On the other, the sun is rising…

The rise and rise of Public Politics.

Now, I may not be telling many of you anything new, but I am seeing there’s a new wind on the air…no, not Tony and his onions…but seriously, a touch of something different in the political discussions. Could it be that with the rise and rise of social media and political blogs like this one, we are seeing more of a joining in political discourse by the general populace..at least those interested enough to join in..Either outraged at the delinquency of LNP politics or sneering at the public demand for greater transparency of governance..and such discussions are now more than possible with access to the tidal wave of social media.

The birth, perhaps, of “Public Politics”.

Perhaps what we are partaking in is the rebirth of “public speaking” the “Speakers Corner” of the city park, except it is more now a global park. Perhaps what we are partaking in is more than mere “I say -you say” opinion forum, because if the likes of twitter has shown us anything, is that the “direct line” to our representatives is now possible..and when you have the president of the United States of America furiously stabbing out those 280 chas’s or less every day and night, colliding with his for’s and agin’s on the ether, you got “connection”…with a capital “C”.

No longer do our politicians have to rely upon the Chinese whisper from a staffer or lobbyist to know just EXACTLY how the electorate feels about party policy..it is spread all over the internet in no uncertain terms. No longer will leaders like Tony Abbott have to rely upon the passing slander of a person in a shopping mall to know that many think of him as a dickhead..it is there in glorious photo-shopped technicolour on an #Auspol twitter feed!

It now takes but a mille-byte length of time to contradict those awful lies spittle’d from Chrissy Pyne’s lips on an angry social media site..The gross fumbling by the now confected “vox gravitas” of Josh Frydenberg (wannabe leadership material?) on the stupidity of “clean coal” is rubbished with fact and fancy from the four corners of the globe..and all the time he thought his forked tongue conversation with Bazz Cazz on “slip-insiders” would be taken as gospel…as if!…But if there is one failure of social media that must be conceded, it is the apparent incapacity to get Mathias Corman to ; please, please learn to pronounce the word “obviously” correctly..PLEASE!…there are NOT TWO “B’s” in the word.

Ah!…this social media thingo is but the start of a new democracy of the dictatorship of the citizenry, if we can have the freedom to continue the candid conversations online..after all, it must be admitted, the internet, like any other “domestic appliance” is reliant upon the continuous supply of electricity..and the patience of the powers that be to turn on or off the broadband spectrum…not that THAT is a consideration around these parts, where the signal is so weak we in this house have to watch out for eating too much carb’ in our diet lest a reckless fart cuts all forms of communication off indefinitely!

Perhaps our politicians need to be pressed to construct a “community energy source” where supply cannot be cut simply on the whim of a political or economic decision…perhaps there ought to be a new “fourth estate” of power of the unions rather than media to “keep the bastards honest”..what ever, I think we-the public- will have to secure our lines of communications to keep the conversations open and ongoing.

These public blog-sites and the creators like ‘WordPress’ need to be treasured for the tireless enthusiasm put into the running of such..I doubt (and speaking for yours T) there is any real money to be made from them, considering the time and effort put in…I’d hate to be editing one of my pieces..(the result of a shithouse catholic primary edu’)..and I am reminded of that masterly piece of mummery from Anthony Quinn in “Lawrence of Arabia” where, as the fighter ; Auda Abu Tayi , he proclaims himself as; “…yet I am poor…because..I ..am a river to my people..” Great stuff!..see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noyFiYKlFJU

I do hold one opinion on how social media is now able to “rope-in” a wider audience…we seem to have closed the distance between the reader and the teller..by “the distance”, I mean the academic discourse distance. There were many good blog-sites delivering solid, witty and in-depth articles over time over the web…but I have noticed they nearly all (the serious ones at least) “spoke” with an “educated mind”…they all talk ; “academic savvy”..even sites like “Loon pond”, though thoroughly enjoyable, still echoed the cultivated grammar and the trained eloquence of a good education. There’s nothing wrong with a good education..it’s just that many people could be over-awed by such or fall into a habit, of which I was a long-time culprit, of deferring to those who are perceived to have one and therefore perceived to be “better informed”….and as a consequence, with-holding much conversation that could be added to the general pool that would aid communication to a wider audience…after all, I would think we here are all interested in encouraging friendship (insert smiley).

But really, I have to say I have nothing but optimism at least for the delivery of good public conversation, and if those historical pics of the harassed “Speakers Corner” spruiker at The Domain is anything to go by, I say ..Let the democracy of Public Politics begin again!

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