Too late for heroes.

You remember Anzac Day ? That national day of respect will before long be upon us once more, a week or so after Easter. And taking nothing from the sad disaster of the deaths of the many young men and woman who gave their lives in some of those Imperialistic adventures, one does have to reflect on that one day when it seems that those from that class of people who have given or suffered the least in most wars are there ; Front and Centre demanding the nation looks to their example for “courage and determination” in leadership..sad indeed is that truth that those who are the least inclined to courageous in their civic life are the ones who demand the most sacrifice from our defence personnel of the nation…and yet, when called upon to make reparation to the damage done by the most egregious political party ; The LNP to every vulnerable demographic; ethnic, impoverished and /or disabled, AND the betrayal of essential infrastructure, the voting public has once again failed in even its most easy test…and still we go looking for heroes.

So even though/or when Anzac Day will once again be upon us, can one legitimately observe :

There is really no point anymore in respecting Anzac Day…no respect also in the sad silence of Remembrance Day, not long gone…no longer such “emergency” in the warning of “genetic cleansing” or other Semitic massacres in the Arabian Peninsula; “Never let this happen again!” once the cry….for even here, in our own country…a country of the “fair go”…the “easy-going Aussie”..the “land that is for everyone”…it is gone. How many people in Aust and the world marched against the Iraq war, against continued refugee detention?…one..two ..a million?…yet the Iraq war was delivered with the now commonly recognisable “Howard-shit-eater grin”, standing next to his neo-con USofA. mate ; D. Rumsfeld as they promised and delivered “shock and awe”…which destroyed an entire nation and stole the breath of at least a million citizens of that nation…and created the continuity of the exodus of those same refugees that we react against today. Where a scalpel-cut execution of the so-called “reviled leader” could have been done as has been done (under the very noses of security) of several since. No, this war was another anti-Semite war, for the majority of Iraqis are Arab…this was another religious “crusade”…too late the cry of “never again!”, has already been done..thanks to the war-mongering Right-wing of Australian politics!

That amorphous collection of provocateurs and saboteurs that calls itself The IPA., sloping about in the umbra of political activity, always the “bag-man” for LNP political short-bets, it’s sickly-smiling members parachuted into the Senate like one of “The Phantom Turd Flinger” of Preston’s brown paper-bags of shit dropping on the heads of the bogans in his local pub car-park.. ( ), we have this organisation that acts as a “finishing school” for the clumsy, gormless, naïve, self-centred arse-holes that is de-rigeur for any LNP wannabe member of The House…and we have to consider; such Machiavellian deviousness and sly-eyed bastardry could not possibly be a product of a natural development of the child..The cruelty, the attraction toward the betrayal and selling-out of one’s nation is a thing not best left to chance…hence the thorough indoctrination by those expensive private schools and colleges to “enhance” and “guide” through devoted mentors, to enhance that “consciousness of kind” or whatever “natural bastardry” existed in the gentle mind of the children..One would not like to think such acts of pusillanimous self-centred, spiteful, shit-headidness was just a normality of those many “cats” from that demographic.

And Anzac Day?…That day of sombre celebration of unity against adversity…courage against onslaught…camaraderie as mateship and unity as strength. It is a mockery of those who faced and endured such trials and tribulations, when we have abandoned even the pretence of such in our everyday lives…the disbanding and dismantling, with the voted-in permission of the Aust’ electorate, of all those community services and policies that WERE for the benefit of the MAJORITY of citizens lends a mockery to those that ran, bent-backed, across the deadly sands of Gallipoli….we mock their memory as the “everyman-Australian”, while we mock universal social reform and the “fair go” for everybody in a poverty-enriched exchange for the self-centred individual.

And Remembrance Day?..for all those who went to a war zone, whatever their individual reason, that suffered and died for what they believed was right and for the common good…for freedom and fraternity. By giving one minute’s silence for their sacrifice , while the IPA / LNP clamour and holler endlessly for THEIR “rights and demands” as an individual to plunder and rob and connive and abuse our fellow citizens…..THAT has to be the saddest mockery of all…..a minutes silence for that multitude of lost youth and lives of the brave and courageous, while the IPA / LNP enjoy seemingly limitless selfishness and endless “sunshine”.

It is a mockery and a travesty of civil-society, that the IPA / LNP. has declared itself the arbiters, through the most minority of winning margins, to dictate a diminished capacity for the citizens of THIS..OUR country to live a respected and respectable life. The shrill accusations of this govt’ and its lobby groups does crude mockery to our fallen, our revered memories, our honourable intentions and our international good name.

It will be left to us to maintain the rage…let us hope we will be permitted the capacity!…..because, by Christ!…the nation and the citizen body WILL demand the satisfaction!

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