The Gordian Conundrum.

You’ve all heard of the Gordian Knot controversy, where Alexander the Great, confronted with the intricate complexity of untying the Gordian Knot, did in a moment of frustration unsheathe his sword and with one blow – cut- the mythical conundrum asunder…and then spoke those fateful words…

”Consider it done”…

Of course, he cribbed the deed with brutal swiftness..and the mystery of the knot still remained…Would he have better served humanity if he had persevered over an inordinate amount of time, or did he do humanity a favour and put an end to a worthless mystery?..There are pros and cons to both sides, but somehow, the picture of a amour-clad Alexander puzzling over so simple a thing as a tied rope doesn’t serve my picture of history very well.

As the bard once wrote : “If it twere to be done, best it twere done swiftly” or wtte…

We of the left are now in this same moment..this same conundrum..we have a failing conservative government tied up in knots of its own making, that looks for all the world that it will lose the next election to Labor, but then we have that same Center-Left party that seems to be going out of its way trying to “play the game fair” where the game has now turned into a dirty free-for-all with every mother-flayer right-wing group and org’ doing its best to rob, pilfer, destroy and corrupt our parliament, bureaucracy  and nation without the governing LNP lifting a finger to stop it…save a half-hearted bluster when the crooks get uncovered..indeed .. even assisting them!…and with a MSMedia turning its shame-faced eyes as far away from the culprits as a confected union-bashing beat-up will allow.

It’s a national disgrace!

So here is the conundrum ; Do we Left-wing citizens just sit by waiting for Labor to try to win the next election, using the usual stratagems and political nous, witnessing as we have in the past the duplicitous nature of the right-wing in using ALL the MSMedia arms –the treasonous Murdochacy,  including the national broadcaster – against us..even to the point of – I fully suspect -manipulating the AEC so as to skew the election results to the Right-wing’s favour? Or do we push the Party to turn much more “Mongrel” and do the right-wing over good and proper with some equal quality hard-play?

I make no apologies here by saying I have no truck with the middle-classes of whichever party..ESPECIALLY NOT the Labor Party…to me they are a wrung-out dish-rag ensemble with a too prolix vocabulary, not enough “on-ground solutions” and never enough grunt..Too much “finishing- school” manners and not enough bad language…like a nun or priest trying to tell a dirty just doesn’t work..I want to see less “Richo” Richardson and more Dougy Cameron…less ; “Oh..can’t we be a little more polite”, and more “Sink the boot in ya mug!”..I want to see more ..MUCH MORE “Mongrel”..

That interview that Tony Windsor gave Hamish MacDonald the other day on RN. was the sort of honest political passion that we need on the Left..not done with vindictive spite, but out of outraged honour..WE of the left have seen our families and friends demeaned and outraged in the most disgraceful manner..we DON’T WANT PITY..we DON’T WANT SYMPATHY..we damn well want redress!

I remember living in Darwin just after Cyclone Tracy had destroyed the town..I was sharing a first-floor unit in a block of flats where out the back, the rear ground floor units had been severely damaged and were now occupied by squatting hippies. There were lots of dogs about in those times, so much that a squad had to cull many strays abandoned by their fleeing owners and had now gone feral. A pair of cross-bred kelpies hung about those hippies squats..a male and a bitch..always together..a friendly pair of dogs too…But I remember sitting on the back balcony one Sunday afternoon looking over the rear squats and the two dogs were there and suddenly from nowhere a stray “Pig Dog” romped in and savaged the male kelpie, sending it yelping and scurrying away so that the new dominant male proceeded then to in effect rape the bitch to his hearts content…The brutality of nature knows no bounds and is sometimes terrible to sit by and watch.

Our Nation is now that “bitch” that the right-wing “Pig-Dog” is raping to its heart’s content. There is neither judiciary, authority nor policing arm effective enough to stop them…only staunch Union Solidarity is holding them back from total brutality against the citizen body. They are attacking our country again and again from whatever quarter, whatever level, whatever position they can ..and they are being assisted by a compliant – in every agency – Main-Stream Media…No! excuses, no bluster, no “I beg your pardons”…the MSMedia is in total cahoots with this LNP rapine and plunder and we now are in the position of that same ; Alexander The Great..: Do we fiddle, fumble, delay and weep over a seeming impossibility…or do we reach for the same solution that he so effectively did?

Do we make proud those forebears who sweated, fought and created our unique multicultural Nation, or do we lay belly-up, throat exposed, like beaten dogs in our shame and disgust while a plundering Right-wing rapes our Nation?

THAT – is our conundrum!


3 thoughts on “The Gordian Conundrum.

  1. Thank you for sharing, Joe
    IMO the left will never succeed in the Labor until they do not break the link with the right.
    The next party meeting in Victoria will prove my point.
    There is not the time to wait to see if the left can making changes by being part of a party that the democracy does not exist.


  2. I am near Broome at the moment. When Labor next gets into power, hopefully very soon, nothing less The Night of the Long Machetes is required.

    A complete routing is needed of all those entrenched carbuncles infecting oor public service, govt appointments, various boards, committees, foundations, overseas postings, consultancies, and other gov’t tits.

    Immediate defenestration, no argument, appeal or discussion.


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