Barbarians to Baronets..: Conservative Aspirations in Australia.

In several articles of late, and even on one blog-site to which I was once , regretfully, a regular contributor, I have been “corrected” in my terminology of naming many of the LNP and their hangers-on as “middle-class”..when, if one can believe ones detractors..I should have used the term; “Upper middle-class, because, you see…many tradies now consider themselves of the middle classes”…

Well..root my wellies and call me Barnaby!…a tradie ..; middle-class do you mind?…in your fuckin’ dreams Brenton..or whatever your name is!..All this shit about status and class..AND HERE in Oz…ffs!..don’t try to bung on side with this old get your hands dirty with labour, be it hard or’re on wages, you’re on piece-work..: you’re working class..You’re a in consultative or managerial or ownership /’re middle-class…and that’s ALL you you the local hardware on the corner, or Gina The’re middle-class..even that dozy dreamer from Point Piper with all the shrewd judgement of a seasoned meth’ addict is just a middle-class twat.

All this bullshit of dividing the classes into sub-groups is just some pitiful attempt by those who want to “elevate” their status from little snob to pompous arsehole!..there’s a lot of them..usually from some Latin-logo’d private school that was more interested in screwing up the minds and bodies of their charges than delivering a decent education..But THAT’s another subject…What we are concentrating on here is the exposure of a sinister and foolish direction by the conservative movement in Australia , NOT necessarily to destroy the unions and suppress the working classes, but rather, by a convoluted and deluded ambitious path to ..CREATE a new aristocratic order in Australia..and that, by necessity demands the restructuring of the classes in the nation to the three levels of social order required of the class system.

!) Aristocratic class.

2) Middle class.

3) Working class.

If you are of the working class reading this, you are probably thinking ;”That is absurd!” and of course it is..of course it you and me it is just crazy!..But you think back over the machinations of those LNP ministers and their behaviour..remember Speaker Slipper and his pompous donning of the old trappings of the position, including the dress-code?..and then there’s The Bishops and the Turnbulls and the Prof’ Flints and that gross Queen ; A Jones!..all the bastards in the front bench (except Barnaby…you can’t pin this on Barnaby..except perhaps ; The Idiot Son!)..and remember the Dirty Digger..when he WAS a digger ; Murdoch?…there’s one who would’ve sold his arse to get the double-dab on the shoulders from the Royal Wilkinson..but all he’s ended up with is a second rate chit from the bloody Pope..probably recalling the halcyon days of the Holy Fucking Roman Empire…Cheerist! what a panoply of strange fruit!..and all of them aspiring to levels far above their station…; of a rut full of sewerage!

Because if you think back to the days of Malcolm Fraser and the overthrow of the Whitlam govt’, NOT by democratic means, but rather with the assistance of The Crown intervention..using a set of anachronistic principles in place from a time of regal-aristocratic dominance..; “Dieu et Mon Droit”…with that top-hatted , drunken scut playing the role of My Lord Chancellor to the LNP rodents scurrying around the back door of Yarralumla!..God help us all..we shoulda’ put out more rat poison…

And then to The Mad Monk ; Abbott bestowing knighthood upon the Consort Royal of the Queen of bleedin’, bloody England do-you-fucking-mind!..AND on Australia Day to boot!…squeeze his nuts and tell ‘im he’s dreamin’ ..Can there be an any more absurd gathering of dupes and mongrels throughout the entire catalogue of human history AND I include Caligula and Cl’Cl’Claudius in that little collection. Because if Abbott didn’t do that dirty little deed because he thought he was in a position almost equal TO the Regal Monarch of his and Robert Menzies “Motherland” then I’ll go “eck!”

And this conservative delusion of grandeur is being absorbed into the general acceptance of society , where with the advent of “reality TV” and many film and video media portraying a fantasy of rags to riches or poverty to prince / princess, we get a blurring of reality where many people who are surviving on barely a living wage begin to flatter themselves as part of a bigger dynasty of pomp and circumstance…a situation I would think is to the benefit of the conservative movement’s voting advantage, having all these wannabes doffing the cap and tugging the fore-lock to the Laird of the Manor…”Vote 1 ; LNP…”

Time for a reality check..

All those slavey fuckers out there in the Oz sunshine better get a grip on who they really are and to what class they belong and go join their local union , because before too much time has passed, we are going to get a serve of their Lordships shit on a platter with low wages, off-shored jobs, on-shored 457 visa $4. @ hour workers and a complete cut in social services so we can all gather in the village hall as serfs for the next serve of shit-sandwiches and if you think that’s the end of it, think again, for there’s still around 75 more items on the little IPA wish-list circulating around LNP headquarters and on the wall of Twiggy and Gina’s and Rupert’s creatures offices…and if any of us think that we are going to get special consideration because we have self-elevated ourselves from working-stiff to middle-class stiff, then …well…STIFF!

You can guarantee those by-products of a good dose of Delhi-belly in the conservative movement are not looking for too many fellow travelers in their Broughams and carriages, after all , there’s only so many times one has the inclination to wave one’s wrist in appreciation of the masses gathered to revere…for the rest, one feels compelled, when one meets such on the pavement, to drop a handy fiver or such into their begging bowl…because, y’’s the kind of bloke you are…

An I’ll tell you this for free.. You can wish all you like, but there’s only two classes in Australia..working class and middle for the rest, you can want and wish all you like, but you’ll be whistling into the wind, me ol’ china…whistling into the wind.

6 thoughts on “Barbarians to Baronets..: Conservative Aspirations in Australia.

  1. Reminds me of the term “Bunyip Aristocracy” which used to apply to the large land owning families. I think they still exist, tying up their assets in discretionary trusts and living off their investment incomes. The farm these days is an expensive hobby which pays good returns once every 7 years, isn’t worth cropping for 3 years out of that 7

    I agree that people who rely on wages or salary or social security need to unionise to combat the rapacious ‘Bunyip Aristocracy’

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    1. There is an opportunity for those of the working families who have offspring being the first of their family to have a university education to go on to become leaders of social change in governance..One can only wish..


  2. Like Sally McManus?

    I am not a fan of entrenched privilege and follow the French economist Thomas Piketty line that a more equal society is a more prosperous society

    Can I copy a letter to The Age from Friday April 14

    The tax on an Australian family earning $82,000 a year has risen to the second highest rate in the developed world, OECD figures show (The Age, 12/4). However, this is misleading as anyone who has lived in Europe can report.

    Take Germany: yes, a family on the equivalent of $82,000 may pay 21per cent income tax. However, by the time it has paid the additional, compulsory social insurances (health, income protection, nursing, retirement), the rate is closer to 40per cent.

    Do they get value for money? You bet. Parental leave, health cover (including proper mental health care), a certain percentage of their income for 12 months if they are made redundant, good public transport (including “bullet trains” connecting all major cities), subsidised childcare, free tertiary education, secure housing, renewable energy and a commitment to cutting greenhouse gases. Germany has a populace and government committed to planning for the future and progressing as a community.


    1. the social contract that is missing from politics in Oz..the “agreement” reached between citizen and their government on care and education and all the other necessities of life…A person doesn’t need a wealth of income if they are considered in the national scheme of inclusion for would even be inclined to forgo an amount of their wages so as to benefit from such considerations.


  3. Actually I think the first generation university educated children of the working class today are being saddled with very high HECS debts and entering a labour market where supply outstrips demand.

    Unfortunately we have returned to an employment market of it’s not what you know, it’s who you know … and what is your familial reputation, especially in mining companies


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