Where Dogs Go to Die.

Reality check:

“…and she said,
we’re all
like pigs
slapped down some lane,
singing toward the
blade.” (Charles Bukowski)

So now we’ve got a new secretary of the ACTU , elected to the accolades of the many..I heard her speech to the National Press Club, refreshing in it’s “unpolished” honesty..; Direct and firm in its delivery with no mistaking the intent and decisions..we’ve heard enough from spivs and spielers. And she answered the questions from the “B-team” Press-gallery with short, sharp, succinct replies. No messing around with THAT coterie of cunning bastards!

But it’s no use setting her up and then hanging her out to take all the flak from the cowardly LNP and the MSM. ..for THAT is about to happen as sure as night follows day. We’ve already heard from the leader of the Govt’ that he didn’t think he could work with her..as if HE ever could “work” with any union leader. The Murdoch media will be already on her case, researching all the weak spots and vulnerabilities before they are all over her like a bad attack of the pox..Montezuma’s Revenge..those filth best attuned to attacking all those less capable of defending themselves, like the most craven bullies, will be pushing their lap-dogs in the Parliament to come down on the unions like a ton of bricks. We have to be ready for them..for they underestimate OUR strength as much as they overestimate THEIR capability.

The MSM runs on bluff..they are will-o-the-wisps, all smoke and mirrors..The LNP / IPA crowd are cowards , all of them..gutless cowards every man-Jack / woman-Jill there is no real threat from THAT quarter..but it is their pay-masters who will be out there slinging the stones and arrows, seeking to get as many of the voting public on-side to do damage to union credibility as possible through those miserable creatures in their pay..the journalists. These will lead the attack, and it is these we will have to strike back at. And strike back with all the verbal ammunition at our disposal, for we are no longer the quiet passive voice of the silent majority..no longer passive listeners to those carping from the tower of the Main-stream Media platforms delivering THEIR version of the stories of strikes and stoppages. We now have our own media platform and we know how to use it! WE, will now control the story, WE will deliver the truth, WE will be what the MSM has failed to be..: The Legitimate Fourth Estate to our democracy!

NO!..With the election of the new ACTU secretary, and her delivery of the ultimatum of : “No more..No more” cutting of the wages of workers and the cheating of low-paid workers, no more slashing of the social servives to the needy..the barricades have been erected and now WE; The People are needed to man those barricades, for it is no use expecting either the unions or the leaders of the unions to cop the flak on their own..we have to be here covering them and ready and willing to counter-attack when the time is needed..for it will come, as sure as night following day, it will come as it has come every time the working class..the producing class has stood up to the vile and violent ruling class..So when ever any of the MSM comes out with an attack upon the union and / or its leadership, consider it an attack upon yourselves..for that is what it is..and then attack back at that individual journalist..and spare no measure when doing so, for they will not show any consideration nor mercy toward any one of us they want to destroy..

Consider : How they attacked relentlessly the Gillard Govt’ through Julia Gillard herself.

Consider : How they attacked the Whitlam govt’ through Gough Whitlam Himself.

Consider : How they attacked the Dunstan Govt’ through Don Dunstan (AND his partner ; Adele Kohl) Himself.

Consider : How they are now attacking Bill Shorten through his union membership.

Consider how they attacked Carmen Lawrence, Paul Keating and any number of Labor leaders and those Union leaders and members (through the TURC. Kangaroo court) too numerous to mention..

Consider most of all as a reminder of their viciousness : How they attacked that one citizen on Q&A who just asked the one simple question..ONE QUESTION and he was hunted down and vilified to the point of having to seek shelter from the cowardly witch-hunt..it could have been anyone of us..and there were others..many others and groups of the vulnerable. The Murdoch press specialise in cruel vilification. So do not feel the slightest sympathy for those criothans..they are but traitors enjoying the largesse showered upon them from a foreign national intent on using his media platform to destabilise, demoralise and sabotage the interests of our State..His creatures sheltering under the protection of their Australian passports..OUR taxes giving them security while they plot to destroy OUR security… while they do that foreign national’s bidding..TRAITORS!..to both their nation and the people.

So come out when the dogs of the LNP / MSM / Business Council of Aust’ are let loose upon the unions and the citizens…come out and join the community to fight against those bastards who would steal our sovereign wealth and plunder our resources and pay no taxes for the pleasure..a privilege granted to them from their political lap-dogs…for while they have the use of national broadcasting platforms. They are in reality few…and WE are legion!

