On one side the night so dark…

South Australia was founded on the philosophic ideas of a degenerate, financed by the money of an opportunist, bailed out by the taxpaying British public and eventually prospered on the money of speculating aspirants..What sort of government would eventually grow from such riff-raff? Ans: An LNP govt’.

When it comes to choosing what type of person is suitable to govern a nation at election time, we are presented with a variety of choices..and if we look closely at those choices, it appears that the “preferred option” is a well educated ( as in private school / sandstone university), well spoken (as in good English) , well dressed and morally reasonable personality. A bit of a “rat-bag” (Katter) is ok, as is a “English as a second language” migrant..as long as they can get their message across..but one thing is noticeable by it’s impressionability, and that, at least amongst the males and I would imagine similar with the women ..is the “suit”.

We seem to luurrrve the “man in the suit”..be he the biggest bullshit artist in the country (Turnbull) , the biggest con-artist in the country (Turnbull) , or even the most mealy-mouth bastard in the country (Turnbull; 3 out of 3!). As long as he has “University cred” (Preferably Oxford or Cambridge…but Harvard will now suffice..for the agile aspirants!) and an inherited or self-made fortune which gives the impression that he is not in the job for the money…

BULLSHIT !!!!……complete bullshitt WITH the double “t”.

“nam dives qui fieri vult, et cito vult fieri “: … for the one who wishes to become rich wishes to become rich quickly (Juvenal).

We have fallen for this old chestnut again and again…why?…because it is the “image perfect” for the “Lady and Gentleman” we, as a nation of aspirants seem to aspire to be..: The image of success…God it’s horrible to watch..like a train wreck in slow motion…Let me tell you of the establishment of the colony of South Australia as an example..;

Edward Gibbon Wakefield…The man disgraces the first two names in his identity. The man was a disgrace all ‘round…a swindler, liar, fraud, pedophile and crook..It is of no wonder he was adopted by the aspiring men as a shining example of their class to write the formulae for the establishment of a “free enterprise” colony.

In 1829, the very year in which Thomas Peel’s colonists were being dumped down at Fremantle, West Australia, a man of thirty was busily writing in a room in Newgate Prison, in London. He was in prison because he had through a devious ruse, abducted a school-girl and “married” her at Gretna Green. But he was not treated like a convict. He could obtain books and pens and paper, as influential prisoners could in those days. He was writing a little book which was published in 1829. He called this book “A Letter from Sydney”, although he had never been near Sydney, nor out of Europe. But he wrote so well and so brightly, including little bits of goss’ and “racy tales” that many people thought his book was the work of a man who had been living in Sydney for years, and who knew a great deal about Australia.

He proposed starting a new colony built on the idea of speculation and aspiration, with the proposition that ..:
“You must never sell land in a new colony except at a fairly high price. He called it a ‘sufficient price’. And he meant a price sufficient to prevent labourers from buying it easily. This would secure a supply of labour. When any land was sold—either to labourers who had saved money, or to emigrants who possessed money—the proceeds were to be used to bring out more labourers. No more land was to be given away, or granted cheaply, as in Western Australia.”

You start to get the idea..sounds familiar doesn’t it? The object being that a labourer (and THAT title in those days included everybody who earned money for their work), if he had enough money to buy his little piece of land when he reached the colony, would not be available to work for a “Gentleman” for a measly wage, but would work his own land…and: “… his master would be left servantless. So the kind of life that an English gentleman loved—with plenty of (cheap) labour at hand—was impossible in Australia”.

This is the sort of bastard sets the example of those “born to rule”…enter; George Fife Angas.

In 1834, an Act of Parliament was passed, which carved 300,000 square miles out of New South Wales, and established the colony of South Australia. But the British Govt’ would not finance the new colony. Indeed, it might have well been a still-birth had not a wealthy financier ; George Fife Angas stepped up and was appointed to a “Board of Commissioners”..He put up a surety of 200,000 pounds and the South Australia Company was formed with a prospectus enticing investors to buy into the project.

Eventually, two shiploads of ill-informed, ill-equipted “colonists” found their way to land at Kangaroo Island..the hopelessness of THAT as a colony capital was soon established..There was absolutely no information on the location suitable for settlement save Captain Charles Sturt’s notes on his Murray River trip..The whole fiasco was a gamble..a speculation..I leave the readers imagination to create the scene upon those two ships when the “investors” started to realise just who was in charge of their lives and fortunes in this strange land.

Fortunately, Col’ William Light, the surveyor with the party, reviled by the authority ; Governor Hindmarsh, chose the present site of Adelaide as the best location to set up shop…He was chastised and challenged all along the way by those most incompetent Commissioners, and as Don Dunstan explained when he too was vilified by the “Powers that be” of also being a ;” Melanesian half-caste bastard”..but he held fast and the site was settled. Eventually after a number of conflicts, a new Governor was sent and he ; Governor Gawler, tried to organise the colony..However no sooner had land been surveyed and sold, there began a chaos of land speculation..

“ They had guarded against the lack of labour by sending out work-men, and by keeping up the price of land. (Later it was raised from 12s. to £1 per acre.) What they could not guard against was the desire of people to get rich quickly. Land was sold and the money was sent to England. More people came out and wanted to buy more land. But they wanted to buy it close to Adelaide and not far away from town. So the people who had bought land near the town sold it again for higher prices. Then began a wild rush of buying up land, not to cultivate, but to sell it again at a higher price. This is what is called speculation, or, sometimes, ‘a land boom’. We have had many outbreaks of it in Australia and nearly always it has resulted in misery and unemployment. But it is very hard to stop. With no farming going on, the immigrant labourers could get no work, and so they flocked to Adelaide and demanded food from the Governor. But food was hard to get. Very little of it was being grown in South Australia, and it had to be brought from New South Wales and Tasmania…”

Now we ARE getting into very familiar territory ; the chaos of free enterprise.

The upshot of it all was that there being no farming done to employ or sufficiently feed the labourers, Governor Gawler put the men to work on civic construction..roads and buildings..but with an empty treasury, he had to write out “promissory notes” (rubber cheques) to cover wages and goods…these notes, once presented for payment back in England were promptly dishonoured…Gawler pissed off back home and the British Government was forced to honour the nearly 300,000 pounds owing and to take control of the colony just six years after it was formed. But THAT is how entrepreneurial speculation inevitably ends..the project is a disaster and the taxpayer is forced to pick up the tab either through gross incompetence or manipulative politics.

And there is where we will leave those floundering colonists..luckily the discovery of large tracts of copper ore saved the colony from bankruptcy..the gamble paid off…an early example of the “just in time” principle of survival capitalism which is then, through sheer blind luck claimed as “well planned management”.

And here we are in the twenty-first century, with another cycle of colonisation..not by an imperial power, but by mega corporations..with an administration called; The LNP Government run by the same sort of gormless fools that ran the first..with the same principles of instead of depriving the indigenous peoples of their lands, they now are in the process of depriving ALL the citizenry of their sovereignty. It is a colonisation of a different kind with the taxpayer still picking up the tab. And you can pin epaulets on their shoulders, gold-braid and medals upon their chests..you can string a long line of letters after their names and call them “sir” or “lady”…but they are still f#ckers and dickheads!

The selection of who to represent us in Canberra must no longer be chosen from the stupid, the fraudsters, the treasonous who received their coaching from the most exclusive schools and universities, THEY have betrayed their obligations. The future leaders must be chosen from the skilled trades and practical professions like nursing and engineering etc. We cannot risk our future with unskilled fools and speculating criminals from that class of degenerates who most believe they are “born to rule”…

THEY must be sent back to be retrained for at least something useful.

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