The final failure of the middle-class “Left” revolution.

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The subsequent elections of right-wing governments in England, America and Australia after 2019, sounded the death knell of a long-running attempt at “revolution” by the centrist, soft-left-wing of the middle-class. In Australia, it started with the Whitlam Govt’ that was overthrown by Right-wing conspiracy and treason aligned with the last fading light of a far away regency and those of the high-ranking echelons of colonialism firmly adhered to the royal arse.

On that fateful day upon the steps of Parliament House, where on 11 November 1975, David Smith, Official Secretary to the Governor General, Sir John Kerr, read out the proclamation of the dissolution of parliament on the steps of Parliament. This proclamation was as we are all now aware, signed by the Governor General Sir John Kerr. He been advised by the high court judge Garfield Barwick On November 10, Barwick, a former Liberal Party minister under Menzies, tendered this advice to Kerr about his constitutional powers. Supported, we are now aware by another judge ; Anthony Mason .The entire theatre of farce and treason having it’s court jester Malcolm Fraser seeking office like a Fagan pickpocket stage-door Johnny waiting in the wings around the back entrance of Yarralumla.

The mistake Whitlam made that day was in not taking the advice of his more radical partner ; Margaret Whitlam and tearing that dismissal document in two.

If he had done that, it would have brought about immediately two long overdue events in Australian political and constitutional history. The first would be by destroying a direct order from the representative of the English Crown, the Australian Govt’ elected by the people, would have rejected the command of that colonial power and by ipso facto declared Australia a Republic in it’s own right by this single act of revolution.

The second thing that could be enacted by tearing up the proclamation would have allowed Whitlam to then direct the policing agents of The State to arrest those traitors responsible for an attempted coup d’état against the democratically elected government and drag them off to be put on trial.

Unfortunately, this was the moment where Whitlam’s nurtured sensibilities and subconscious loyalty to a middle-class indoctrinated obedience to a middle-class “rule of law” system cunningly framed and worded to favour that class, let the nation down..and indeed, I suspect, let himself down..Whitlam let his own vainglorious mood for the grand rhetorical gesture persuade him to rather than instigate what could have been violent revolution, declare instead the lesser protest against the personal indignity of the dismissal with those now famous words..

“Ladies and gentleman , well may we say God Save the Queen because nothing will save the Governor-General.
The proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General’s official secretary was countersigned ‘Malcolm Fraser’ who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance Day 1975 as Kerr’s cur.”

You can see the élan in Whitlam’s face in the recorded video moment as he delivered those fateful words..and rightly so..a magnificent moment of rhetorical scorn against his peers…He was indeed a master of his elocution…But ..but how much more permanent and indelible would have been the result if he had but held that document high before rendering it to shreds and called upon the citizens of The State to witness the names on that statement of treason and to proceed with haste to drag those individuals to their judgement.

And by all counts of political inertia, barring a few nods by cringing, cowardly “progressive blogs” toward radical social policy that is where the situation remains. Any yielding of ground to satisfy the needs of the vast majority toward social equity in pay and conditions has been wound back by those inheritors of the Kerr/Fraser betrayal. Subsequent centrist-left governments of both major parties have tended to obey the dictates of economic rationalism rather than social equity, referencing repeatedly to the old replay of “the people don’t want radical politics…they’re not ready for too radical change…” so the middle-class limp of “softly-softly, catchee sweet fuck all” plays on and on and on…until truly, the “people don’t want change because they don’t even know what change will mean!”

Well I will tell you what change will mean..

First : The restriction to the political power of so many private-schooled middle-class educated people.and an opening up and encouragement of more educated worker/shop-floor based politicians.

Second : The inclusion of a truly representative parliament balanced with educated blue-collar politicians and that needed Indigenous representation as suggested with The Uluru Statement.

Third : All essential utilities like public transport, energy supply, water/engineering works, health , basic NBN communication network and a secure and apolitical bureaucracy. And all the spin offs from such ownership, be reclaimed by The State.

Fourth : All foreign corporations have to have national Australian sited registration WITH an Aust’ citizen at the head of the board of directors WHO IS responsible to answer to The State in the event of any misdemeanours or criminal activity.

Fifth : ALL TAXES DUE TO THE STATE MUST BE PAID..or a degree of forfeiture of assets to the State.

The capital-based corporations MUST yield their necks to the yoke of social responsibility. The corporations MUST answer to the demands of social necessity, for there is no need for them to exist beyond a SOCIAL need for them to exist..They have no other use..The fact that they are wealth-creators for a tiny minority of shareholders is of little merit in the greater scheme of a society.

