Time to tick a few boxes on MSM treason.

Time to tick a few boxes and consider future action.

I have railed long and loud on blog sites with accusations of treason leveled at certain members of the Main-Stream Media. I have been deadly serious about these claims and I do believe action must be taken against the most egregious culprits who sought to demoralize and destroy the Gillard govt’ in the eyes of the public. I am still serious about the action needed to bring these culprits to a court of law to plead their case. Others have been more reticent, some to the point of dismissing such a charge as delusional or frivolous. I hope to argue the case here for due consideration to action for the future security of our democratic country.

As for the legal definition of treason in Aust’..Google : “ Treason: Defunct

There being so many loop-holes that a whale could swim through, let us take the common accepted meaning, ie: “An act of betrayal to a foreign interest against the interests of the nation and it’s peoples” as accepted and argue the rhetoric. Of course, there is “High Treason” in a time of war and what I see as “common treason” in a time of relative peace. I am not interested in seeing those MSM. Journos’ charged being hung-drawn-and quartered and their carcasses being strewn to the four corners of the country for “High Treason”…pollution is already a major problem! But, there will come a time after Labor regain office, which I expect them to next election, unless of course and I fully expect, some sort of election delay tactic from the present incumbents, after all, when has it ever been otherwise that a swarm of locusts or a plague of vermin do not proceed to the “hardwire” instructions in their DNA.?..It is a truth of historical experience that certain personality types should not be left in charge of a bladed letter opener, let alone the ship of state!…but THAT is topic for another article. I expect no less than a judicial inquiry must adjudicate on the behaviour of members of the fourth estate in the time of the Gillard govt’..AND continues to this day…This MUST be done.

Let us proceed..: I doubt very much that a law could be found anywhere to convict a foreign national operating in their country of citizenship to use what ever tools at their control to demonise, disrupt or bring down a foreign government. If there were, many oligarchs would by now be languishing in extradition prisons or worse all over the world. The actions of individuals and corporations toward the Sth American nations are a familiar example…In the same breath, I would have to doubt there is ANY NATION that DOESN’T have laws against it’s own nationals using the tools and finance of a foreign national or corporation to demonise, disrupt or bring down their own democratically elected government…for if there were no laws against such sedition, there would never be any sort of stable government at all..

So considering the blind-freddy logic of the above, I want someone to tell me the behaviour by certain members of the MSM. Toward the elected govt’ of Julia Gillard leading up to AND including the “Rudd reincarnation”, was NOT an act of treason against both the state and it’s people. I want someone to tell me that receiving payment from, acting with instructions and tactics from, in a wholly owned media platform from and at the behest of a foreign national , in the personal interests of that foreign national, for the vested interests of that foreign national for the sole purpose of profit for that foreign national..AGAINST THE INTERESTS AND WELL-BEING OF THEIR OWN NATION..is not treason?..It’s not so hard, it’s as simple as that!…take away the offended spluttering, the cautious coughing, the old school tie loyalty and the “drinking mate” camaraderie and you have the nub of the charge….; treason, pure and simple.

Sure, there are those journalists who are now singing a different tune..seeking to evade the charge of “cowardice under fire”…and didn’t Judas first accept the offer of silver before planting the kiss of betrayal?…They will claim in defence that they too acted as they did because they believed the same principles as their paymaster…nothing to do with it..nothing at all…I am certain “Lord Haw Haw” felt similar toward HIS paymasters..Any of us could claim sympathy with a foreign power, and with levied moneys from that power set up and promoted the overthrow of our democracy…Many of us do have sympathy with different politics or ideologies. THAT, is the beauty of maintaining our democracy..so we can express our beliefs without fear or favour…but we do not have the right to inflict personal bigotry or ideological preferences upon at least half the population, to the detriment of the population by using a mainstream media platform AND the public broadcaster to demoralize, plain lie and collude to bring down that democracy. We do not!..not ANY of us have that right!..

And if they did have a legitimate barrow to push, why not, like so many more of us, take to blogging on social media..start your own blog-page account, it’s free!..bring those valued opinions that they so treasure to the general public so we can all comment upon them…no…no..too cowardly..better to hide behind the litigious bullying of a cashed-up criminal and with dribbling spittle sing the praises of “M’lord”.

If those journalists were the “innocents abroad” that they like to portray themselves as, we could forgive them..indeed, some are nothing but bumbling buffoons armed with a thesaurus and a vocabulary. but of the others…no..Well we remember the “curled lip” of scorn in their commentary, as equal in vicious drop the sourness of their personalities…well we remember the repetitive mockery and obfuscation of the serial liar in their “on-air” voices and well we recall that soul-less “mark of Cain” in their eyes as they sunk to the depths of depravity requested to please their paymaster and instructor…cowards who feared more the ‘woe betide” repercussions of their slave-master than the metered justice of their fellow citizens!

So the bringing to court and making those members of the MSM. who worked for , received payment from and colluded with that foreign national, whilst sheltering under the protection of their own national passport, explain their actions to their fellow citizens is an imperative for the next Labor government. The free-press commentary, indeed the entire fourth and fifth estate depends upon it , for with this shadow of fear of media harassment, false accusation and condemnation way beyond the bounds of reasonable criticism, the nation will ever be at the mercy of any grudging mogul and his obsequious employees, seeking to destroy any govt’ not personally approved and no nation can nor should operate under such a tyranny.

Let the scales of a justice “that must be seen to be done” weigh their actions.

One thought on “Time to tick a few boxes on MSM treason.

  1. Thank you for you post, I agree with your views and I wonder how many journalists will be left we we do something like that.
    I put those individual in two sub-groups under the main group call the Immorals.
    One group are those that sold or blocked their conscience to satisfying their materialistic needs.
    The other group are the brainwashed and uneducated individual that does not know anything better because he/she was raised like this.
    IMO there are no excuses for the second group because the “school of life” should have teach them what it is acceptable or not.

    Personal columnists are jackals and no jackal has been known to live on grass once he had learned about meat — no matter who killed the meat for him.
    Ernest Hemingway

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