Eulogy for a Lost Cause.

The Right-wing of Australian politics signed it’s own death warrant back in the seventies when Malcolm Fraser and his coterie of conspirators colluded in that act of treason where they joined forces with a drunken sot of a Governor General and committed a coup against the democratically elected government of the day.

I still have fixed in my memory a picture on the front page of The Degenerate’s newspapers of four of those Liberal / National Party assembly of supercilious arseholes under the title of “Razor Gang” where they proposed to cut and dice all those social programs of the Whitlam Govt’ ;  I have crystal clear recollection of three of them..Fraser, Lynch and another whom I think was Withers, flanked on their far left (an irony, surely) by the shit-eating grin of the little rodent, eagerly clutching a knife….there, I don’t even have to say his name!

Conservative politics died that fateful November day, when they hand-wringingly gave power to their right-wing loonies to commit such a gross act of betrayal. The Right-wing gained its momentum from an endless attack by the Murdoch press, it’s head honcho chagrined and chastised by Gough Whitlam and chomping at the bit for revenge!..Murdoch was still an Australian citizen then, but that did not stop him acting against the interests of our country’s democracy and welfare and he set his pack of mongrel-dogs loose upon both the truth and decency to shore-up the failing raison d’etre of the conservative cabal. The exact “business plan” currently in place in his “empire”now, even though he has relinquished his citizenship and now runs his Australian traitor rags as a foreign national..except now, perhaps he being an “equal opportunity employer”, there are a few “bitches” roaming with the “dogs” .

But the LNP right-wing were weaker then as the only play in their repertoire was to gain power and the only play in their books now is to hold onto power. Fraser’s administration relied upon Murdoch confected scare tactics of the Nation going broke under Labor…Fraser had few policies but to undo the good of Gough…he was rescued along the way by human or natural catastrophes that gave his administration direction and form. The same with the Howard years, “happen-chance” was his sole salvation: 9/11 , Tampa, The mining boom , mass-shootings etc…all happen-chance events ..a matter of being in the right place at the right time, like a foot-ball accidentally deflected off your face scores the winning goal…a pain worth the suffering, especially if it is thought you did it with deliberate intention.

And THAT has been the whole game plan of this current fumble of the LNP. Chance has at times dealt them such a lucky hand, that, like the chancey gambler who has a run of wins betting on jockey colours, is surprised and confused when the run of luck stops. They are now flummoxed for policy when there is hard work to do….They have gambled away the household income, lied and cheated the “family members” and now are out on the street trying their hand at daylight robbery!

No policy.

No integrity.

No future.

No idea.

The right-wing has only one objective with no sympathy for social welfare of the country and with many coming from a privileged background, no knowledge of how most people do the hard yards with kids, schooling , health and housing. Hence the IPA list of 100 wishes. That old saying comes to mind ; “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. The IPA is indeed a coven of beggars..Beggars without the least idea what their wish-list, if applied in reality would create..: absolute social destruction, chaos and anarchy. They are the fool in the joke who throws the pin of the grenade instead of the grenade itself!

The gross ineptitude of this current govt’ is an insult on our nation, our intelligence and the people. Their continued gaffes and cruel intent seem to be all they have to offer. If this pillar-to-post, flight or fight, all or nothing scramble is all they got, then it is going to a lousy long two more years of “coming to getcha!” government.

Better get prepared now…or get organised!



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