We have to disarm and dismiss the middle-classes from any form of national management of the country. This includes those so-called “Progressives” whose lame shaking of their tiny fists and peurile insults at the Government ministers…Their limp-wristed whines and wimpering have taken us down a cul de sac of jumping through endless hoops and running around endless roundabouts.

That last “fadeout” by the high-level attourney : Julian Burnside to apologise to “those who may be offended” because of a photo-shopped picture of  a Minister in a Nazi uniform shows the degree of capitulation that a nurtured middle-class education will do..Sure, Burnside gave legitimate reason both for his apology AND his posting of the picture..good reasons that should satisfy any debating mind that likes to wrangle over the pros and cons of the where-fors and whys…when all the time there need not have been ANY apology nor explanation given…the deaths associated with the policies cruelly implemented by the Minister are reason enough for such as he to have been taken before a court in the past and charged. One has to wonder on just where the now mythological famous “cutting of the Gordian Knot” would have gone had Alexander the Great sat down with the “ wise men” to debate the twists and turns of that knotted rope that confused a generation of “talkers”..

“Fuck it!” one can hear Alexander cry as he drew his sword and cut the knot asunder “Consider it fuckin’ done!”…and so it was..One has to wonder in hindsight just what sort of employment was subsequently given to those “wise men” who for so many years stood in sage stance and feature guarding the “terrible secret” of the untying of the knot..perhaps it was the dole queue for them?

Now… in the twenty-first century, we are confronted with the fraud that only those who have gained the knowledge granted by a multitude of degrees and doctorates have the deep wisdom of ruling The State..Only those with access to a chest-full of wealth and business acumen have the knowledge of economic judgement, granted to them down the corridors of a middle-class education curriculum best administered from the old Alma Mater colleges of sandstone and Latin logos.

Once again we ; the people…are like the warrior Alexander, confronted with an almighty bluff of paper and air..all sound and fury signifying nothing..paper tigers with a bark so much worse than their bite. Time to take the fight right up to their cowardly noses..

Fuck it!…we will once again cut the Gordian Knot asunder and remove the middle-class from their self-appointed positions of governance and social management. With the framing of a new social manifesto……
WE will change the conversation..
WE will change the rules..


7 thoughts on “The final failure of the middle-class “Left” revolution.

  1. I would add few more points:
    Six: the right to strike free from any legal action against individuals or unions
    Seven: Prison without parole to any individual, company or organisation that illegally treat their workers in an inhuman way.
    Eight: The establishment of a state-owned bank that can only be privatised be changing the constitution.
    Nine: reform of the media so it only can be owned by Australians and having an Australian editor.
    Ten: Remove Pine Gap and any other USA or foreign military establishment from Australian territory.
    11: Can we hang the bastards? Fidel used the “paredon” with them to start with a “clean canvas”


    1. Arthur…back refreshed from holidays, I see!…yes , there is room for additions…But I have stopped contributing and commenting on the blog/s..what’s the use..I’ve about said all that I can say..the status quo doesn’t really want to be disturbed from their knitting circle..I am only disturbing the status quo.

      With the direction this country is going, I don’t think it can be dragged back from an inevitable clash with the need to grow up…At the moment there is impotent outrage…all wondering why “we” are not raging in the streets…soon enough there will be real anger and then there will be the raging in the streets!..unless a stabilising government comes to power and gives support to real social policy…But I cannot see that happening soon enough..

      This Dutton character has “loaded the gun” for a crackdown on dissent..and he’s vicious enough to use it. He’s not that different to Batista, who also was a policeman for a period..


      1. Hi Joe, yes back from nature and looking forward to returning to it. Six days without news do a lot for a good health.
        I agree with your comments, the Australian people have to “mature” before something it happens.
        Regarding your views in the article IMO if Gough has done what you are suggesting he would be finished in jail.
        Regarding the blog that you are referring, yes, it is a waste of time trying to have a good debate.

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  2. What about the CIA’s role in the ‘dismissal’?
    What would have happened if Whitlam would have been voted in in the following election? I mean, this was a possibility, wasn’t it? A lot of people thought this was a certainty. What a disappointent, that this did not happen. But it was up to the people, was it not? I have hope that future generations with information that is available on the internet, voters micht become more politically aware. I mean, these days education via the internet is at everyone’s finger tips!


    1. Uta…you,yourself must have all the experience onewould need to be aware of how “The People” can be swayed to follow the most absurd and damaging principles…one thing they are NOT..and that is politically aware!…I have little confidence in the Australian voters..


      1. I agree, Joe, it takes time . . . So far most people are not politically aware enough. We are a democracy and we have to abide by what the voters want . . .
        I must praise the GetUp people. They do a great job! If they increase their membership more and more, this might gradually change some voting patterns.

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