Their Cup Runneth Over…(with bullshit!).

Your Cup Runneth Over…

So it is written…

“ The 23rd Psalm may be the most beautiful of all chapters in the Bible because it gives an accurate description of the Great Shepherd’s protection, provisions, and praises towards his “flock”. David writes “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows” (23:5) “

That effing bullshit of the “Great Shepherd” disappears from our article about this point, taking with him any intention of “protection, provision and care”…for there now starts that part of our history lesson that describes the cruel intent of capital-venture speculation and exploitation of the innocent and the vulnerable after the setting of a most devious and cunning trap for the unwary farmers, labourers and migrant workmen who were coaxed to seek a new life with their families in the new colony of South Australia…an example of everyday land speculation, financial swindle and incompetent governance so familiar to us now in the twenty-first century and you will look back at this story and wonder.. JUST FUCKING WONDER… how many times this fraud and swindle on the poor and vulnerable can be repeated before the wrath of summary justice more severe than anything instigated by Josef Stalin is not brought to bear on the protagonists…you will wonder, but not be amazed that it hasn’t.

Their cup runneth over…

In the year of Our Lord ; 1829, in one of the “Mi’lordship suites” of Newgate Prison, England, there temporarily resided a man of thirty years of His Majesty’s pleasure, for the slight crime of abducting and attempting to marry a child of thirteen at Gretna Green so he could “legally” de-flower her at his own convenience..This unfortunate prison set-back did not deprive the said “Gentleman” of books and writing materials , so he set to and wrote a fraudulent “Letter from Sydney” (he never did go there) complaining of the lack of quality servants in that new town that could keep a Gentleman of leisure in the manner he had become accustomed was a gentleman’s right..This “Gentleman” in question went by the name of Edward Gibbon Wakefield….a TOTAL today’s vernacular would have it.

The upshot of his thesis was the establishing principles for setting up a “Free-Enterprise” colony in South Australia , which basically were thus:

” The price of land held by “The Company” should be kept at a level just out of the reach of affordability for a worker, as the worker, after saving his wages so as to buy land, would then leave his master’s service to work and till his own land, leaving said master to fend for himself without servants..So land should be kept at a “sufficient price” to deter the labourer from owning land and therefore a dependent pool of employable workers could be relied upon.

When land was sold, the money should be used to bring out more labourers and so the process would be continued over and over, with always a supply of cheap labour to service the larger land holders. who did not have to own their land, but HIRED it from The Company till at such time they wanted to buy it…The irony being that these “Land Hirers” turned out to be in many cases ; the directors of “The Company “ itself…a forerunner of certain tax avoiding schemes used by companies of today.

Thirdly, and this is “beautiful”, coming from the pen of a felon in prison himself..whatever you did, you must not let convicts come, as : “They were not fit associates for gentlemen and would upset the beautiful balance between employers and labourers which had been brought about by the “sufficient price” of land”…unquote.

And there you have it..Of course, this also explains the imperative of the need for the claim of “Terra Nullius” of the whole of the claimed colonies so that all land therein becomes the property of the crown..aha! do with it as the crown sees fit….: “ Gentlemen!..raise your glasses for a toast to the fucking Kings of fucking over of Australia..”

Their cup runneth over…

The colony of South Australia became a land speculators orgasm, with the buying and re-selling of property becoming the main source of economic transaction so the colonists didn’t farm enough , and all food had to be bought in from the earlier colonies in the East and from Tasmania so they nearly starved to death and “The Company” went broke..The workers were paid by Governor Gawler with “promissory notes”; rubber cheques and the British government had to step in and bail out with public monies the debts and take over the now failed colonial enterprise after a short spell of just six 1842.. A lesson learned about the “astuteness” of venture capitalism so that it should…never – happen – again…And THAT’S the part of history we never get told..: who the bullshitters are and who they screw over..This latest banking/financial swindle will be swept under history’s carpet if those upper middle-class arseholes have any say in can bet your mortgaged house on it!

I don’t know what happened to Lord Wakefield..I have read of it somewhere but I care not a jot to think of him ever again, save that one is reminded of his existence whenever one ventures to the inner precincts of Adelaide, for there, cutting through the centre of Queen Victoria Square, from East to West, like no other street in the city..(even King William Street veers around the square ) is that thoroughfare bearing his still revered by those “born to rule” name..”Wakefield Street”.

I would call on any future Labor govt’ with an ounce of gumption to invoke the old “Department of Nomenclature” powers used in the first world war to rename so many Germanic locations , rivers and towns, to apply similar vengeance to those avenues towns and streets bearing the now known reviled names of those villains, fraudsters and scoundrels.

But how could they?..when the elitist structure of the well-heeled social society hangs its very rights, privileges and status from the same “clothes-peg” as Lord Wakefield hung his coat. The very epitome of venture capitalism is reliant upon the fraudulent claim that even the humble worker in this great country, this : “Great Southern Land” can one day, through their honest, hard work, own their own home..The wage earner, one day, along with the Lords and Ladies, along with the Companies and Corporations, along with inherited wealth, tax avoiders and unscrupulous bankers and speculators…you too, my good men and women..can be honoured to buy your own home to raise your own family….so be thankful young people, for one day soon..

Your cup too will then runneth over……….MY ARSE!!!

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