“You push the boat away from the wharf with an oar and when clear, you dip the oars into the cool, clear ocean and you strike away from the shore, free from the ties of the land, liberated to move in any direction you desire. . .”

This is the metaphor we of the working/producing classes must apply to free ourselves from the ties that have bound us to be obliging to a stultifying middle-class management of our lives, our work, our finances and our property, that has held down our collective dreams and capabilities with doctrines and obligations that have kept so many generations of us chained to their “wheels of Industry” with their false and fraudulent promises of “success through hard work and diligence”..A lie, as they cheated us of wages, property, liberty and family time, all to fill their own pockets and line their own wallets and to enrich their own property portfolios..All to coat their study walls with portrait pictures of themselves in glorious robes and framed notations of their glittering prizes.

We of the producing/working classes have for so many generations relied too heavily on that class with the most “esteemed qualifications” and certificated degrees of tertiary training to design our society and laws in the most fairest, balanced, equitable state that would allow the majority to go about their lives with work/family obligations best suited to an accepted standard of living agreed upon by democratic governance.

We gave them preference over our trade and semi-professional skill sets to take command of the steering of governance, where once the most skilful and experienced would be seen as the most worthy to guide the ship of state, we have deferred, mistakenly as it has shown, to those most certificated with doctorate or degree from tertiary institutions…those halls of learning where in those times only the more wealthy could attend and in doing so, secured for their own the guarantee of future social and financial security..a security they then set to deny us of the working/producing classes no matter how hard we worked or how frugal or diligent we saved.

We have been betrayed….we have been used….we have been plundered and robbed….We now must seriously consider the option of moving our collective services and capabilities away from the illusion of a gilded cage of “aspirational ambitions” held out to us as a temptation carrot to allow a “business as usual” subterfuge to be committed against our persons and our families.

You will notice I change the nomination of “class” in this essay to : “working/producing” class…This is because I believe we have to now include those small inter-generational farmers/ producers..also those small “hands-on” family businesses..For while they are claimed by the ruling political elite as “theirs by status”, in truth those hard-working family businesses are “working-class” by the reality of their physical labour that is essential to their income…no personal hands-on application = no income. The farmer’s hands are as stained with dirt as the bricklayer’s…their backs as bent as any nurse’s and their finances in many, many cases as fortuitous as a weather forecast!

They too have been robbed of their future as Hedge-fund Agri-corp’ mega farms flood or starve the market according to THEIR needs, their many corporate holdings spread over several states to secure steady percentage income against this or that state climatic conditions.. thereby controlling the price of produce across a wide variety of goods…they also have gained control, through bulk purchasing with unlimited credit through complicit/compliant banks, the water licence allocations along whole stretches of the major rivers and water-ways of the nation…so the small farmer/irrigator is hard pressed to expand their holding and cannot present a business plan to those same bankers who favour the mega-farms for loans to buy more land or water to fairly compete..These small inter-generational family farms are also victims of a vast middle-class social and financial dominance of our nation.

There was a time when a work week was predictable..the jobs were secure..the apprentice/ trainees intake kept up with the demand of skills needed in the local economy..Secure jobs meant secure loans to purchase property and products…the weekend was inviolate..Changing morals and habits of society was an evolving thing..but over all this stretched the umbrella of a secure society.

But all this changed almost overnight when middle-class management discovered that they could sack their permanent workforce and re-employ them on contracts, saving money on established conditions like holiday pay, sick leave, workers compensation and responsibility of secure employment. This ricocheted into the capacity of those now contracted workers to be able to get home loans from the banks to buy homes and cars etc..Those same banks that financed the employers were not so keen to lend to unsecured employment workers..This trick of capitalism made into middle-class political policy first started in a big way in the building industry and was ostensibly to break the backs of unionised labour.

The upshot to these times is the importation of cheap labour from third-world countries on 457 visas to staff those mega farming projects and building and mining projects…more and more local labour is casualised in the pursuit of bigger and greater profits..all the while those middle-class certificated managers and CEO’s gain greater and greater wealth and larger and larger share and property portfolios while we of the working/producing classes struggle to get or hold onto our one family home.

They have made their own lives comfortable through the acceptance of high salaries or remunerations…they have secured their position and properties through their passing of laws they have framed to protect themselves but penalise us!..they have passed legislation in THEIR Parliament that benefits best that class most well positioned to gain huge financial reward through government contracts to companies many of their own family holding shares in advance of the knowledge of those contracts. They have benefited from a class network that both advances their young through the select internships of a professional career and secures nod and wink agreements to dodgy or even sometimes illegal methods of financial gain.

All these glittering prizes go toward an old age or a created dynastical family fortune on the backs of the hard work of the working/producing classes…all the wealth gained or pilfered from the raping of this nation’s resources silently slipped out of the reach of fair taxation to a robber-baron tax-haven paradise for future plunder..This is the “reward” we were taunted with if we but bent our backs a bit lower to the work at hand..if we attended a few more hours a week to the job required..if we sacrificed our weekend family time to the profit motive of the boss’s needs..if we relinquished our want for home and hearth in exchange for their picaresque portrayal of “a liberated lifestyle free from the constraints of property obligation…” and in exchange they offer us a paucity of wages and poverty of living standards…and debt and debt and more debt..

They have capitalised on our unsophisticated understanding of their financial chicanery to swindle many of their hard worked for life savings and pensions. They have dragged our sons and daughters into wars by playing on our national loyalty with their phony jingoism and then abandoned those same soldiers when they return wounded or damaged and incarcerate indefinitely those refugees fleeing those wars in their own version of a “Devils Island”…Wars NOT fought for the sake of allies, but rather for their own corporate confederacies…their own rewards..They seek our patience as they frame policy that in the end will crush our ambitions. They seek forgiveness when those same schemes rob us of our work-place dignity and wages. They seek our mercy by claiming that their convicted conspirators have suffered enough punishment with their loss of “face and social position”.

It is surely time we end this sick relationship and make our Exodus from them and their empires..and as we cast ourselves metaphorically adrift from their diseased embrace, let us make this promise to ourselves and our children’s future..:

We will NEVER more have patience with their lying schemes.
We will NEVER more forgive their thieving ways.
We will NEVER more show mercy on them at all.

And lest we forget..:
“While the worker’s poor harvests are wrought with desperation or defeat,
The wily middle-class reaps fortune from fields of deceit!”

2 thoughts on “EXODUS. . .

  1. Agree 100%, excellent article. Today, 12/4 and article in the Guardian says “Employers say union bargaining demands will ‘cripple whole industries’
    Nothing new there, we know what it is being crippled by lower wages and terrible working conditions, we know what it is lost our health because of the working environment and conditions.
    It’s TIME!!!


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