So come onto the streets and onto the pages of social media in defence of ALL OUR rights, and reflect that though YOU may be the first of your family to be able to attend a university and receive that good education, let it not be the LAST..and let our children and grandchildren have the chance too of moving out of the poverty-trap set and sprung by the “born-to-rule” class…if we do not owe it to the past generations who suffered and struggled for the rights of the working classes, we DO OWE it to the future generations who will need good, fair governance.

So come out ONE , come out ALL to hold the barricades and shout the slogans and sing the anthems OF the people ..shout the demands FOR the people..and let the grasping, cruel , greedy trash of the LNP / IPA / BCA fully understand that THESE demands are BY the people! Every nation has its moment where the tyrannical despots MUST be confronted..we have seen those moments and heard the songs : “No Parsaran!”..now it is our turn..I believe it’s called : “Growing up”..we have grown and now we have to hold our ground…no more..the line is drawn..”They Shall Not Pass!”

So if you want to know where “mongrel dogs” go to die , they slink off to some grotty hole in the ground..some den of iniquity to lick their wounds and with their tail between their legs curl up in a foetal ball and expel their last defeated breath of foul air….just like a defeated LNP apparatchik.


9 thoughts on “Where Dogs Go to Die.

    1. Well..thank you for the thought..and YOU are the first one to express that thought..and I appreciate YOU were the only one that shoved your oar in about the “class-war” topic that started it all..I remember that….and as for that pompous , over-infatuated with her own self-opinioned nonsense blowhard : Leone…I have nothing but calming tantras to chant!..om, om, om…
      As I said to Fiona in an email after I was blocked..: You have turned The Pub into a therapy blog, no longer a political blog..but it is not my place to rain on anyone’s parade if that’s how the posters want it.
      She did ring me up a couple of times after and we had an email exchange where(I suspect) she tried to bait me into being rude to her so as to justify her exclusion..she’s a schemer..I’ll tell you THAT for free.
      I put up a dozen or so leader style posts that anyone of such could have been used for a topical header..and I have done many more since..the fact that they were not wanted says it all..instead we got trivia or it’s equivalent..so goodbye to all that..
      Say..what is happening with the Danny Lewis get together thingo?


    2. Here, Sandra..in mutual consideration for your honest sensitivity…

      I do wish I could fly.

      I lie here still, listening to the wind.
      I wish I could fly, like a bird on the wing,
      Or perhaps a kite..or some such beautiful thing.
      I wish I could fly.
      I wish I could soar, like a leaf in a storm,
      Or perhaps a raindrop..in the tropical warm.
      I wish I could soar.
      I wish I could float away in a cloud,
      Away from this earth..perhaps wrapped in a shroud
      Of coloured silk scented of jasmin or myrrh,
      I wish I could float,
      I wish I could block,
      Those images deranged of children drowned,
      Of young men arraigned and then shot down,
      In some filthy cellar..a bullet to the head..
      There was one of them I remember..
      Wore a jacket ornate..it looked like leather..
      I wonder it was bought him by his mother…
      I wish I could fly…


    1. oh..so YOU are doing the organisation..when I first heard of a dinner, I heard of it from Danny Lewis and I presumed she was organising it..I didn’t know it was going to be a Pub chapter thingo…when I heard that, I walined to give it a miss as I didn’t want any animosity to come out at the dinner….I am now at sixes and severns what to do..for although we may not come to blows over the incident, it must obtrude from the background and as I said in my last comment, it is not my place to rain on others parade concerning the blog…but also, YOU are the only one who has spoken of regret at my leaving, so one must conclude there is little sympathy for my point of view on the situation…I find THAT unsettling somewhat..and I find the reaction of other males on the blog as rather whimpy to say the least..but I do have to acccept that is the mood there…it seems to me as though some want a “safe-harbour” more for “cuddles” than political commentry..so I am still kind of in doubt…irene wants to go to meet with others, so I am reticent to deny her the enjoyment..and I may just have to bite the bullet and my tongue and cop it sweet…onward excelsior!


    1. Sort of like a “social media ambassador”?…I’m sorry, Sandra…but one’s influence in conflicts such as these do sometimes reach an intensity beyond the capabilities of even favourite ambassadors..and the behaviour of Leone and Fiona AND even the irritating intrusion of Gravel and Gigalene (as if THEY had anything worthy to input!) brought that cabal of “considered themselves elite” posters down on my case…not one other poster , neither lurker nor blogger said a word in my or the subject defence..not BK, not Ctar1, not BB, not kaffee, not any save yourself…now, as I write, I am recalling with much irritability the run-down of the situation..( I have the blogging record of the time saved just in case I am further accused by those main criothans!)..no..I am still too angry at the cold calculation of certain parties to feel any friendliness toward them..I’ll say goodnight now..


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