The Coward’s Retreat of the LNP.

In my young years, I , like many healthy Aussies, took to sport like a fish to water..I became , in that regional amateur league, quite proficient at the skills of the that the club officials asked me to coach one of the adult lower grades. Of course I accepted, seeing sport as a healthy development of camaraderie, hard work at the game and the encouragement of decency in the short; the methodology of good citizenship..I doubt that basic attitude has changed.

What changed and changed in one day, was the team decision by those adults to demand right of the rules of the game where the opposing team could not field (through lack of available players ) a full compliment on the day and so must disqualify themselves and cede the game. I took the team to one side and implored them to resist this easy option and perhaps even loan a player from our side (we had excess) to make a good game of it..a game that I proposed we could win with skill instead of forfeit…..I lost on the vote and had to accept the majority team decision.

What also was lost on that day was that edge of respect for the team spirit..I can accept theirs was the majority decision, but I believed it was taken more out of a insecurity in belief of their own short, it was a cowards way out rather than confront and overcome that fear. I never regained confidence in that team after that episode and I can feel it now in this “Team Australia”as we as a nation “bulk” at confronting our responsibilities toward worldly needs and problems.

John Howard was the progenitor of this latest retreat of cowardice in a long line of Liberal Party cowards..Menzies, that closet admirer of Adolph Hitler for what Hitler did to the communists, used a cowards retreat against rising Japanese Imperialism…indeed, he even helped “arm” that war machine with shipments (against the Warfies Union knowledge and advice) of scrap-iron to shape their war machine..not for nothing is he forever known as “Pig-iron Bob”. Holt: “All the way with LBJ”, Fraser ; skulking out the back of Yarralumla, waiting for “the word” from Kerr. and then Howard…

Howard took this nation of self-respecting “Bronze Anzacs”, from the beaches of Gallipoli and the jungle trails of Kokoda to the coward’s cringe of The Tampa episode..where he unleashed the SAS military elite corps onto a wretched collection of refugees saved from a watery grave by a sympathetic and honourable sea captain…and THAT is when we were first and finally taken down that slippery slope of shame and disgrace to the position we are now in; the base reaches of dishonour as a country, and cowardice as a people.

This habit of the coward’s retreat formulated and fermented in the dark heart of Right-wing politics must be lanced and the wound sutured and healed if we are ever to, with honesty, show ourselves at the memorials and days of remembrance to those fallen fellow citizens of all those wars and conflicts. How can we, as beneficial inheritors of the peace and prosperity of their sacrifice honestly and truthfully deliver eulogies of respect to their names when we cower and cringe in servile hand-wringing under the covert threat of our own fascist governments…How do we raise our eyes to meet their now statued, stony gaze where THEY faced and in many cases died in a hail of heavy artillery and bullets to protect that very notion of freedom we hold up as our rights when WE will not even face our own responsibilities to elect with intelligent discussion, governments that have honest intention to give service not just to a small percentage elite, but encouragement and equality to ALL it’s citizens?

Sadly, we have not done justice to the dignity of our multi-cultures and history, let alone to the fallen…We have continued to elect those right-wing cowards in the LNP who continue to take us with them on their coward’s retreat away from good social governance down a slippery slope to beat the weak as in Tampa, to manipulate the gullible as in Fraser’s coup against Whitlam’s Labor govt’ and now to betray and sell-on our soil and wealth to corporations only interested in profit-shifting and tax evasion, a habit too frequently practised by our very own LNP politician leaders…and with the generous help of a too compliant MSM , commit acts of sabotage against those necessary social and physical infrastructures like Medicare, Gonski, NDIS and manufacturing.. then the NBN..that most vital and necessary piece of technology for the health, education and advancement of the nation, betrayed, broken beyond repair and destroyed just to satisfy the favour of a most gross degenerate individual. This destruction and it’s promoted celebrated demise by both the LNP govt’ and the Murdoch press has to be equal in disgust, deviousness and treason as the subversive acts of Lord Haw Haw in Britain’s time of act of gross demoralising, and destabilising treason that gained HIM the sentence of  death.

Howard enacted the coward’s retreat when he refused to confront that refugee situation he and his govt’ helped to create. Howard brought on a cowards retreat when he tried to enact “workchoices”against the working people of the nation.. the union movement and the fair go concept still here in the citizen body of Australia threw him out of office in no uncertain terms…the same must be done with this shambolic joke of a LNP “government” , along with the arraigning of many of the MSM for their complicit joining in of the acts of  provocateurs , saboteurs and traitors to the aims and means of the people of this country while sheltering under the passport of this country and all the while receiving payments from a foreign national to publish / broadcast on his media platform, words and threats and cajoling meant to undermine the confidence and to sabotage the democratically elected Labor governments of the people of this nation..To them ALL I say..:

Let rigid justice be served!



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