The Leopard is dead.

“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change” says Tancredi , the young nephew of Fabrizio, the Sicilian Prince and central character of “The Leopard”..a very influential book by Giuseppe de Lampedusa.

Tancredi is an opportunist who understands what he needs to do to climb the social ladder in modern Italy. As he tells his uncle, the Prince: “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change” . In other words, if the upper-class wants to keep living a rich lifestyle, they’ll need to adapt to the changing world. The story unfolds toward the ending of aristocratic rule in that part of the world in the time of the Risogimento in Italy as Garibaldi’s troops swoop into Sicily to complete the unification of that nation and marking the beginning of the end of many if not all aristocratic rule throughout Europe.

“Most of the novel is set during the time of the Risorgimento specifically during the period of history as Giuseppe Garibaldi, the hero of Italian unification, swept through Sicily with his forces, known as The Thousand. The plot focuses upon the aristocratic Salina family, which is headed by the stoic Prince Fabrizio, a consummate womanizer who foresees the upcoming downfall of his family and the nobility in Italy as a whole but finds himself unable to change the course of history.” (Wikipedia)

And indeed, history has recorded that change from aristocratic rule to Upper middle-class could rightfully call it a tyranny of banker’s economic slavery..that has grown from an ideology steeped in the almost hard-core blue-print of genetic greed stamped on some of the most flawed elements of human evolution..a class evolved from a malevolent hunger to have and have and have more than their fellow people for but one vicious dominate through a system of ”reward / punishment” the political and economic powerhouses of the western world.

They have conquered…But they hold power by a thread..a pernicious contract..
The power of the upper middle-class resides in capital and only is a bluff of the most extraordinary reach, encompassing personal domestic finances of the home, local business exchange activity, states, territory and national treasury economic policy..each morning we wake to the financial reports and stock market fluctuations, as if they were the life-blood of our very existence..and with the control of money reaching so far into the personal well-being of our lives , perhaps they now are!…I see my children as young adults now..struggling with home ownership, credit debt for what my generation would see as trivialities (communications / entertainments holiday travel etc…), lured deeper and deeper into a world of easy credit exchange and banker’s spiel so that their now fragile employment opportunities are too valuable to risk with reckless protest against the very swindle of wages reductions and casualisation of job opportunity.

Consider carefully the subtle intrigue of the advice of Maecenas , one of those original constructors of this malignant middle-class power his counsel to the new Emperor Augustus..:

“ “And do not, I beg you, be afraid of the magnitude of the empire. For the greater its extent, the more numerous are the salutary elements it possesses; also, to guard anything is far easier than to acquire it. Toils and dangers are needed to win over what belongs to others, but a little care suffices to retain what is already yours. Moreover, you need not be afraid, either, that you will not live quite safely in that office and enjoy all the blessings which men know, provided that you will consent to administer it as I shall advise you. And do not think that I am shifting the discussion from the subject in hand if I speak to you at considerable length about the office. For of course my purpose in doing this will be, not to hear myself talk, but that you may learn by a strict demonstration that it is both possible and easy, for a man of sense at least, to rule well and without danger.

“I maintain, therefore, that you ought first and foremost to choose and select with discrimination the entire senatorial body, inasmuch as some who have not been fit have, on account of our dissensions, become senators. Such of them as possess any excellence you ought to retain, but the rest you should erase from the roll. Do not, however, get rid of any good man because of his poverty, but even give him the money he requires. In the place of those who have been dropped introduce the noblest, the best, and the richest men obtainable, selecting them not only from Italy but also from the allies and the subject nations. In this way you will have many assistants for yourself and will have in safe keeping the leading men from all the provinces; thus the provinces, having no leaders of established repute, will not begin rebellions, and their prominent men will regard you with affection because they have been made sharers in your empire.” (Cassius Dio..: The Roman Histories..Maecenus’ advice to Augustus).

