The Arpeggio of the Traitor.

An arpeggio is the playing of single notes in a rising or falling scale in music either together to form a cord or singularly like as the “do-ray-me” of the scales in music.

The political traitor will take what words are familiar to all of us (as the musician takes those basic arpeggio notes in the scale) and twist and turn them up the scale or down one at a time into a discord of reason and logic to persuade people to heed to his / her tone of betrayal. Their words then become more a comfort than a confrontation. We are ALL familiar with the honeyed words of a friend, confidant or lover who has betrayed our trust. When we look back over their language of persuasion and denial, we wonder how we could have been so taken in and the blush of foolishness colours our heart.

It is the language used that does the trick…The language..or the “harmony” of the traitor. There are those well trained in both language use and delivery of the persuasive vernacular in both media of the spoken and the printed word, relaying what was in voice , as Rebecca West states in her examination of ;”The Meaning of Treason”..:

“…a great many people had experienced that hideous novelty, for it was easy to chance on Joyce’s (Wm. Joyce ;aka ;”Lord Haw Haw”, convicted traitor in WW2) wavelength when one was tuning in on the English (radio) stations, and there was a rasping yet rich quality about his voice which made it difficult not to go on listening, and he was nearly convincing in his assurances…”

The mellifluous language of the trained BBC. Radio personality of that era is in contrast to the rasping strine of a more egalitarian Australia of today..but the intent is the same…; persuasion. Persuasion with the use of jingoistic / nationalistic “trigger words” and slogans. While the svelte-voiced BBC. Personality may reach an aspiring middle-class audience, the Aussie’ “Oi, oi , oi” shock-jock is reaching to an audience more familiarly attuned to sports broadcasting and the use of the vernacular, sprinkled with colourful colloquialisms and more than a touch of that other national pastime : racism.

It is no wonder the political hopeful with a vocabulary rivaling a grade 3 reader can reach out to many sympathisers…and while she may plead with the halting tremolo of a unconfident choir-girl, and claim to be “the voice of the people”, she is far from it…myself a mutli-generational working-class person can tell a liar and aspirational middle-class traitor when I hear one…and her faltering steps toward political recognition can be sheeted straight home to the very class of society she hungers to be a part of…but be warned, madam, while they will use you, flatter you, take you into their “house”as a claimed “friend” is only as a useful tool, an amusement to own like a trinket or an executive toy to show their friends, that you will be tolerated and displayed..You will NEVER be one of them…n-e-v-e-r..and betrayal is your prescribed destiny.

This is the manner of the traitor, to embrace as a friend, gain the confidence as comrade and then lead to a dark place for the coup-de-grace.

The Murdoch media is the main player at this game at the moment in Australia. You can tell that when the brand’s CEO has chosen his side, the collective members of employed servants and sycophants demonstrate quite quickly and uniformly that they too have chosen their victims. It can be as benign as an audience member of a Q&A television show, or a collective of unemployed or the suspicion of a disabled “malingerer” on a is all grist to the mill of that medias “journo’s” who set to with a passion so vicious, so targeted and so relentless across the entire media platform of their foreign master as to drive their victim to the point of suicide or even over the edge…it is of no concern to those Quislings, well housed and protected behind the pay-wall of their foreign national master…their pay-packets and “extra-base-hits” bonuses regularly paid into their bank accounts to pump-up the many investment rewards for their treason. Not for them the struggle of their fellows, nor the uncertainty of job security as long as there is a nation and its peoples to demoralise, destabilise and manufacturing and vital infrastructure to vocalise against with the aim of destroying any disadvantage to their paymaster and owner.

Again to Rebecca West..:

“The stories told (of the traitors) have behind them a second story of huge unproductive expenditure ( of their activities) , of life-long labours which do not add one single grain to the worlds resources….the grimy small fry which circulate around the likes of (Murdoch)..are maintained by the honest people who teach, doctor the sick, till the soil, work in factories or scholars and poets and scientists…”

Those working people are the productive entities of society who maintain and support those traitors so well versed in what is good for Murdoch et all is good for the nation. These vile bodies are not worthy of the spit of the people, not deserving of the protection of their Australian passport that allows them..through US to swan about cock a hoop with all the over-confidence of a swindler of the vulnerable and helpless.

Well, they say that every dog has its day, and their days are numbered and declining swiftly..we have their names and we have seen their perfidious behaviour in past elections, where the skill of deceit and slander lay comfortably on their tongues like a sweet-drop, where their bullying and coercion are worked as swiftly and confidently as an engine drivers steam whistle. It is time to turn off their supply of hot air!

There are state elections coming up in the next year, we have to be aware that the Murdoch traitors are starting even now in South Australia to search out and propagandise against the Labor govt’. These “journalists” working fist-in-glove with the Liberal Party to portray the Wetherill Govt’ as either incompetent or uncaring…the Liberal leader wheeled out in unison to any “investigative exclusive!” to put on a show of a “figure of strength and style” suitable to lead the State…but I see it as rather more like a stumbling display of a ; “Stan Laurel blinking into the camera” moment.

Federally, we have that egregious assortment of a combination of the barking shock-jocks, the harping television commentators and the blathering nonsense of the political columnists, all at the beck and call of the most degenerate media mogul that ever hungered salaciously after women half his age..A character fit only for the negative side of the ledger of human dignity.…A person declared unfit to purchase a news service in one country, unfit to retain citizenship in his birth country and unfit to gain the respect of a majority of honest people in another..THIS is the person, who with covert agents would allow the tapping of a dead girls phone and then blame his subordinates for such slimey behaviour which they must have learned at the feet of their master and owner.

These are the traitors born to our country that reap fine reward for the demonising, demoralising, destabilising of their own nation, whilst sheltering under the protection of their Australian passport. We know their names, their faces…the only thing left is for them to own their own treason before a tribunal of the law.

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