As Game as Ned Kelly.


By the living Jaysus Bloody Keerist, this needs to be put up again and again to remind us how those effing bastards in the “Born to Rule” class will stop at nothing and never cease to try to destroy our icons of cultural heritage and our heroes of rebellion against tyranny..The latest piece of subjective bullshit played out on the ABC : by what I call a ; “Janitor historian” , ie; those “approved” academics sent in by the conservative establishment to “tidy up” those grubby little corners of history that “blot the copybook” of colonialist tyranny..the “lesser scribblers” of the servile box-tickers..

Mongrels…the lot of them!

Every now and then, as if cue’d by the rising anger of the working classes against unfair social policies..there comes out an attack from the middle-class media barons with “sensational” revelations against this or that union leader / s or against leaders of the Labor party detailing confected or constructed accusations of anything from outright thievery or even the most outrageous accusations..(and this is rich, coming from that class of traitors to everything Australian)..; of a betrayal of the working class by their very leader..they tried it on every Union leader right up to and including the latest and before long , publishing houses bring out books detailing the “latest discovery” of new “evidence” against a working class hero.

Different views are one thing ..but this “seasonal” attacking with intent to destroy with blunt accusations are another..A favourite ploy by the ruling class to demean and demoralize the general mass of working people so there is no “admirable struggler” to look up to or admire, save those “manufactured celebrities” concocted and gushingly promoted by the main-stream media as a kind of “1984 generic hero”, a pastiche of cosmetic good-looks with feet of clay.

The latest has been another attack on the credentials of Ned Kelly. Another “expert” detailing “new evidence” not seen construct a new picture of the man as vulgar, small-time crook and horse-thief rather than the revolutionary.. as his “Jerilderie Letter” and the resulting fight-out at Glenrowan showed both the revolutionary intent and courage of the young man.This idea of “analysis on the evidence” is a tad like the old adage of “knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing”.

The discussion in a recent article of “stolen mould-boards”, “heel-prints” , “stealing from the impoverished locals”? if everything is in prime condition and nothing is laying around or given in sympathy…why are some “heroic” persons allowed universal worship and yet others of lower caste disparaged and a weight of “evidence” found and used to paint them scoundrels and terrorists…Why was Nelson Mandela, of royal birth, a lawyer who survived many years captive of his oppressors and then worshiped , yet Steve Biko,a commoner, who didn’t last a week in captivity, executed and scorned?…why was Martin Luther King held up (rightfully) as an idol , yet Malcolm X called a terrorist?..Why was William Wallace butchered on the executioners block , yet Robert the Bruce held as heroic conqueror?..

I’ll tell you why..: VALUE.

What is described in the post above are the standard rules for valuing and de-valueing persons of influence..It was done to STILL being done to Kelly and it was done to Gillard, and is STILL being done to Gillard..It was done to that bloke who asked the simple question on Q&A a couple of months ago and the MSM and the LNP. stooges tore into him, driving him to refuge away from the spotlight. It was done to Norm Gallagher and his BLF. It was done to Bob Hawke and Greg Combet and Sally it is being done to Bill Shorten. It is done to every labour leader by the Murdoch traitors and the MSM in general…a pox on them all!

It’s the standard procedure to demean and destroy any rising figure that can be held up by the working classes as representative of revolutionary protest. The Tolpuddle Martyrs. The Joe Hills – executed…The Che Guevaras – executed..Yes, and the Ned Kellys – executed…not only executed, but then followed by the diminishing of the story..let not a myth be created that could be held up as iconic or worship as an ideal by the everyday people…

“WE..the ruling classes will decide who will be your heroes and how you will worship them”…THAT is how those cowardly bastards have come to take over and control respect even for the fallen in the wars they have started..claiming those many thousands of killed and wounded working people as THEIR own, controlling every aspect of the tragedy to beat it up into a jingoistic parody of mockery and disrespect…which is why MANY ex-servicepeople do not attend Anzac Day celebrations.

Destroy, destroy , destroy! ..the stories, the songs, the myths..destroy!

I will not go back over the history of the Kelly gang to acknowledge or refute the accusations..enough for the actions of the twenty three year old to defend himself…I just demand to know..:

Just WHAT sort of action by a single person is deemed worthy of respect , we have a man who, in a age of ruling-class oppression of both bloodline and class-status to the point of authorised “police” beatings , abuse of office and rape against the poor and ethnic enemy of the ruling class, that ONE MAN, a young man, will confound , decree with a profound edict and then in absolute arrogance, openly in a letter declare war on his and his peoples oppressors and the ruling governance of a whole colony..

THAT in itself, is worthy of some admiration..the fact that he had a plan to carry it out and did back up his bravado with deed is worthy of some respect..and the fact that he took to the hangman’s gallows that same courage and rebelliousness to metaphorically SPIT IN THE FACE of his peoples oppressors even as the hood was placed over his head and the noose tightened..the utterance of those fateful words demonstrate that given the chance, would he not do the same all over again?

“Such is life!”

I say to those of ALL classes who would debase Kelly’s deeds and the courageous actions of our working class heroes; If you cannot find favour with such heroism, please do not offer to finish the dirty-work started by those most offended by the display of courage..: the ruling class..and diminish or besmirch the ambitions of one of our best people….for he WAS one of us, and I hold him in the highest esteem, not for his public character, but for his courageous intent.

“As game as Ned Kelly”..will outlive all the bloody cowards!


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