Too much of Plenty.

In an era of such discrepancy between those who have too much and the great majority who have too little, it is with a kind of disbelief that I keep on seeing the tyrannical political representatives of the former being repeatedly gaining office to inflict even greater burdens on the latter …

As the good professor would once have asked … : “Why is this so?”

Of course, there are the usual reasons acceptable to statisticians of demographic favour, the reliable “rusted ons” and a degree of persuasive propaganda through a compliant and biased Main-stream media.

But in an era of known “swinging voter” power, which we have seen disrupt both Houses of Parliament in recent years, why is it that their vote AND that of many main-stream political party favourite preferences shift toward what could be described as preferencing bigotry, racism and elitism in class-distinction to give greater advantage to the Parties most corrupt in governance AGAINST the poor, the weak and the most vulnerable?

It is, in my estimation a shift over the last couple of decades of a seeking for assurance by a population of well-established, even if not entirely economically secure, section of the populace, the well-heeled, the moderately comfortable or the socially at risk but having access to easy credit to maintain a false feeling of comfort and security- Australian citizen body that has over these last couple of decades snuggled itself down in a soft furnishing of an “expectation of privilege”.

But they forget that it is not so long ago, just a generation or so, that many of their parents or grandparents fought a daily battle of poverty and want against those very political forces that would have drowned them in that sea of despair while enriching, as they are doing now, the same section and grandchildren that tormented their older kin.

I have the archival records of one of those families who struggled to overcome that debilitating poverty that only the actions of the militant unions and their affiliated political representatives gave relief to so many working families.

“ “1983 … Business ……….. of Survival … With the Death of Richard, I must now manage alone, on one pension.
The house seems in good condition. No large account, only the small loan I had taken out, which finishes in June 1985. Must try not to take out anymore loans, to(sic) much drain on my low income.
I must try to live on produce from garden, with eggs to help out.
Try to cut down on weekly food bills, most of all on meat.
The animals take quite a lot (money) for food, reg, etc.
As the fowls are all getting old, must breed up some new hens. “

That direct quote was from an aged pensioner’s diary … sure, we know she was not going to die of hunger or homelessness. Or do we? … She certainly was afraid of some vague uncertainty…and therein lies the simple truth … :

“A lifetime of habit, creates a certainty of belief … a moment of uncertainty doubts a lifetime of belief ”.

For that lady, her entire life was constructed around hard work … The old-age pension that Labor and the unions put in place gave her a measure of security so she could live out her final years in dignity.

But these simple demands by the most vulnerable of the population, along with a most brutal and cruel treatment of so many asylum seekers with their families coming to our shores seeking that second chance at a new life, have been swept aside in a maniacal assurance of security from fear… : fear of terrorism, fear of financial devastation, fear of a different skin colour and culture even fear from the indigenous people of the very soil of our nation …. in fact – from fear itself.

A fear of the loss of that expectation of privilege …. : Too much of Plenty.

It is an ugly revelation of a ugly country when such fear bubbles to the surface like pooled sewerage and it even has its own peculiar “smell”, the smell of that fear … and one can smell it most prevalent upon those who, while having gained their measure of financial security from dealing with and from those very subjects they most revile, are the first to demand restrictions upon and levies via wages limitations upon those very enablers of the life they have now become most accustomed to.

The machinations of the big financial houses, the merchant dealers and commodity miners, along with energy, communications and property speculators … in fact the entire upper middle-class and their hangers-on have used their money, media contacts and lobby group persuaders to corrupt and make degenerate an entire citizen demographic of aspirants and wannabes , even so far as to create simmering doubt in the most decent and honest citizen that now cannot, does not now want to see beyond its own pathetic insecurities to what most benefits the nation … We now have not only a cowardly nation that; going on the recorded histories of SO MANY failed empires and States, has not only condemned itself with a continued cowardice to the same fate of those lost civilisations, it has, by its continuance of electing those representative political parties who most seek to gain riches and wealth by stamping down and using as a footstool to climb the largesse ladder those most productive to the nation … by doing this vile act, it has also relinquished ITS RIGHT to survive.

Its … : “Too much of Plenty” will too soon become so little of nothing.

3 thoughts on “Too much of Plenty.

  1. I agree with your views, I am convinced that the “elite” class has masterly brainwashed the masses attacking the weak points of humanity, GREED.
    First, the targeted the education system to indoctrinate the students to serve and once they have those “generals” they spread them out in all the strategic points where they can be effective.
    This worked like a virus, the ones at the top of the “formed individuals” were not happy to be in the middle class so they aimed to be on the elite,
    The ones just between working class and middle class become the traitors the crawlers to go up one step higher on their financial position.
    And the virus of greed spread faster to many in the working class, the also traitors, sucking the benefits gained by the previous union strugglers, giving away those conditions to have few dollars more to satisfying their need for material things.
    Consumerism not only is changing humanity for the worse but also ruins the planet
    On that note of to much of plenty, I have been following with interest the stories of those that “spat the dummy” and said enough with this materialistic life and trying of are now minimalists.
    All of them said that the most difficult part was not to leave the job for one which gives them “more hours to live” the worse part was to part with their material possessions, those that hardly be used or were not necessary for the day to day living, and the second interesting point was that they realised how little living space they were utilising daily, their big homes were not necessary.
    Now, more than 90% of those that living with the bare essentials feel free, are happy, need less money to live and less working hours to sustain their lifestyle.

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  2. I agree. And I have had it up to my eyebrows with governments who refuse to collect taxes from big biz and the wealthy.

    And do not get me started on the morons of South Australia who voted out a good Labor government.


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