The Afterglow in the Hearth.

There is a debt owing to the people of Australia by the Liberal National is a debt so tremendous, I doubt it can ever be repaid save by the complete dissolution of that fraudulent morass of political traitors. It is a debt for the destruction not just of the democratically elected government of Gough Whitlam , but also the execution of the rising spirit of hope for a reborn Australia..”infanticide” if you like..because after the many years of suffocating, half-dead, half- alive governance of the Menzies era, the next generation..the Boomers..were rising to take control of a new wave of political responsibility for social change that would bring more equity and social justice to our spiritually deprived country.

There was a rising world movement at the end of the sixties that lifted a whole generation out of the cloying clutches of tyrannical patriarchal control ..of violent militaristic ambitions..a liberation of young people who threw away the security of “future job prospects” to seek knowledge in the “wilds” of the world..we travelled till we dropped in some remote or exotic locale..we read all the books that an age of wisdom could print..we sought that elusive spirit like a hunter would track a quarry for endless miles and days if need be..we were young, strong, tenacious and resilient. And full of hope and dreams. This song from those times, I think, reflected the world mood of the generation..:

But the act of gross treason by the Fraser LNP government killed that hope stone dead, and replaced it with a cold, cruel, calculated economic rationalism born from the brains of fools and idiots too obsessed with the price of everything and knowing the value of nothing. This wound to our national psyche has never healed and it still festers in the social division and class-warfare of the nation, compounded in these times by the ruthless hunting down of Julia Gillard and her govt’ of new social and infrastructure reform..AGAIN..sabotaging the national interest by the LNP and their “porn-prompters” ; the main-stream media.

The following on from the Fraser LNP coup in Australia by both Reaganomics in the USA and Thatcherism in the UK put paid to any lasting ambitions of change for the better for millions of the poor or alternative living systems started in the late sixties and early seventies throughout the hinterlands of the major cities and hills of the country. Whole “lifestyle communities” of like-minded citizens kicked off a different approach to both economics of living and social affiliations of community..and it WAS a good thing..a healthy thing..if only it could have been given more time beyond just its “birthing pains” to get really established..if only.

The debt owed to a whole nation by those too proud, too insular and too wealthy to co-habit with their fellow citizens is too enormous to calculate, for it cannot be repaid in monetary terms, and many of those who fell victim to the LNP cabal are passed one can only take revenge in their memory, which would make one as vile and pernicious as the LNP virus, or one can call on the justice system to investigate the tentacled connections between the Conservative network of politics, Business and Media..because it is there, the sabotage, the destabilising, the demoralising and the sedition..common “work practices” of the conservative movement. It just needs a tribunal of investigation to uncover the network must one day be WILL one day be done..for history knows the secrets and history will reveal all, this generation or the next, it matters not : Truth will out!

Twice now we have seen the LNP sabotage and destroy vital national social infrastructure of this the Whitlam govt’ AND recently with the Gillard govt’..Twice we have seen the malicious lies of a cowardly, white-feather brigade sweep in to pick the eyes out of far-seeing reform. We saw a certain type of reform in the Hawke – Keating was a reform more in the style of an economic necessity of the day..and it worked in the desired mechanical expediency required..but like those years of economic practicalities, it is now gone..What we had with the Gillard reforms was a in-situ blue-print for the next couple of decades, taking into consideration the social, economic, educational and technological reforms needed for this century…coupled with a healthy response to the changing climate, which will yet be the “bolt out of the blue” that will put the kybosh on all our ambitions.

The debt of gratitude we would owe to those far-sighted policies is now stymied by this ship of fools in the Turnbull LNP govt’. They have effectively destroyed the last solid structure of hope for a socially equitable society and replaced that calm, level-headed “Chairman of the Committee” ; Julia Gillard, with a mendacious, malicious, scheming miasma of crooks, liars and spielers…What we have lost with the stepping down of Julia Gillard is something so precious, so rare in the political world, that a term or title cannot do justice to the mood or feeling. WE have lost a moment of great a person of honesty and has left a “keening” of regret, and as that other memorable “song” of our generation goes…:

“…when you knew that it was over,
You were suddenly aware ..
That the Autumn leaves were turning..
to the colour..of her hair…”

Here is the whole tune..:

And now all we are left with is the ruin of a whole generational dream of a new world of greater peace and a younger generation only partly aware of the part played by their parents or grandparents in the political ambitions of the times…and perhaps for some,a few..the remaining generous afterglow of warmth from the fire in the hearth .

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