Such “advice” has been the hallmark of the process of selection of those sympathetic to the aspirations of that class of economic tyrants in seeking the “consciousness of kind” down through the ages…and if they cannot skim them from the lowest filth of society, they will “manufacture” them in the private schools and colleges of the nations, turning the heads of the young and gullible toward a world of promised riches, bling and cruelty..maintained by a servitude of henchmen hopelessly and futilely aspiring to become themselves, one of the “elite” order of absolute bastardry of the upper middle-classes.

We have but one cause to devote ourselves to if we wish to redeem this planet’s environment, this planet’s sustainability, this nation’s dignity and this people’s honour..and that is to remove the entrepreneurial / speculative middle-class from holding total power in our democracy. Their ideology of economic command has led them to use the monetary system, a system constructed initially for nothing more than convenience of exchange of goods and commodities for an accepted value in currency (gold or silver etc..) and by their greed of accumulation and political control along with the now domination of ability to appoint and direct officials of bureaucratic oversight of excess of power, they have totally corrupted that very democracy that has with tolerance, allowed them to wheedle, bribe and brutally take command of governance where they can. They have over-reached their acceptable influence.

With the many examples of financial chicanery being exposed NOT by the Oligarchic mogul controlled Main Stream Media, but by social media and courageous whistle-blowers, we now see just how far property and monetary possession has corrupted that class so that there is deliberate action to limit inquiry and investigation AND ability to collect taxation and remuneration to the State… There is an action in operation by some of these people that could equate to treason by the now members of the very senators and ministers that hold government..The wealthy are writing the laws that restrict inquiry into the habits of the wealthy…

“If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change”…

If we want things to change, things CANNOT stay as they are. The upper middle-class has to be torn down from their positions of power before that power corrupts completely, our nation.

7 thoughts on “The Leopard is dead.

  1. IMHO the actual situation is this. 2% of the population have the wealth and the monetary power to control another 10% which are the members of the upper class and the ones that sold their integrity which are part of the middle class.
    Sixty percent are the ones that are not politically educated, do not care as long as are Ok, then the very young and the old.
    That leaves 28% of the population that have the brains to make a change but unfortunately, 60 % of those do not have the guts to take the initiative.
    There is a lot to do before we can make changes and mainly education of the young generation.

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    1. I flinch when I have to use the expression “Upper” to describe that class of people who have adopted the habits of the rapacious bastards!…for I do believe it is not just (as you say) the top 2% who do the most damage, but the ENTIRE middle-class including those “aspirants” , those “wannabees” who would see the planet destroyed for a piece of that monetary action of the super rich!


      1. It seems to me, Joe, that the 2% super, super, super rich are the main problem. The middle classes have a hard time to survive. Everyone in the middle class would like to get a larger piece from the ‘super rich’. But on the whole the ‘super rich’ treat them like slaves.* They are not willing to share adequately. Most ‘super rich’ are not interested in a just system for the whole population. They are only interested in getting every year richer and richer. I suppose that in a functioning democracy it would be impossible for the super rich to get that much richer every year!

        * Freetasman says: ‘2% of the population have the wealth and the monetary power to control another 10% which are the members of the upper class and the ones that sold their integrity which are part of the middle class.’

        I think this what it is like, that these 10% tend to sell their integrity in order to do everything to the liking of the super rich. These 10% are your “aspirants” and “wannabees”. Do they do the most damage? I don’t know about this.

        For one thing, there should not be any tax havens. Can they be abolished? Can be invested more in trying to stop the production of illegal drugs? How can the very rich be made to voluntarily pay their fair share of taxes? Can people be educated to accept taxation on land value if for that all other taxes are abolished? These are the questions that interest me.


  2. Yes to both comments..and yes Uta, to the percentage of wannabe aspirants…of course there are the honest and skilled middle-class..the self-employed engineers and professionals and trades…but they are also “different people” from the speculators and entrepreneures….and yes..the lines are getting blurred these times…

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