, acting now as little more than a cabal of vested interests and lobby groups will have to be stripped of its press-status and admission to the The House Press Gallery and a complete review done on each and every member. They have shown past reluctance in the integrity of their responsibility of “frank and fearless” reporting of those representing our democracy, and if they cannot be relied upon to tell the truth or report the details relevant to our making a decision on who is to future govern the nation, then they do not deserve the privilege or right of entry to the heart of the Parliament.

I, in my own tin-pot way will be exercising my right from this day by serially blocking all MSM journalists from my Twitter Stream that I do not feel have come up to a decent standard of honest reporting on the politics and politicians of the day..and THAT will certainly be EVERY Murdoch journalist without exception..and I acknowledge it may not seem much of an action, perhaps even laughable in some quarters, by I am also aware, as should we all, that in this moment of history, Social Media is THE MAJOR source of outlet for the distribution of information AND DISINFORMATION…and by blocking them, I am protesting against the spread through my followers and their followers of THE most vital distribution outlet of the Murdoch Media.

They can go screw themselves!


One thought on “WE have a very serious problem with the Main-Stream Media..

  1. I share your concerns and anger about the behavior of those so called journalists that have sold their integrity and betrayed the profession to serve their master for few dollars.
    Unfortunately, world wide 42000 crawlers are serving Murdoch and millions are providing money to him by reading his craps or advertising on it.
    We have to start naming in Twitter each journalist and attacking their vendetta against the country.

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