Murdoch Media “Proscribed”.

To “proscribe” a thing or person is to forbid, blacklist, deny to, and / or disallow actions or substances to be given or taken by persons or person for their use or benefit.

So here we are suggesting a methodology to “proscribe” those Murdoch media personalities, backers and supporters who continue to promote hate and to attack the citizen body and our democracy, and individuals and selected vulnerable parties, and ethnic groups as victims to persecute and abuse and vilify for reasons beneficial to their employer and the vested interests of themselves and their political supporters.

How can this be done?

First, I suggest we gather our group under a title worthy of instigating such a judgement on those criminal minds continually slinging abuse at those we hold respect for and look to as leadership ideals.

I will suggest as a starter.. ; “The Citizens Judgement Tribunal”…where we can seek from the citizen body through social media a majority decision through “a volume of voices” that arise spontaneously over social media after another of the many and predictable outrages and pogroms instigated by the Murdoch media “Journalists” against any worthy citizen or ethnic group or demographic.

Using the “Citizens Tribunal”, we can then suggest and “only suggest” through social media that those commentators or journalists so vicious in misleading information or abuse be denied services and assistance by all service industry trades and for instance…plumbing / sewerage, electrical, whitegoods service, heating’air-con services, mechanical services etc..when those Murdoch media folk call for help or assistance…in effect, they are : “Proscribed” from affiliation and comforts within the citizen body of Australia.

Of course, one cannot deny vital health and / or essential health support services from these criothans, keeping in mind that even a rabid mongrel dog is worthy of some humane consideration AND..I don’t think it would be venturing TOO FAR into the realm of overt generosity to include those Murdoch creatures in such company.

However, if we go back over some history…and that “history” is VERY recent, we can read of those Murdoch people’s treatment of even an innocent question asked on a Q&A audience..( indeed, it could be YOU or ME asking the question) where he was hunted down like some cursed animal by those Murdoch dogs and vermin and even his family fortunes ( and that again..could be YOU or ME) and relationships were put on garish Front Page display by a totally unforgiving mob of the Murdoch press. And recall most recently the relentless abuse of the Muslim ABC presenter and now a respected woman past Prime Minister..the list is growing…AND THESE BASTARDS SHELTER FOR PROTECTION UNDER THEIR AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT!

So, ok..we will not deny the Murdoch media in Aust’ the right to take payment from a FOREIGN NATIONAL for their delivery of HIS agenda…from HIS media propagate HIS political allegiance to the LNP to destroy OUR infrastructure to favour HIS media sales…that is their choice..What we DO PROTEST to is their vilifying and bigoted abuse and racism toward the indigenous, the refugees and other ethnic peoples who are either born here, who seek shelter here, who work here at all hours on all days in all weathers to simply get by and raise their families..What we are protesting against is their continual ignorance and stupidity and betrayal of the Australian People!

So I am suggesting we Proscribe the Murdoch media journos and deny them the connections and services that give them comfort and security in their lives that enables them to betray those very citizens who make their lives “hassle free” so they can choose to hassle and hate us all.

And for them to learn that one vital lesson instilled in all races in all countries , in all domestic situations in all times…


Now…let us list those who we should start proscribing..I will kick it off with the “A”s..


7 thoughts on “Murdoch Media “Proscribed”.

  1. Plato feared democracy could not work/ The problem he saw was that demagogues could get control of the debate through half-truths, lies and raw appeals to people’s emotions, especially on fears, insecurities, prejudices and false patriotism. Stirring these always trumped reason and logic. We saw this in the US 2016 Presidential elections. In modern parlance the term Hunter S Thompson used to describe Nixon’s campaigning in 1968 – Fear and Loathing – covers it nicely.

    In the English-speaking democracies, and probably further afield if he can get his tentacles in Rupert Murdoch fills that role through his lick-spittle empire of high-paid obedient hacks. There have been ugly tycoons in the past who have used their controls to corrupt governments such as Randolph Hearst and Lord Beaverbrook. But never to the extent and totality of Murdoch does in the US, UK and Australia.

    In Australia his influence with 70% of print media is profound even as they lose money and credibility. Television (apart from SKY Pay-TV) and Commercial Radio are not directly controlled by him but in the general absence of independent news-gathering, they usually lift stories and memes from News Ltd. The only non-Murdoch sources of news in Australia are Fairfax and the ABC. They are regularly attacked and bullied by News Ltd lackeys – so much so that, with some notable exceptions, they mostly cave in. The ABC almost permanently has IPA shills in most of their talk shows spreading their paid propaganda. Now they have an ex-Murdoch executive as their boss, it augurs badly.

    In my travels in 2015, I had a stopover in Singapore. The impressions I gained then were considerable. I think by our standards of how we view democracy, we’d consider it a little bit short: either a despotism or a meritocracy depending on your view. Yet on the measures of providing for their people and making it all viable, Singapore is an extraordinary success.
    “I’d have to say that on what I saw, it is functioning at least as well, and probably better, than most English-speaking democracies. In matters of opportunity and access, the pathways seem much smoother in education, housing, health, employment and industry. It seems inconceivable that such a modest island-state could viably support 5.5 million people with such infrastructure, which is world-class by any reasonable measure.”

    Neither Murdoch nor any type of demagogue media is tolerated there. They just can’t afford that type of shit when they have multiple ethnicities, cultures and religions. It is a loss of some freedom and may even make a scandal harder to break. But it seems like a small price to pay for delivering on so many fronts in health, education, housing and employment.

    Canada also keeps out Murdoch and has managed to sustain a more liberal democracy. Not entirely a coincidence.


    1. Again a damn decent analysis, GD. I always wonder on what type of person would be so keen to be so servile. It is a position I find most revolting next to thieving from the vulnerable and a distinctly “un-Australian” attitude to accept (considering the freedoms and opportunity to escape to the wide open spaces from any form of perceived entrapment either real or imagined). But aging has informed me that there are those around me who seem to revel in being under some sort of domination by those they consider their betters..perhaps it brings a sense of security they do not have to supply themselves…I don’t understand it at all.
      Thanks again for the well considered reply.


    2. It is a conumdrum of “freedom” vs. authority…it takes a particular clever “sleigh of hand” to have a population feel it has the former when in fact the “authority” has to enact the is where Murdoch plays a deft hand in assisting the powers that he favours and who “favour” him..I would suggest that Rupert would have been “long-gone” through some sort of “state intervention” had he not proved himself very useful to whichever slant of politics came to rule in some of those countries he frequents….together with a nice set of 8×4 glossies of every minister of influence locked up in a secure safe somewhere close at hand!


  2. Thanks Jaycee. Another interesting foray on our Dark Influence in The Guardian

    I guess I’m also a bit annoyed that the UK and the US, who both have problems at least as bad or worse than Australia has, seem to have more democratic checks and balances which can spring into action against overkill. They are older democracies and still have more media diversity than here and perhaps that’s the key.


    1. I agree…and would add that both the UK and the USA have achieved their systems of governance through trial and civil war…we have only an instituted authority inflicted upon us as a model…I suspect the day will come when a greater trial will be needed.


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